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DENVER (AP) -- Shaken San Francisco 49ers teammates awaited word Sunday on what caused offensive lineman Thomas Herrion to collapse in the locker room and die shortly after an exhibition game against the Denver Broncos.

The 23-year-old guard collapsed after coach Mike Nolan spoke to his team following the game on a relatively cool Saturday night. Medics administered CPR on the 6-foot-3, 310-pound player before an ambulance took him to a Denver hospital.

"We didn't see anything happen," 49ers defensive lineman Marques Douglas said. "I sat by my locker and prayed for him."

The coroner's office said it would be no earlier than Sunday afternoon before any information is released on the cause of Herrion's death.

"Our thoughts are with the Herrion family and the 49ers," NFL spokesman Greg Aiello said Sunday. "We will be in contact with the 49ers to see what happened."

Herrion, who played in college at Utah, was on the field for San Francisco's 14-play, 91-yard drive that ended with a touchdown with 2 seconds left in the game. About three hours after he collapsed, the team confirmed his death.

"This is a colossal tragedy for the 49ers and the entire NFL community," 49ers spokesman Aaron Salkin said.

Salkin said coaches notified players of the death at the airport, where the team was awaiting a flight back to California.

Nolan made no comments about San Francisco's 26-21 loss to the Broncos.

"There are more important things on our mind than the game," he said.

The death comes a little more than four years after offensive lineman Korey Stringer of the Minnesota Vikings died of heatstroke during a training camp practice when the heat index soared to 110.

NFL teams since have increased efforts to teach players about how to manage the heat. On Saturday night, temperatures in Denver's thin air were in the mid-60s with 50 percent humidity, although experts say heatstroke can happen even in cool weather.

In 1979, St. Louis Cardinals tight end J.V. Cain died of a heart attack during training camp. Chuck Hughes, a Detroit Lions wide receiver, died of a heart attack during a 1971 game in Detroit against the Chicago Bears. In April, Arena Football League player Al Lucas of the Los Angeles Avengers died of a spinal-cord injury after making a tackle.

Herrion, a first-year player with the 49ers, spent part of last season on the San Francisco and Dallas practice squads. He also played this season with the Hamburg Sea Devils of NFL Europe.

Herrion played in junior college at Kilgore College in East Texas. Travis Fox, the offensive coordinator at Kilgore, said Sunday he shared an apartment with Herrion for two weeks this summer. Herrion had returned to the school to get in shape before reporting to the 49ers.

Fox said Herrion never struggled during intense drills in 97-degree heat. He added that the lineman had no injuries or health problems while playing at Kilgore.

"The young man was in shape," he said.

Herrion's nicknames at Kilgore were "Train" and "Big T." Fox said he was called "Thunder" in Germany because his head was too big for a regular helmet.

Fox said Herrion always talked about his niece, and family was a big motivation for playing.

"When he got here," Fox recalled, "the first thing he told me was, 'I'm going to make this team and buy my mom a nice house.'"

