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MacIntyre, Robert age 53, died suddenly on Sunday, May 22 while clearing debris near his home in the tornado ravaged area of North Minneapolis. Seconds before the storm, he put his own life in danger to ensure his wife Jan and faithful companion Ecco were safe. He emerged from the basement, took a look around the twisted and tumbled yard, and with a smile on his face he said his shade garden had just turned into a sun garden. He then set off, as did several of his neighbors, to check on the safety of others in the community. Rob's passion for life, learning and helping others makes his passing at such a young age even more painful for those who knew and loved him. Rob lived every day to the fullest extent possible. He was a country man who did his best with life in the big city. Recognized by many because of his signature alpine hat, and known by all because of his giving nature, his goal in life was to touch as many lives as possible. He was friends with young and old alike. He was an avid gardener, an active participant in the community and made a point to know all of his neighbors. He loved North Minneapolis. For those who knew Rob they will understand that no words can truly describe him. Rob was a falconer and President of the Raptor Resource Project. He worked with his friend and mentor, Bob Anderson, to help return peregrine falcons to the Midwest and establish bird cams so the world can follow nesting raptors. He was an entrepreneur and an inventor and created innovative technology for use by several nationally recognized organizations. His work on Raptor Force for the PBS produced Nature show was crucial to capturing the flight of the peregrine falcon through a miniature camera, thus allowing the world to witness the flight of this incredible bird. He spent endless hours tinkering with his good friend John David. Rob was preceded in death by his father Robert MacIntyre. He is survived by his wife and best friend for the past 27 years - Janet Carstens: "I will miss you and love you forever my sweet." He is also survived by mother Judy MacIntyre; brothers Dan MacIntyre (Carol) and David MacIntyre; nieces Tracy MacIntyre, Denise MacIntyre and Taylor Dehnel; nephew Joel Dehnel; many loving aunts, uncles, and cousins; and numerous other close friends and relatives. Memorial service will be held on June 9th at 6:00 pm at Theodore Wirth Pavilion, Fireplace Room, in Golden Valley. In lieu of flowers, memorials can be sent in the name of Rob Mac- Intyre to Tree Trust. For questions contact Tracy at 952-767-3881.
This obituary was originally published in the Star Tribune.

