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Hi How are you I am writing a late condolence. I give my condolences to his family. I loved his movies etc. I will miss him. He seemed like a nice guy. Take care bye.

If I had a once of one's talent, I would have been the happiest person on earth. Your talent was AWESOME! IT takes years to find folks with your qualities .....BRILLIANCE AT ITS BEST.....MISSING YOU...MISSING YOU....RIP

Brilliant actor. Never forgotten, Rest in Peace sir.


You are a Light

I haveloved everything you have done, since the first time I saw you. I was shocked and saddened when I finaly saw Mockingjay Part 1 and at the end there was a memorium to you. I rarely watch or read the news because it's too depressing.I missed your passing by a while. I will miss your wonderful face. I thank you for the unforgetable entertainment.

I didn't know Phil except through his phenomenal work. He was and is my favourite actor. I think of him often. His expressive physicality and range as an actor were breathtaking. As we approach the first anniversary of his utterly tragic death, he will never be forgotten. I hope that his children and partner will treasure the happy memories they have of him- he always seemed like a wonderful and caring Dad. Much love and light to you

What a profound effect the passing of Philip Seymour Hoffman has had on so many people whether you knew him or not the effect seems to be the same. A great loss to the Art of Acting and the family and friends he left behind. For someone who tried so hard to keep his family life private, his death caused the world to see the beautiful family suffering the loss of their Dad and Partner.

We have so many memories of our love ones we have loss in death.but there will be a time when we can see them again.God promise us we endure until that time comes.


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