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Published in New York Times on Aug. 21, 2005.
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526 entries
August 20, 2017
Still miss my friend. You are on my mind today T.
Latrice Banks-Ester
March 30, 2017
Truly miss you
August 20, 2015
Today marks 10 yrs without you. This day hasn't gotten easier but know you are still loved and truly missed. We love you always Thomas
tralana daniels
August 20, 2014
Nine years little brother..Time has passed so fast. I still remember every second of that day. It seem like it was a dream but I know I was awake. Life is not the same without you Thomas. The circle is broken because you gone. I love you with all my heart. Mom is hanging in there you know we got her strength. My laugh hasn't been the same since you been gone. I look forward to seeing you again. Tell Daddy I said hello and I miss him as well.. Everyone is hanging in there we carry you in our hearts. Love you..
Tralana Daniels
July 17, 2014
I woke up with you on my mind this am. What do you want this early?? know how I love my sleep. I can't believe it's been almost 9 years since you left this world. Everything with me is good, I'm doing what you wanted me to do, sing everywhere. I'm away from the girls quite a bit but they understand what's needed to help provide for them as well as fulfill this creative need I have. They still remember you, isn't that crazy? Trenitee remembers you coming over and playing outside with picking her up and placing her on your shoulders. I still remember her saying, "mommy look! I'm waaayyyy up here!" I miss you but I trust God that He did what was needed and that is a plan I won't understand for as long as I live. Since you're there and I'm here, I'll just remember the memories of us, the time we spent together. Loving you always, deedee. (I would never leave that nickname you had for me on social media..jerk! LOL ??
Darian Yancey-Mackey
February 2, 2014
Tammy Henderson
December 17, 2013
Happy Belated Birthday Thomas gone but not forgotten. I miss you friend I sure do. I feel your spirit surrounding me and I am happy to know you are a positive part of my soul. Miss ya T. Love Trice
Latrice Banks
August 20, 2013
Well my love it's eight years now but it doesn't seem like it. I hear your laughter, your singing. I miss you beyond compare but I know somewhere beyond the sky we will see each other again. You are beyond my reach but never from my heart. Love always mama
janice herrion
August 20, 2013
Eight years today the world as we knew it had changed. I will be glad and rejoice in this day because this is the day that the Lord has made. I will be glad this day because you have touched soo many people lives. This day you are truly remembered for your impression you have left upon this world. We carry you always in our hearts. You are looking down on us smiling. We love and honor you Thomas.. Always remembered. . Always loved. . Never forgotten. . Thomas Lovell Herrion among the the greatest.. Love you little brother
Tralana Daniels
August 10, 2013
Thomas I miss you so much.. Big sis need you so bad. It's still doesn't seem real that you gone.. I need your laugh and your craziness right about now.. I miss you little brother. I know you and daddy is watching over me but I rather have you here with me.. I love you and carry you in my heart always.. One day we will be together again.. love you always
Tralana Daniels
May 17, 2013
Just thinking about you today wish i could talk to you bout the craziness going on in my world. I know you woulda been there to keep it real with me. It's 2013 and as you can see I am still showing you love and respect. I ain't trying to hog up your guestbook with all my messages but it just helps me ease my mind everytime I think about you. Watch over me and my family and I still miss ya RIP T
Trice Banks
December 12, 2012
Hey T a few more days til your birthday just thinking about you today will hit your book in a couple days.
Latrice Banks
August 20, 2012
It's been 7 years today that we lost you but your memory will last a lifetime and you will be forever young. Miss you T. Love Trice
Latrice Banks
July 3, 2012
Just thinking about u Big T... Still missing u. Just got married and got a house big bro. I hung ur poster up in the washroom just so u can see ur lil homie doing what he have to do. Glory to God for taking u HOME & removing u from this wicked earth. U are more valuable to Him in heaven so He brought u HOME... RIP Big Homie!
Antoine Nichols
June 26, 2012
I miss you T... buh bye baby please visit me tonight in my dreams that way ill know things r gonna be ok.
Latrice Banks
June 26, 2012
Hey T been sitting here thinking about you a lot this past couple weeks and wondering how u feel about the situations going on in my life. I feel ur presence even tho ur not here and its such a sweet memory. U always motivated me and made me look at things in a different light. I know I've said it before but dang I miss u T. Was thinking bout Vegas and how u found me in a crowd of folks but u knew I was happy to see you, also thought about the first time I met you at the NCO CLUB in never thought our lives would turn out the way that they have. We all had big dreams for u and were proud of for all u did become and all the hard work u put into everything u did. Miss you tonz Thomas love ya like a fat kid loves cake. Ha ha yea I still be thinking I'm funny ain't nothing changed but that I'm still missing my friend and wishing I could talk to you right now. Keep watching over us. Your friend forever Trice
Latrice Banks
December 15, 2011
Happy Birthday my love. Wishing you were still here, but I know you are still very much alive in my heart and memories. I'm sure what ever the reason the Lord called you so early was VERY IMPORTANT that he needed to call the best. I love you. Still, you remain the BFF I have ever had. Prayers to you. I know you are still singing, laughing and smiling above! :)
Vanessa Arviso
November 17, 2011
Thomas I miss u. Sitting here and thought about you, wanted u to know that you're on my mind constantly. Love u...2004-2005 was a great time for me. I married Terrence in 2007. I know, I know! But he's good to me, and our family is strong. The girls are 10 and 9. Yeah, I have little women. You left me in a good place. I'm grateful for the time we had. Rest Well;-)
darian yancey-mackey
July 21, 2011
I know that it has been years, but every football season I think about what a terrific person you were, on and off the field. I enjoyed singing with you in the choir and hanging out in the game room at Kilgore College. You are missed!
Kim Jordan
April 7, 2011
Nick Gamvas
December 15, 2010
Happy birthday:)
November 29, 2010
To Big T's mother....he spoke so highly of you. What a great honor to have God place such a beautiful soul in your care. He is truly too great a soul to remain with us. I know it's been five years but he's always on my mind.
November 26, 2010
I' ve been thinking bout you a lot lately. Wishing I could still talk to you. Want you to know I love you & miss you. I wish you'd never left Salt Lake or that I would've visited u more after u graduated. My life wouldn't be the same without you. You were my best friend & wish I would've told you how much I love you. I was pretty stubborn but you know that:) Miss you

