Roger Brian Epperson

Walnut Creek, California


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Roger Brian Epperson Aug. 4, 1954 ~ Dec. 8, 2008 Resident of Concord It's the end of an era. Roger died doing what he loved best, kayaking in Hawaii with his wife Carol. He leaves behind him a void river wide/ mountain high and for those who knew him this is not hyperbole. He was a complex man,...

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Roger is unforgettable. Riding on his motorcycle, watching him feed his Macau, adoring his long braid hanging on the wall are just a few of the memories I have of Roger. I am sad to finally know of his passing. I am sorry for the loss to his wife and family & friends.

My husband and I worked with Roger and Carol at Black Diamond. They have always been two of our favorite people. The day they were married, the perfect match was made complete. We stayed in touch only sporadically through the park but were looking them up again to get in touch and have them meet our children; it was when we saw this. Such a loss; our love to Carol. The world seems so much dimmer now. He was truely loved.

Dear old friend, I have been thinking about you and have wanted to get in touch for several I set out to locate you and came across this guest book honoring Roger. I am so very sad for your loss. I know that his passing must have been both devastating and heartwrenching. I remember how well the two of you fit--what a wonderful couple you made. I love you still...know that that I thought the world of Roger...he was the BEST.

Oh my..I just found out about this. I met Roger about 1974 when a group of us lived at the "Lobster Ranch" at 1955 Geary Rd. in Walnut Creek (now a church). Back then Roger had very long hair and made beautiful jewelry. He was quiet yet friendly and I always enjoyed chatting with him. Reading the obituary and messages it appears that Roger was blessed to live his life the way he wanted. My deepest sympathies to Roger's family, friends, and coworkers.

just still unbelievable that Rog has been gone 2 years already - WOW life moves quickly in this world of ours! Miss our music, envio, outdoor-life, house-&-antique talks, etc. It hit Amanda and I quite hard that month - couldn't even go to the "party"... should've though. Miss ya man!! ~Amorosa's

Today is the second anniversary of Roger's passing. All those traits we most loved about him are still ever present in memory: his wit and humor, his strength and spirit, and his zest for all of this. We honor him every day by being good stewards of our planet, protectors of our parks, and loving those with whom we share this wonderful journey. Until we meet again my friend.

Today is the second anniversary of Roger's passing. My memory of him has not dimmed and time passing has not eased missing his charm and wit, his strength and spirit, and the zest he had for all of this. All of us can honor his memory every day by being good stewards of our earth and protectors of our parks. Until we meet again my friend.

Bill Nichols
Martinez, Ca

Just came across this. Sad to hear that Roger had passed away. I lived with him for a short time at the "Lobster Ranch" on Geary Road in the 70s. Hadn't seen him in 30 years. One thing I would like to add is that whenever I see an old old chevy truck I can always remember Roger saying: "Don't buy one made after 1954, they went way down hill after that".
My condolences to his family.

Steve Vannatta
Elk Grove, CA

Roger was a remarkable guy with an impressive breadth of talent. He restored antique buildings and vintage cars and motorcycles with incredible care for detail. He was a discerning art conoisseur and collector, a jewelery artist, and by all accounts was a fantastic park manager as well as an important local advocate for open space and nature conservation. To top it all off, he had a lightning-fast wit and and had no reservations about deploying that wit! He was irreplaceable, completely...