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Lindsey M. Morris   On March 24, 1980, an angel was born and sent to touch the lives of everyone she met. Those affected by Lindsey's grace, beauty and stunning elegance will always feel her angelic presence. Lindsey is a true child of light - her remarkable radiance touched and brightened all with which she came into contact. In just 24 short years she accomplished what most of us spend far longer lifetimes pursuing yet rarely achieving - selflessly imparting hope, love, charity and compassion wherever she walked. As she lives on in the next world to further impart of her joy to those who have preceded her, so also does she live on in this one through reflected light each of us carries in our hearts and memories. While our grief is profound, it can scarcely compare with the boundless bliss we feel for the great blessing of having known her. Lindsey will continue to embrace her mother, Stacy; father, Bradley; her two younger brothers, Tony and Skyler; her grandmother, Claudia; and so many loving aunts, uncles and cousins. We would like to extend our love and appreciation to all of her wonderful friends and particularly the Soinski family for sharing their love and three beautiful children with our Lindsey. The services celebrating Lindsey's life are pending on a date, time and perfect location to be announced. In lieu of flowers or gifts, our family encourages all donations be directed to a foundation to be set up in Lindsey's name which benefits children with cancer. This information is forthcoming. Online condolences may be given at In the meantime, go makesomeone smile.

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Published in The Salt Lake Tribune on Nov. 14, 2004.
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69 entries
March 25, 2012
Happy Happy Birthday Lindsey Lou!! Love you! Xoxo
March 24, 2010
Happy 30th Birthday Lindsey Lou!! Always thinking about you.. Love you!
Alie Monaco
March 25, 2009
March 24, 2009
Happy Birthday darling!!
alie monaco
April 21, 2008
I will forever remember growing up next door to each other in elementary and listening to 'Dancing in Heaven' and asking our my mom if we would one day dance in heaven. You are missed Linds. I love you.
Tiffany Wick (Goodrich)
March 24, 2008
Happy Birthday love..
alie monaco
December 12, 2007
Dear Stacy,
I just heard. I am so sorry. I can't imagine what you've gone through. Your family is in my thoughts and my prayers. Bambie
Bambie Nielson
March 26, 2007
March 25, 2007
I'm a day late.. But Happy Birthday girl.. I miss you..
August 15, 2006
Lindsey, i just wanted you to know that i think of you all the time. I'm forever grateful that i met you. you are a wonderful person, from a most wonderful family. genuine people are hard to come by these days, i'm glad to have known one in you.
lisa leddy
July 25, 2006
Lou Belle-

It has been a crazy month and you have been my inspiration for taking on something huge and seeing it through. Thank you for all that you continue to teach me about myself.

Love you- Kathy
Kathy Haymond
March 24, 2006
Happy Birthday Linds!
I miss and love you.
Alie Monaco
November 30, 2005
Hey Princess Lou. I just wanted to let you know I miss you so much this time of year. It's so different without you when the family gets together. But I know you are always there, probably way more than I think. You are such an inspiration in my life everyday, you are the most beautiful woman that I have ever seen. I love to think back on our barbie days, and taking trips to Crossroads just to go up the elevator to the roof, and who could ever forget Madonna (what do you mean it isn't a computer!!). Thank you so much for the memories...I cherish them always. Give my baby lots of kisses for me and let it know we're excited to meet it. I love you...Hugs and kisses and princesses forever:)!! Tiff
Tiffany Anderson
November 23, 2005
Hey Linds!!
I miss you and love you so so so much.
Love, natalie
Natalie von Elm
November 11, 2005
Thank you for still smiling down us every morning I know your busy and its so nice to look out my window every morning to see you there pushing the dark of night aside to brighten our day. Love you and miss you!
Uncle Rob
November 9, 2005
It is coming up on one year and it is still so hard to accept that you are gone. I often wonder what you would be doing and what you are doing, does that make sense? I know that you are one busy lady keeping an eye on all you care for and I feel very lucky to be one of them. I listen to "I will" and sing so loud I hope you can hear me or at least have a good laugh.

