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BUTTS, Robert Fabian
Elmira, NY, died in St. Joseph's Hospital in Elmira, NY on May 26, 2008 at age 88 of cancer. Rob was predeceased in 1984 by his first wife, Jane Roberts-Butts. He is survived by his wife, Laurel Lee Davies-Butts. Rob graduated from Pratt Art Institute in Brooklyn. Rob was an Air Force Veteran of WWII, an Instrument Specialist repairing airplanes in the Pacific Islands during the war. Rob is an accomplished artist and writer, and he is the co-writer of the 9 Seth Books with his first wife, Jane Roberts. A Mass of Christian Burial will be held 10 a.m. Monday at St. Mary's of the Lake Church, Ontario, NY. Arrangements by Murphy Funeral Home.

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Published in Star-Gazette on May 31, 2008.
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December 3, 2020
I just realized there are two Rob Butts guest books. The one in LA and this one. So I've added to this one the writing I did in the LA guest book in 2008:

June 1, 2008

Rob enjoyed a life well lived! He was extremely gracious and giving and I was honored to know him, and that he took the time to correspond with me over some 30 years (it surely must be by now). I will miss those letters. I'm excited for him--what (and WHO!) must have awaited him! To Laurel, I'm sure no words will do you any justice, however I wish you all the strength and support and love you must surely need with the physical departure of your husband. To believe in an afterlife is one thing, but to miss the physical presence and love of one so treasured quite another. My thoughts are with you.
F. P. Dorchak
December 2, 2020
thank you!!!
Taís Matos
May 26, 2020
All these years later, after I began reading the Seth books in the 1970s that Jane Roberts and Rob Butts brought to us, I am even more influenced by their work and by the lessons I've learned. I understand more than I did at the beginning, and I realize I'll understand more in the future concerning the significance of the teachings from Seth. I will forever be grateful to them and to Laurel. The work of Rob, Jane and Laurel has been the single most important factor in making me a better person than I otherwise would have been.
Patrick Hinson
May 29, 2019
Your words speak for themselves
Martyn Mulford
May 29, 2019
Laurel Davies - thank you for the tremendous work you did that most of us will never be able to fully appreciate, to help Rob get the remaining books published and the body of work archived after Jane's passing. And thank you for loving Rob and caring for him until his own passing. He couldn't have done it alone and Seth readers are in your debt.
Stacey P
May 28, 2019
Thank you for all you have done for us. Thank you Robert Butts und Thank you Jane Roberts. Thank you Seth for the best information of the world.
Mai Tian
May 28, 2019
Thank you Rob and Jane for giving planet Earth the game-changing Seth books and Jane's books. They will continue to resonate positively with humanity in our reality creation.
Judy Sanders
May 28, 2019
Love you Rob- and Love you Jane. You both, Rob and Jane, and Seth, have readers all over the world who are sending respect and love to you also. Thank you for having lived and having lived such valuable and brilliant artistic lives!
Laurel Davies
May 26, 2019
Remembering Rob and Jane always. Still keeping their legacy alive by reading Seth's words Thank you all!
Karin de Jong
May 25, 2019
...continued love sent to Rob and Jane for sacrificing so much to bring Seth's message to the world. I didn't discover the Seth books until the mid 90s but continue reading each of them over and over again. Rob's notes allowed us into the living rooms of the Elmira apartment, then the Hill house. Through his generous sharing, we came to know Rob and Jane personally, their cats, and were welcomed into their 'ordinary lives' that were so very extraordinary. To this day when I read the Seth books I'm transported into their cozy home where Seth's words ring in the present, as if Jane and Rob, Billy and Willy, are there still, going about their quiet business of changing the world. Since all time is simultaneous, in those terms they are... and I cannot thank them or love them enough.