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Published in Star Tribune from May 27 to May 29, 2011.
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150 entries
May 21, 2021
Miss you Rob RIP.
John David
May 21, 2019
Every time I walk by your yard I sometimes see Jan or your dog, but I always see that devastated tree that is still standing.
Your spirit stays alive in the neighborhood!
Daniel McGuire
September 23, 2014
Miss you always.. Tami
June 4, 2014
Jan. I really appreciate you keeping this book open permanently. Love you very much! Dave Mac
June 2, 2014
Happy Anniversary. Would have been 30 years today. Love you always. Jan
June 2, 2014
Happy anniversary. 30 years today.
June 2, 2014
Happy anniversary. Today would have been 30 years. I am still thinking of you always. Jan
May 26, 2014
Tornado Season, home raised chickens, big birds, bobcats, driving near your house and simple human goodness, just a few of the things that always remind me of you.
Don Samuels
May 24, 2014
Can't believe it's been three years ! Still missing you & think of you everyday
May 22, 2014
Hard to believe it's been this long. I thought of Rob the other day when I had a sparrow in the garage that I caught and let go. It was so small and soft and as I gathered it in my hands I heard Rob saying "Don't squeeze, don't squeeze" like when I held a peregrine baby for banding one time at the King Plant. I couldn't help but smile. You're missed Rob. The sparrow hopped up on my finger and looked back at me before it flew out into the sunshine.
Nora Hensley
May 22, 2014
Another year has passed...
March 8, 2013
Thinking of you every day baby - if not every hour. Always will. Jan
March 6, 2013
Rob, still think of you everyday. Love and miss so so much.We have such great memories of you and how fun you were, you always made us laugh. You were like my little brother more then my nephew.It's just not fair you were taken from us at such a young age. We know that your still with us in sperit ! Love to you Aunt Marge, Uncle Dick, and Tami
Marjorie McGreevy
March 4, 2013
A rich legacy of love, passion, curiosity, creativity, community and nature. You were the best of us and we aspire to follow your lead, to honor nature, to indulge our young, help our neighbors and live like children.
March 2, 2013
Dear Judy, Danny and David,
you don't know us, but we know you. Our names are William and Rita Pozzi and we're a couple from Italy. In 1995, Rob was in Bovisio Masciago, Milano, and he used to come to our launch bar. Rita was pregnant of a girl; we named her Joice, as Rob's wife's friend, Joyce Lark.
We've searched Rob from 1997, and after failing at found him, we've lost our hopes to find him. Then, a couple hours ago, Joice, that is now 18 years old, googled Rob's name and found out what happened to him.
You can imagine how much we're shocked: he shouldn't have died, he was a man full of life, of courage, of passion. We didn't hope to find him this way.
Condolences or, how we said it, sentite condoglianze.
We'll always be Rob's friend from Italy, remembering his tipical phrases, "Buono Crodino!" or "This is not a toast, this is a supermarket!". I know these are stupid phrases, but these are the best memories we have of him. Beautiful memories.
William, Rita and Joice.
William Rita Joice Pozzi
October 1, 2012
Rob,Thinking of you everyday! Can't tell you how much I miss your smile and the fun you were.I feel as though I have lost another one of my children. I so wish you were still here so I can hug you and not let go. It still doesn't seem possible you have been taken from us too! Love and miss you so much !!!!
Aunt Marge Mcgreevy
September 25, 2012
I found a few bird feathers by the Mississippi last week. I tried identifying them as Hawk feathers on Google and found the MPR article on Rob passing away while helping his neighbors. Much love with all my heart to those he loved and to those who loved him.
