Dale Roberts


Born May 24, 1926 in Waco, Texas to Lemuel and Lillian Pearl Crouch. Both of her parents were college graduates. Her father of the Baylor Divinity School and her mother from the University of Texas in Austin.

Dale was born Edith Adelle Crouch. As a child, and as a young woman, she was beautiful and talented. Her husband, Cal, writes that she was a great partner, a wonderful mother and grandmother. She was a marvelous travel companion and will be missed terribly by family and friends. She died September 2, 2012.

Dale graduated Baylor School of Nursing as an R.N. She worked as a Surgical Nurse specializing in Ophthalmology before she became Supervising Nurse for a large medical group in the Los Angeles area. Her brother, Bill, and sister, Louise, both were graduate Medical Doctors who practiced medicine in various locations in the USA and Europe.

After moving to Los Angeles, Dale met and married Joseph Harris Kleiger who was the owner of a bar restaurant. They had three sons: Franklin Lewis, Lawrence Steven and Ronald Wade Kleiger.

Dale loved her family with incredible devotion, especially her grandchildren: Joseph Yamamoto Kleiger, Stacey Rose Kleiger and Tara Booth Kleiger. All of Dale's children and grandchildren were able to spend time with her during the days and weeks prior to her passing. We believe Dale died knowing that she was loved deeply by family and friends. Her step-daughters traveled from around the country to be with Dale. Perri Rotella, Jolaine Murrell and Dawn Roberts, were loving, kind and helpful, especially in her last weeks of life.

Dale also left behind two daughters-in-law she loved very much because family was the most important thing in her life. Shizuko Kleiger and Julie Kleiger were kind and loving and genuinely engaged in Dale's life right up to her passing. Her husband, Calvin Roberts, was devoted and loving. The two of them lived, laughed, loved and traveled the world. They were an incredibly strong, beautiful couple that only death could tear apart. Dale Roberts died loved and she will be missed by all her friends and family.

Published in Los Angeles Daily News from Nov. 10 to Nov. 11, 2012