October 29, 2010
Say Big T its been five years bro....theres not a day that goes by that you dont cross my mind .... you always told me i was a great and skillful football player but id be an even better family man,,,,I now have a 4yr old daughter .... and great family situations were i have to make crucial decisions i often ask my self what would big t say .... and i overcome.... your spirit and determination fuels me through everyday life..... thank you bro .... i miss you see you soon enough.... much Love!!!
September 8, 2010
Hey T just been thinking about you it's raining out here in Texas today and that was a sign to me that all of my lost loved ones are watching over me. August 20 was a hard day for me then August 29th was right around the corner. Lost a lot in the month of August 2005. The memories of you will live on boo. Miss ya Thomas and sending love to all your family members and friends who miss you too. Buh bye baby... Trice
Latrice Banks
August 17, 2010
My dear sweet Thomas,you are thought of often.The little things I remember,of how you'd kiss me,hug me,play your drums at church.You were a beautiful and very special little boy,in your ways and actions.Even more special,as a man.Remembering the last time I saw you,you stopped by on Lindsey's birthday,,,June 9th 2005,,,you hugged Lindsey,and Lindsey was being who Lindsey is,you accepted,,,You were a precious person,and I loved you so very much,and you knew that.Rest in peace sweet and so very dear one,Love and prayers for you always and forever..your aunt, Jo.
"Scarlet"Joanne Porter Smith
April 30, 2010
I am sitting at my desk today T and I was thinking about the time we reconnected in Vegas and how we first met back in Utah years ago. Me miss Utah State from Louisana and you Mr. University of Utah from FTW Texas you know you had me rolling laughing when I met you at the all nighter on base. It was like I was back home you know we didn't get to see too many of us in UTAH so as soon as we started talking it was automatic that you and I were gonna be great friends. All I can say T is thank you so much for always calling to check up on me no matter where you were at. I use to tell you all the time that I felt special cause now that you were in the big league you would still call and check up on me and my daughter. A lot happened in August 2005 that impacted me. First you left this world and second Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans and many of us lost our homes. Well honey I just want you to know that you were the reason I decided to relocate to Texas. I want to write a letter to your mother and find out where you are burried at so I can go put a flower on your grave and when I feel like things are bad I can go there and talk to you about all that is going on cause you were always great listener. I don't want to worry your family though so I will just write this note in your guestbook to let them know how much you meant to someone else and that your were a great man and that I will never forget you. Miss ya tons T and I know that the worries of the world are yours no more and it makes me smile to know that even though you are not here you will always be in my heart and on my mind. Buh bye That was the last thing I said to you and I will always remember you Thomas Herrion.
Latrice Banks
April 16, 2010
for his family or special friends.Could you please get in touch with me. I have a VERY special message to share.. My son Bobby was a teammate of his
Patti Kryzanowski
March 25, 2010
Someone asked me today: "Who do you think was the best lineman to play at the University of Utah?" Nobody else even came to mind. But that's not really why i decided to come to this sight. I just thought it was important to family and friends and those who loved Thomas to know what kind of impact he made on me. I met "Big T" when i was going to the U and he and I had a course together. I have never met a student athlete more down to earth and outgoing. He was a gentle giant and to know him was to love him. Miss ya "T"
March 17, 2010
paul herron
January 27, 2010
I love you,Thomas.You are gone,but not forgotten,,,,,,,love you,Aunt Jo.
"Scarlet"Joanne Porter Smith
December 3, 2008
My Love,
I must first say that I miss you soooo much! Not a day goes by that I don't think of you. I look at your picture of the two of us every day, and thank GOD for the time that we shared together. To your brother Love, I miss you! I have to find a way to see you and your mother again.
