Sandra Katherine Cooley

Sheridan, Wyoming

Jul 15, 1951 – Apr 9, 2014 (Age 62)

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Aunt Becky has been weighing on my mind, lately. Christopher's anniversaryt passing was yesterday. I awoke this morning, with songs of Bee Gees playing in my mind. Somebody's eyes looked exactly like yours, today, at my work. Placed my iTunes on random play, but the first four songs were Bee Gees..don't believe in coincidences! Thank you, both, for showing yourself to me.. Don't care if anybody else believes me. I know what I believe!! Happy you are all together! Love you, Mommy! Truly...

Thinking of you, daily. Don't know what else to say.. You've left me speechless. Missing you.. Love, AZ

You've left me now, and it's seasoned my soul. And with every step you took, I watched another part you go. I continued to build a wall.. You were so strong, I fell to my knees.. I don't think I can handle this at all. We miss your phone calls, and impromptu visits... Wanted to beg you, to please not leave me... Knew it was not your call, though. I feel you around me, sometimes! Hummingbirds coming within close proximity to me, make smile, and greet you.. Too many coincidences, in one day,...

I love you, mom..... Arizona

You're birthday passed. I didn't forget. Just couldn't bring myself to add a comment, on that day. Thinking of you, EVERY day.. Missing you EVERY day. Wished I could have hugged you, just the other day.. The term, love, is used so loosely, but when I told you, every day, that I loved you, it was genuine and sincere. The phrase, missing you, doesn't even bring justice, to the void in my heart.. Don't know what else to say.. Pleease bring comfort to ALL that loved you. Happy belated.. Didn't...

You look so cute, in your picture, Mom.. Praying that He let me (at least) touch your hand, in my dreams tonight. Missing you..

Thinking of you, every day.. Sent special prayers your way, on Mother's Day. Best Mom, ever. Read your postcard.. Love you lotsie..Kimmy.. Wrap your wings around your grandkids, and give big kisses from Heaven..missing you..????

my heart & prays go out to all of you she put up a good fight she will be missed by many here RIP my friend

First Easter without you, Mom. More difficult, than I imagined. Thinking of, and missing you daily. Please visit often..


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