Forever grateful -
Stacey P
July 4, 2018
I started reading the Seth books in March 2018 and cant get enough of them although i cannot find The God Of Jane anywhere. I would like to thank you both so very much for the courage you showed by bringing these wonderful books out into the world, i consider them as timeless information because no matter how many years will pass they will always be you both... and love you Seth.
Tania Camilleri
May 23, 2015
Been another couple years, Rob, your input is still felt and lived daily. Thank you,
Frank Kollins
September 20, 2014
thanks continue.... my husband has become an avid Seth reader in the past few years.. prompting me to begin rereading everything! We host a group now, too, sharing Sethian ideas as well as some other sources for discussion.. all remarkable as ever.. and ever new, too!
Susan McLean
September 19, 2014
Thank you for everything!
Barbara Schamal
September 18, 2014
Love you Rob, love you Jane, love you Seth, I'm so amazed of the incredible work you left behind, truly.
James Rodriguez
November 7, 2013
Rob , Your smiling face peers down on me from my Pictures of you at your birthday party in Elmira, You are loved and remembered. Happy Trails,
October 5, 2013
Thank you for all you have done for us. Thank you Robert Butts und Thank you Jane Roberts. Thank you Seth for the best information of the world.
I ever remember you.
The light ist shining in all times and in all rooms for ever * * *
Silvia Heinrich
April 9, 2013
Dear Laurel Thank you so much for your email received today. I may not receive the post card you sent (boo hoo!) as I am a few addresses down the road from the one you likely had (??) We shall see! (If it was an address in North Dakota there is still hope it may be forwarded!) My husband and I would love to visit Elmira and Sayre, too (and YOU if that seems like a welcome idea to you, too?!) We are thinking of driving that way within a few weeks as weather gets more Springlike.. May? June? I don't know how to reach you any way other than via this Guest Book, but our address is 510 West College St Oberlin, OH 44074 and phone is 440-775-4018- and tho I am reluctant to post that publicly I am doing so in hopes you will write another postcard and/or contact us with a means to write to you outside the public view !? Many big hugs and empath-teary eyes for the travails you have been going thru in missing your dear Rob. Hoping the sure feel of his loving support has been allowed to 'come thru' for you to rely on as a daily comfort presence as you go forward. Always Fondly, Susan
Susan McLean
April 9, 2013
Robert Butts and Jane Roberts Butts on their wedding day in 1954
December 30, 2012
You, Jane and Seth help me save myself every day; grow every day, and appreciate more every day. There are not enough "thanks" in the world for your gifts. Love is left to say it all...
December 28, 2012
Dear Laurel-- I still think of you and Rob and a pleasant afternoon visit with the 2 of you at the Hill House... You and I both read our first Seth book out of the same Seattle bookstore (The Id)(later The Magus).. I gve rob a drawing and you had to leave to take some art work for a book cover to the printer.. A birthday party? had been happening the night before. I would love to be in touch again.. my present husband has been recently totally immersed in reading the Early Sessions... it took 8 yrs of our marriage before he got into "IT"/ Seth, but he is now a great fan!! I'm hoping I can find a way to write to you directly!! Fond Heart-Connected Friendship Forever with you, Rob, Jane, Seth...
Susan Davenport McLean
February 8, 2012
I am so thankful for this gift you both gave me in Seth, that has changed my life for the past 10 years. I am greatly who i am today because Seth helped me find sense in who we are, where we come from, and where we are going. As I am re-reading Seth books for who knows how many times, its all new and fresh to me and alive within me. I still feel a loss you are not with us here physically. I love you as if i'd known you my whole life. Thx for your gift.
Thomas Fifield
September 10, 2011
Still, still I think of you and the gift of yourselves...
Helen L Stewart
September 8, 2011
Now that you're free to travel... Come visit me, Jane & Rob. I'm ready for some adventure and would rather thank you for all of your thought-provoking ideas in person.
February 15, 2011
Rob, Hope your journey is as joyous and exciting as any can be. It is nearly three years since we saw you here, That may be but a blink of a spiritual eye to you, but you are remembered and loved by so many of us.
PS Are you keeping notes..?

Frank Kollins
December 13, 2010
We love you Rob and still feel your presence!
Chris Richardson
November 24, 2010
Still think often of you Rob, hope you and Seth and Jane are close to us and blessings to Laurel, with a special thanks for reading my email to Rob. much love, Stephanie from Alaska
Stephanie Little Wolf
September 19, 2010
Condolences from Canada
John Cullen
September 17, 2010
Thank you for the inspiration you have given me. Many blessings to you.
George Irston
March 15, 2010
Dear Laurel: Hope things are easier now that time has allowed you to put the stress times behind. I send you my thoughts and prayers.
Rob/s Art is still an interest for some that have questioned me about their dates of creation, and I didn't know if you had that information for us at the Seth Cayce Club on Yahoo:

I would really like to hear from you again, regards, John Cullen
John Cullen
July 19, 2009
There is nothing more to say as: "Thank you Rob, thank you sooo much!"
Emanuel Wieland
July 13, 2009
Peace dear friend.
Dean Vollmar
June 14, 2009
While pouring myself into another Seth book I cannot completely express how intrinsic your presence is, and how much all our realities have expanded due to your guidance, on this plane and the next.

A big thank you, and be well wherever you are.
Ethan Matthews
June 4, 2009
Dear Laurel, dear all,

In memory of Rob's passing a year ago on May 26th I want to send you good thoughts of strength and support.