May 23, 2012
Dear Judy, Danny, and David,
I saw the photo in today's Duluth paper of Janet, so I googled Rob to find out if he is YOUR Robbie. I didn't see this last year when he passed, but wanted so send my condolences to you. I remember you guys from way back in Duluth, and hope you remember Marko and me. I am on fb, Judy, and would love to hear from you. Rob sounds like a great and interesting guy, and I'm so sorry for your loss. Peace, Carole Carlson-Bursch
May 22, 2012
Wow, it's been an entire year since you left. I can't imagine what its like to fly with the raptors. Over the decades you have crossed my mind on more than one occasion. I'm glad you had such a great life. I am sorry your wife has to be missing you.
May 22, 2012
One year ago today we lost you Rob. You left a big hole in the world.
Dave MacIntyre
April 1, 2012
Your legacy lives on Rob. All is good in the cottonwood. You are remembered.
March 31, 2012
Decorah Eagles
Carol Ross
March 30, 2012
An Eagle at the Rainbow Bridge
Carol Ross
March 30, 2012
As I watched the Eagle Eggs hatch I thought about how pleased Rob must be watching his dreams come to fruition. He will not be forgotten. Rob please watch over all the Raptors that you loved so much.
Carol Ross
July 29, 2011
Although I did not have the honor of meeting you, my brother and his family spoke very highly of you; they were neighbors in Minneapolis. my deepest condolences to Jan. You left this earth much too soon and you will be missed. God Bless.
Sophia Douglas
June 27, 2011
Our sincere condolences to Rob's family and closest friends. Thank all of you who shared Rob and his passion for raptors with the world, which I believe will be a profound and positive influence for so many young children who were able to watch this miracle of nature. Thank you, Rob, your work is priceless. May you soar with the raptors forever. Cat and Hal, Prescott, AZ.
Cat Hayden
June 15, 2011
Rest In Peace Rob, You have done Wonderful things for Nature and All of Us. MAY YOU SOAR HIGH WITH EAGLES OVER THAT RAINBOW TO THE OTHER SIDE. Thank You for everything, you will be Forever in our Hearts. Everytime we see an Eagle we will all think of you. Soar High our Friend.
June 12, 2011
Thank you for your wonderful work giving the world of the Bald Eagle to ordinary humans like the rest of us. We will try to carry on the work left behind.
Darlene Galik
June 12, 2011
Rest In Peace my friend.
Dusty Duty
June 11, 2011
Rob and his dog, Ecco
Carrie Orr
June 11, 2011
Thank you for allowing us to enjoy and learn So Much through your work with the Most Awesome birds on the planet. I am only one of untold numbers that will benefit from, and delight in, the results of your efforts.
May you soar with them.
D Tarr
June 11, 2011
Iam very sorry to hear of Robs passing I really have no other words for the lose of one so great.
The world has truely lost a wonderful man.
Jannice Mull
June 10, 2011
You have definitely achieved your goal in life, "to touch the hearts of many". You will be missed, but your work and legend will carry on.
Alice Witt
June 10, 2011
In a way you were responsible for my fascination with raptors as I first watched the eagles at Fort St. Vrain on camera. I only knew you through the incredible work that you did shown on Raptor Force, and through great anecdotes from Dot and Nora about falcon bandings. You touched so many lives in a beautiful way. My sincerest condolences to your family and friends.
Linda Martin
June 10, 2011
Rob - I will always remember you as the person who made me feel like part of the team when Veronica and I joined up to band with you guys in 2005 - seems like so long ago. I wore my peregrine T-shirt to the memorial last night; knowing your spirit would be soaring with them.

