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EDWIN C. BAQUET Edwin C. Baquet was a good man. He was a good husband who loved his wife Oresa for over 65 years. Even after she was gone we knew he would love her forever. He was a good father. We, his children, could not have been blessed with a better Dad. He loved us unconditionally and we always knew we could count on him no matter what. He was a good grandfather, too. All of his grandkids loved him beyond measure. They knew he was the glue that held the family together, and that they would be in his loving care all the days of his life. He was a good neighbor, who never hesitated to offer a helping hand. Whether it was to bring in the mail and newspapers, feed the dogs or fix a problem, he was quick to offer a helping hand. He was a good citizen. He always voted and he didn't hesitate to let "city hall" know if there should be a visible stop sign at the post office or if there was a dangerous shrub that needed cutting down because it was blocking the line of sight for cross traffic. He was a good member of the community. Ed belonged to two organizations which meant the world to him, the Order of Daedalians and the P-38 National Association. He participated eagerly in both until his health got in the way - which annoyed him beyond words. Yet, even when it was a challenge, he managed to make it to the monthly meetings of both organizations and lend a hand where he could. And he was a good patriot. Ed loved his time in the Air Force as a fighter pilot and would have stayed in forever if they would have let him. He took great pride in being a decorated, 50-mission pilot in the 49th Fighter Squadron during WWII and as a combat pilot during the Korean Conflict. When he grudgingly had to leave the service after 20 years, he quickly tried to find another job "on base" - which he ultimately did as a Safety Officer at March Air Force Base, where he stayed another 20 years or so. One got the impression he wouldn't have retired then either had it not been for Oresa letting him know it was time to stay home and spend a little leisure time with her. Of course, that didn't really slow him down much. Even after retiring he remained very active and took tremendous pride in keeping their home in "tip top" shape. When his health got in the way of that, he still managed to putter around the house and garden, doing what he could, right up until the end. We kiddingly said that because our Mother loved Christmas so much, he decided to give her the best gift of all this year - himself. So he left us and joined her on Christmas day. Yes, Ed Baquet was a good man. He was loved and respected by all of those who knew him, and we're absolutely certain if you look up the word "integrity" in the dictionary you'd find a picture of Ed Baquet. Those of us left behind, who loved him so, so dearly, will feel his absence every single day of our lives. Safe journey, Dad, and don't worry, Mom's got your six. Visitation will be on Wednesday, January 2, between 4:00-7:00 PM at Acheson-Graham Garden of Prayer Mortuary, 7944 Magnolia Avenue, Riverside. (951) 688-1221 Interment at Riverside National Cemetery will be private. Ed is survived by his three children (Carole, Kelly and Kevin), six grandchildren (April, Dexter, Brian, Julie, Nathan and Tomica) and four great grandchildren as well as his sister, Annie Doerr and her family and his niece, Robin, and nephew, John, who Ed was proud to be able to say is currently serving in the US Air Force. Donations may be made in lieu of flowers to the P-38 National Association, PO Box 6453, March ARB, CA 92518

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Published in The Press-Enterprise on Jan. 1, 2008.
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July 13, 2015
Your dad sounds wonderful. I'm so glad he made it home and you had him in your life.
Proud daughter of a P 38 pilot
Deputy Commander
367th FG 9th AF
Lt. Col. Morris Crossen
KIA 10/20/44
Stacy Roberts
April 28, 2015
Hello my name is Drew Bong my great uncle was the ace of aces his name was Richard Ira Bong. im sure he would of liked this his favorite plane was the Lockheed p-38 lightning he flew with many great men like Ed.
December 17, 2014
Thank you for sharing!

Manuel Dayenian, Generation-X
July 30, 2012
May the sun be at your back, and the wind in your face old pilot. Safe journey and happy landing awaits you.
Mark McGuire
June 29, 2012
Sorry to hear of your fathers passing. We, as a country are losing to many great men. We are also losing their stories and experiences.

I recently got to fly a B-17 or make a right turn in one. That flight really opened up my eyes as to how brave those young men were.

In high school I got to sit many times in a P38 cockpit on the ground. That was still a thrill.

