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Not sure what to say?

Steve was my counselor at blue mountain camp.he was just the best..Steve Modlin(Mickey)

guess what Steve I did not snow until after super bowl Sunday

Steve was a Great Anerican

Tears flow of sadness but also of great joy at how wonderful those highlights are and were in my youth. I will never forget the sights and sounds of nfl films in the 60 and 70's

next year in 2014 a year from now the Super Bowl XLVIII will be play in your home state of New Jersey the Garden State in East Rutherford New Jersey at Metlife Stadium the first open air cold weather city in Super Bowl History and i know you and your other friends from heaven will have the best seat in the house in God's Kingdom taking it all in Steve till we meet in heaven Steve RIP Love Amar

Steve last week i was watching NFL Network my favorite Super Bowl Highlight Film of all time Super Bowl XXV January 27th 1991 When the New York Giants won by one point over the Buffalo Bills 20-19 every time i watch that film that i enjoy even a lot more when it came out 22 years ago and you are the greatest visionary not just in Pro Football but in all of sports history you changed sports you and your father forever in the second half of the 20th century in and into the 21st Century and...

Yesterday at NFL Commisher Roger Goodell at his State of the union press conference Super Bowl XLVII Paying tribute to you and Art Modell and it will be the first Super Bowl without you and before the press conference yesterday while i was jogging i fought about you so know you going to watch the super bowl from heaven steve you are the keepers of the flame steve RIP Steve Love Amar til we meet in Heaven

and every year hours before the super bowl on ESPN Classic or on ESPN 2 I would stay up all night and watch Super Bowl Highlights before the Super Bowl Sunday Begins Love Amar Smith RIP and i will see you in heaven also i would record them on my Video Cassette RIP Steve

And thank you doing so much not just the NFL but you did a lot for all of us in Sports television history because you changed it the way we watch sports and every weekend in the afternoon on KCBS TV in Los Angeles i would always watch you show This is the NFL or the day before the Super Bowl The Road to the Super Bowl or even buying you special Video Cassette VCR tapes to watch them or on ESPN as well so thank you for what you have done for us not just the NFL but you are the greatest...


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