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Exuberant, spontaneous, adventurous, caring, a collector of friends-all words to describe Leslie Hunt Parks-Finley. Born September 8, 1970 in St. Louis, Missouri to Hubbard and Karen Parks, "Dr. Leslie" died unexpectedly on Nov. 25, 2008 while on a family vacation in Telluride, Colorado. A 1988 graduate of MacArthur High School in San Antonio, Leslie received her BS from Southwestern University in 1993 and her medical degree in 1997 from Oklahoma State College of Osteopathic Medicine. She completed her internship and residency in Obstetrics and Gynecology in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and returned "home" to Texas to open her practice in The Woodlands. Not a dreamer but a doer, Leslie lived life with fierceness and passion. She loved to travel and regaled us all with her escapades around the world-whether it was scuba diving in Mexico , swimming with sharks and feeding baby elephants in Thailand or jumping out of airplanes "just because" Leslie lived life to the fullest. Her glass was never half full, it was overflowing. She loved pedicures, the Houston Stock Show and Rodeo, stray animals, plain folks, her patients and her colleagues. But most of all she loved her family. Leslie leaves behind her beautiful, two-year-old twins, Virginia Hubbard Finley and Lucas Young Finley, and her husband Robert Scott Finley. She is survived by her parents, Hubbard and Karen Parks, her sister and brother-in-law, Allison and Michael Burkey, and their daughters Ella and Faith Burkey. Memorial services will be held on Sunday, November 30, at 2 p.m. at Alamo Heights United Methodist Church, 825 E. Basse Road, San Antonio and at The Woodlands United Methodist Church, 2200 Lake Woodlands Drive, The Woodlands, TX on Wednesday, December 3 at 11 a.m. In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to a memorial fund in honor of her children being set up at www.leslieparks.com.