Until I see you again! I LOVE YOU!
Krystal Williams
November 10, 2008
My sweet,Thomas.Aunt Jo, misses you very much.I see your picture,and still feel you near.It's been 3 years,that in it self is hard to believe.You are not in this earthly place,but thoughts of you are.
"Scarlet"Joanne Porter Smith
August 22, 2008
Hey Bro!!!
It's me again, Its been three years since you been gone and it's stuck in my head that and feel like yesterday. My mind keep on rejecting you gone but you somewhere far away. Just had to pay my due's and tell you that bro...
You already know ima miss ya everyday not just a memory but a lifetime
Terrance Williams
March 1, 2008
My thoughts are still with you,,,my precious one.You coming by to see me,in june,before you left this earthly place,will always be in my heart,I love and miss you very much,Aunt jo,cherishes time spent with you,and thoughts of you.
"Scarlet" Joanne Porter Smith
January 22, 2008
Big T
Just wanted to stop in and drop you a few lines, let you know that you are far from forgetton. I t seems like yesterday I was training you to be a cook in the kitchen of KFC. If someone had told me then that 8 years later I would be attending your wake and funeral services I never would have believed it. But God calls us home for a reason. It just a blessing that in the short period of time that you were here, you had a big beautiful impact on countless lives. From the little people here in Funkytown, Tx, all the way on the left side of the U.s in California. I remember the last time I saw and spoke to you, the spring before you went off to college, when I told you to get out there and grind hard, not knowing then that that was going to be my last time seeing or speaking to you in the physical form. I t really blew my mind when I found out you acomplished your life long dream and going pro in the NFL. What hurt me the most was I never had a chance to congratulate you for really getting out their and fighting to achieve your dream and really provide that way for you and your family. To make an accomplishment like that, coming from where we come from is indeed a blessing in itself. You hear a lot of talking, planning and contemplating about things we want to do or wish to do, but many times it's always just that, lots of talking planning and contemplating, and not nearly enough persuing. So inthat regard I would just like to Say Thank you, for being a person who really got out there and fought for what he wanted. The bible says as a man thinketh, so is he, and it's apparent that you were determined to be successful. As a friend and Homie I want to say I love you and miss you. To your Mother, Dee, Love savior and the rest of the family and friends, keep your faith in God, keep your heads up, and keep Big T's legacy alive.
Brandon Mobley
October 21, 2007
I met Thomas in Santa Barbara at the airport. We had shared a flight from Dallas as my family and I were en route to a wedding. He and my dad started talking while waiting for our luggage. It wasn't until my dad introduced my family to him, that we found out that he was in fact on his way to NFL training camp. After talking for a little while, we eventually wished him good luck in his career and parted ways. We were touched by his friendliness and warm personality which could be felt within seconds of meeting him. He remained in my thoughts over the proceeding weeks sporadically but none more than the day i found out he had passed away. I instantly told my family and we kept he and his family in our prayers. Although i only met this man for a few minutes, he left a lasting impression upon me. He was a kind young man who will always remain in my thoughts and prayers. I offer my sincerest condolances to his family and friends.
Zachary Lyons
September 11, 2007
I just want to say that I am touched by the love that Thomas obviously shared with everyone, I did not know him but can only imagine the sweetheart that he was. I know that God can take the pain away. The memories will remain and the love will never die. Trust God in his ultimate wisdom, speak to God and he will speak back! To his mother and family God is able and as much as you all love Thomas, God loves him BEST! May God Bless and keep you always ...So sorry about your loss.
Jenette Davis
September 7, 2007
i was just sitting here thinking about you still. your smile, how
you and Rod cut up together. You are still in our hearts.
Phyllis Smith
May 23, 2007
Never Forgotten, Faithful Forever.

