Pfc. Steven Acosta

Calexico, California


Calexico, California


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As Pfc. Steven Acosta was preparing to serve in Iraq, his older brother Gerardo was just returning from the same war. "I just wish I could see him again, and just be with him like we used to be before," said Gerardo Acosta, a Marine stationed at Camp Pendleton. Steven Acosta, a 19-year-old supply clerk from Calexico, Calif., died Oct. 26 from a gunshot wound in a non-hostile incident in Baqouba, Iraq. He was stationed at Fort Hood. Acosta enlisted in the Army after graduating from high school last year, before his older brother had a chance to talk to him about becoming a Marine. Gerardo Acosta last saw his brother over Christmas when he returned from boot camp. The second-youngest of five brothers, Steven was sentimental and outgoing. His friends would regularly gather at the Acosta home, bringing their guitars to play punk rock while Steven kept the beat on the drums.

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A week late but, 15 years. Fifteen. I still miss you as much as did then. It still hurts as much as it did then. The only good thing that came from this was Irving becoming the big brother I never had. I wish you were here.

We realize that we are very late to express our deepest condolences, but we wanted to let your family and friends know that we will be sending Care Packages to deployed troops this week and we'll be dedicating several of these to your loved one. Each package will carry the name, photo and the hometown of Steven Acosta US Army Private 1st Class. We realize that this is a small tribute, but we do this with all respect and sincerity and we want you to know that it is made possible...

u are loved

I love u primo, missing u

To the family and friends of Pfc. Steven Acosta:
It has truly been my honor to sign Steven's guest book these past few years. Unfortunately, due to complications from my Multiple Sclerosis, this may be the last message I'm able to write. Please forgive me and know that Steven will always be remembered in my home.
With love and respect ~ Peggy

Happy 29th Birthday, Steven. Not a day goes by that I don't miss you and wish you were here. I love you forever.

Say hello to my son when you see him

October 26, 2012
To the family and friends of Pfc. Steven Acosta:
Always remembering Steven. "Some gave all."

a day late but Happy Birthday Steven! i miss you everyday.. love you :)

Happy birthday primo.