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Published in San Antonio Express-News on Nov. 29, 2008.
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June 1, 2020
Hey Lesley. I miss our 730am phone calls. In fact I miss so much abt u. I keep in touch with your mom and maybe one day I'll get too see her. Miss u. Xoxo
Cheryl Venezia
May 30, 2020
Hi Lucas and Leslie....your mom delivered my son DJ 7/6/2004. She was an amazing doctor and dreamed about having children of her own some day. Im so thankful she was able to have the two of you and Im so sorry you lost her so soon! She was the beat doctor ever! Down to earth and always with a smile on her face! She might have been my doctor but I was proud to call her friend!
Stephanie Powell
May 30, 2020
Hi Lucas and Leslie....your mom delivered my son DJ 7/6/2004. She was an amazing doctor and dreamed about having children of her own some day. Im so thankful she was able to have the two of you and Im so sorry you lost her so soon! She was the beat doctor ever! Down to earth and always with a smile on her face! She might have been my doctor but I was proud to call her friend!
Stephanie Powell
February 21, 2020
Hi my name is Lucas Finley, the son of Leslie Finley and Scott Finley. It has been around 12 years since the lost of my mom and i am still doing just fine
Lucas Finley
April 29, 2019
Missing you today & all days. You were such a precious doctor that I can never forget. ❤
Shelia DAVIS
April 26, 2019
i love you so much mom
virginia finley
April 23, 2019
This is me (Virginia finley) and my brother(Lucas finley) in 2019
August 8, 2017
Dr Parks delivered Neko Rice Davis, now age 11, on May 10, 2006
Shelia Davis
July 3, 2017
Hi Dr. Parks
I remember when I first saw you, it was at the 1960 office and you were practicing with Dr John Willams. You and Ivory were so sweet to me when I had a miscarriage on July 27, 2003. You were leaving that afternoon to attend a wedding in Oklahoma, but assured me that I would be in good hands with Dr Williams as I delivered my baby. You felt so bad leaving me, but promised you would check up on me through the night. I remember Dr Williams telling me that you had called several times for an update. I will never forget you and the compassion you showed me and my husband. Thank you for guiding me to through my next pregnancy with love and encouragement. You were such a blessing to so many!!! I miss you and think of you often. I know you are loving on our baby in heaven and watching over Justin who is now 12. Until we meet again.
Kelly Treichel
October 13, 2015
Dear Aunt Essie,
Everyday it gets harder and harder not seeing your beautiful face, hearing your loving laugh and getting those warm hugs. It felt like just yesterday we were dressing up in those silly scrub hats, going to the rodeo, playing baby dolls and dressing up in silly costumes.
Tomorrow I get to see your babies. I'm so thankful I get to be with them. They are the worlds loving, beautiful children. You would be so proud of them.
Aunt Essie, I miss you so much. The Lord took you away too soon. It's all for the better. He needed you to become an angel and watch over all of us. We love and miss you aunt Essie. You will always be with me. I can't wait until we meet again someday:) I love you sooooo very much. Xoxo.
Ella B
September 2, 2015
Just wanted to say I think of you often. I wish we'd managed to have those margaritas!
Thank you for guiding me in a precarious pregnancy and soothing my nerves & just being nice to me! My son is 9 soon. Feels like yesterday.
Hugs to the Parks/Findley family!
Jenni O'Loughlin
January 30, 2015
I have been thinking a lot about Dr. Parks today. She helped me through a rough miscarriage. I will never forget her. She was an amazing person. I will continue to pray for her family.
Kendall Leanos
November 23, 2013
Dr. Parks, I think of you so often during this time of year...it's been 5 years, but seems a shorter time. You are missed in the community and by friends and family.
Terri Buckholtz
July 30, 2013
I still think about you and miss you so much. I wish you could see my kids and how they have grown. I still havent found me an ob/gyn that compares to you.
Sherita Stokes
April 24, 2013
My heart goes out to the Finley family first and foremost. Dr. Parks delivered my now 8 year old daughter, she was a wonderful Dr. Very nice and sweet and warm . I was just looking her up to schedule a appointment about getting pregnant again I did not no she passed until just now!! Great lady and Dr.
K. Robles
April 7, 2013
Dr. Parks was the best doctor that I have ever had in my entire life. She only had one mood (happy). I miss her so much.
Anita Collett
January 7, 2013
Leslie you are still in our continued thoughts & your family remains in our prayers...
Beth Rutherford
August 28, 2012
After months and months of tears, heartache and stress and being told I had less than an 8 % chance to have another child, it is by the grace of God that I am pregnant again. I can't help thinking how much I wish Dr. Parks was here to share the joy and struggle with me. I am still being seen by my fertility specialist and have yet to find an OBGYN that even comes close to making me feel as cared for as Dr. Parks. I think of her often and continue to pray for her family. She is an angel in heaven for us all.
Tracey Merz
July 26, 2012
Dr. Parks was the best doctor I ever had as well. I recommended her to so many friends and family. She delivered both of our girls in 04 & 06 as well as nieces and nephews. I still brag about how wonderful she was. She had an amazing personality and always full of honesty and laughter. I am back in The Woodlands area again and just found out I am pregnant! I am fighting back the tears as I wish she was with us today to help bring another member of our family into this world safely.
March 14, 2012
Dr. Parke was the best doctor I have ever had. She was always a friend more than a doctor. There is no other doctor like you.
February 6, 2012
Dr. Parks I still brag about how great my doctor is and how much I love her. I think about you alot and I miss your smile and laughter. I dont think its possible to find another doctor like you. Its crazy but I dont wanna have anymore kids bcuz I dont want anybody else to deliver them. You were a great doctor and a wonderful person. I wish my kids would've gotten to meet and know the person who helped bring them into this world safely.
Sherita Stokes
January 26, 2012
I'm at her office right now and thinking about what the greatest doctor she is...she brought Madisyn into this world in 2006 and she made it the greatest experience...My baby girl Madisyn past away over a year ago and at times I pray that Dr Parks is watching over her....I can't fight back the tears sitting here in her office..love and miss ya...
Julie Nguyen
January 11, 2012
Happy New Year Dr Leslie, just thinking about you. Love Always, Shelia, Neko (peanut) and Taria.
Shelia Davis
December 27, 2011
Remembering Leslie today. I knew her from our teenage years at Alamo Heights United Methodist Church Youth Group in San Antonio. I remember her smile and laughter to this day. Our loss is heaven's gain.
Troy Pridgeon
September 18, 2011
My dear friend delivers Taryn - July 2007
Carrie Farnsworth
September 15, 2011
