William L. REEL Sr.

King William, Virginia

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Dear Roach, I still can't believe you are gone. I miss you so much. I will always remember how special you were. Thanks for all you did for our country and for all you did for the Free Bird Vanners and the vanning world. You are greatly loved and missed. Love you Roach! Patti- Free Bird Vanner

Miss &love u

As we do every year, we celebrate those who are serving and have served. My thoughts are with you my Brother as we celebrate yet again, another Memorial Day. I will always and forever remember our times together. Our first Rolling Thunder ride will always be a memory that I will cherish. You will and always will be my Brother Roach. Thank you again for your service and your friendship!

On the eve of this Holiday..I again say thank you for serving in the Armed Forces and defending our country..As always my love is for you ..til we meet on that beautiful shore..love forever....Me

In early morning..before the break of day..I dream I hear your voice ..I answer..I awake..and then realize all over again ..your not here. Missing you always...love... Me

I love and miss you Roach. Thank you for bringing so much laughter and love into my life for the past 7 years. I am so thankful I got to meet you, Roni, Tori, Lee Lee and the rest of your family. You brightened my day when you came to my Dad's funeral. Thanks for all you did for me and for the Free Bird Vanners. Save us a spot under a shade tree! Love you Daddy Roach.

Miss you bro

Loving and Missing you...you will always be my
love my life my best friend..
love for eternity...Me.
R. Reel

Roni, Tori, and family. My heart aches for you all. Roni, when I visited the hospital, I had flash backs of when I was in your situation. It hurt me so much because I really knew what you were going through. Before I left the hospital that night, I wanted to tell Billy that if he decided to join William, to give him a kiss for me but my emotions wouldn't allow it.
However, just putting that vision in my mind lifted my spirits because I knew he would do it.
God has given you all good...


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