Love Love you firestarter-
Katherine Haymond
November 9, 2005
Linds, my Lindsey Lou, There isn't a day goes by that I don't think of you and miss you just so very much!! I have an angel on my dresser, and she has a message that I read every morning...."as I look around at the Lives you have traveled beyond, I know that you are still here, leaving your Gifts in every twinkling laugh and every warm moment you helped Create." I love you so very much Linds & miss You beyond words. My soul will be with yours always. Talk to you soon. Hugs & Kisses Grandma
Claudia von elm
September 7, 2005
Lindsey Lou,
Just was finishing up birth announcements, and was addressing envelopes to friends, and thought it appropriate to let you know this way! We had our little girl... we named her Morganne, and she was huge... 8 lber... She has a ton of hair, and she keeps us all up at night! We love it! I just wanted to let you know I was thinking of you, and wanted to let you know of our newest edition to our fam! I am sending an announcement your family's way...

As Sue would say....
Hugs not drugs
Kimmie Candie
September 2, 2005
Just thinking about you Linds.
Alie Monaco
March 24, 2005
Happy Birthday Lindsey!
Today is a Fabulous day! It's even raining, which I know that you love. Today is a day that we all will cherish and celebrate! The day that you were born is truly a blessed day, for on this day we were all given a gift of love. That gift keeps on giving, even now and it will forever! I miss you Lindsey! I miss seeing your face and hearing your voice, but your grace and beauty both inside and out will live on forever. I feel you with me now and I always will. Love you forever and forever. Love you with all my heart. Love you whenever we are together. Love you when we're apart...I am singing loud so you can hear me!
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday Dear Lindsey!
I love you! Aunt Kristine :)
Kristine von Elm
January 16, 2005
I think of you often and I am always impressed by the few times we talked. You live on in so many peoples memories of you and how you touched so many of us by your courage and zest for life.
Love, Chris Lillie
Chris Lillie
January 4, 2005
Hey Lindsey,
I just found out today about your passing into a new life. I feel so sad for your family as they live with this reality each day. The friendship we shared during jury duty was so important to me. We helped each other keep our sense of humor during some very sad cases. Your beauty shone throughout the room and brightened all our lives. I will never forget you and will use your life as an example of bravery for my students for years to come. My thoughts and prayers will be with you and your family each day. When God calls me to heaven I hope you will there to greet me with your beautiful smile and hold my hand as we walk together and remember all the times we shared. I'm so saddened to learn of your passing, but look forward to the time when we will see each other again in a place where pain and sadness do not exist. It was a sincere privilege to know you if only for a brief time. I miss you.
Emmy Hartney
December 28, 2004
It was an honor and a pleasure to be able to get to know and care for Lindsey. All of us here at the NIH were impressed and awed by her strength and determination. We were equally struck by the intensity of the warm, loving family that surrounded Lindsey and never left her side. Lindsey will live on in our hearts, as will the contribution she made to medical research. My thoughts and prayers are with the Morris family.

Leah Haworth, RN
National Cancer Institute
Bethesda, MD
Leah Haworth
December 27, 2004
Who knows how long I've loved you
You know I love you still
Will I wait a lonely lifetime
If you want me to--I will.

For if I ever saw you
I didn't catch your name
But it never really mattered
I will always feel the same.

Love you forever and forever
Love you with all my heart
Love you whenever we're together
Love you when we're apart.

And when at last I find you
Your song will fill the air
Sing it loud so I can hear you
Make it easy to be near you
For the things you do endear you to me
You know I will
I will.
John Lennon/Paul McCartney

Lindsey I love you forever and forever and I am singing loudly so you can hear me!
Aunt Kristine
Kristine von Elm
December 21, 2004
Dearest Lindsey,
It is heartbreaking to read these news. I am truly sad that you are no longer laughing next to your friends and family. But I know that your joyful spirit will live on forever in the hearts of those that knew you! I will always remember you as the most life-loving person. My prayers are with you and your family.
Katya Maslova
December 14, 2004
Brad,Stacy,Tony and Skyler...