Dot Karlsen
June 10, 2011
Uplifted hearts beat faster as we watch majestic flight
Strength and beauty on horizon at dawn's early light
Ever vigilant surveys with watchful eagle eye
Snow capped birds soar across brilliant morning sky

Young await wings rushing sound approaching from above
Needs fulfilled in every way with never ending love
Safe through howling wind or storm, protection ever there
Mates for life raising young with loving tender care

Sunset colors soon give way as darkness quickly falls
Outspread wings in final flight heeding gentle calls
Keeping watch throughout the night till morning light appear
Answering each soulful call, calming every fear

Lessons learned in preparation for life's final test
For one day each must fly away from comfort of the nest
So we too will one day leave earthly nest behind
Keeping treasured memories ever to remind

Wondrous things taught lovingly through ever caring heart
Life's journey ever bitter sweet for all one day must part
Those you touched with earthly deeds must bid one last goodnight
Your spirit now cross heavenly sky joins eagles there in flight

Kathy © June, 2011
Kathy Ross
June 10, 2011
The Decorah Eagles E3
We paused today in the chat room to remember the man who helped make all this possible.
We were watching the Decorah Eagles trying to branch today. They were so bold every time the wind blew as if someone were telling them, “Fly my babies fly. No need to be afraid I am with you I’ll always be with you-I am the wind beneath your wings”. And they tried and tried. It wasn’t to be this day, but we know it will happen soon. Everyone in the chat room could feel it-the energy was almost palpable. E3 flapped his wings with a vigor we never had seen. E1 and E2 also took their turns-
Each wanting to be the first to reach Dad perched just above them on a branch.The day they learn this new skill –they will be one step closer to leaving the nest.We can’t hold them back but we all get teary eyed just thinking of it. Now we know there will be someone special watching over then and it isn't so scarey thinking of their leaving.
I am so sorry for the loss the MacIntyre family has suffered. I hope his work which will continue under Other able hands will bring some comfort to you.
May you all be as blessed as we were the day we met
The Decorah Eagles.
Carol Ross
June 9, 2011
I am so sorry to hear of Rob's passing! I remember watching the Nature program featuring the flight of a peregrine falcon on PBS and was amazed by their speed and grace. I didn't realize that wouldn't have been possible without Rob's assistance. I have also enjoyed watching the Raptor Resource Project's bird cams. The Raptors and many of the people he touched and loved have lost a wonderful friend. He can now fly with his beloved and amazing birds. God bless his family and friends in their time of grief. May the wonderful memories shared with him sustain you and help to ease the pain.
Kathleen Levy
June 9, 2011
I hope you find comfort in knowing what an amazing legacy Rob leaves with the world and what a kinder world it is because of him and Bob's Decorah Eagle project. We send our sincerely condolences and thank you for sharing with the world such a find man.
The Brubeck's
Platte City, Missouri
Mr. & Mrs. Brubeck
June 9, 2011
I am so sorry for the loss of this wonderful man. For his love of people and raptors, he will be forever remembered. My thoughts and prayers are with Rob and all those who love him. I will think of him whenever I see an eagle or falcon fying free!
Deborah Carlquist
June 9, 2011
my condolences to rob's family and friends. he has left a wonderful legacy!
deborrah stephens
June 9, 2011
I didn't know Rob personally, only thru the Decorah eagles, I am so thankful for him for this because of him I have learned so much about these mighty birds. I am truly sorry for his family and close friends loss, I actually feel like I have lost a friend myself. Rest in Peace Rob, you are now soaring with the Eagles...
Debbie Lee
June 9, 2011
Rest In Peace Rob. You will never be forgotten. I never met you,but know that you were an wonderful person in all you have done. Thank You so much for the Beautiful Decorah Eagle Family, which your memory will live on through. May God Bless your Family.
Julie Price
June 9, 2011
Our heart felt sympathies for your loss. The few hunts we shared,the jokes, the laughs were all too few.