Kind regards,
Karin de Jong,
The Netherlands
June 3, 2009
Hello Laurel,
I am a Rob, Jane and Seth fan of many years, and also corresponded by mail with Rob a few times. I will cherish his letters and the prints of his artwork forever. My deepest sympathies to you, and thank you so much for keeping his work alive. Yours, Ken Ganem
Ken Ganem
May 16, 2009
Dear Rob
Thank you for all your support and enthusiasm with wich you guided our production of the German edition of The Early Sessions.
Ursula Maurizio
April 1, 2009
Thank you!

Eric Rogers
March 29, 2009
Rob and Jane: All that personal time you dedicated over the years to seeing the Seth Material channeled, transcribed and published cannot be appreciated more! Your personalities came through just as well as Seth's - and it was great to get to know you two as the Seth Material developed. I have a copy of every book and though I have moved over 30 times in my lifetime so far - those books have been packed up and moved with me no matter where I lived in the world and have a permanent place in my small library. I have helped distribute more than three complete sets of the Seth material to friends around the world and they in turn pas them forward. I reread them every few years and grin in pleasure each time I am re introduced to Seth's wonderful humourous personality. Thanks for everything Rob!
Darlene Taylor
March 22, 2009
Dear Robert,

I only now learned of your passing and am sitting here in tears. I never met you, but the tenderness and attention you gave to the Seth material, and to Jane, changed the world by changing each one of us that were fortunate enough to read it. And re-read it. And read it again as years passed. And each time new meaning, deeper insights and a fuller heart were the results. Your notes allowed us each to sit in that living room in Elmira and partake of your extraordinary lives in the most intimate context. There are no words that can thank you enough. I send you so much love, and am grateful that you and Jane are once again together to continue in your exploration of consciousness, the expression of multidimensional being, and above all, love & light in all of its fantastic and infinite forms. JOY, my friend! I look forward to seeing you and Jane again one day!
March 5, 2009
I have know of Robs death for some time but had little incentive to look for something like this. Thank you Laurel for all the work you and Rob have done for all of us who have taken the Seth Material into our lives and dreams.
peace to you
Michael Cartwright
Michael Cartwright
January 11, 2009
I first read Seth Speaks when I was 17 and its ideas and concepts just really made and impression on me. Over the years I felt like I was allowed a little view into Jane and Rob's life through Rob's notes, and I always admired both of them. My condolences to Laurel and Rob's friends. The Seth material was a great gift and we can thank Rob for helping make that gift a reality in this world.
December 31, 2008
Rob and Jane's work transformed my life. I'm in debt to them both, and I congratulate them both on lives well-lived. God bless you, Laurel.
Christopher Stone
December 3, 2008
I guess I figured Rob would be here forever - and he is you know. The seth books found me in 1986 and have been a huge part of my life- Thank you Laurel for all that you do and are. Blessings, Diane Click, Texas
Diane Click
October 3, 2008
After reading & rereading almost all the Seth material for the last 34 yrs
Im truly in debt to Robert Butts. I thanked him when he was here and I Thank him again for helping birth such a astonishing body of Important work as The Seth Sessions.
have FUN & do come back !
~ benjamin
benjamin P
September 25, 2008
A big thank you dear Rob and Laurel for getting the life changing work 'out there' and for being in my life and changing it SO much for the better.
love and hugs, Mary Fahey England.
August 31, 2008
Thank you with all my heart, Rob, for all that you did to deliver the Seth Material into this world. Every day since September, 1971, I have thanked you and Jane and Seth for your heroic efforts on behalf of evolving the species. I shall continue to do so, knowing that you will surely receive my messages. My love and a big hug to you, Laurel.
Susan McClure
August 11, 2008
Thank you Rob, for your life and your work.
August 3, 2008
Dear Laurel--

I have on my wall, still, the wonderful picture and quotes you sent us on Framework II from the 815th session in 1999. The Seth material was brought to us because of the immense work Rob did, and that picture, which I framed, reminds me every time of his vital influence. I also keep to hand the book Dreams and Projection of Consciousness, in which Rob describes your arrival to meet him and the fact that you selected the photograph of Jane for the back cover. She is in a boat on a lake, visiting her father in California. To me that photo has always been the essence of how I thought of Jane and think of her--the dazzling smile, the energy of life and spirit that shows in her face. It was taken before Seth, but it holds within it the massive events that would touch her life later. Thank you for that photo, for knowing what it was and how perfect it was for the book, and so, for us.

I learned of Rob's passing just today, from Mary Dillman. I will miss him very much, for his work and goodness of nature have so inspired me. I have no doubt he is quite at ease wherever he is now--I hope one day I meet him again!