49ers Paradise
March 21, 2007
With you in mind always. You are so missed around here. It is so hard not seeing you looking through the front door smiling.
Karen Ashley
March 20, 2007
Just thought about you today. All quality and taken far too early. I am sure you are in heaven and as joyful as ever.

Thanks for what you gave the Utes but more so for the positive attitude and energy that you let everyone feel.
Rick Stevenson
March 20, 2007
February 27, 2007
Richard H. Herrick
January 28, 2007
Thinking of you always,my sweet one.Knowing you are in a better place,is a comfort.You are missed.That sweet manner,and that wonderful smile.Rest in peace.Your Aunt Jo,loves you.
(Scarlet)Joanne Porter Smith
January 4, 2007
R.I.P thomas herrion and darrent williams we will miss u both
kevin ferguson
January 2, 2007
These tragedies are hard to explain, and it's hard to swallow after hearing about it and reading about it. It's puzzling. It's time-paralizing. In all sincerity, I hope the best for Thomas Herrion's family and loved ones. I did not know Mr. Herrion in any way. I'm not even a big 49ers fan. But I feel grieved just reading and knowing this tragedy took place. This just goes to say that our life just needs to be, "in God we trust" because we don't know what the future holds. I am sorely sad about this. I'm sorry that it happened.

In God we trust,
Heath Pawlak, age 22
currently a resident of Lancaster, PA.
Heath Pawlak
December 15, 2006
Just wanted to say Happy Birthday God Son. You are missed so much around the house. But I know you are in a better place just playing football on high. Love and miss you a lot. Ms Ashely
Karen Ashley
December 12, 2006
November 25, 2006
Thomas' time on this earth was short, yet he solidified his purpose. Many of us will never obtain this. As part of the Faithful, I keep Thomas in thought and prayer.
Marcus Carnero
November 9, 2006
I Hope and pray that all is well with you and your family. and i hope god contiues to bless and watch over you and your family.
so with all my heart and love to your family.
Adora Staton
August 28, 2006
Thomas,I remember when you were a little boy,how you would hug me,kiss me.I think about the last time,you stopped by,when you were in town,got a hug,and a kiss,we laughed.That does seem soo long ago,yet it was not.Now you have been gone from this earthly place one year and 8 days.Your picture is always in my presence,I love you dear one,may you rest in peace.
(Scarlet)Joanne Porter Smith
August 10, 2006
So you visited me in my dreams last night. Thanks for stopping by. How you always had a way of knowing when I was feeling down and when I needed your words, I don't know. All I can deduce is that you are truly heaven sent. How much I truly miss you!!! In my dreams you showed me what LOVE truly is & how it has the power to overcome any tribulation. The power of love -- love from God, love for/from others, love for ourselves. I realized yesterday just how blessed I am to call you my bestestest friend. Even in your earthly departure, you still stand beside me and clear the way for me. You know the new trek I am embarking on, & it's a rather difficult, lonely one. At times when my tears never cease to run out, or when my body becomes faint, or when my mind becomes overwhelmed with so many inquiries, or when my heart continues to break further and when my soul is left half-empty, you always come to me. You wipe away my tears, your soothing voice resonates in my mind, your giggles and smile makes me full once more. Hope, faith and love are restored within me yet again. You always had a way of making my spirit, soul and heart teem when near depleted. Our connection, we reveled in when you were still here. Never taking for granted. Always listening to our hearts no matter how hard or how much it hurt. I yearn to have a bond like that again but I know no one can ever take your place. You are one of a kind. Too precious. Too heavenly. I am grateful for all that you have been, are and continue to be to me. I am amazed that even in your earthly exit, you still are very much here with me in every step of the way. Thank you for loving me unconditionally & infinitely. My love for you will always shine. No one will ever take your place. You are my rock, my strength, my best friend. I will press onward in the midst of adversity because of your unending love. You have been my example of fortitude, faith, charity, love, honesty and perseverance in all facets of life. My greatest feats, I do with and for you. I love you always and forever. You are my beacon, my light, my best friend. God bless you and your family. I miss you T.
Vanessa Arviso
July 7, 2006
My dearest, bestest friend. I thought of you this morning as I got ready for work. I was singing --like always-- and thought of the times we used to sing in the car, driving to and fro. I miss calling you when I had a bad day, and only you can brighten me up. I miss calling you when I had a good day, and only you can brighten it up even more. Although you aren't here on earth no longer, I know you are always by my side. I can feel your presence. I just wanted you to know how much I love you and just how much I miss you. Take kea up dea fo me sweetie. Aloha 'au 'ia oe. I love you.
Vanessa Arviso
June 24, 2006
My sweet,Thomas.Your Aunt Jo,misses you very much,and thinks of you often,Your warm heart,and thoughtful presence,are treasured memories.Rest in peace,my sweet one.
(Scarlet)Joanne Porter Smith
June 15, 2006
"Thomas" you will always be in my heart. You where a good friend and will always be a good friend. The memories we have together will always be here. I love you always!!! "Let's Get it Ready Baby"
Krystal Fields
June 6, 2006
May 15, 2006
I love you. I think and pray for you and your family each and every day. I know you are around. Thank you for watching over me. I love you very much and I can't wait 'til we meet again. Aloha ke Akua. We'll always be best friends. :)
Vanessa Arviso
May 11, 2006
I just found this guestbook and I have to say that watching Thomas play and to hear him speak was a joy. He was talented...gifted by God, who in his wisdom, took Thomas early but you know that God had great plans for him.

Thomas thrilled us all and gave us great memories of what it was like to give and love. I return that love to your family and know that I will remember your memories until I pass.

You know, I got to see you play twice live but followed the Utes since I moved to New York City. Your son was a highlight of life.