Rest in Peace, my friend
Rich & Kim Borquist
June 9, 2011
R.I.P Mr MacIntyre..You are loved by many and brought joy to people from all over the world.
Vicki McDarby
June 9, 2011
I've lived in the neighborhood for 15 years. It has been said that if you live here long enough, you'll meet Rob.
I met Rob about a year ago. My 12 year old dog started climbing the fence and taking himself on neighborhood walks. Rob was the first to take him in and give him water and friendship. Rob would either call me or walk him home. I'm grateful for Rob being a good neighbor. I remember last summer Rob called me to say that he had KQ. I picked up the phone and just said: "Let me guess." Rob started laughing and said, Yes, I got him. But Rob had me laughing many times with his humor and personality. I already miss that. His compassion for everything was incredible. I think KQ misses him too, he is still climbing out and goes looking for Rob. My prayers and condolences go out to Jan and her family.
Dan McGuire
June 9, 2011
So sorry for the family's loss, those of us that are eagle cam watching will forever remember Rob and be grateful for his contributions to the RRP. Thank you
Leslie Kwasnieski
June 9, 2011
Today, joined by many others, I will be attending Rob's Memorial. I have known Rob as "Dave's brother" - A guy that was always smiling and always doing something unique or interesting. He was able to do what most of us just dream of. Live his life doing what was most passionate for him. Inventing "stuff", working with falcons, making the best caprese I ever tasted, traveling the world, entertaining friends & family, along with his wonderful wife Jan and being a great neighbor! One thing I know about Rob is he is one of the rare people that lived life doing what he wanted and what he loved. My condolences to his lovely wife Jan. My thoughts and prayers go out to Rob's family. Rob, you will be missed!
Carrie Orr
June 8, 2011
My beloved Rob,
My memories are all so wonderful when I think of you. I remember the day you were born. I was 10 and you were the first Nephew I had, and I was so happy and excited, and it just went from there. I remember when we were lost at the State Fair, you were one, and I was eleven. I remember when I babysit you boys and then living with you in High school. Rob you were like my Brother then a Nephew, but I loved you either way.
You have always been so special to us. You were amazing in every way.
It was always so much fun when we would come to visit you and Jan. We loved doing the garage sales with you.
The fair and the wonderful time we had when we went to see John Edwards, it was great!
We will all miss you, and all the fun times we had together, you always made me laugh.
You were so good about helping Tami at the cabin, and the great talks you had with her.
You always would get so excited about the little stuff and you had such a nice big smile for everyone.
Every time I see an Eagle or Hawk I will think of you.
You will soar on Eagles wings I’m sure.
I’m so proud to be your Aunt Marge MacIntyre McGreevy
Jan we love you!
Marge McGreevy
June 5, 2011
He was the best Cousin ever.
He would come up from the cities, and help me many times on different projects around the cabin. He was a great teacher, and always would quiz me.
I will always remember his love for Pizza. I would always make sure to pick up a Sammys Pizza,when I would visit him and his wife Jan,and he always made sure he had Rice Krispies, and puffed sugar for me. Thats what he called it:)
He would always tease me.
I will miss the weekend visits with Jan& Rob,and swimming in the big pool.

Jan if you ever need anything, please call me. I will be there for you.

He will be missed so much by his Family and Friends.
Love you always Robbie!! Tami
Tami McGreevy
June 5, 2011
Tami McGreevy
June 3, 2011
My condolences to his family. I have so enjoyed watching the Decorah Eagles. This news has saddened us all and he will be greatly missed. Cindy Collins
Cindy Collins
June 2, 2011
Rob, I consider myself lucky to have the honor to work, play, and enjoy life with you over the last 20 years. You were one of my best cohorts in so many ventures in life, even working as your wife’s Sherpa. I know you have touched so many other people in this world, we all will miss you dearly. Jan you are in our thoughts every day.