It is a great blessing to me to have encountered the Seth work, to have been able to have access to these remarkable books. I began my own Seth journey in 1982, on first encounter with The Nature of Personal Reality. Here it is 26 years later and I am still learning--and willingly, with the joy Seth asked of us. Rob worked so hard to make that possible for so many people.

God bless and take good care. I cannot forget meeting you and Rob in Elmira. We are graced by the presence of good people, wherever we are. But sometimes, there are some who stay unforgettable.
Regina Clarke
August 1, 2008
Dear Laurel,
thank you for all you have done for Rob and the Seth material.
We will not forget you.
Susanne Walter
Susanne Walter
July 23, 2008
Dear Laurel,

I just today had a very strong desire or "pull" to do a search for Robert on the internet. I have the whole collection of "Seth" books and have always been a great admirer of both Robert and Jane. I don't know why I started to think of him today and I am very sorry to hear of his passing. He and Jane were an amazing duo, given the nature of their material and the reaction of the public in general to this type of "fringe" studies, it took more than guts to continue on the way that they did. His dedication and unwavering attitude was certainly inspiring. Please accept my sincere condolences and may you take comfort in knowing that your husband will continue on in the hearts and minds of the many readers who have remained fascinated by this unusual and compelling material. All my best to you.
Lance Gunberg
July 23, 2008
Thank you Rob for your meticulous work bringing Seth into our plane of existence. You have been a part of life for many years and I hold you gently in my heart.
Constance T.
July 11, 2008
Jane and Rob will someday (2075 perhaps?) be viewed as among the greatest agents of change who ever lived, thanks to their work bringing through Seth. Their works are my personal Bible, and the effects from their efforts upon my life are incalculable. What wonderful existence, if it's any we can understand now, will he have before him? Vale atque bona fortuna!
Stephen M Anderson
July 9, 2008
I have been away for many weeks, and have at last had time to compose my thoughts about the sweet sorrow of Rob’s passing.

The brimming pages of this guest book reveal how much Rob means to all of us for what he created with Jane, with Seth, and with you, Laurel. Like countless others, I will always be grateful for the power and influence of the Seth Material. “Create Your Own Reality” was the single most liberating thought ever to come my way, and I try to pass it on whenever I can.

But I’d also like to offer my thanks for personal, personable person he was. What a wonderful correspondent! How did he manage to keep up with the incredible volume of mail? Yet he did. He is also an immense inspiration as an artist. I never talked to him without him having twenty ideas of artwork he had yet to create. He was full of creativity and forward motion until he left this form. A man who was passionate, engaged, curious, generous with his time, his knowledge, his enthusiasm, his encouragement.

Seth and Rob and Jane and you are still part of my daily life, Laurel. In my office there’s a bookcase full of Seth books, old Reality Change magazines, and workbooks from conferences. CDs of class sessions have made it on to my ipod, where they shuffle up from time to time.(There’s nothing like a workout at the healthclub done to the tune of a Safe Universe!) Also my office hold two treasures from Rob. One is beautiful portrait of my entity he drew for my 50th birthday. Where did he find time? The other treasure is the joyful picture you took of the two of us, Laurel. (In it our hair is almost exactly the same length and texture!) It’s this Rob I’ll remember-- a great big spontaneous smile on his face, enjoying the marvelous reality he created for himself. Thanks for creating it, too, Laurel—

In Love and Gratitude,
Irene O'Garden
July 8, 2008
I'm very sorry to hear about Rob's passing. He meant so much to so many of us. He was my hero.

Please take care of yourself.

W. Calvert
W. Calvert
July 6, 2008
Dear Rob,

Your work hs helped me make my life better.

Thank you for everything.
Frank Webster
July 1, 2008
I'm sorry to hear today about your loss of Rob last month. He was such an important person in my life because I started reading the Seth books back in the mid '70s when I was in my twenties and just starting out as a teacher. They helped shape my life and outlook and gave me an understanding of life which I'll be forever grateful. And when Jane died I'm so glad Rob was able to find a partner like you in his lifework. I doubt that so much could have been accomplished in the later years without your support and love for him.
Patrick Hinson
June 29, 2008
Hi Everyone,

Rob was full of focus, dedication, determination and energy to accomplish all that he did--with his art and with the editing and taking dictation of the Seth material. He was a crucial piece of the megaphone, so to speak.

Seth (Session 15): "Joseph, your part in these sessions is extremely important. Without your participation they could not have begun, nor could they continue. Because of our past alliances the three of us are closely bound together. However, I need the two of you in order to come through at all. Later you will understand why this is so.... And please do not think of yourself as some sort of male stenographer. Through means I cannot explain at this date I could not speak through Ruburt without you, and a kink in your own present personality would quite prevent me from communicating with you alone, if indeed Ruburt would allow it."