Thanks Thomas and may God bless your family.
Rick Stevenson
March 11, 2006

It's kinda weird talking to you from this guestbook, but in a way, it makes me feel better. I want you to know that I miss you like crazy. It's been 6 months and it feels like I just got the news. I want you to know that you will forever be in my heart. I still haven't taken your name out of my phone...i guess i'm scared to. One day, a little while phone rung, but it was your ringtone,(Brandy...Necessary) and I liked to had a fit!!! Oh, my...i was like, this can't be. Of course it wasn't but it just kinda blew my mind because immediately i started thinkin'...i wonder if he knows how much he really affected me? To answer that question, you did. I don't think any other guy will ever live up to the way u treated me, and for that I love you. I hope that one day, i will see you again...I keep hoping that you know how much you mean to me. In the present sense. Oh, yeah...I have kept in touch with Miss Ashley. I can see why you were so attached to her. She's a very sweet lady. I'll try my best to look after her for you. Love you babe!!!
Darian Yancey
March 10, 2006
Big T you are truely missed! Your believes,honesty,and laughter will remain with all of us. Our condolences go to the Herrion family. Be strong!!!!
DJ Lackershire
February 23, 2006
Hey Thomas,

I have been keeping in touch with DeeDee. She came to the church and sung a song that really touched my heart. It has been hard not seeing you around. I told shatorie that you are holding her son loving him just like you would have done if you were here. The family is really missing you. I spoke with your mother I was glad to here from her she is hanging in there. I told her to just keep the faith God will see her through.
Karen Ashley
February 22, 2006
February 15, 2006
Roderick Smith(
February 14, 2006
Kedric Smith
February 14, 2006
First of all I would like to thank God for allowing me to be blessed enough to have had Big T in my life. I grew up with T and remember him when he wasn't so big. Not only could Thomas make you laugh, he could connect with you on any level. Thats how intelligent of a person he was.

And to Thomas:
I really just want to thank you T for always being there for me. Being more than just a friend but a brother. I miss you every single day and you and your family stay in my prayers. Thank you for 20 plus years of joy and laughter and everything. Words cant describe how much we miss you and how much you mean to each and every last one of us. I know that you still watch over us and I just pray that I can make you proud just as you made us.
I love you Big T.
Kedric Smith
February 11, 2006
February 10, 2006
January 12, 2006
My condolences goes out to the Herron family. Even though I didnt Know him, he must have been a great guy from reading others tributes. Family, keep the the faith. Peace and Love
Beverly Jessie
January 11, 2006
My condolences goes out to the Herron family. Even though I didnt Know him, he must have been a great guy from reading others tributes. Family, keep the the faith. Peace and Love
Beverly Jessie
January 1, 2006
Hey "Big T",
With u gone is hard on all of us. I remember u from Poly and the track meets. You were so funny and I enjoyed being in your presence. Tim tells how much he misses you amd with you out of his life has hurt him alot. Watch over him and me . Love ya and miss ya.
Essoney Robinson
December 25, 2005
My prayers are with your family during this holiday season. May God be the glory in your life. Thomas will always be with you.
Cathy Easley
November 24, 2005
The Herrion family has my utmost respect and empathy Thomas was a good friend of mine at the U of U. people should always remember him for as he was honest
AJ Roby
November 2, 2005
My prayers go out to the Herrion family. T.Herrion was truely an inspiration.
October 19, 2005
"Big T" will be truley missed by evryone who got to know him. His family will always be in my pray's.
Preston Taylor
October 18, 2005
To the Herrion Family...

