Tracy Garland Callis Jr.

Roanoke, Virginia

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We're thinking of you today, Trace. We miss you more and more with each passing day.

Love forever.
Dad, Jonas and Seth

Last night was an extremely difficult time, Trace. I thought about you all night long and the talks and discussions we had.

You were a high quality young man.

I love and miss you very much.

We think about you every day, Trace, and miss you more and more. Your quiet, polite ways and your concern for other people's feelings were remarkable. We miss Shawn too, very much. He was such a cute boy and extremely bright, like his dad.

Of course, Dempsey and Katie are in our thoughts too. They were special.

Someday, hopefully, we will all be together again and that will be wonderful.

Love you.
Dad, Jonas and Seth

Trace, I am sitting at LGH with PJ.. He is getting three units of blood tonight. He had gotten so weak. This past few weeks have been difficult. We lost my brother Marvin Sunday a week ago. He passed unexpectly. It was so sad for us. I hope you have met him in Heaven. One by one we will be there with you and Shawn. I love you son. Give everyone hugs from all of us. Mom

We are told that with the passing of time, Trace, grief becomes more bearable. But, that doesn't seem to be true. We miss you very much and it isn't getting any easier. You were such a wonderful person - quiet, polite, considerate, understanding, forgiving, and much more. Your deep insight into various situations was remarkable.

We miss Shawn very much too. He was such an intelligent and cute young fellow. His grasp of various situations was far greater than others of his age, and...

Trace, the past two months have had it's share of problems. I have missed writing a note to you. Papajack and I both have had surgeries. It has been a slow recovery. God is good and He brought both of us thru. Papajack still has a longer recovery. Many prayers have been prayed for both of us. One day though we will join you, Shawn and our many loved ones.
Until then, we continue to think of you and Shawn everyday. I dream of you often. Love, Mom

We're thinking about you, Trace, as we always do. We miss you and we miss Shawn as we always will. We think about our pals, Dempsey and Katie, too. All of you were very dear to us.

The days pass by, pleasant memories come to mind and we focus on the happy times and events we shared. Things were much happier when we had all of you with us. We patiently await the day when we will all be together again.

We love and miss you forever.

Dad, Jonas and Seth

It's a cold day here, Trace, but when we think pleasant thoughts about you, our hearts become warm. Good thoughts bout Shawn do the same thing. Also, when we remember Dempsey and Katie, how sweet they were, a bit of happiness makes our hearts swell.

All of you were so special and we miss you so much. All too often, good things end too early and that is a shame. Someday, hopefully, every day will be happy and filled with pleasant moments. We look forward to that time.

It's February 6, Trace, and it's cold and dreary here. Our hearts are heavy with sadness, missing you and Shawn. Dempsey and Katie are in our thoughts too and we miss them very much as well.

The sun is trying to break through the gloomy weather outside. We keep waiting and hoping it will break through in our hearts. We wonder, as we grieve, if it ever will - you were such a pleasure and gift to us all. For now, only the wonderful thoughts of you keep us going. How special you...


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