And the best of comfort and condolences to Laurel.

Now is the continued time for each one of us to be living examples of the Seth material in progress.

Be well & happy,
Barrie Gellis
June 29, 2008
Dear Laurel:

May all the wonderful memories you have of your time with Rob be a comfort and inspiration to you, whatever roads you may choose to travel in the future.
Richard Kendall
June 27, 2008
Dear Rob,
Thank you for having been who you are. Thank you for your work to make Seth's voice heard all over the world. Seth, Jane and yourself are my daily companions as I go nowhere without a 'Seth' book. So you're with me until I've finished reading and that will take another 16 books. And then I will probably re-read them all. Through the books to me it feels like you became a friend. I'm not so good in comprehensing the spacious present yet, but I am sure you are here, there and everywhere. However, I'm still here and I am a bit sad of the news you passed away almost a month ago. I'm sending my good thoughts and condolences to all that have known you in any way. Thank you for being a friend.
Karin Blok
June 23, 2008
To Laurel, please accept my deepest sympathy. To Rob, thank you, sir, for opening up new worlds to me. You, Jane, and Seth have made a profound impact on my life and an enormous contribution to humanity.
Mark Turner
June 20, 2008
Im a new seth reader and after surfing seth pages online found out about Robs depart. I have to say that I feel really sad, as it felt good knowing that he was here. My heart goes out to his family and friends.

Diana Letard
June 19, 2008
Dear Rob,

Thank you so much for having been here, and for having dedicated so much of your life to the utterly profound body of work that you and Jane and Seth have created and made available to the world. My mother, Diane Christine, deeply loved and was profoundly affected by the Seth/Jane books during her life, and it was only after she passed away that I decided to jump in to see what it was all about. I've been reading, re-reading, thinking about, puzzling over, and trying out the Seth Material for the past 12 years or so, and it has enriched my life beyond measure. I love the ideas and the delightful eloquence of their presentation, and it is with the greatest joy and appreciation that I turn each page. Thank you SO much! You will be missed :) (And please give a big "hug" to Jane and Seth for me and my mom)

Dear Laurel,

I am saddened to hear of your loss, and offer to you my warmest thoughts and wishes to help you through this difficult period. Hang in there!

Best wishes,
Kevin O'Connor
Kevin O'Connor
June 19, 2008
As so many folks are being presented with new forms of the "you create your own reality" at the start of this century, we rejoice that we had these amazing works from which to learn for so many years. I always loved the delightful side effect on our dreams when reading any of the Seth or Jane books.
I see Rob painting to his hearts content in rainbows of color as his spirit still remains a part of us forever. I am most grateful for all he devoted to this work. Much love to you Laurel, from Ann Peck (my twin sister) and myself. Ann is so happy (and so am I) to have the painting of Rupert and Joseph big as life to see and love every day. Kristie Beasley
Kristie Beasley
June 19, 2008
In my life of acclaimed spirituality, I would have been much less if it were not for all you, Jane and Seth have given me for over 35 years. As I sit with tears of gratitude, my heart to all of you with deep love and appreciation. Until next time.
David Hamilton
June 18, 2008
Rob: You won't really read these words, but I know you'll "hear" the love and gratitude. Like so many others, and not just those who have left their words in this guest book, the Seth books changed my life and opened my eyes, my ears, my hands, my heart, and my mind. Thank you and thank you and thank you.

Laurel, thank you, too, for your part in Rob's life. I wish you peace, health, and happiness.
Kerin Forsyth
June 17, 2008
Dear Laurel:

I just learned of Rob's passing today, and I feel that kind of shock that one experiences when a seismic shift in life occurs. In my view, Jane and Rob's body of work is one of the most important and original of this century. When Jane died, it was a great loss, but I always had the comfort that Rob and you were still in this world, publishing and organizing the vast amount of knowledge that continued to need care. It was more than a lifetime’s worth of work. My thanks go to you for your substantial role, in every way, in helping the information come alive, and my heart goes out to you for your loss. Please know it is shared.

Best regards,
Elizabeth Cerutti
June 17, 2008
Dear Joseph,

The final page has turned on this physical plane. You, Rubert and Seth will always remain in our hearts.

And to you Laurel, I send Divine Love, Light and Blessings to you.