Tom and Karen Crotty
Tom Crotty
May 31, 2011
Rob was one of the first people I met when my husband and I moved into the neighborhood 2 years ago. He was a good man, a rock of our community.

We are so sorry for your loss Jan!
Susan Frame
May 31, 2011
I had the honor of knowing Rob as a fellow falconer and friend . Whatever project or mission Rob took on he dove head first and never looked back. He loved a challenge and always saw it through. His love of raptors was just one of his missions, for Rob had many. He was always there if you needed help. I will miss that great smile and upbeat attitude. He will truly be missed. My thoughts and prayers go out to Jan for her loss.
Paul & Barbara Simonet
Stillwater, MN
Paul Simonet
May 31, 2011
I want to thank everyone in the MacIntyre Family for sharing this wonderful man with us! He has given so much of himself to make it possible for so many to learn and marvel at what we are able to experience through his work with Raptors. Every time I see a Raptor, I will think of his gift. God bless each of you and may every tear be replaced with a beautiful memory...
Teri Simmons
May 31, 2011
I didn't know Rob personally, but I know he had to be an incredible human being in order to appreciate nature as he did. He has brought thousands and thousands of people a joy and peace that only he and other bird lovers can understand. Thank you for your dedication and your contributions to help make our world a better place for both man and beast. Blessings to your family during this difficult time.
Andie Groff
May 30, 2011
Jan, Erum and I are terribly saddened by the sudden passing of Rob. He was a modern day renaissance man - scuba diving instructor, painter, falconer, hollywood consultant, to name a few. I remember seeing his office up on the top floor of your home, and his passsion for life was quite obvious. He lived life to the fullest. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
Omar Haq
May 30, 2011
You and your work with the falcons & eagles will be greatly missed.
God Bless your family. May you sour with the eagles and watch out for the new eaglets about to leave their nest to sour the winds.
Nancy Mossop, New Jersey
May 29, 2011
To the entire MacIntyre family: May you all find peace in knowing the vast number of lives that Rob changed in his all too brief time here on earth. We are all better human beings and raptor lovers only because of him. My thoughts and prayers are with each and every one of you during this difficult time.
Diane Owens
May 29, 2011
Dear MacIntrye family -

May wonderful memories keep Rob's spirit alive. His love for and dedication to science made us all a lot more appreciative of nature and its wonders. May peace be with you.
Kim Kusnier
May 29, 2011
I didn't know you,only the wonderful legacy you left behind ,the RRP. What an amazing gift to all of us who have learned so much by watching your beautiful eagles.Surely you were a kind soul to facilitate such a project.My condolances to your family and friends for their loss.May you be lifted up on eagles wings.
Christy Schroeder
May 28, 2011
My story begins with female eagle at Decorah nest... Female lays amongst the three lil E's. She says my lil ones it is nap time. One lil E says, Mama, can you please give us again a lil story of our human hero?... Mama says, sure my lil E's... once upon a time there was a great human named Rob MacIntyre...
May 28, 2011
Rob was my first friend in the neighborhood when we moved here 10 years ago. My daily walks in Wirth park often ended at Rob's yard where an hour would easily slip by talking about gardening and Italy and the northside and film and falconry and food and dogs and electric cars and so on.
These last few days I keep picturing Rob in his wetsuit, crouched like a frog at the side of his pool, grinning as he prepared to dive into the pool during one of the endless games of Marco Polo he would play with the neighborhood kids.
The tornado ripped out giant trees that left enormous holes but none so large as the loss of Rob to our whole community.
You are already terribly missed by so many of us, Rob!
Danielle de Gregory
May 28, 2011
Nothing I can say will adequately express what I feel. Until I learned of your passing, I knew you only as a name on the RRP website. Now,too late, I find that your legacy will be tremendous. Thank you sir.
Pete Wachsberger
May 28, 2011
No -- thank you, Rob. You were the neighborhood glue that all there needed. My grandson misses you and so do I. Words cannot express what you did for the kids in the neighborhood. From teaching about chickens to teaching about a gas were the great guy. I will miss you and so will everyone else. Godspeed, my friend.
Thomas Shaffer
May 28, 2011
What a decent, honorable man. Our deepest sympathies Jan.
Suzie and Bob Larson
Suzie Larson
May 28, 2011
To the MacIntyre family, I send my most sincere regrets in the passing of Rob. I want to thank you for a wonderful husband,brother,son and friend. I cant tell you how much I enjoyed spending time with Rob. My father (Carl Eller) is his neighbor and I'm Carl's daughter Cinder Eller from California, and I had the opportunity to be touched by his infectious smile and kind heart on several occasions. I have called on Rob to be my (eyes) a couple of times trying to find out if my dad was okay. LOL And Rob walked down the roadway and reported back to me that my dad was good just busy. I thank him for the time he's spent with my family. He will be truly missed. Your distant neighbor. Cinder
Cinder Eller
May 28, 2011
I still cannot believe you are gone. Life is so strange, you go out to help people and you are taken in the blink of an eye. You truly left too soon.
May 28, 2011
Rob, I feel so fortunate to have been a friend and neighbor to you and Jan, from right down the block at 1025. Having spent a few hours visiting with you and Jan a couple of summers ago it was obvious with the stories we shared and friends that dropped by that you were a treasured friend to all. Your life touched many, many people and was an important gift to the animal kingdom too! I, along with countless others will miss you dearly!
Liz Dorr
May 28, 2011
Thank you Rob for allowing the world to view the Decorah, Iowa eagle nest. I live in SW Michigan and have been enjoying it since the 3 current eaglets were hatched. May God bless your family, friends and colleagues left behind. Rob, may you soar on eagles wings.
Marti Birdsall
May 28, 2011
Walter Piwowar
May 28, 2011
Thank you Bob...May you rest in Peace...I cannot Thank you enough how you open my eyes about the Eagles I have been viewing lately. My sympathy to the family......God bless you all !!
Kimberly Poltrock
May 28, 2011
this message is really for Robbie's mom Judy..I only knew and remember Robbie as a little boy when we all had a wonderful time watching these kids grow up..such a caring..happy boy..It looks like he was the same as a man..please contact me Judy or sincere sympathies to Robbie's wife and his entire family..
pat sirois
May 27, 2011
He was a good man.