I have not visited Dr. Parks office since 2005....I have NEVER found another GYN as great as she....Even though I moved to Austin and have had another Dr. I ALWAYS told my mom and family how GREAT she was.....So today I finally decided I am going back to Dr. Parks....I do not care if I have to take off from work and drive 3 hours for my appointment she was the ONLY Dr. that I have felt comfortable with....friendly personality and very warm and welcoming....But then tonight while am attempting to find her so I can make the appointment.....I read that she has passed away.....I am deeply and truly sadden.....I pray for the family and her two beautiful children.... I see that she is truly loved and missed.... I am so blessed to have ever met her....
Danielle C
September 8, 2011
Sending birthday wishes to Heaven, Leslie and prayers to your family on this special day.
Dayna Gilmore
August 15, 2011
My heart still hurts.
April 19, 2011
Dr. Parks you delivered Richard in 2004 right on New Years Day. You were there all night and I was not dilating. 8 hours later you came in with the biggest smile, happy as can be saying "it's time!" You came in at Midnight and wished us a very Happy New Years, your laugh filled the room and filled our hearts. Then in 2004 you delivered my precious baby girl. You ran in laughing and yelling " don't push, not even one breathe or she'll come out!" you were not just our doctor but family to us. They are grown now and my husband and I miss you dearly. I see your laughter every time I wish my son a happy birthday and happy new years. We miss you ..
April 19, 2011
Dr. Parks you delivered Richard in 2004 right on New Years Day. You were there all night and I was not dilating. 8 hours later you came in with the biggest smile, happy as can be saying "it's time!" You came in at Midnight and wished us a very Happy New Years, your laugh filled the room and filled our hearts. Then in 2004 you delivered my precious baby girl. You ran in laughing and yelling " don't push, not even one breathe or she'll come out!" you were not just our doctor but family to us. They are grown now and my husband and I miss you dearly. I see your laughter every time I wish my son a happy birthday and happy new years. We miss you ..
Angie Nguyen
April 7, 2011
Thinksing about you today when i go into the offive it is hard not to see your lovely face there. I still think theres a little part of you there though cause of dr everson..
tina robertson
April 6, 2011
Hey Lesley,
Just thinking about you today and all the great times we had together in Philly. I miss talking to you so much at our 7AM phone calls. You are always in my heart ad thoughts. Luv you and Miss you. Cheryl
February 18, 2011
I was just sitting here working on my computer when I received an email notification that another entry had been made in the Guest Book. My first entry was 12/2008. Of course I stop to immediately read how Dr. Parks has influenced yet another woman and her family. I can't get thru the message without a tear. I still think of Leslie often. I still smile when I think of her. To see that even after these few years, she is still in the hearts and memories of all that knew her warms my heart. We will never forget you. I hope and pray that her family and her children find some sort of comfort knowing that she was adored and loved by many. What an impact she made on all of those who knew her. I miss you Dr. Parks!
Brittany Chavez
February 16, 2011
Delivered by Dr. Parks on May 6,2008
jackie langwell
February 16, 2011
wow...believe it or not I just found out about Dr.Parks passing. It is so shocking and unforeseen. I could not have imagined that less than 6 months after she delivered my twins she would be gone. I remember she had just had her twins right before I met her. During my pregnancy I would grumble and complain, but she always said, "It's only gonna get worse." That would make me laugh. I feel so bad for her children and husband. I only hope these few years that have passed since her death have only brought wonderful memories to her husband. I hope that he has had the strength to carry on. I hope her twins are filled with memories by those that knew and loved her so they will always know who their mother was.
jackie langwell
February 14, 2011
You are missed dearly! You delivered both of my girls! You were so much more than a doctor; you were a friend.
T Powers
December 29, 2010
amaar&ayaan khan
December 27, 2010
Bryson to the left (who doc Parks delivered) and his brother Nash to the right.
I was just thinking about you today. you are dearly missed. you touch every single person that walked into your life. you delivered my little boy in 2006 and i had another in 2009 and was sad to hear you passed 2 days before i found out. i cried and cried. the second OB was still not as good as you. Love you..
R Lowe
December 26, 2010
You are missed so much!
Your smile and laugh!
It just doesn't seem like your gone!
We will see you again one day my friend!!
Linda Novak
December 24, 2010
I have shared some fun and fond memories of you with other Garner and MacArthur friends. Leslie, you will always be missed and always be a part of our lives. Love to you and your family always.
Kellie Fox
December 23, 2010
I have yet to find an OB as good as you were. you deleivered my son january 2005 and i had complications and you made me feel so calm and walked me through it. i have not had another child since and i believe it has alot to do with not trusting any other dostors. I remember you told me that if i wanted to stop gaining so much weight during my prenancy that i "needed to quit eating everything that went through my car window" lol i love you and miss you very much as well as your family does no doubt. thank you for the memories and the insperation. u are greatly missed
kelly nickerson
December 17, 2010
I miss you so much. I just received your beautiful children's pictures in the mail today. They are precious and look so much like you. I think of you often and miss our great laughs. I will never forget you and our friendship. I wish your family the most love that can be shared. Patti
Patti Shaw
December 14, 2010
Dr. Leslie Parks delivered my daughter on August 30, 2008.We also worked together she done rounds at the hospital I worked at being young i thought man this is going to be weird going back to work and having to see her there knowing she delivered my daughter. But Dr. Parks never made me feel uncomfortable she would pass me in the hall and ask how was the baby and I doing, never awkward. I was off the day her passing was announced at work my co- worker called me and i cried like a baby. I went to her service in the woodlands. I just know that she is a true angel and her kids are blessed to be able to call her mom. Dr. Parks you are missed!!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!
December 4, 2010
Miss you, my friend. In the craziness of preparing for the holidays, want nothing more than to see your smiling face and hear one of your crazy stories (and share one of mine). I miss you, Les! I know you will be watching out for me and my family as we travel to Michigan for Christmas. For that, I am sadly grateful! I love you bunches! Know that your kids are thriving and enjoying the time they get with your family! Merry christmas, my friend.

