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Touri Bolourchi

Beverly Hills, California


Beverly Hills, California


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Lover of Literature

Twenty-one years ago, Touri Bolourchi; her husband, Akbar; and her two daughters fled Iran when Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini closed the schools. As a nurse, educated in England and married to a doctor, she was determined to see her girls properly educated.

After settling in California, Mrs. Bolourchi created a home filled with exotic decorative touches, spicy Middle Eastern food, and books — in French, English, Farsi, Arabic and Italian — that she read obsessively, to herself and to her daughters, said Roya Touran, her elder daughter.

She loved cooking, especially for guests. Dishes requiring a dozen steps and two dozen ingredients did not faze her. "She would look through food and wine magazines," Mrs. Touran said, "read through a recipe and just make it for guests. She was very courageous. And it always worked out."

Mrs. Bolourchi, 69, was a practicing but easygoing Muslim, Mrs. Touran said. "She said her prayers, but she wouldn't fuss about drinking. If Dad or me or my sister wanted a drink, she'd say, "It's O.K., go ahead,' and be laughing. When there was port after dinner, she'd take a tiny sip."

Flying terrified her, but she forced herself into a plane last September to see Mrs. Touran and her grandsons in Boston.

On Sept. 11, she boarded United Airlines Flight 175 for the trip home. "She waved and said, `I'll see you at Christmastime," Mrs. Touran said. "Then she walked away."

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I am a student at Shanley high in Fargo ND I recently did a project on 911. For that project I learned about Touri. I wanted to let you know that I am keeping your family in my prayers.

In rememberance

Sending our continued deep sympathy. Daily may God give the help needed to cope. Touri is still sadly missed.

To the family,
Today I read the profile of Touri Bolourchi published in The New York Times of June 2002. She must have been a wonderful mother and wife.
It is so sad to lose someone like that. Thankfully we can look forward to being with our loved ones again. - (The book of Job chapter 14 verses 14,15.)

On 11 September 2014 at the Rising Moon Ranch, I participated in a drum circle of remembrance for the 9/11 victims from California. I drew Touri Bolourchi's name from the meditation bowl. She was the person to whom I focused my thoughts and prayers. I keep Touri and all her dear family in my prayers.

May God continue to give you the comfort you need to endure. Because he cares for you. 2Peter 5:6,7.

Shirley, IL