Cynthia Hill
June 15, 2008
My thoughts are with you Laurel. Rob and Jane were like spiritual parents to me for many years. I value the communications I received from him during the 1990s and from you in 2000. I just learned of his passing today. I looked back in my diary for what I wrote the day he passed. I woke up with a pain in my left side, which has yet to abate. He was three weeks older than my beloved who would have been 89 on 7-11-08. Rob last wrote me on 12-28-96, which is ten years to the day that my beloved was cremated on 12-28-06. Take good care and know that the path of grieving gets easier over time, but the loss will remain a part of you forever, at least here in the physical world.
Tony Dickerson
June 14, 2008
My sympathy to you Laurel. This is a great loss and I do hope you have people with you that are a comfort. Rob was a great guy. With his passing this marks the end of a era. Love, Barbara
Barbara Stewart
June 12, 2008
Words cannot express the enormous gratitude I have for the gift of knowing Robert Butts through his work with the Seth Material. My life, and the life of my family, is being lived in an entirely elevated manner thanks to the gifts of Jane, Rob, Seth and Laurel. Bless you Rob on your exciting journey into the creative universe. You and the work you have offered touched a world in crisis and has made such a huge difference. Thank you. You will be enormously missed.
Ronnie Ashton
June 12, 2008
Laurel, Rob has influenced & colored my life in ways that is hard for me to express in words. He not only lives on in other realms of existence, but his presence will reverberate in this physical realm for years to come. His is a life well lived.

Rob, I thank you for the gift of you.
John Bryant
June 11, 2008
Dear Laurel,

I came close to losing my father/friend this year, too, and it's been very weird wondering what this world will one day be without him. I am very sorry for your loss. Knowing that my father will still be with me in a way is not the same as having him there. I wish you much love as you miss him.
Margarita Maldonado
June 11, 2008
Thomas Smith
June 11, 2008
Robert Butts, Jane Roberts, and Seth have profoundly influenced my life. I would have virtually no understanding of life without their dedication to enlightening us all. Thanks to them, I know that after death we are where we've always been. When we die, we don't "go" anywhere. We are still connected to
those we've been connected with -- at a more enduring level. It feels like a separation to those "left behind," because they concentrate almost totally on the physical experience, and they don't physically experience our presence any more. But they can experience our presence in other ways, and the connections are always there. I take comfort in this because it's so painful to lose touch with someone we love. But we need not lose touch. The connection is never broken. I've thought for years that if I wrote my life story, it would be called "Connections and Disconnections" because that is what is most significant to me. But I think I'd just call it "Connections" today. I thank Seth, Jane, and Rob profoundly for helping me to understand this a wee bit.
Judy Ewing
June 11, 2008
Dear Laurel,

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support of Rob (Joseph) after Jane's death. His work, along with Jane's & Seth's has been an inspiration to me from the mid '70s. I don't know how I'd cope without the Seth books. Although I never met them in person, I have felt a kinship, and am so happy to find an extended family through their work.

The soul never dies.

Love, Vicki
Victoria Peirce-Stephens
June 10, 2008
Dear Laurel: I was drawn to the Yahoo Group on Seth today, only to find out that Robert Butts has recently passed. My heart goes out to you, his loving wife. Seth was an important part of my life in the 70's when I was in college and helped to shape who I am today. I still carry the writings in my own soul and, in that way, Robert is immortalized. My love to you and your family during this time.
June 9, 2008
Dear Laurel, after recently going through the death of my wife of 30 years, I want to offer my sympathy and to let you know that after almost 6 months, I now have only joyful thoughts for my wife. The Seth material, that my wife and I studied for most of our time together, helped me understand the event and how my life continues to be enriched from it. I'm certain that your future days will continuously improve as you reflect on your life with your GREAT husband Rob.

Best wishes
Jeff Wanger
June 9, 2008

Deepest condolences for the loss of your beloved husband, Rob. You have helped him continue this extraordinary work for over two decades following Rob's loss of Jane and of Seth's presence through her. Without your support of Rob and his continuing work on the material, it is entirely possible we might never have seen the Early and Personal Sessions published, because Rob might have chosen to leave us all sooner. His love for you helped him stay and continue to give to us all these many years.

To the Butts Family,

We share in your loss and wish you many blessings. Do you know what a grand human being Rob was and is? Hopefully our love for him will shine through on all of you who remain.

To Rob and Jane and Seth,

YOU ROCK MY WORLD!!! Thank you is the only, and the simplest thing I can say. I am, and we are, with you always, in and out of time and space. Thank you for sharing the fullness of you, which we can all continue to explore as we explore our own.

Much timeless love, honor, respect, and FUN!!!

