Yolanda ROSAS

Tampa, Florida

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Margarita, my loving wife

I want to add a special thanks to my beloved wife, Margarita Monica Rosas, who not only supported me in my efforts in taking care of my mother, but also for her many acts of loving kindness to my mother in her last days. I don't know how I would have gotten through it without my wife. Margarita's concern and tender care, her attention to my mom's needs and her suggestions and reminders to me of what I should do were an invaluable service to my mother and the family. Thank you so much...

I cared for Yolanda, my mother, for the last five years or so of her life. She was the indomitable, fiery Yolanda Rosas until the end. No one could tame her, not her family, the priest, my dad, not my sisters, or me. She confessed to God her sins and I pray that He has her in his bosom. I am greatly touched by the outpouring of sympathy that I have seen in this guest book as well as what I experienced at my mom's memorial service. I thank you all for your kind and soothing words of...

A donation has been made in memory of Yolanda Rosas, who loved cats all her life, to Cat Crusaders in Tampa, FL, by Cynthia Rosas Weck and Werner Weck.

May 13, 2001 Mother's Day brunch in Tampa. Yolanda was 76 here.

Yolanda from a photo she signed in March 1979, she was 54. Unfortunately some ink has bled through the photo.

Some happy moments at Clearwater Beach...

Yolanda, her mother Teresa and the first newborn

A summer sunday outing in Tampa

Havana from another time


Yolanda's Obituary

ROSAS, Yolanda, 88, a resident in Tampa, Florida, died on June 26, 2013. She is survived by her three children: Sylvia Rosas living in Atlanta, GA, Cynthia Weck, living in Richmond, VA and William Rosas of Tampa. She was born in Havana, Cuba and came to the United States as a young adult,...

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