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One year later and you are still on my mind each and every day. It is still so hard to believe that you have been gone that long. The feelings of loss and sadness are still so very fresh and at times, difficult to comprehend. I know you are resting in peace with the love you so richly deserve. At last. Rest easy Ronnie.
We will meet again.
All my love and prayers. D

Ronnie, I love and miss you every minute of every day. I feel you are with me, which gives me comfort. You are in my heart forever.
Love, D

I love you to pieces. You were like a big brother/dad to me. You taught me how to drive, gave me the advice I needed to get through the issues going on in my life, and always had me laughing when I saw you. I will never forget the amazing person you are. Thank you for everything. You'll truly be missed Ronaldo

Moose was an amazing mix of brilliant and silly. A conversation with him could be about history or quantum mechanical theory, or it could be ridiculous innuendo and John Wayne impressions. One might be going over the finer points of various martial arts with him or singing karaoke and doing ridiculous booty dancing (if you don't believe me, Jess has video). He was smart and hilarious. When I needed someone there, he would be there, even if it was to talk. And an uplifting talk might be...

Here is another picture of Ronnie from when he was younger.

I was married to Ronnie's mother Patricia Yvette Romans Bartholomew (1946 - 2000) I had not heard from Ronnie in a number of years, and I am sad to hear that he has passed. I would like to regain contact with his former wife Debbie and his two children. You can reach me at n7jy -at- excite dot com. I would like to learn more about what he had been doing these past years and if he was married again and so forth. Perhaps someone reading this can help me out.

Ronnie, I will miss you. You are not forgotten. You will always have a special place in my heart.

My sweetest Ronnie,
I will so miss our wonderfultimes; "the stroll", skinny dipping at VA Beach, Alejandro, all the singing and dancing in the livingroom, the midnight walks with the dogs, the sweet kisses on top of my head while I cook, your perfect asparagus on the grill, the way you made Bella feel proud about herself, ... The are too many to mention. Please know that I will ALWAYS love you and you will ALWAYS be Bella's Daddy. Please help her keep singing, dancing and being...


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