Thank you for allowing me, and helping to know your angel,Lindsey.
Eventhough I only knew her for a short time,she left a mark on my heart. She was one of a kind. It is obvious that she came from love, grew in love and eagerly shared that love with those whose paths she crossed. I am greatful to have been one in her way.
I won't say may God bless you, because he does every day. May you as a family continue to be a blessing to people in your path. The light of Lindsey's shines through you.
Lynette Nixon, RN
November 23, 2004
Brad, Stacy, and Family:

May we all be so fortunate as to share just a fraction of the love and light that shone upon you during the miracle that was Lindsay's life, of which you all were a very big part. Bless you.
Aimee Housley
November 23, 2004

Wow! It is amazing to read how you have touched the life's of many! From the very first day I met you at HCH I KNEW there was something special about you. That same 'special' something is what seemed to always unite us in unexpecting places. I am so honored to have met you Lindsey! In my short time of knowing you I can't express what a positive impact you have made in my life! You are radiant! You are beautiful! Above all you have the most effulgent heart! Thank you sooo much for letting me be apart of your life!!!

Love always!
Farrah Rodriguez...
````````````````````` `````````

Footprints in the Sand
One night a man had a dream. He dreamed
he was walking along the beach with the LORD.

Across the sky flashed scenes from his life.
For each scene he noticed two sets of footprints in the sand: one belonging to him, and the other to the LORD.

When the last scene of his life flashed before him,
he looked back at the footprints in the sand.

He noticed that many times along the path of his life there was only one set of footprints.

He also noticed that it happened at the very
lowest and saddest times in his life.

This really bothered him and he
questioned the LORD about it:

"LORD, you said that once I decided to follow you, you'd walk with me all the way.
But I have noticed that during the most troublesome times in my life,
there is only one set of footprints. I don't understand why when I needed you most you would leave me."

The LORD replied:

"My son, my precious child,
I love you and I would never leave you.
During your times of trial and suffering,when you see only one set of footprints,
it was then that I carried you."

written by Mary Stevenson
Farrah Rodriguez
November 23, 2004
Brad and Family-
I am so sorry for your great loss. I was never able to meet Lindsey but the way others speak of her I know I would have been blessed to have even seen her smile. I will hug my Lindsay a little tighter, for we never know when our children will be called home. I'm sorry I was not able to come to her celebration of life services but my prayers are with you.
Heather (Paramount Title)
Heather Doney
November 22, 2004
The first time I met you was the first time I met your Mom and Dad when they stopped by Tom's and my house on Wilmington in SLC. Your Dad had you in tow in your baby carrier and when I looked at you, I was struck by your blonde, curly hair framing your beautifully alert eyes. When I looked into your eyes, I saw your brilliance. That moment was interrupted by your Mom's infectious laugh! I knew we'd become friends. And as years passed, the connection your Mom and I made was magical. I saw you grow into a such a beautiful example of sweetness and honesty and compassion...such an embodiment of your family. Then I heard you laugh! It was the same infectious laugh as your Mom's... it brings a smile to my face, because I can still hear it. When I saw your gorgeous eyes...I still saw your brilliance.
I am heart sick that you are gone and that the world is missing such a gift. But, as your infectious laugh - you will live forever in our hearts and souls and your memory will always make us smile. My love to you always AND to Brad, Stacy, Tony and Skylar. I pray your pain finds comfort from all of us who love you.
Tami, Stephani and Mackenzie
Tami Sanders
November 19, 2004
Brad, Stacy, Tony & Skyler
"All life is sacred. Scince life is an affirmation of the Creator, I shall live on, even when I am gone. In trailing clouds of glory shall I return to my Creator, only to find that I had never really left. I shall walk among the lilies of the field and leave my trail in stardust in the sky." Lindsey, you are the Stardust in Our sky. You will forever be in my heart. I am so greatful to have known you. I will forever remember the summer I spent with you and your family...Our drive-bys, talks about Mike Piazza , eating yummy brownie mix and our delicious pancakes-compliments of Skyler. I love you. You are an Angel. Our prayers are with you and your family. God Bless.
Patti Devin-Peay & Family
Patti Peay
November 19, 2004
Dear Stacy and family,
People come into our lives for a reason, and although I did not ever have the pleasure of meeting Lindsey, she will always be an inspiration to our family, and especially to my brother. Stacy, thank you so much for your friendship. Conversing with you and hearing your family's journey has helped our family through this ongoing battle with "the beast." I wish I could be there to pay my respect in person.
