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William Harvey Tyler III

Pe Ell, Washington

Oct 9, 1923 – Nov 5, 2013


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Sticklin Funeral Chapel Obituary

William "Bill" Tyler was born on October 9, 1923 and celebrated his 90th birthday surrounded by family. Bill passed away peacefully at his home in Pe Ell, WA on November 5, 2013. Preceding him in death was his father William H Tyler II in 1929, daughter, Doreen Tyler in 1966,...

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Mark and I have both had the pleasure of growing up with Billy in our lives. He was an Uncle to Mark and a cousin to myself. As Mark's sisters have mentioned, their families have shared many memories. Each one of us have had special moments with Billy, Evelyn and their family. Billy always managed to instill his wisdom into you with each conversation. No matter what the topic of discussion was, there was always a lesson intertwined or he simply left you with something to think about. He...

Growing up with Bill and Evelyn in my life was an amazing thing. They were always with our family for everything we did. I had some of the best experiences in my life with the Tylers and our family. We spent so much time together. Holidays, parties, playing cards at our house where I would feed them our wonderful pizza toast. We would spend some great times down in Westport at Luzaders cabin. Clam digging and spending fun times together. I loved those trips. Sheila and I would spend...

I don't even know where to start with my memories of Uncle Billy because he and Evelyn were always there from the very beginning. They were a huge part of our family and my growing up years. If they weren't at our house playing Pinochle or Tripoly, we were at theirs. We were always having meals together or having a party of some sort in Billy and Evelyn's shop. Our families celebrated July 4th together every year whether it was at Evelyn and Bill's house or at Billy's moms, Gladys', down...

I had the pleasure of playing in a dance band with Bill in the late 1940's. He was kind enough to give me private lessons while I was still in high school. He was a multi-talented man who truly cared for others. Delmar Masson

I am thankful I had a chance to stop in for a visit a number of years ago. As a graduate of Pe Ell High in 1960, I had Bill as my biology teacher my junior year. As his obit states, he was strict but fair and altogether a great teacher and a credit to his profession. I told him so.

I had no idea of the extent of his military service. As a vet of the Viet Nam war, I can fully appreciate what he had accomplished during his service in WWII. Rest in peace Bill.

Listening to Mr.Tyler tell stories of his service during WW2 was one of my favorite things. I'm sure he knew that I preferred it over Algebra, and he always seemed to know just when to give a break with the numbers and indulge us with his story of past. The snowy winter in the battle of the bulge as Bill told it is still vivid in my mind and everytime I see it on the history or military channel It reminds me of him. Thank you Mr. Tyler, for keeping it all real at PHS.

Mr. Tyler was my all-time favorite teacher. I remember many of his illustrations, talking about Lil' Abner, and playing "Bill Baily" and "Misty" on the piano. But more than that I will always love, respect and appreciate the man. I spent a lot of time with the Tyler family during my teen years. Thank you for putting up with me. Evelyn, I can still taste that boiled egg gravy over toast. Gotta learn how to make it. Love you all.

Bill, as we later referred to him, was such a great teacher and was respected by all. To us, he was really always "Mr. Tyler" as we both admired him for his teaching methods and we respected him no end. Biology was one of the subjects he taught and the whole idea of dissecting a frog was not one that all students could fathom. Yet we did it.
Sandy was so pleased to have him as principal when she was working as secretary at the school. He was one that had everything under...

Loved my Uncle Bill, I will miss him. So enjoyed his piano playing when I was in HS. We had a year "without" a band teacher and there were days as the Principal he would sub for us. It would turn in to him entertaining us with his piano playing. I can still vividly remember the songs he played. He was always a great Teacher, Principal but mostly a special Uncle, one of my very favorites.