Tonawanda, New York

Jan 26, 1939 – May 11, 2012

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My dear brother Sey, as each day passes it still feels unreal that you're gone. I miss your sweet smile so much. I miss your funny expressions that always made me laugh. I miss making your favorite meals you enjoyed. I miss talking to each other on Skype and fooling around. I miss your visits and our special time together. Most of all, I MISS YOU MY BROTHER!!

Hi Sy
Miss you so much
Your Brother

Hello my brother.
Much has passed since we lost you. A day never goes by that Dori an I don't speak of you in one way or another. You are missed in so many ways that it hurts to think about it. We are surviving. Web have to. We have no choice. My business really cope with life. I have Dori helping me in the evening. We pray for you and hoping all is well with in Heaven. A natural place for you.
You're smiling,
Well time to attempt a Subp in Daytona Beach. Must carry on. Say...

Cannot believe it as been 3 years already. Still in disbelief about the whole thing. God must have needed another heavenly voice and a 1000 watt smile.

My dear brother Sey: It was three years ago today that I got that dreadful call saying you were taken away from us. It seems like it just happened because I still have that same empty feeling in my broken heart. There's never been a day that you haven't been in my thoughts. Some say life isn't fair and now I know what they mean. We miss you so very much my brother. Will always love you forever and ever. Your loving Sissss :(

Hello Slim,
It's that time again, your day, YOUR BIRTHDAY!!!It seemd so unreal that the time passes us by more quickly as we age. I miss you so much that there are some days I get so emotional that you were taken from your family,at a time when we should be enjoying our later years in life.But with the tragedy that struck our family on May11,2012, life can fly by, but without you in it, it has less meaning.
Thank God we have the rest of our family to cling to when sadness...

Sy had the best voice. We looked forward to the times he would be at LCCWC and always were there to see his smiling face and hear him sing. We also went to various other places at which he was singing, too. I still go to the LCCWC church service almost every Sunday. Can't help but look at the table where Claude, Rhonda and I used to sit, which was the closest one to where Sy was singing.

Sey & Me

Hey Sey, miss our talks on the phone and seeing your face when we would Skype together. Also, miss making your favorite dishes when you would come to visit. It isn't the same without you anymore. But, you're in our hearts and minds each and everyday! Especially, when we hear a song you would sing or a comment you would make. We see you everywhere we can, your picture on the wall, on the phone and in our dreams. You'll always be with us dear brother! MISS YOU BIG TIME BRO...Love you, SISSSS

Hello My Brother,
It's been forever since we last spoke on Wednesday, two days before you were taken from us.We miss you so. A thumbprint of your smile, your face your satin voice, your sparkling personality will be stamped on each of our hearts, forever. You were like no other. You lived life to it's fullist. Anything you strived for, you suceeded in obtaining.
Remember, we love and miss you dearly.
Until next time.
Love Dori And Marv


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The family of Seymour Lettman mourn his sudden and tragic passing on May 11, 2012 in Jacksonville Florida. He was 73 years old. Seymour was born in Buffalo, New York where he attended Bennett High School. He then served in the U.S. Army. He moved to Jacksonville, Florida in 1972. In Florida he...

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