Brenda Taylor
November 18, 2004
Stacy, Brad, Tony & Skyler,
You have been in my thoughts and prayers since the day Kristine told
me Lindsey was in the hospital. While I didn't know Lindsey personally, I do know how much she was loved by her family. Now that she is safe with our Heavenly Father and healthy once more, I will continue to pray for you... that one day the intensity of your pain will ease and saying her name will not only make you smile, but will no longer make you cry.
Lisa Carbine (aka....Chicken)
Lisa Carbine
November 18, 2004
Lindsey -
It's hard to find words to express how much you meant to me. I have always looked up to you as a role model. You are a gorgeous, gracious and kind angel who touched everyones life. I will miss you so very much!
Erin Lebegue
November 18, 2004
I am so sad that you have passed on to the next life. You were an angel and I loved working with you at N.O. You had a beaming smile and brightened our days. You were a great friend and I loved you for that. I will miss your smile and your spirited personality. Love you, your work MOM.
Heather Benson
November 18, 2004
Lindsey Lou,
I can't put into words the pain I feel right now. You touched our lives in so many ways. I remember when you were little in your johnny jumper with your curly hair jumping so high you almost hit the door frame. You'd laugh and kick your legs. You made us laugh so hard we had tears in our eyes. Thank you for letting us be a part of your world for a little while. I take comfort in knowing you are on a beach in heaven with your toes in the sand saving a place for us. I love you so much.Uncle Darren loves you so much. Malcolm, Winston and Quentin love you so much. We will miss your beautiful face and everything about you. Until we meet again sweet angle.
Love Aunt Gretchen
Gretchen von Elm-Beebe
November 18, 2004
Dear Brad and Stacy,
How sorry we were to hear of your loss and how hard it must be. Please know that our deepest love, thoughts and prayers are with you at this time. It is obvious through Lindsey's beautiful smile that she was a warm and shinning light in the lives of all she encountered. Surely she will also be a special, shinning light in heaven.
With love, respect and sympathy,
Cindy, Bruce Stroh and Family
November 17, 2004
Thank you for the 8 years that you gave me as your "favorite Uncle". It is a privlage to have you and your family accepting me into your lives and making me feel that there is no such term as “in-law”. Your love and kindness will be with me always, and what a treat is to just have to close my eyes and see your sweet smile to brighten my day. You spoiled everyone who met you by making them feel that you would always be there which makes your departure so hard to take. I told you that you are the sunshine in this family and now we will always look at the sunrise and see you smile.
Love always,
Uncle Rob
Rob Langworthy
November 17, 2004
Dearest Linds..
Thank you for letting me be a part of your life. You will always be a dear friend. My thoughts are with you and your family through this time. Keep smiling my dear.
I will miss you.
Love you.
Alie Monaco
November 17, 2004
We were all at loss to see Lindsey's picture in the paper. She was a wonderful young woman and a pleasure to know. Our thoughts are with you and your family at this time.

The Parkinson family
Joe Parkinson, Jodi Parkinson Harker
Shanna Parkinson Shaw
Shanna Shaw
November 17, 2004
Brad, Stacy, Tony and Skyler:
Our hearts are broken with the loss of such a sweet angel as your Lindsey. Always ready with a smile, hug and a kind and heartfelt word to lift our hearts. She truly cared about everyone else's comfort and happiness before her own. Maybe that's why she stayed on through all of the tough going. We will miss her greatly, but with you rejoice that her pain and struggle are over.

We hope that you know how much we loved your Lindsey, just as we continue to love the four of you. You have a large space in our hearts, and we will be near to comfort you in the times to come.

The best tribute that we can offer to Lindsey is to pass along the love and happiness she so freely shared with all of us. Each time we help someone to smile amidst hardship or pain, we will think of Lindsey. Lindsey's "angel" gift will always remind us to pass that love along. May God continue to flood your hearts with peace and love.

With love,
Mike and Gayla
Michael and Gayla Dowdle
November 16, 2004
I send you all my love and deepest sympathy at this time. I can't imagine how painful this must be. I want you to know my thoughts and prayers are with you.
Terrie Rauzon
November 16, 2004
Thank you for touching my life in a way that you will never understand. I am so grateful for your friendship and the grace that followed you everywhere. Our friends are at a loss with out you, but we are comforted by the fact that you are healthy again and we will one day have another girls night with you. You are constantly in my thoughts and I pray nightly for your family that they will be able to be comforted during this trying time. I will miss your grace and beauty, but I am so extrmely grateful for being blessed to have known you.