I remember Thomas as a kid. I went to Upper Room Temple where his father JC Herrion was pastor. I was so glad to hear of his extremely great success as a pro football player. As a person from the Southside of Fort Worth, and being African American he set a great example for people in the "ghetto" who have dreams. I pray that God will cover you (the family) in the blood of Jesus while you grieve and help you make it through. Thank You for setting a great example Big T.
Deidre Sanders
September 28, 2005
It has taken me a while to even find the words to describe my loss. I was so shocked that the love of my life was now gone. I can not even Imagine what Janice, Love, Dee, Octavia and the rest of his family must have gone through. The good always die young....and he was pure of heart...although even he had his moments. But he always keept it real and that is what I loved about him. In the entire 2 years that we dated, he never sugarcoated anything. We were apart for many weeks at a time, but still our faith ran strong that one day we would be together. Life is cruel some days but here is the reason why I must go on:
People come into your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime. When you figure out which it is, you know exactly what to do. When someone is in your life for a REASON, it is usually to meet a need you have expressed outwardly or inwardly. They have come to assist you through a difficulty, to provide you with guidance and support, to aid you physically, emotionally or spiritually. They may seem like a God send, and they are. They are there for the reason you need them to be Then, without any wrong doing on your part or an inconvenient time, this person will say or do something to bring the relationship to an end. Sometimes they die. Sometimes they walk away. Sometimes they act up or out and force you to take a stand. What we must realize is that our need has been met, our desire fullfilled; their work is done. The prayer you sent up has been answered and it is now time to move on. When people come into your life for a SEASON, it is because your turn has come to share, grow, or learn. They may bring you experience of peace or make you laugh. They may teach you something you have never done. They usually give you an unbelievable amount of joy. Believe it! It is real! But...only for a season. LIFETIME relationships teach you lifetime lessons; those things you must build upon in order to have a solid emotional foundation. Your job is to accept the lesson, love the person/people (anyway); and put what you have learned to use in all other relationships and areas of your life. It is said that love is blind but friendship is clairvoyant. The PRESENT is the gift from God that you receive when he puts someone in your life, whether it be for 5 seconds, five years or fifty years. God doesn`t promise us any certain time with someone and it`s what we make of that time that is our gift from God That`s why we call it the PRESENT. So enjoy the PRESENT from God.Thank you for reading this message and thank you Thomas for being a part of my life. May God hold you in the palm of His hand and Angels watch over you, smile...... Four(ever)
Michaela Bird
September 17, 2005
My condolences goes out to Thomas' family.
Emiliano Chiavaroli
September 13, 2005
Dear Herrion Family,

Sometimes things happen in our life for a reason to see how strong we really are as a person, but trial and tribulations will only lost a little while, but in the end joy will come. May God be with you and bless your family. Wiping my endure for a night but joy will come in the morning.

God Bless!
Ms. S Johnson
September 13, 2005
Dear Herrion Family,
Please know that you are in my heart and prayers daily. Losing a child is the most horrific tragedy any parent can experience. I lost my 12yr old daughter last July to the same heart disease Thomas had. We too were unaware she had it. All of you are in my prayers. God Bless.
Laura Friend
September 11, 2005
Sometimes we don't understand why things happen as they do. A life so young, energetic and loving. To the Herrion Family...God will give you the strength you need to make it through this trying time. Thomas made a positive impact on so many lives. A beautiful and definitely rare gem he is. His memory will live forever.
B Johnson
September 8, 2005
Thoughts and condolences go out to the Herrion Family in this tragic time. I have and will always be a SF fan and Thomas will always be a part of SF.
Joy Greer
September 7, 2005
our prayers and condolence go out to the Herrion family. may the good lord give you comfort in your time of need

The Hammond Family
Bruce Hammond
September 7, 2005
I just want to say that the Herrion family has my prayers. Thomas was a strong young man, great attitude, great personality. He will be missed out on the field when I watch the football games. God be with you all in this time.
Donita Leatherwood
September 5, 2005
Thanks for the guidance and support you were like and big brother to me. RIP "Big T" Thomas
Howard Mitchell
September 2, 2005
September 2, 2005
September 2, 2005
Once more my condolences goes out to Thomas' family. It's still hard to belive that he's gone, but he'll keep on shining from heaven and stay in our hearts.
With Love
Sandra Golz
September 1, 2005
R.I.P. Big T 1st of all!!! It was 2 weeks just before me Thomas and my cousin Tim Williams was just talking to each other, I remember telling Thomas don't forget where you come from, He really encourage me to proceed with my dreams and he always motivated me in his own word saying "I can do all things in Christ who strenghthing's me" That was said to me in church as a testimony!!! I really Miss Big T and that what happened really hurted mentally physically and emotionally. He was like a big brother to me!!! Now it's time for me to continue the legacy of playing the talent that Christ blessed me with, and I know he would encourage me to do the same!!! Watch over me up there and guide me in the right direction Big T.
Terrance Willilams
September 1, 2005
TO The Family of Thomas Herrion stay strong.An let his legacy live for ever.

