Roslyn Mae Boxerman Woolf

Chicago, Illinois

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How do you sum up 46 years if time spent with someone you Love dearly and has always been there for you, no matter what? For someone like me, who is supposed to be so good with words, I find that words are at this point failing me, because the simple answer is, you don't. You try to read all the random thoughts that flash through your mind and remember the high points. And with Aunt Roz, the high points make up one very long list.

You remember all the holidays spent in company...

It was over 62 years ago that loving, smiling little Roz showed us how well and how graceful a cheerleader twirls her baton. We fell in love with Roz instantly and forever after.

The charm and pleasure of this unusual beginning continued without interruption after Jack got out of his naval officer's uniform until her sad and untimely demise. She once escorted a class of students on a bus trip to Washington, and we had a happy reunion. We visited Waukegan numerous times; and...

Roz was my cousin, my sorority sister and my friend. Before we were giving each other handshakes at the Phi Sig House, we were kissing hello at the cousins club meetings.

We spent time together in Champaign, where she was a sneior and I was a lowly freshman. She was always there for me, making me feel comfortable in the House.

She chose me to be a bridesmaid in her wedding and I remember the unblievably hot day in June when she married her sweetheart, David. It was an...

Hi Mick:

Just a quick note to tell you how wonderful the service was for your
mom. So many wonderful memories shared by the family. I only knew her in later years, so this opened a whole world for me, as it did for many others, I'm sure.

For me, and for other Friends Board members you're mom was the "hostess with the mostest" and she knew exactly how we should
put on our "social" events. She loved entertaining, the tables were

When Dave Woolf said:
'That's it, Roz'
He tilted back his big shoulders
And blew that horn

Was that just him?
Or something bigger?

For a moment in time
It seems like to me
The world still still
Gave a graceful curtsy,
Nodded to Roz Woolf and said,
"thanks" ...

Mrs. Woolf was my 3rd grade teacher at Hyde Park School in 1963. I adored her. She made every student feel special. She called me her little teddy bear, and I thrived, as all of us did, as her students. Throughout the years, whenever we saw each other, she would greet me so warmly and hug me, always bringing me back to that happy classroom. I am sure she continued to treat each and every student that same wonderful way. She was someone who made the world a much better place by her...

Dad, Gail& Mick,
Words do not come easy for me at a time like this; No matter how prepared we think we are seeing our loved one suffer hits our minds and hearts hard. As I still mourn for my own father. Roz was a second mother to me, I called her mom and she called me son, She was such a support to me in my early years as a student trying to find himself and such a support for me as a father. I do thank her for all the guidance she gave me during difficult times in making a decision...

How sad it was to read of the memorial service for Roz. It was the first I'd heard of her passing. I first met Roz when I was a new teacher at McCall School, and Roz was a substitute teacher. She was always so friendly and helpful whenever I saw her. It was such a pleasure to chat with her in the teacher's lounge, and such a relief if she would be subbing in my classroom.

Even after I left teaching and moved out of state, I would occasionally run into Roz during a visit home,...

Ralph and I think of all the times we spent with Roz, David and the family over the years. One of those events we talked about was on a trip to Mexico. We went to see a waterfall along the coast. We were greeted by guides to lead us to the waterfall. We hired a young lad and burros to climb to the waterfall. By the way the young guides' Uncle owed the burros. So over the wadi, up the mountain to the waterfall and back again. We still have snapshots to remind us of our great adventure. This...


Roslyn's Obituaries

Roslyn Mae Boxerman Woolf, wife, mother, grandmother, aunt, sister, cousin, and friend to many, known for her long years of service as a teacher with the Waukegan Public Schools District and her variety of community service involvements, found peace at 10:15 a.m., Saturday,...

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