I love and miss you,
Amanda Fagergren Couch
November 16, 2004
Dear Brad and Stacy: You have been in our thoughts and prayers over the past months. From long experience I know that their is nothing we can say or do that will make your grief any less. We do want you to know that you have friends who care about you and continue to hold you in our prayers. In time your memories will increase and your pain will decrease.

We love you,

John+ and Gail Day
John and Gail Day
November 16, 2004
Hi Lindsey Lou -
I need you to know what a priviledge and honor it has been for me to be your Grandmother. From the very day you were born you have been a blessing. Besides being my first Grand daughter you were just what I ordered. When you were a little older we would have sleep-overs and you would show up at my door with all of your toys in shopping bags not wanting to leave home without them. We would make paper dolls and dinosaur villages from card board and shoeboxes and color and read stories. It was a very close time with you for me. I watched you mature into a most beautiful, precious woman, inside and out, making all who met you love you and know they would never forget you because you were an Angel amongst us.
The courage and strength you have shown over the past months has taught us all that suffering and fear can be dealt with, with dignity and grace.
Lindsey, I'm missing your wonderful laugh, your beautiful face and smile, your voice; especially your "Hi Grandma", your statuesque figure and long legs and the way you walk with such poise and confidence and your expressive talented hands.
Lindsey I'm just missing all of you and your presence and I can hardly wait until I can see, hold, kiss and talk with you again. I'll be praying for you to always stay close.
Talk to you later.
Love you more.
Grandma Claudia
November 16, 2004
Lindsey was a friend of mine when we were little kids. I feel like we still are in some ways, and I know we will see each other again on the other side. God bless you, and your family in this difficult time.
Love always,
Sarah Forsey:)
Sarah Forsey
November 16, 2004
Dear Brad and Stacy: Please know of our profound sorry for your loss. Even though we did not have the good fortune of knowing Lindsey personally, we know how much you loved your little girl. We can only imagine the depths of your sorrow and agony. Know that you are loved by many and that you are in our hearts and prayers.
Bill & Andrea Johnson
November 16, 2004
Lindsey Lou-
How do you thank someone for changing your life. That is what I have been try to figure out for the last few days. The influence that Lou had on all that knew her is profound. I see her smile, hear her laugh, and feels her hugs all the time. It is great to have her near by all the time. Lou and I met fatefully one day in health class at Oly High and I knew at that moment that I had met someone special. She and I have been best friends since that day some eight years ago. She always put her family and friends first and gave each relationship in her life everything that she had. She can do that on a grander scale (Lindsey Style) and can continue to teach us what this world is about. Treating every situation with class, kindness, determination, and having no fear.
Brad Stacy Skyler and Tony-
Thank you for sharing her with me and for bringing me into your family. I love you all so much!!

Kathy Hansen
November 16, 2004
Brad,Stacy,Tony and Skyler,
I want to extend my deepest love to all of you.
You are an amazing family that keeps each other strong. I've noticed that since Linds and I were little. Whenever you came to California, I wanted to stay and play. How lucky I was to have a cousin my same age, that was my penpal a few states away, that I could email while studying in London and she knew exactly why I loved it...
I agree, she is an angel and always has been. Her spirit will only continue to give us hope and happiness. I love you guys.
Missy Heid
November 15, 2004

November 15, 2004
Dear Brad and family,
I was so very sorry to hear about the passing of your precious Lindsey. Even though I did not have the good fortune of knowing her personally, I know how much she graced your life. Know that you are in my heart, my thoughts, and my prayers.

With love,
Barb Pollyea
November 15, 2004
I believe that you were truly too special to be on this earth with us today. I was so lucky to have known you. I will miss u & will never forget what a blessing and example u were to me & to have in my life~ THANKS~ Loving you always~ Jodi & Cruz~~ God be with you Morris family
Jodi & Cruz Johnson
November 15, 2004
Thinking of each of you with a heart full of love and prayers for your comfort and a heart full of gratitude for having known Lindsey's shining light.
Love, Lou Ozmun
Lou Ozmun
November 15, 2004
Lindsey and Dear family,

