Ronald C. Fazio

Closter, New Jersey


The Family Man
Ronald C. Fazio's son, Ron Jr., is getting married on Oct. 14. So Mr. Fazio spent the last few months as his son's trusted wedding consultant — touring reception halls, interviewing florists, considering limousine services. When his three children were young, Mr. Fazio never missed a baseball game, a school play or a prom. "He was the ideal family man," Ron Jr. said.

In recent years, Mr. Fazio would ride the train from Closter, N.J., to his office at Aon Reinsurance, on the 99th floor of 2 World Trade Center, and two of his grown children would ride in with him. "He lost his father at the age of 9," said Mr. Fazio's wife, Janet. "When he had his children, he used to say to me, `I don't know how to be a father.' Well, he did a better job than a lot of men. When my parents were sick and dying, he would be the one to go for me if I couldn't handle going because I was devastated. He was a family man for all of us." Mrs. Fazio corrected herself: "He is."

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Ron, miss your smile and I think of you often. I will never forget you and may you RIP.

God bless your family. You left a great Legacy in your family.

We watched from around the world that day, we never forget.

Thank you for sharing your story.

Ron Fazio was a Great Man Audrey Burtrum-Stanley, for He directed [and assisted] many within our IT and Other Groups to get out of the Tower Two Building, moments before the second plane had a chance to hit it.

May He eternally Rest in Peace.


Yesterday, I looked at the website dedicated to Mr. Fazio / the organization created to honor his deeds. It was inspiring to know the work continues -- and for that, all involved are to be commended.

The 'new' (well, it is NEW to me) logo design brilliant; At first glance, I was wondering why the 'ines' had been added to the letter 'H.' THEN, I SAW THE OPEN DOOR - THEN RECOGNIZED THE ROOFTOP ANTENNA AND UNDERSTOOD THE 'LEGS' WERE THE TWIN TOWERS. This should win...

Thinking of you and Kevin and hoping that you both are smiling like I will always remember you both! xoxo

Mr Fazio, I saw you remembering your dad on
Neal Cavuto. Your beloved dad is a hero now in Heaven. Jesus said "greater LOVE hath no man then he who lays down his life for another" Straight to Heaven.
I lost my first cousin of 46 of us, "Anthony Fallone" on the 105th floor of the north tower, 39, left wife and children. He worked for Cantor Fitzgerald. He never knew what hit him. (N-51)
Also a good friend of mine lost her Fireman son "John James...

I read about Ronald Fazio and I find myself proud of a man I never knew. I am so very sorry for the loss suffered by those who loved him, yet so glad to know he lives on in the hearts of others. He sound like a great dad, and I should know because I had a great dad too. I wish peace and love to Ronald's family today and every day.

Thanks to everyone who leaves their condolences and memories on this page. I so enjoy reading them.