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Amesbury, Massachusetts


Amesbury, Massachusetts


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The Man With the Surfboard
Robert Hayes sported a year-round tan because almost everywhere he went, he also sported his surfboard. It did not matter whether he was headed for business or pleasure.

In fact, his wife, Debbie Hayes, said it was not uncommon to see him walking through Logan International Airport in Boston in a business suit with a briefcase in one hand and his black-and-white surfboard in the other.

"It was kind of funny to see him," she remembered.

It was at Logan Airport that she saw him for the first time, actually, although she did not think he was so much funny-looking as cute, she said.

It was 1989 and he had missed his flight. She was the Trans World Airlines customer service agent who had the pleasure of re- booking him. She said that after he returned from his trip, he began to call her at the ticket counter — and it had nothing to do with air travel.

Twelve years and two children later (Robbie is 4 years old and Ryan is 8 months), Mr. Hayes, who was 37 and lived in Amesbury, Mass., devoted his time to his family, his work in sales at Netstal Machinery, a maker of compact disks, and, of course, surfing.

He walked through Logan Airport for the last time on the morning of Sept. 11, headed to Los Angeles on American Airlines Flight 11 for a business meeting.

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Dear Bob,

It’s Liz. Hope you’re doing well up there in Heaven. I thought of you and your family all day on the 11th as always and just wanted to stop by and say how much you are missed and loved. Thanks for watching over everyone. I will write to you again next year.


Ps: sorry for being a little late with writing this!

We think of Bob often, not just on this day (9/11). But it's hard to believe he's been gone for 20 years. We think of you Debbie and the boys and wonder how you're doing. Please get in touch with us and let us know how you're doing. We still live in Missouri.

Thinking fondly of you, ^Bob^ and remembering you and yours in my prayers every time this date approaches. Sending love I can’t believe it’s been 20 years. Another blue sky too. Please send signs to those who need them, okay?

Met you several yrs ago Debbie at parking lot Alliance Park. I was fixing Flags around Bob's Bench returning to my car you introduced yourself , I was so taken by the intro , never forget , I'll be around the Park 9/11 , is there a particular time planned for Bob,s Day , anyway I'll be passing by and I personally get so much Peace and Quiet time at the Park and any chance I get when I see new visitors I make a point to direct them to the Bench and the Blessed mssg from You guys Never Forget...

Still in my prayers Rob, “Rolo” MSMS.

It’s difficult to believe that it’s been nineteen years... I will continue to be inspired by Bob’s spirit.

He will live in my memories and never be forgotten.

Thinking about you and all who love you, Bob, especially Debbie and your boys! Time changes things a bit, but you are never forgotten. Always in my heart. You are all in my prayers, Bob! Rest In Peace. Love you!

I met Debbie a few years ago , was cleaning around your Bench and finished up , back to my car and the Lady parked next to me gestured to me roll down the window , asked me if I knew you , said no but your Bench is part of my Spiritual Meditation Program I Practice at Alliance Park , I get it ALL SQUARED AWAY There , You know me Im sure , 15 yrs or so , Watching the "101 Airborne and the Marines KICKING BUTT 2006 , Afghanistan , on Military Channel , Thinking of you , GOD BLESS ,, Your...

So sorry you passed away on board Flt. 11. Rest on, brother....

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