Lindsey and I were best friends when we were young, and when I heard about Lindsey getting sick, my heart went out to her and the family. I know you are in a better place, and out of pain. I am so sorry that your family wasnt able to spend more time with you, but they will be with you again. I am sorry I wasnt able to spend more time with you either. You and your family will always be in my thoughts and prayers. You are a wonderful person Lindsey, and your spirit will always stay alive.
Beckie Nielson
November 15, 2004
Lindsey Lou...
You are an exceptional woman... What an honor it is to have you as my friend!!!! From william pennguins to teenage girls... the journey has been great!!! Through streams of memories with you... I can't help but notice that you were always radiating with optimism, and you were so delightful to be around. You are the most caring, sensitive, thoughtful, forgiving, and of course the most FAHSIONABLE gal I know, and I thank you for your everlasting friendship through out these last 20 yrs or so. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for letting me be a part of you life... and I am so grateful for you being a part of mine. My family's prayers are with you and your family through this time... I hope to meet up with you again!

Love Always, Always...
Kimmie Candie
Kim Pack Cracroft
November 15, 2004
Dear Mr. and Mrs. Morris, Tony and Skylar,
I was so sad to note the passing of Lindsey. She was such a beautiful girl with so much life. I truly enjoyed the time we spent together in Europe for those three weeks. Her love of all things beautiful was apparent.
I grieve with you and truly understand what you are feeling. I lost my own angel, Ashleigh, who was just as beautiful and just as loved as Lindsey, when she was 20. Although it has been 6 years for me, not a day goes by that I do not miss her and wonder what we would be doing together or what she would have accomplished by now.
I read a passage in a book shortly after my daughter died of cancer and I read it every day. Perhaps this will help you as well. "Consider that all things in the world are held by us as loans, and not as gifts, so that if the Supreme God who freely bestows his bounty here on earth reclaims the benefice, let us thank him for all the time he has allowed us to enjoy it, for in fact he might not have bestowed it at all." I can't imagine never having known and loved Ashleigh, just as you can never imagine not having known and loved Lindsey. The pain remains because of the love. What a great tribute to you as a family that you created and nurtured such a wonderful daughter. I hope eventually you can find some peace.
Dianne Adler
Evergreen Jr. High
Dianne Adler
November 14, 2004
Brad, Stacy,Tony,Skyler
Please know how sorry we are to hear about Lindsey's passing, and the overwhelming stress & emotion you must be experiencing. When we think of Lindsey, everything good comes to mind. She is a beautiful girl inside and out, with a personality that touched everyone she came in contact with. Our thoughts and prayers will be with you constantly. Lots of Love, Doug & Jo Ann Smith & family
Doug & Jo Ann Smith
November 14, 2004
Brad, Stacy, Tony and Skyler,

We want to you to know how much you are in our thoughts and prayers. We are so thankful we had a chance to know Lindsey, and for the gift of love and caring that she gave to Rebecca and Emalia.

Much Love,
Julie, Rebecca, Emalia,Ron Steele
November 14, 2004
Hi it's me again! Lindsey,you are my idol! (And always will be.) I just can't stop thinking about you. You were the best Nanny anyone could ever have! I know you are up there watching me. I know when I say prayers to you you're listening. I remember all those days playing with you and having the best time of my life. It was so fun to know I had someone to share all my secrets with and be able to talk to. Lindsey,you changed my life. I remember when we would climb the tree in the circle and talk,tell stories and say anything we had to say. You were so close to me. And I love you too much for words! Remember when we would go to the park and play for hours even though you had on high heel shoes? You are the most kind(and most fashionable)person I have ever met. You're the best,sweetest kindest,funniest,nicest person I have ever met. You'll always be my big sister!
Saylor Soinski
November 14, 2004
Dear Stacy, Brad & Family,
It is with such a heavy heart and deepest sympathy that I write this. Words cannot convey how sorry I am to hear that you have lost your precious angel, Lindsey. How fortunate you are to have been blessed with her presence - although for too brief a lifetime. You are such an incredible family and may your love for each other and your love for Lindsay help get you through the difficult times ahead. May the wonderful memories of her shine down on you and guide you; for the love and precious moments you have been blessed with and all shared - will always be with you. Love and God Bless,
Diana Young
November 14, 2004
Linny Lou...
I can't begin to say how much I love you! You have been my friend for 20 years and I cannot believe that our time here is through. WE laughed so much and shared so many stories about crushes, fears, music, art, and lady the list is endless. I have yet to meet someone as giving as you, and I hope that your pain is gone and that you are in a better place. I love you linds and I always will.