GOd bless you father and his family.
Weldon WEst
February 11, 2012
Sorry to hear of his passing, I just found this site, all the Great men of WW-2 desrve our utmost thanks for thier service and dedication and scarifices they experienced so we can enjoy the freedoms we have today, we're losing so many of them daily , I make a point every time I meet a veteran to thank them for what they did and to shake thier hand , they are "The Greatest Generation" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
November 8, 2011
My uncle, Francis Rupert (Johnny) Johnson flew the Lightning in WW II. He was my favorite person in all the world and the P-38 the most beautiful airplane in all the world. May their memories never die.
David Westfall, Greensboro, NC
November 4, 2010
I interviewed Ed in the year 2000 for a video that featured several pilots from World War II. Ed was a very nice man who enjoyed telling his story. He will always be remembered fondly by me.
Ed Parker
July 12, 2010
Lt. G.H. Casamajor, somewhere in the South Pacific
My Father, Gordon H. Casamajor, flew the P-38 towards the end of WWII in the Pacific. of all the aircraft he flew, up to the ripe age of 80, the Lightening was by far his favorite design. We flew together for many years flying sailplanes and he was an amazing pilot to learn from. Nothing shook him in the air
He wouldn't talk much about the war but when he sat down with another P-38 driver then would eventually start to talk a bit and always about their favorite fighter that they had been blessed to have a chance to fly. I would pull up a chair and soak up every word. I've added a photo of then Lt. Casamajor in his bird, somewhere in the Pacific. The grin on his face tells us that he was in his element!
Jon Casamajor
July 6, 2010
God bless Mr. Baquet. My name is yurii broughton i live in navarre fl. My grandfather is lt. charles strader a 38 pilot he was shot down and saved by a pby in the pacific. It was the longest pby rescue mission of the war. Grandad will be 87 this july. God bless and thanks for your site.

