Susan B Budge

San Bruno, California

Dec 11, 1942 – Sep 26, 2016 (Age 73)


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Susan B. Budge at the age of 73 has past, battling ALS. She died peacefully the morning of; September 26, 2016, 3:18am. All of her close friends and support team were with her every step of her 2-year battle. She is survived by her brother Alex Borger, age of 76. Being the only family to Susan; Alex and Susan were very close as siblings. They had a very strong bond that stemmed from the practice of Matsubayashi Ryu Okinawan Karate. Starting in the late 60's they both trained in the grueling methods of the times. She started Omine Karate Dojo in 1973 with Sensei Chotoku Omine, and was left with the daunting task of continuing his Legacy of as he passed 3 years following. Due to Susan's relentless effort to continue her gift to the world Omine Karate Dojo is still active and will continue the Legacy Susan set forth to continue. And now, Susans Legacy will live on and be shared for years to come. Susan having the perseverance to strive for perfection no matter what she did. It didn't matter if it was with odds against her, as a foreigner, studying an art form typically practiced by men. Where this practice was deeply rooted in the Okinawan culture. She had the drive to jump right in with both feet and take whatever differences against her and still prevail. Susan was one of the first, if not the first foreigner to have become the esteemed rank of Kyoshi (7th degree blackbelt) awarded by masters of the art in Okinawa, Japan. Through this chosen way of life, she had found many friends around the world that mourn this day of her passing. Susan had shown "the way" to many people, children and adults around the world; guiding them, mentoring them, directing and sharing knowledge. It was the essence of Karate she wanted to share, that not anyone would understand unless they trained and practiced Karate in the old methods and culture that she experienced. Stemming from the teachings of Karate she extended her internal arts of meditation, Kyudo (traditional Japanese Archery), and the art of Japanese Tea Ceremony. In effort to find other means to meditate in motion she sought the practice of Yoga and extended the Karate Dojo to providing a Yoga School of practice. And wanted to provide a way to have more people (not in Karate) find a means to external and internal health through the teachings by Iyengar Yoga certified or practicing instructors. Which she wanted what she felt was complete and was the most impactful for people. With the interest in continued health and evolving into her later years of life she loved the practice of yoga. It would not be complete unless there was a mention of how Susan was perceived. Though she was as stern as can be in Karate, she was one of beauty like no other, and with class of reckoning and elegance to remember. Graduating from the prestigious Sarah Lawrence College; she was one of constant intellectual curiosity. Through her last days, she always presented herself the way she wanted to be seen. With skin of porcelain, glowing beauty and bright eyes. Her spirit and unwavering strength was something anyone can only dream to be. She was a strong devout follower of Tsoknyi Rimpoche. Through these Dharma teachings she was able to find peace and structure her departure in a way she was confident and knowing of her condition. Her meditation and practice allowed for her to phase and transition in the way she chose. She was happy and complete with her life. We will be arranging a memorial service to celebrate Susan's life and all of her success. And as Susan loved social gatherings and an opportunity to serve and bring people together we will be having two events for the many that knew of her through different hobbies, events, arts and practices. First Memorial Event: Theme: For those that knew Susan through Karate or Yoga, (casual & comfortable), this will be a wine and cheese event. Location: Omine Karate Dojo and Yoga 356 El Camino Real San Bruno, CA 94066 Date: November 12, 2016 Time: 6pm – 9pm Second Memorial Event: Targeting mid December 2016, More details to follow.

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She was an amazing person. A role model of mine once Omine Sensei passed away. She kept with teaching the traditional way and did not compromise our Karate Do by selling belts or making it easy to get more students and money. I looked up to her and have followed her example in teaching martial arts the exact way in which they were taught to me by masters such as her, Omine Chotoku, and Byong Yong Yu. Thank you Sensei Susan . I was very lucky to have had you as one of my first ...

Sorry to hear of your passing. Thanks for your love, caring and instruction of Shorin Ryu Karate-Do

I'm so saddened to hear of Sue's passing. I knew Sue through needlepoint many treats ago. I moved away about 5 years ago but always thought of Sue and what a lovey person and how i missed her. She was a very special person and I'm so glad we had our time together.

I am sadden to hear of Sensei Susan's passing. I feel very lucky to have studied under her.
Thomas E Churchill II

We have always cherished our relationship with Alex and Susan since meeting them 1976. Susan was one of the most powerful women that we have ever met and we have met a lot of powerful women. Susan was strength, goodness and love for everyone that had the privilege of being with her. We will always love and appreciate Susan and Alex Borger!

Sensei Budge was one of the toughest and most inspiring and caring karate teacher I ever had the privilege to train under I know she changed my life for the good. So sadden to hear the news.

It was an honor to meet Susan first and briefly as her karate student, and 15 years later as a friend and dharma sister in Tsoknyi Rinpoche's sangha. I feel deep gratitude in knowing her, and I look forward to a joyous reunion one distant day. Dear Susan, may you be always surrounded with kindness, openness, and light; and may your journey take you to the West, to Sukavati!

rest in peace " my first love" I will allways remember our 6th grade Thanksgiving mural at Willets Rd
Michael Mondshein

I lived across the street from Susan in Roslyn Heights, NY. Susan always cared about others, and the last time I saw Susan before our Wheatley 40th reunion, we reminisced about our growing up in suburbia and the peace she had found in yoga . Alex, Susan told me all about you and how close you were. Elaine Kent Abrams