Stephanie Belle
Stephanie Holmgren
November 14, 2004
Dear Brad, Stacy, Skyler, and Tony,
We just want to let you know that we love you and are here for you--Lindsey was like a daughter to us and we will miss her. We're so grateful to have had the opportunity to watch Angelica and Lindsey grow up together and that they had each other. We will never forget her sense of humor and her ability to dish it out! What an incedible young woman she is and our prayers and thoughts are with you every day. We love you all, God Bless.
Patty and Rod Dahlgren
November 14, 2004
Hi Lindsey,
I love you more than words can say.
Your light has touched my heart and will remain there always.
I have so many memories; you as the beautiful little girl with the curly hair, your dance recitals, taking you to meet John Stockton and many more. I watched you grow into the most beautiful young woman I have ever had the pleasure to meet. You truly are an Angel!
I know that you are in Heaven having a Cosmopolitan with Princess Diana, the Kennedys and all of our loved ones who greeted you with open arms.
You touched so many lives, even people that you only met briefly were touched by your light and we are all forever changed by the gifts of love that you have given us. I am going to miss you, but not your presence, because you are with me now and I will see you again. I know that you will be there when I come home.
I love you! I love you! I love you! Aunt Kristine
November 14, 2004
I have never met someone so genuine and wonderfully sweet as you. I remember when it was not "cool" to hang out and like your family, you did, and I really admired that. One time we were watching a movie in your basement and your brothers came down to watch it with us, you were so sweet and loving to them, even though you had friends over. I really thought to myself that I wish I had that kind of relationship with my sisters.
I know that your family has such a special bond that even death cannot break. My prayers are with you and your family during this difficult, trying time. I know that there is life beyond mortality, and hope that all of your family and loved ones will be able to find comfort with this knowledge. I will always remember you and will strive to be as loving and genuine with all of my actions as you were with yours.
Sarah Cornu Shaw
November 14, 2004
You have touched all of us and we will never forget you.You'll always be with us.We really want to see you again.It's the most saddest thing that's ever happend to us.We were all praying every night.We LOVE,LOVE,LOVE,LOVE U!And,
We really,really miss you.
Saylor Soinski
November 14, 2004
Where do I begin to express my love for you. I have known you ever since I can remember and I can honestly say that you are the sweetest, most caring person I know! Every one that knows you adores you and we will miss you so much! I love you!
Dianna Neff
November 14, 2004
Stacy, Brad, Tony and Skyler,
I know this will be one of the most difficult things you will ever face. Lindsey was an awesome daughter, sister and friend. She fought VERY hard to survive and beat this-as did all of you. Please know you have all of our love and prayers. Lindsey will always be a part of your heart and ours. On the roller coaster of grief there WILL be a time that the happy memories will overshadow the sad ones. Love you tons. Chris
Chris Chytraus
November 14, 2004
Dear Stacy,Brad,Tony and my Skyler-What a beautiful picture and tribute to such a wonderful young woman!!I am so very sorry this happened-but as Stacy told me the other night-Lindsey was an angel put on earth-and how lucky we are for the time we had with her!!Love to you all - Pam
Pam Hall
November 14, 2004
Lindsey Lou (aka N.T.)
Although I can't see you I know you are with me and that's what will keep me going for the rest of my life. It's so hard to believe that I can't just pick up the phone and call you but I have been talking to you and I will always keep talking to you-I know you are listening. There is and will never be anyone like you in my life. I had the greatest 10 years growing up with you and am so happy that I had you to lean on, to make me laugh, to cry with, to tell all my secrets and dreams to... to go on crazy road trips and do each other's hair in the closet because there were no outlets in the bathroom.. and then get stuck in a snow storm.. to get dressed up and go hang out downtown, to do drive-by's and go get slurpees, to just sit and talk for hours about everything and about nothing at teach me how to be a better person. Everywhere I go and look there's something that reminds me of you, and that makes me happy. You are my best friend, my sister,and nothing in this world scares me now because you are my angel. I will miss you so much, but I will see you again. "I know you're shining down on me from heaven...and I know eventually we'll be together, one sweet day" Thank you for being a huge part of my life. With all me heart and soul, I love you.
Geli Belly (aka M.C.)
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