Robert Cherry FOY II

Bronx, New York

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Rob was the eldest of my first cousins. I remember him as a young boy and especially when he and Nancy returned to Eufaula AL to bury their precious first little baby daughter. We rejoiced with them when Elizabeth and Malinda were born and again when his grandchildren were born. I remember his mother, "Aunt Genie," and father, Robert Cherry Foy ("Uncle Bubba"), as warm, generous and outgoing people who opened their home to lavishly entertain family. I remember his...

Rob was one of the first people I met when my husband and I moved to Minneapolis in 1974. I think we must have met him and Nancy through the
Wests. I am grateful for many happy hours spent with them. Marie Williams

Rob was one of a kind. Gentle, warm, and a great sense of humor. I feel blessed to have known him, first professionally at St. Thomas, and later as a friend. He gave me a poem about gardens which I have on my wall right by the door to my backyard. It is one of my prized possessions.

I feel very lucky that Rob Foy was my uncle. He was warm, engaging, and thoughtful -- and always made me think about things in a new way. I'm so sorry that I will not be able to make it to Minnesota next weekend, but all the Foys will be in my thoughts. xo, Liz Evans

Rob was a generous and exhilarating and curious gentleman. He was, to me, a teacher, adviser, cheerleader, cohort in adventures and, most importantly, a dear, true friend.

The most informal interaction with him opened doors into new worlds. He taught me the hidden glories of gardens, the joy in the simplicity of Chinese poetry, the delights of used book stores, the secret to making the perfect pecan pie, and how to peel away the layers in Shakespeare's works.

I will...

Rob was inspiring--as a poet, a gardener and a personality!

Rob was erudite, fun, enthusiastic, and one of the best teachers I taught with -- we team taught a class several times on "Holy Fools" and I used to tease him that he was one.

He was the quintessential professor/academic that I imagine -- with a kind word for all, and a good friend to many.

He will be very much missed, as is Nancy. My thoughts and prayers are with the family.

Rob was an excellent teacher and friend, one of those who, more than most, made me watch and enjoy the way he taught, and then think: I want a job like that. He was always learning from his reading, his peers and his students. His lessons still blossom in me, and his example helps guide the way I teach and interact with my own students. His students owe him many debts that could never be payed back, but only payed forward. I will miss his many rich insights, his sense of humor, and his...


Robert's Obituary

Scholar - Gardener - Poet - Traveler - Teacher - Volunteer On May 1, 2013. Preceded in death by wife, Nancy Burkitt Foy, survived by loving and beloved daughters, Malinda Foy and Elizabeth Foy Bergman, and grandchildren, Helena and William Bergman. Memorial Service Saturday, June 1 at 10:00 am at...

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