North Minneapolis will miss you. My prayers are with his wife Janet, his family and his friends.

Soar with the angels.
Jose Velez
May 27, 2011
My heart goes out to Rob's family and friends, you will be greatly missed. Thank you for all you have done for others. I can't thank you enough for your work with the eagles. You are flying with the eagles.
May 27, 2011
Special teachers may only appear once, but what they have taught changes our lives. Rob was just such a teacher. Jan & family, thank you for sharing Rob with the world. He will not be forgotten.
May 27, 2011
Rob was a great constituent who most recently volunteered as my representative to the Light Rail community task force. What a fine human being you were!
don samuels
May 27, 2011
To the Robert MacIntyre family,you have my deepest sympathy. I did not know Robert or his family ,but you brought a lot of joy to my life Thur the Raptor ResourseProject and those beautiful Decorh Eagles.... Thank you and I am very sorry for your loss Take comfort in knowing you all have a special guardian angle soaring with the beautiful Decorah Eagles... Thank you and I am sorry for your loss.

Vivien Phyllis ,Melita, Manitoba
, Canada
Vivien Phyllis Swehla
May 27, 2011
Words cannot describe this amazing man, and while I didn't ever meet him in this earthly life, I know I will see him very soon, and then I will personally thank him for the incredible gift his life is to me. Blessings to the family & many friends who knew this great man. I wish you Peace, and the ability to, in some way, continue to carry Rob's vision, if only in your hearts.
Roseanne Yoakum
May 27, 2011
God must have really needed help with something serious to have taken you away from us.
You touched our lives for a very short piece of time but we will hold you in our hearts for ever.
The Freeman Family, Gary, Jean, Lance, Chris and Alex from Pasadena, Ca.
May 27, 2011
My deepest sympathy to Rob MacIntyre's family and close friends. I wish I had known him personally, His work with the Decorah eagles is a living legacy.
Suze Scott
May 27, 2011
The Decorah Eagles have enriched my life for the past 2 months and it's people like Rob that have made such an experience possible. All of nature is weeping for his loss and I am so sorry for his family. His work in Tree Trust and the Raptor Resouce Project among others is a beautiful legacy to leave for the world. Know that his spirit is soaring with eagles and falcons.
Cynthia Porth
May 27, 2011
“Eagles: When they walk, they stumble. They are not what one would call graceful. They were not designed to walk. They fly. And when they fly, oh, how they fly, so free, so graceful. They see from the sky what we never see.” Thank you for sharing with us all! My Sympathy to your family.
Shirley Sluiter
May 27, 2011
I do not know of Rob personally, only through the Decorah EagleCam ... what I can say is that Rob helped to provide the masses who watch the cam with an inner peace and tranquility. He made a turbulent world feel calm for awhile. I hope that Rob, now, also has found the same peace that he has provided to millions. My prayers and thoughts go out to his family. ...
Kathy Lanham
May 27, 2011
To my dear friend, neighbor, inspiration, mentor and amazingly kind soul, you will forever be remembered and honored by our family. We miss you. Thank you for teaching us how to be better souls.
Jason Gaines
May 27, 2011
I did not know Rob personally, but I have met his Decorah Eagles and there is no way to thank him for his vision. My Dad always said, "If you do good, there will be stars in your crown"! Rob will have a beautiful crown with stars and Eagle feathers!!
Mary Kay Roper
May 27, 2011
Robert reached my heart with his love for the Eagles and Falcons and has given me a new respect for these majestic creatures. you had a good heart, may others continue to follow in your footsteps...RIP Robert...
James Ottens
May 27, 2011
I didn't know Rob personally but thru the Raptor Resource site watching the Decorah eagles, I can truely see what a great man he was...........Fly with the Eagles Rob........ You will be missed
May 27, 2011
There is a special place in Heaven for this superb man. God Bless This Family and may Gods love enfold you with loving arms.
Darla DeFord
May 27, 2011
My condolences to all the family of Rob. I've only known his work with the Decorah Eagle cam, but have become more knowledgeable because of his generosity. His memory will live on with so many worldwide.
Offering my prayers for his family.
Mary Bambenek
May 27, 2011
What a horrible loss for us all.. My thoughts and prayers are with his family.
donna miles
May 27, 2011
I did not know Rob personally but I knew him through Raptor Resource. When we see an eagle we will think of you soaring free. My sincere sympathy to his family. We will miss you.
Patti P
May 27, 2011
With your vision hundreds of adults and children witness nature an its balance in our schools and in homes. Many blessings to your loved ones. Mrs. Koder(Johnston, Iowa) (Teacher-Dallas Center, Iowa)
Mary Ann Koder
May 27, 2011
Deepest sympathy to Janet and Bob's family and friends. Bob's gift of letting the world see our beautiful American Eagles is something that I will always be grateful for. His love will live on.
Nanette Hare
May 27, 2011
Thanks to Rob MacIntyre I will forever remember seeing these Bald Eagles from Raptor Resource Project. May God bless your family and may you rest in peace as the eagles soar!
Faye B Forbus
May 27, 2011
Bob's love of raptors and his professional excellence has resulted in the Decorah Eagles, and their new born eaglets, just about the fledge, having millions of Aunts, Uncles, nieces and nephews that they would not have had were it not for the Raptor Research Project.

God bless Bob and his grieving family.
Patrick McNamara
May 27, 2011
Rob, you were a magic man, a wholly unique gift to this neighborhood and the kids in it. You were a walking, talking PBS special, always teaching, always mentoring, and always amazing everyone. You were a living example of the pure and simple joy of connecting with and helping everyone. You continue to inspire us all. Thank you. We love you. -Paul, Janna, Oliver, Lucy, Dharma, and Percy Cat.
Janna Krawczyk
May 27, 2011
You wanted your love of these birds to reach out to the masses. Well it has! Thank you for being the person you were and I wish I would have had the honor to meet you ! God bless your work and most importantly God bless and may he give peace to your family!!!!
May 27, 2011

We were so sorry to hear about Rob. We can’t begin to imagine what you are going though, but know our thoughts and prayers have been with you constantly.

We know you’ll hold your precious memories of Rob close to your heart. Also know that through all the lives Rob touched, he will continue to live on. We all remember the wonderful photo journal Rob put together for Amelia’s Traveling Teddy during the year you and Rob spent in Italy. His thoughtfulness touched not only her heart, but Mollie, Will, Aileen’s and mine as well.

Let us know if there is anything we can do.
Ted and Aileen Lyle
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