See you later,

Helen Stewart
June 9, 2008
Dear Laurel,
The counsel of Rob, Jane and their friend Seth is, as I've said to my dear Linda many times, the Mother Lode. Sincerest blessings and condolences.
June 8, 2008

You chose to participate in the grandest of all adventures as, of all things, a scribe!

What a Job you did!

Giving us the transcriptions, details, and filling in the picture.
Making it all come alive and become a personal adventure for us all!

My life has been wrapped around this adventure since forever, thank you SO much !

Hope your having an even MORE exciting journey in your 'now'.

Frank Kollins
June 8, 2008
Dear Laurel,

my sincerest sympathies on your loss. I know how shocking the physical aspect of death can be, however much we think or believe otherwise. It takes time and adjustment. My thoughts are with you.

kind regards
Rachel Enevoldsen
June 8, 2008
Rob, Thanks for helping to bring the Seth material to fruition. Enjoy whatever canvas comes your way!

Laurel - My thoughts are with you at this sad time. You are much loved.
June 7, 2008
In my framework two came the realization of the Me I AM, I have Robert Butts to thank for keeping such detailed account of he and his first wife Jane Roberts-Butt relationship with Seth. Dedication to accurately recording and then sharing twenty plus years intimately engaged fills me with appreciation for Rob sharing continuously from his private nature. A kind bridge is sent to his current mate and her work in allowing "The Way toward Health" to manifest and for the obvious comfort she shared. To have shared in the Seth offerings will naturally express as excuberance and vitality as you continue in this focus. I believe you were a blessing.
For All of US
The journey of your Life begins within. A purposed filled visit to your own inner realms. Impulses, hunches and revealing-tions abound, when and if you choose to wear your own crown.
The journey of Life begins from within, create for yourself from the inner forest so vast,
Facing you inward and forward in your own love you bask. Respond to our glory, knowing we are wonderfully made, we are all songs of a universe at foy-filled play.
Be well all, you are already missed Mister Butts. Hattie
Hattie Finn-Carter
June 7, 2008
Blessed be the tie that binds . . .
words can only attempt to say what our Souls wish to express . . .
in each "moment" feel the connection . . .
a blessed binding of love . . .
Kim Hughes-Baus
June 7, 2008
Dear Laurel, I am so very sad to hear of Rob's passing. Thank you for helping him with his and Jane's life work and loving him. I met him and you at the Elmira Conference for Rob's surprise birthday party. Every time I read the Seth material I'm in awe of the dedication, discipline, and hard work displayed by Jane and Rob; the philosophy of Seth changed my life forever.

Thank you, thank you, thank you....Seth, Jane, Rob.

Love and light,
Ricky Parrish
June 7, 2008
The loss of a value is hard, having my bookcase full of Jane/Rob/Seth lets me know that there really is no loss only movement and so much more. Thank you for a wonderful adventure.
Alice D.
Alice D.
June 6, 2008
To Rob: You have died many times - your blessed journey continues...

To Laurel: We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all the love, care and comfort you have given to Rob.
John Pfister
June 6, 2008
Dear Laurel- Before (just moments ago) learning 'officially' of Rob's illness, hospitalization and departure for the next leg of his journey I'd found myself thinking of you and Rob so often during the past week or so that I finally felt impelled to do one of my once -in-a-blue moon peeks in at NEW WORLD VIEW, wondering 'why' all these inner nudges!

Of course , having now seen the page about Rob I am know longer wondering why I felt such inner promptings...

Instead I am now remembering fondly as I always do the lovely/treasured afternoon I spent with you and Rob at the Hill House back in the mid 90s... You and I were delighted to learn that we'd both encountered our first Seth books via the same funky Seattle bookstore- [The Id...later known as The Magus].

My appreciation is boundless for the jointly and individually creative/instructive/inspiring /illuminating and courageous contributions made to all of us 'Seth fans' (and to the world-- even MANY worlds!- at large) by your husband Rob, by Jane Roberts , by Seth and yourself.

I will never forget meeting the inimitable Rob-- in his navy blue jogging outfit, .. and you, Laurel, were the welcoming wonder as you'd had guests until late the night before and were so busy, too, that afternoon. (I think you were off to the printer or copy shop with a drawing of Rob's which may have been the cover art for The Way Toward Health, as best I recall..)

Best and warmest wishes now , always and ever to you, Laurel- and to your/our dear Rob, Jane and Seth!! Bon Voyage and Happy Trails, Rob! With Evergreen Thanks to all of you!... Susan
Susan D. McLean
June 6, 2008
Thinking of you Rob, Mark Atherton
Hi Rob, Jane & Seth,
Thanks for keeping an open mind when experimenting with that Ouija board so many years ago.
Mark Atherton
Mark Atherton
June 5, 2008
What can one say that hasn't already been said here? Robert Butts, thank you a thousand times for your diligent work! Thank you also Laurel, for caring for this special man. My thoughts are with you.

