William E. Smith

Ann Arbor, Michigan

1934 - 2001

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To all who have signed this guest book- Thanks! You don't know how much this means to my mom and myself and Johnny, Brenda, Becky, his sisters and grandchildren. This is still a sad time for us, but the Lord is faithful and true. Please pray for us that we may be strong.

Thanks and God Bless!
Billy Smith

"Memories of My Brother Bill"
My brother Bill was a very special guy. No one could compare to him so they need not try. God gave each of us a very special family and me a very special brother. All of this was God's choosing.
I'm so glad that we had almost a week that we spent together last year when I visited with him and Elsie my sweet sister-in-law. His sweet thing as he called her. As far back as I can remember Billand I never had a cross word nor...

Dear Elsie and family,

My heart aches for you as you face the enormity of the hole Bill's death leaves in your lives. Your faith and the strength and love you find in your family were so apparent and touching on Friday. I pray that you continue to find consolation and peace both through God and your large and loving family.

With deepest sympathy,

Leigh Siller

Dear Elsie,
Although I did not know your husband personally, I know he was a saved, admirable man of whom your children are a reflection. I trust that Jesus is filling your heart with His peace, joy, and love during this difficult time. Yours in Christ, Nancy Miller (Psalm 28:7)


Just wanted to let you know that we were so sorry when you told us about Bill. Even though we were neighbors for just a little while, Chuck & Bill did have some talks together. Once again if you need anytbing we are right next door if there is anyway we can help. Remember Bill's passing will hurt less with time. Only good memories will outweight the bad feelings at this time.

Your Neighbors,

Dearest Elsie,
we are always here,
to understand you.
We are always here,
to laugh with you.
We are always here,
to cry with you.
We are always here,
to talk with you.
We are always here,
to think with you.
We are always here,
to plan with you.
Even though we
might not always
be together.
Please know that
we are always here

Dear Aunt Elsie, Becky, Brenda, Johnny,Billy, and Family

The faith that each and everyone of you expressed today towards your family was very heart-felt.

There's always so much that we want to say to one another at these times but never know exactly how to say them. However, you did express those feelings today and I would just like to say to each of you that your all loved and will always be in my heart.

We love you and wish you peace.


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