All my love,
Carrie Farnsworth
November 25, 2010
My sweet sister...Thinking of you today, and everyday, as we gathered together in rememberance of your beautiful life. I held your babies tight all day today for Thanksgiving and gave thanks to you for leaving us two of the greatest gifts. Their smiles, their laughter and their amazing love - you shine through both of them. We love you always and miss you more than words can say. Love, "Aunt Al"
November 18, 2010
Rachel L Horsfall born Sep 28, 2007 by Dr Leslie Parks
I just saw that dr Leslie passed away.. I am truely sorry she will be missed so much she helped me so much. she was my ob and after my lil girl was born she had to go to the NICU.. And Dr Leslie made me feel so much better she came in everyday she was in there to see how she was doing and to see how I was doing. I am going to miss her so much.

Thank you so much DR, LESLIE PARKS
Dawn L Horsfall
Rachel L Horsfall - Sep 28, 2007
Dawn Horsfall
October 8, 2010
My dear friend,

I miss 'my' Leslie so much. That big laugh, total honesty, and amazing charisma are with me everyday. Your larger than life spirit is like no one I've ever known.

I am so grateful for the years we had together. You touch people in a way few ever do. You are such a dynamic personality and that will never change.

Like everyone, I'm doing the best I can to deal with the grief of not having you near or on the other end of the phone to laugh and share with. I accept life as it is, but we don't have to like it. I'm greedy and I wanted more time. I never really thought we wouldn't have it. We had plans. We had plans for our families. I am angry we won't have it the way we planned.

I love you and your family! I pray for them often. I know we all miss you and for me you are still so close. I can hear your voice and see you so easily. When you are on my mind I smile and remember lots of things and unique times with you!

Your friendship was special to me. I just can't believe we don't have more time. I feel robbed. We had so many more crazy adventures ahead. You're in my heart and with me everyday!

Your beautiful children have the greatest mother who loved them long before they were ever born. They are miracles and a living legacy of you and your loving spirit!

XO, Shannon
August 30, 2010
It was heartbreaking to learn of Dr Parks death today. Dr Parks delivered both of my daughters. The first was born 8/19/2006 and the second born 8/3/2006. She was always very compassionate and energetic. I remember her racing to the delivery room (while pregnant herself) telling me not to push yet!

I will keep her husband and beautiful children in my prayers. Rest in Peace Dr.Parks!
Ebony Murphy
August 12, 2010
Courtley McKellar
August 8, 2010
I am so very sad to have just learned of her passing, she was with me while trying to have my daughter and was the one to bring her into the world. I just got online tonight to get her info so I could come see her. (in hopes to have another child) I was not expecting to find this and am very heart broken. She will be so missed. What a wonderful soul she was. Michelle and Kevin Hall (baby Addison , 2005)
Michelle Hall
July 22, 2010
I just recently heard of Dr. Parks passing. I am deeply sadden. Dr.Parks and I worked together at Northwest Medical Center. She also delivered my son in 2006. I will greatly miss her. I can recall seeing Dr. Parks after having a miscarriage a year before, and she taking extra care and time to ensure that my pregnancy would go to term. She even picked the date my son would be born. I remember the first time we heard the baby's heart beat, I cried and she cried right along with me as she knew how hard it was for me to conceive; and how my husband and I desperately wanted to have a child. She was not only my OBGYN, she was my friend, and will be greatly missed.
Courtley McKellar
July 2, 2010
Dr. Parks we miss you, you deliver my son on 2005, thanks...Rest in peace
Maria Gonzalez
May 15, 2010
Dr. Parks you will be and are greatly missed.
Cindy Strom
May 15, 2010
I worked with Dr. Parks at St. Lukes. She was one of my favorite doctors. I just found out tonight about her passing and it was a very sad thing to hear. She was an awesome person. I was very lucky to know her. She is with God but will be very much missed!!!
Cindy Strom
January 28, 2010
Dear Dr. Leslie,