Kay Ross
September 1, 2005
Thomas was a gift from God, he was truly Heaven sent. I will always cherish the time that we had together. I called Thomas "Big Tex" cause of the belt buckle he loved to wear and that big smile that he always had. To Mrs.Herrion, just in case Tex didn't tell you what I said I told him to tell you Thank You. you did a wonderful job raiseing him. Big Tex was that missing link in my chain. He will never be forgotten nor ever replaced. Remember we will see him again. I Love BIG TEX!
Krystal Williams
September 1, 2005
Thomas Herrion or to me he was known as Big T !! He wasn't just another student at the University of Utah he was my friend and someone I could talk to about anything ! I only knew him for those two short years but he made sure everyone was important and loved. He brought so much happiness to everyone around him and that will certainly be missed! My condolences goes out to the Herrion friends and family!! May God Be With You!
Much Love!
Annie F.
August 31, 2005
Sorry to hear about your lost, I heard about it at church, I go to Calvary. I meet Thomas one Sunday, when he took my solo (he always new how lift a spirit). I was mad at him so he took me out on a date. He told me about what a wonderful mother he had and that has always been his # fan, although I have never meet her the influence and the mold in raising him really shines through in to the person he has become. We sang, exchanged poems, and talked about life; this was a side of him I had never seen. We have been close friends ever since. He will be missed. Thomas was a great man who had opportunities many of us will never have. He was blessed with so much talent, I am grateful he shared that with me. I will be forever touched by his influence and individuality.
M'ershelle Reeves
August 30, 2005
Yaah teeh,
May the Peace and Tranquility of our Universe be stowed upon our beloved friend and his loved ones.
Greetings to you from the Navajo Nation and our heartfelt condolences to the Mother and family of "BIG T". We were honored to be introduced to Thomas by our daughter Vanessa and remember his soft voice that resonated with respect and spirit. Thank you for the game tickets and the good times. He will be truly missed in the Four Corners area and will be considered a Warrior.
You reminded us of a Shush Tsoh' (Big Lovable Bear) with your sweet songs to our four daughters and they will never forget you. "BIG T" you left too quickly without learning the Native American Songs of Life that we are sure was within you. May the Holy People keep you close. Hagone' tsil' keh' ba hazhonii'.
Gil & Mae Arviso
August 30, 2005
To the Herrion Family,

My condolensces are with you during this sad time. I had the pleasure of meeting Thomas while he was a student at the University of Utah. Thomas or 'Big T' as we affectionately called him was truly an angel sent by God to minister His word. His light and life touched many people here in Salt Lake City and he will be sorely missed.
Aretha Minor
August 30, 2005
I had the pleasure of meeting Thomas the year after he graduated. He came back to Poly to encourage all of the students after practice one day. He really inspired me, as well as the members on the track team. They were really impressed with his transformation. After meeting him, I kept telling the kids, "Look at Thomas, Shanna's brother, he made it. That's how I know you can make it too." So, to the Herrion family, especially you Shanna, I am praying for you in your time of grief. God Bless you!
Nicole Jeffery
August 30, 2005
Words can not begin to express how sorry I was to hear the news about Thomas. For as long as I can remember Thomas was a sweet person and well manner to those around him.He and my son Roderick grew to be the best of friends throughout high school. Just when Roderick was getting ready to go to Germany
I ask him how the two of them would make it with that many miles
between them, he stated that Thomas would be leaving the next week to play football over there.
So I guess they had a bond that could not be broken regardless. Stay strong because I know Thomas spirit lives on in those who knew and loved Big T/
Phyllis Smith
August 30, 2005
May Gog bless you and your family in this time of deepest need. Only God knows why and just remember hes in a better place. May God bless you in all you do. My sincerest condolences are with you.
stephenie messer
August 30, 2005
My heartfelt sympathy and prayers surround you in this hour of grief, knowing that God never makes a mistake. My prayer is that God grant each family member peace and serenity to accept the things that can not be CHANGED.
I pray that God grant WISDOM and UNDERSTANDING in this dark hour. I know God is a great COMFORTER, my prayer is that God will Comfort each family member.
Your son was indeed a STAR, A Star that pleased God, A STAR that recognized and understood that God was his CREATOR, A STAR that will shine forever in God's Kingdom. Treasure each memory in your heart and keep in mind your son is not dead, but alive in the arms of God. Thomas will always be near to the ones that loved him, his memory shall live forever within the hearts / souls of each person that loved him.
As I conclude my prayer,I pray that God bless you and keep you in this hour, knowing that God is always in total control.
R. LaVerne Brooks,M.Div.
August 29, 2005
I'm sorry to hear about what happen to thomas a.k.a. Big T. he and i were good friends we went to church together at calvary baptise church in Salt Lake City Utah. he was very talented, and had a wonderful vioce. every time he came to church he would sing a song that would go like this, "the angles in haven done sign my name you know that i know i've been change...." he was also a good friend. believe me when i say this, i will missed thomas so much, and he will be missed by all the calvary members. so to his family,loveones, and friends keep your head up, cause we all know that thomas wouldn't want us to be sad he would us to be happy that he is gone home to be with the king his father, and he is in a better place and he is also happy.
Verneshia Sterling
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