your friend yurii
yurii broughton
June 1, 2010
The greatest generation this world will ever know!
Chris Reynolds(Stanfield,NC)
February 4, 2010
They were the greatest,bravest,and had the most love of country. I will honor your father as much as I honor my father. Dad was a P-38 driver too. 14th AF, 449th FS, Flying Tigers. I hope there is a place in heaven that ED Baquet and Jack Frank can sit and talk. The pain of your loss will pass but the missing them will not.
Clint Frank
October 15, 2009
Thank you, American hero!!
lonnie Ray
July 31, 2009
I have read the great war stories of the P-38 and it's pilots, a brave and dedicated bunch.
Warren Schneider
July 13, 2009
My condolences to Eds' family and friends.all of your comments are a great tribute to the men of that generation,my father included.Let us not neglect to honor our loved ones while they are still with us,daily!Thanks Kelly for keeping their memories alive. Respectfull regards, Mark J Roberts.
Mark Roberts
June 20, 2009
No words can convey the profound graditude I have for your father's service and that of all our veterans of this particular generation. As their numbers fade, I fear so goes the strength of our nation and the pride and patriotism they instilled. I can only hope the surviving few and the families they leave behind will continue to remind and impact those who have either forgotten or have never know the unimaginable sacrifice they made for our country - past, present and future. From the depths of my heart... Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Joel Chance
December 15, 2008
maj. ed
i am so sorry to hear of your passing.
i have thought of you often.our last
flight together i will never forget.i donot know if i am suppose to tell
about it. i miss that pipe smell.
sgt. kenneth harp
November 11, 2008
P-38 pilot
November 3, 2008
Ed was in the same aviation cadet class - 43K - that I was. He was also a Life member of the 43-K Aviation Cadet Association. I am the editor of the newsletter and will publish the news of his death and the P38 National Association. It is a fine web site.
Marshall Dean
October 30, 2008
As an Air Force Wing Historian and the son of a World War II veteran, I am keenly aware of the great debt that we owe all members of the "Greatest Generation." It is obvious from his obituary that Mr. Baquet enjoyed a full and rich life and that he will be missed by family and friends alike. It has been said that as long as one person remembers, a person's life continues even though they are no longer here. From the tributes in this guest book, it is apparent that Mr. Baquet will long live in the memories of those who knew him. May he rest in peace assured in the knowledge that he truly made a difference in this life.
Chuck Merkel
August 18, 2008
The ranks are thinning. Did not know him, but what a great man he must have been.
Terry Oden
April 2, 2008
I am not eloquent enough to give this fine man the great eulogy he richly deserves and having just learned of him with tears in my eyes while reading his story and guest book.
It is a strange feeling not knowing someone and still morn at his passing. I wish his family and all his friends well.
If there were more men like Ed then it truly would be "a wonderful world". All my respect & Blue Skys for a 49er.
March 17, 2008
Ed, I'm proud to have been in your presents. You and your family took great care of my family when my Dad was killed flying his F100 fighter jet in 1961. You were an amazing one of a kind man!!! I have always looked up to you for your true kindness and your ability to give help without question. I am deeply affected with grief at this time as you were one of very few that truly knew my father as i really never did get that chance. May you fly in heaven and invoke divine care...
Robby Fair
March 15, 2008
Captain Ed you were my first B57 pilot and my first friend in Japan in 57'...I can see you smiling now, joking, and making light of problems. You can only be described in one word.."Gungho"...always POSITIVE!
I admired you for that, for the lessons I learned and your understanding..God Bless Old Friend, your first NavigatorBombadierRadar operator, Edward Goeking, Jr., Captain, USAF, 8th. Bomb Sqd, Johnson AFB, Japan, 1957-60.
Ed Goeking
March 7, 2008
My Mom and Dad, Dick and Marie Bornholdt were Ed and Oresa's next door neighbors for 30+ years and we have fond memories of the many, many parties at both homes. Ed was a truly great friend thru out the years but especially when my Dad was diagnosed with cancer; Ed remained supportive and so helpful for which our family will always be grateful and never forget. What a GREAT REUNION for Ed and Oresa on Christmas Day - we will always remember them but especially on Christmas! Our family is blessed and we know that the Bacquet family are equally blessed to know that their parents had a great love for each other and lived life to its fullest! We will always remember Ed with a great smile, always.
God Bless.
Don and Sue Burrus and Marie Bornholdt
Don and Sue Burrus
March 3, 2008
Ed was a flight leader when I flew my first mission, with him, on Dec. 27, 1944, over Graz, Austria. I will remember him with great admiration.
Elwyn R. "Al" Sneed - Hangman 10
Elwyn Sneed
February 27, 2008
Deepest sympathies to the family of Edwin Baquet for your loss and to the P-38-National Association for the loss of one of its founders and inspirations, leaving a historical legacy for which all who flew, worked with and admired the revolutionary P-38 are grateful.
Aileen Garra Lim
February 10, 2008
I just wanted to say thank you for the service you provided.
bryan Lang
February 9, 2008
Ed, and the other gallant WW II warriors, made the 49th Fighter Squadron the great unit that it is. We of today stand upon their shoulders, but we will never achieve their heights. They are now flying with Billy Mitchell. Clear skies, and a 40 knot tail wind, Ed, from all of us in the 49th Fighter Squadron Association.
Bob Thomalen
January 31, 2008
Just a note--I meant to say 49th Fighter Squadron.
Warren Bruskrud
January 25, 2008
I only had the chance to meet Ed at the P38 Reunion in November. Just wish I could have spent more time just talking flying. I know from talking with Kelly that he will be greatly missed, by his friends and neighbors, his family and anyone who had anything to do with the P38.
Ed Rothermund
January 24, 2008
I met Ed in the latter part of ’44. We were stationed in San Savero, Italy where we both completed 50 P-38 combat missions.