In gratitude, Julie
Julie VanGee
June 5, 2008
Dear Laurel,
Although I never knew Rob, I appreciate him, Jane and Seth everyday for the innumerable ways they enriched my life. Their work together was so important and such a gift.
I send my heartfelt sympathies and love to you and your family.
Julie Tarney
June 5, 2008
I was saddened to hear of Rob's death. I've never met him, but felt I've known him all these years -- his kindness and level-headedness enhanced all the Seth books for me.

When I heard he was in the hospital, it took a while to find just the right card, then to write my heartfelt and long overdue (40 years!) thanks. I sent the card to the hospital, but I believe Rob must have died before the card ever got there.

If you can hear me, Rob, bless you and happy trails on your new and forthcoming adventures!

With love and gratitude,
Alice Polesky
June 5, 2008
My condolences to all. Loved your writings. Seth had such affection for you. Me too.
Mark Osborn
June 5, 2008
Hi Laurel,
Please accept my most heartfelt sympathies for the passing of Rob. You have never met me, but I have followed the events of Jane's, Rob's and your lives for decades, so as a distant friend, I wish you all the best in the following months and years.

And thank you Rob, for your incredible lifetime contribution in sharing some of the most amazing and enlightening material ever written. Onward to new adventures!

Bless you both!
Nancy Bolduan
June 5, 2008
Dear Laurel, family and friends,

Rob's writings have enriched my life tremendously, I want to wish you all a lot of strength. With warm regards!
Emmy van Swaaij
June 5, 2008
Today in the mail I got a "Return to Sender. No Longer Here."

It was the card I'd sent to Robert after reading that he would love to have people send him mail at the hospital.

As a young woman I was among the world/spirit group souls who loved Jane and Robert. This was pre-internet and after I'd consumed every Edgar Cayce/Carlos Castenada material available.

I found with the Seth material a new way of FINALLY making sense of how energy/spirit works with those of us here on Earth and yet operating as well on numerous other realities/levels. Huge Sigh.

Yes, the Seth material and the work Jane and Robert did certainly changed the very land/spiritscape of this planet- forerunners as it were of all the "NOW MOMENT" materials flooding the 'new age' markets.

I'd like to thank Laurel Davies-Butts for loving Robert and helping him find joy with the remainder of his life.

Yes indeed, the Butts family feels closer to me than my bio family ever did- and the post office stamp was wrong- Robert is STILL HERE!

Bless all of you 100-fold and more... forever~

With unconditional Love,

Merrie Brantseg
June 5, 2008
To Rob,

You have been and shall remain at the top of my list of people I most admire for honesty, integrity and dedication and just plain humanity. I treasure the notes I received from you and the encouragement and compliments you gave to me on my Scrybe ouija board which I dedicated to you as you were a Scribe par excellance. Your journalistic rendering of the Seth material was fully justified as it left us with a complete historical record of the times and circumstances surrounding the material. It allowed us to be part of and witness to the sessions and gave the added dimension of knowing yours and Jane's thoughts as the material progressed. You were right to insist on the complete rendering which you gave it. Whenever I need a joyfull lift out of life's problems, I open any of the books to any page and read for a while and I always feel more centered and have a sense akin to coming home after a tough journey. I look forward to and have the sense that our paths will come together again and again in this life and that.

Laurel, I remember with pleasure sitting at the same table with you at the Elmira conference. I remember sketching you and Rob sitting there holding hands. I was so happy for you and for Rob, for your loving relationship. I hope to see you again some day.


Joe Lamando
Joe Lamando
June 5, 2008
To Laurel, my condolences. No matter how completely we think we understand that death is not an end but beginning, it's hard not to feel it as a loss, and impossible not feel pain at the hole left in our lives.

To Rob, thanks seems to little for all the time and effort you put into producing what I believe to be one of the most important works of our (or possibly any other) time, but thanks is all I have, so THANKS!
Jeff Tyson
June 5, 2008
I will be forever grateful to Rob for his immense contribution in bringing the Seth material to us. I was priveledged to meet him at the first Elmira conference and enjoyed to be part of his birthday celebration.

I am happy that he can now hang with Jane and Seth for awhile.

Love and apprecation,
Nancy Kraft
June 5, 2008
Dear Laurel and family,
Please accept my deepest sympathy on the loss of Rob. His contribution to the Seth books was important to the lives of many, many people. The Seth books have made a significant difference in my life, and their relevance continues to inspire.
Susan Solstice
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