I am devastated to recently learn the news of your passing when I called to make an appointment to see you upon my return to Texas. I moved to Illinois after the birth of my baby, Amare December 12th, 2005. You were the sweetest. Greatest since of humor! I remember you telling me at each of my visits about how much fun you were having trying to get pregnant.(smile). I am truly overjoyed as I see the pictures of your lovely twins today. A blessing indeed. All things in God's timing. I pray for your family and for your legacy to live on forever and ever. Amen.
Nekia Roberson
January 24, 2010
The word that BEST describes Leslie Parks, LOVING
Adriana Loredo
January 18, 2010
Dear Dr. Leslie,
My daughter just turned 5 years old on Christimas Day. You sacrificed your time on December 25th 2004 to deliver my baby. I just learnt today of your death when I had gone to see my gyno.. I am now pregnant and wanted to have you deliver my baby. I am heart broken to know that you could leave this world so young. You were such a nice, loving doctor. I am thankful to God that atleast you left a son and daughter behind. May they carry your laughter and positive attitude. May God give your husband and children strength as they face each day.

I love you Dr. Leslie.. and May God rest your soul in peace.

Sheila Tolson
January 14, 2010
As I walked into Faith's 4th Birthday today, the first thing I saw was a bear dressed up in scrubs like a doctor. I know you are always with us, but it was such a great reminder that you truly are. We miss you as we celebrate life's special moments. Love you sister.
January 7, 2010
I'm having a moment. It's my daughter's fourth birthday today and Leslie was the one that brought her into this world. I miss her so much.

I heard there is a Remembering Dr Parks Facebook group, but I can't find it? Can anyone help?

Tracy Robinson
January 2, 2010
I will always remember her laughter, big heart, and her zest for life. I will always remember her. May God bless your family and keep you safe.
Charla Campos
December 31, 2009
Father God,
As this year comes to an end I am reminded that a new one will soon begin. I pray that you continune to wrap your arms around this family and continue to guide them through this test called life. I continue to pray for peace and healing for this family. And I also pray for continued blessings as we enter a new year without our dear loved ones.
Its in your precious sons name I pray...
Romans 15:5
May The God Of Steadfastness And Encouragement Grant You To Live In Such Harmony With One Another, In Accord With Christ Jesus.
December 30, 2009

My prayers are with you as you go through life without Leslie beside you. Love the precious children you & Leslie gave life to. Let your parents and Karen & Hubbard guide you. Afterall, "they've been there, done that" & THEY DID A GOOD JOB! Besides, remember, you wouldn't have your precious babies if your mother's hadn't schemed to get you two together!

You've all got to be strong for each other, love each other & help each other to make it without Leslie. She loved you all so much & she'd want you to be there for each other.

You've received many offers of help with babysitting, shoulders to cry on & support from Leslie's friends, nurses & patients. It's our way of showing our love for Dr. Leslie. I'm positive you've received lots of offers from your church. Take some of us up on it!

Most importantly, keep your precious children close to God. For some reason He needed Leslie with Him. As hard as it sometimes is for us to accept, God doesn't make mistakes! Please keep Ginny & Lucas close to their grandparents, aunts & uncles like you know Leslie would want you to. She loved all of you so much! She'd want you all to stay close. Use the love you all have for Leslie to strengthen each other.

Ginny & Lucas, your Mama loved you! Never forget that. She had the biggest heart of anyone I've ever known & her love for you filled every inch of it!

Leslie, we love you!

