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TAYLOR, Sylvia Irene, of Temple Terrace, died unexpectedly January 6, 2005. She was born April 4, 1963, at Fort Stewart, Ga. Because her father was in the Army, she had lived in many places in the U.S. and abroad. After graduating as a veterinarian from the University of Georgia, she was employed...

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I was Sylvia's lab partner in Chemistry II during my senior year at Southwest Dekalb High School. She was certainly the brightest star in that class while I was probably at the other extreme. She is probably the only reason I did passably well and if she ever realized she was carrying me, she never betrayed a sign of it and was consistently upbeat and cheery whenever we were together. If it seems rather odd I've waited so long to post here it is because, while I have thought of her many...

hi i love white tigers

Hi my name is taylor and im 16 years old i have all ways been into animales and animal life style.

I was Marine Mammal Research Program Manager at Mote Marine Laboratory in Sarasota (FL) at a time when we were first trying to develop the capability to rescue stranded dolphins, manatees, and whales. In the course of my work, I contacted USDA to ensure that our facilities were legally compliant. Sylvia came and listened to our explanations about how we were doing the best we could with our meager facilities. She understood our commitment to preserving marine mammals (and sea turtles) and...

I just heard about Sylvia as I haven't worked at USDA for four years. As a Licensing Assistant in California, I shouldn't have had any reason to talk to Sylvia, but I did quite often. Our link was the circuses that Wintered in Florida and traveled in Summer. She had a wonderful sense of humor and one of the few inspectors I could count on to respond quickly whenever I needed something. Such a shock to me - I will miss her. She was such a special lady.

Its hard to believe its been a whole year. Its seems so unreal.

Sylvia had the gift of being one of those rare individuals whom few understand what they did, but many were touched in ways they will never know. She was an outstanding individual and a consummate professional. My sympathy for her loss is extended to her family, her friends, and her colleagues.

I knew Sylvia as the USDA inspector for our animal care and use program at the University of South Florida. As the IACUC chair it was my responsibility to meet with Sylvia on a regular basis. At our first meeting several years ago I remember feeling quite anxious at the thought of meeting with the USDA inspector. But she quickly put me at ease and always made me feel good about what I did for the program. She shared her thoughts on things that needed improvement but was always quick to point...