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My sweet man, this morning is the 5th anniversary of your passing into the waiting arms of Jesus. I give the glory to God in His decision to bring you home...but I dearly wish that decision would have waited many more years so we would have had more time together. I miss you as much as ever, love you with all my heart. Today is very special for me as all 4 of our kids and all 6 of our grandkids are gathering this afternoon to enjoy your favorite holiday-Thanksgiving-and will be sharing...

I miss you so much still sweet man! Today is our 33rd wedding anniversary and you aren't here to share it with me. The memories I carry of our different adventures on past anniversaries are so sweet, we had such fun, such a great time with each on every one!! I've been looking at all our pictures and see how much we changed from year to year and I wonder what our picture would look like today...I wish! Our kids and grandkids have grown and changed so much too since the Lord took you home -...

Rich, heading up to the cabin this Thursday to try a little Ice fishing. Wishing you were with us. I retired 6 days ago. About time. 50.5 years at NRA. Hope to visit Deanne in the next couple of weeks.

Wow sweatheart - you would be 67 years young today!! Missing you has become part of my "daily routine" but special occasions like today really bring to my heart how much I miss you. Another year of not going to Kahn's Mongolian BBQ to celebrate (I still can't bring myself to go there), no peach pie with a million candles lit, no birthday calls from Steve and John (and a little Brenda Joy added in for good measure!) and listening to all the laughter from you three-what characters...

Our 50th reunion is coming up. Wish we were going together again.

Rich, John and I were at the cabin last weekend and talked about you as always. Great times.
Today is the 48th Anniv. of heading to boot camp. Wow, two more years it will be 50. Hard to believe. Wish you were still here getting old with me.

I sit here tonight sharing wonderful times and memories of times we had together with friends, reminiscing and remembering so many things and times we had and missing you so much. It's hard to believe that three years ago today I lost you, lost the chance to keep making memories; that our children lost their dad and our grandchildren lost their Papa. You would be so very proud of each and every one of them, all the growing they have done, all their accomplishments. Each of us feels your...

Happy birthday Rich -

My sweet man today you would have turned 66 years old! How I miss you, miss celebrating your birthday with you! I miss hearing all the laughter coming from you as you get birthday phone calls from all your buddies and you all tell your stories and tease each other. All the wonderful wishes from your children and grandchildren, going to Kahn's Mongolian BBQ for dinner, spending quiet time together enjoying a glass of wine as the night winds down. Happy birthday sweetheart!!


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