Debbie Townsend Jim Townsend
Spring, Tx.
Heather (Rodriguez) Janzig
Angel & Tyler Rodriguez
December 30, 2009
You know I never realized that you passed away 2 months to the day after my mom....I always felt a bond with you as I know everyone has and now it's even stronger knowing that you are with my mom up there. Please continue to look over us and guide us all!
Monica Loizos
December 30, 2009
just can't accept that today is the last day that I can come here and write when I am having a "Dr. Parks" moment.... Please join the "Remembering Dr. Parks" group on facebook. =) There we can all remember her and cherish our memories.
... ...
December 29, 2009
We all loved you, Dr. Leslie! You'll never be forgotten. You were truly one of a kind. God broke the mold on you!!!

We miss you.

Debbie Townsend, Spring, Tx.
Heather(Rodriguez)Janzig (Tyler, 11/03)
December 28, 2009
Endearing. Her zest for life and the work she so eloquently conveyed a love for. She helped me as an older patient and delivered two of my grandsons.
Lee Ann Parks
December 27, 2009
December 27, 2009
December 26, 2009

Having delivered my daughter, my grandson,my nephew, and several of my friends children, Leslie will always hold a very special place in my heart. She will forever be loved and missed.
Tina Aitken
December 21, 2009
December 21, 2009
Taria Davis, Nurse & Dr Leslie
December 21, 2009
Thanks Dr Leslie. Your memory will always be etched in our hears and minds. We know you are up there doing Gods work. We have added a photo of "Peanut.
The Davis Family
December 18, 2009
Dayna Gilmore
December 18, 2009
i only went to see leslie a few times because of my sister in law whom was great friend with leslie but just the few visit with leslie i know that you will never find anyone like her , not only was she my doctor but she also became my friend, I still think of her alot but i know she is in a better place, I one word for her would be FREIND
December 17, 2009
I think of Leslie often especially when i go to the Lamb and Goat meetings. I know it is tough times for the family, my thoughts and prayers are with the family and her babies. God Bless you. My best word for Leslie:
Cookie Michael
December 17, 2009
It is hard to believe an entire year has passed. I know your family takes comfort watching your twins grow each and everyday. And if they are anything like their mom, they have a love of life and a giving heart. You were vital to bringing the best blessing into my life, and I will be eternally grateful. My word to best describe you is BLESSING.
Stephanie White
December 17, 2009
Thinking of you this holiday season as always. I know you are looking down on each and every one of us. You are very missed and will never be forgotten.

My one word is INSPIRATIONAL as she was in more ways than one.

I love you and miss you dearly Leslie!
Maryann Salas
December 17, 2009
I can't believe an entire year has passed. I still can hear her infectious, boisterous laugh in my head. So difficult to summarize Leslie into just a single word, but I think it would have to be spirited.
What a lovely caring person to have had the honor to share time with. God Bless her family & those who loved her.
Julie Adams
December 16, 2009
Gloria(Grandma) and Aarich. Dr. Parks delivered this precious child on 7/2/2006.
December 16, 2009

I still miss Dr. Parks today. She can never be replaced as a doctor. She will always remain in my heart and in my memories. The word that best describes her for me is FUN.
Gloria Smith-Matthews
December 15, 2009
I cannot believe it's been a year already. We all miss the very long letters at the end of the year from Leslie. God Bless her children.
In response to your request Mrs Parks, the one word I can think of in regards to Leslie is Vibrant.
She is definitely missed.
God Bless.
Vanessa Junor
December 13, 2009
I am so glad to have known this wonderful, incredible, charismatic beautiful person inside and out throughout my pregnancy. I don't think i could have had such a successful pregnancy and delivery without her. Everyday i look at my son and how much he's grown, i think about Dr. Parks. I wish he could meet the person that brought him into this world. I know she is looking down on all of her special deliveries, just as she's looking over her twins. WE MISS YOU DR. PARKS.....
Fronchiel Thompson
December 13, 2009
wow a year..... and for some reason i still feel like it was just yesterday... when i get upset and think i cant do it i smile because i know you are watching over all of us... i cant wait to meet up with you in heaven i miss you very much
Aimee Stark
December 13, 2009
Although I didn't know Leslie, I have heard soooooooooo many wonderful things about her and how much loved she was and still is. I heard this from my sister Priscilla Hottel and niece Pam. So very sorry for your loss and will keep you all in my prayers for strength.
Carol Castellano
Nashua, New Hampshire +
December 2, 2009
I still miss you very much.
November 29, 2009
Dr. Leslie, It's so hard to believe you've been gone for a year. I miss you so much. Like I promised, I said a special prayer for Scott, Ginny & Luke on your birthday & again on the anniversary of your passing. I will every year.