His tireless efforts at the museum in Riverside on behalf of the 49th Fighter Group were greatly appreciated.
Warren (Bruck) and Annie Bruskrud
January 21, 2008
My heart is heavy after hearing of Ed's passing. Wonderful memories of this great guy abound in my mind. As an officer and pilot he excelled. As a husband and father he was one of a kind. As a friend he was true. After our tour in Japan in the 50's, I last saw Ed and Oresa in the early 60's at their home in El Paso. These memories I will cherish forever.
Don Dallenbach
January 18, 2008
Our deepest sympathy. Wonderful man, pilot, officer and father. The Baquet's took care of this bachelor in Japan and looked out for my welfare. I appreciate their tender loving care with lots of heart.
Gayle Johnson
January 17, 2008
Please accept my deepest sympathies.
Kazuto "Kaz" Tomoyasu
January 17, 2008
Leonard Pfeffer
January 17, 2008
It was my privilege to associate with Ed at the monthly meetings of the P-38 National Association. I saw him as, to use an aircraft term, a stabilizer. When a discussion began to tilt too far one way or another, it was often Ed who steered it back on course. He was quick to help me with research on the P-38 which led to the publication of my novel, A Paper Statue. Thanks, Ed.
Roger Naylor
January 16, 2008
My sympathies to the family. I only met Ed recently at the P-38 National Association Convention and at two meetings, but never had the chance to talk to him in any depth. I could tell it would have been interesting. I look forward to getting the stories from Kelly now. Ed, enjoy your next great adventure!
Thomas Bunce
January 14, 2008
I had the honor and priviledge to know "Eddie" for a short time during WWII in Italy. We were tentmates and flew P38s for the 49th Fighter Squadron based in San Savero. We both flew our 50 missions during the fall, winter and spring of'44/'45. Eddie was a wonderful friend during that time, and it was a tremendous pleasure for me to visit with him during the P38 Association Convention a few years ago. I ,along with friends and family, will miss him greatly.
Jim Zingg
January 11, 2008
Daddy, I am so lucky to have had you as my father...I have a smile on my face when I think of you and the wonderful times our family shared and you will hold a very special place in my heart always. I love and miss you so much.
Carole Baquet
January 9, 2008
Uncle Eddie,
I just can't imagine a world without you in it. You've been in my life for so many decades and I looked to you as a life guide and role model when my dad didn't return from the war. You were so easy to admire and to love. You did things right, you clearly loved those around you and you lived honorably. Thank you for everything you showed me. Your niece, Linda.
Linda Alioto
January 9, 2008
Uncle Eddy, A man of kindness, thoughtfullness, bravery, and love will be missed by all who knew him. I knew him best when I was a young child. When he was flying P-38s, I built a 6 ft. wingspan balsa-wood and tissue paper model P-38 flying in my bedroom until he returned safely to the US. Rest in peace, ED.
Norm Smith
January 7, 2008
To the Edwin C. Baquet Family,
To all of you, my deepest condolences for the lose of your father and grandfather. I have had the distinct pleasure of getting to know Kelly thru the P-38 Association as a new member. Kelly, especially to you, I offer my deepest sympathy.
Your father, and others like him, are America's true heroes! They came from all over the country to unite and fight the enemies of our country. As someone deeply interested in WWII history, they shall never be forgotten!
We have never met, Mr Baquet, but know that as you gaze upon me from heaven, I shall hereby fly an imaginary TOPCOVER 6 from your position until we meet with the true Commander-in -Chief, our Lord, Jesus Christ!
Over and out,
Bill Anderson
January 4, 2008
Uncle Eddie,

Thinking of you always makes me smile. I see you and see my Dad...thanks for being my link to heaven! Tell him I love and miss him greatly.

Thank you for being such a wonderful Uncle and for being so proud of my brother John and I.

I love and miss you.
Robin Ashley (formerly Baquet)
January 2, 2008
You were a true role model, leading by example. You exemplified patriotism, chivalry, humility, and devotion in every aspect of life. Thank you for the life lessons.
Nathan Donnelly
January 2, 2008
Easy Ed
Your love for Life,Family,and Friends will live on in the hearts of the many you have touched.
You lived your life with Zest, and Honor. It is with that honor and love that I salute you as the man that you ARE.
Love to you and Mom you will be a part of me always

Colleen Arguelles
January 2, 2008
Grandpa, you were everything a person could ever hope to be. You were the ultimate role model to me and everyone around you. You will be greatly missed, but the kindness and responsibility you have bestowed upon us will live on in our hearts forever. Thank you for everything! I love you and miss you so much!
Tomica Baquet
January 1, 2008
I've got fond memories of Uncle Eddie - beautiful home, great pool, gold fish, wonderful hospitality, game shows,late night dinners, and always a big smile. With my love and prayers.
Dennis Doerr
January 1, 2008
Uncle Eddy,
I will hold a special place in my heart for my memories of you and Aunt Oresa. Thank you for being such a GREAT uncle. I loved your stories and will miss your smile. Love you, Ruthie
Ruth Richman
January 1, 2008
"Thanks for the Memories". I will always love and cherish our days together, forever. Love, Annie (your sister)
Anabelle Doerr
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