I think of you often, but you are especially on my mind today. My precious grandson Tyler is 6 today. You were on Thanksgiving leave 6 years ago when he decided to make his entrance...almost 2 weeks early! Just like you'd promised....no matter WHEN it was....you came in to deliver him. I thank God for YOU every year on his birthday. You made what turned out to be a somewhat tough delivery so easy on my daughter. It was sooooo much better with your calm, confident, smiling presence! Thank You!

Scott, I hope & pray for you. I hope you are surviving raising twins without your beautiful, special, precious Leslie by your side. When the going gets tough....and, believe me, it will!....the best advice I can offer is to try to think of what goofy thing Leslie would say at that moment! I pray that God guides your every step.

Ginny & Luke, your Mama loved you with every ounce of her great big heart, with every fiber of her being & with her whole soul. She was so excited when she found out she was at long last pregnant with you two. I was very priveleged to be one of her first patients the morning she found out for sure she was pregnant. She was literally glowing! She loved you & your Daddy so much! You have your own Special Angel to watch over you as you grow up.

Karen & Hubbard, Thank You so much for raising such a wonderful, loving daughter who grew up to be a loving, wonderful & very, very special woman. Thank You to her whole family for sharing her with us.

Leslie was a fantastic doctor. As her patients, we were extremely lucky to have her as our OB Gyn. Not everybody can say their doctor is also their friend. Leslie WAS a friend to each & evey one of her patients!

God Bless each & every person she left behind. Her blood family, her work family & her patient family. We were all lucky to have known her & to have been touched by her prescence!

I miss you, Leslie. It still breaks my heart that I'll never see your smile or hear your big laugh again. I know it's been said many times, but it's still so true....Heaven is a better place with you there!


Debbie Townsend
November 25, 2009
We said a prayer and lit a candle today in memory of our special ANGEL in heaven. We Will Never Forget You Dr. Parks
LOVE ALWAYS, Tracy,John,Sunshine,Jove
Tracy Campbell
November 25, 2009
It's been a year ago today. It's not much easier today as it was a year ago. I think of you daily. I still get sad and cry. I hope each anniversary of your passing gets easier I hope someone in your family is keeping your spirit alive for your beautiful babies. Ginny and Lucas I know your Mommy is so proud of you both and is always smiling down at you from heaven.
November 23, 2009
Leslie -
It has been almost one year since my world was shattered with the horrific news and not a day goes by that I don't think about you. Sometimes it is to smile about something outrages you said, leaving me in stitches! Sometimes, it is to ponder why someone with such a zest for life and amazing gift of friendship had to leave so soon. Most times, it is to thanks God for allowing me to know you for 5 amazing years. I keep waiting for it to get easier. It doesn't. I miss you. To Scott, Lucas and Ginny, I think of you often and pray that your world has become as close to normal as it can be without Leslie. I hope your Thanksgiving brings you peace, love and some laughs. God Bless you all!
Carrie Farnsworth
November 22, 2009
Its almost been a year since you left us.I miss your smiling face in the mornings when you came into the office, I miss the wonderful stories of the twins that you would tell us, most of all I miss you. I remember my first day at work when I went around to meet all the Doctors you said hello to me and then informed me that you were "Knocked Up" and with twins you were so excited. I will never forget that day I was like did she just say what I think she said. We will never forget you and we always think about you and talk about all the crazy things you did lol..I know you always watching over us and were so lucky for that
Erika Roman
November 9, 2009
Dr. Parks, wow. I havent been to you in 3 years due to no insurance. I finally have some and just called to find if you were still at the same practice and they told me the horrible news. You were so good with what you did. Im scared Ill never find anyone as patient as you...you will be dearly missed. You had a great personality. I just hope your kids grow up and know that you tried so hard to have them...I still remember the day you went and got the invetro and the next time I saw you you were 6 months. Time flys, but I know youre up there watching over them in the best way possible.
November 9, 2009
Dr. Parks, it's about to be one year since you passed and it's still not real to me. I miss you so much and I think about you all the time. You were so much more than my doctor. You made every visit so comfortable and you made me feel so much better after I had my son Kaden, and 3 short months later I came back to tell you I was pregnant again! You made all my worries go away! I love and miss you so much! I am blessed to know that I have you as an angel watching over me and my family.
Tina Reyna
October 29, 2009
I only got to meet you for a short time and yet I was so saddend for your loss. I really enjoyed having you as my Dr. for my 4th daughter, yet you were expecting your twins at the same time as me, so that was fun getting to share our experiences together. You were such a nice and friendly person, can't beleive our kids are almost 3. You are greatlly missed and loved..
Andrea Munoz
October 28, 2009
October 15, 2009
Today is a new day and I still don't have my very good friend to call or share in the milestones about my children. Brookyn will be 3yrs old on Nov 9th,2009. Thank you for all of your wonderful support as a doctor and friend. We love and miss you Leslie. Although you are not here in person your laughter, loving smile and beautiful personality will always be part of our lives. Quincy,Brooklyn,Payton and myself will forever love and miss you.
Angela Johnson-Frazier
September 29, 2009
Just thinking about you and missing you very much.
Stacye Tanksley
September 26, 2009
Dr.Parks you were always a good friend and know that you smile was always a wonderful thing that you had and I am flad to have known you for a very long time. We went to church together and we always were in the same sunday school class together when Mark Buchanan was around and remember the campouts when the seekers class would get together and we would also go peach picking and you and I would always find the best peaches around, we miss you
michelle dudley allen
September 19, 2009
I think of and miss you each and every day....something will pop in my mind and I'll remember the loss that your family and babies have without you. I used to think, "if anyone knew of how I felt about my OB they'd think I was a crazy loon", but after reading the countless entries on here I know everyone you came in contact with probably feels the same way I do. Our hearts are filled with love and admiration for a wonderful lady! Hugs, Jes
September 8, 2009
Happy Birthday Dr. Parks! We miss you soooo much!
Natasha Guillory
August 30, 2009
It has taken me a while to get to the point where I can put my feelings about Leslie in writing but I want to make sure her family knows she has a special place in my heart.
I met Leslie when she was in Middle School. I was two years younger and friends with Allison. Leslie was one of the cool "older kids" at church and school. I was in awe of Leslie all through Middle & High School and beyond. I remember, when Allison & I were "allowed" in her room, being impressed with wide eyes at all the awards Leslie had on the wall from St. Mary's Hall and various other activities she was involved in.
She was beautiful both inside and out and just SO much fun to follow around!
Her parents kept us updated on her after HS graduation while she was in medical school and her residency. How cool that Leslie was going to be a doctor!!
Then God would bless me by sending Leslie to The Woodlands. Only 30 minutes from my home and I could see her and catch up on a regular basis. And lucky me she could be my doctor! One day I called to make an appt and they put me on hold for what seemed like forever & next thing I know Leslie is on the phone OVERJOYED to tell me she was expecting & it was TWINS. I so enjoyed the baby shower and visiting her in the hospital after the twins were born. She was BEAMING! At that time I had great news too ---she was going to deliver the 2nd baby we had waiting 10 long years for! Though I know I drove her CRAZY for 8 months solid (probably longer than that!) how amazing she was in making sure that every week we knew our baby was ok. She even took calls and visits on Sundays!! Of course, Christian decided to make his entry at 3AM on a Sunday morning but Leslie was there..ready to welcome him into the world. I will always make sure he knows how lucky he is that her hands were the first to touch him!
Then surprise...9 months later we were expecting again...Leslie was so laughing at me..I remember the phone call well. Brian & I were again looking forward to her delivering our son Reed in December 2008.(she told me her next son's name would be Reed so not to think she stole it..she just always liked that name)
I can't express in words the sadness I felt that November day I found out about her passing. I just didn't know what to do without her as my friend or my doctor.
Of course, Dr. Everson stepped in & helped us finish that last month of pregnancy. And though we missed Leslie the day Reed was born, I knew she was there in spirit! I also knew I was in good hands because there was no doubt in my mind that if Leslie had enough confidence in Dr. Everson to be in practice with her and thought so highly of Dr. Everson to call her "friend" that she must be an excellent doctor and lady.
I still miss Leslie every day. I think of all the questions I still needed to ask her and things I needed to tell her. My daughter LOVED "her Dr. Parks" (especially after Dr. Parks let her cut the cord at Christian's birth) and just wanted to be a doctor too!
I pray for Karen, Hubbard, Allison, Ella, Faith, Scott, Ginny & Luke...that they all know that their daughter, sister, aunt, wife, and mother is watching over them... Thank you for sharing her with us!
Love you all,
Amy Hoguen
August 30, 2009
Leslie after delivering our son Christian.
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