Cecil Robinson  
1949 - 2017  

Happy Birthday Our Gentle Warrior! Today is your 70th Birthday and we can still feel the love, laughter, calm, safety, and joy you bring into our lives. Thank you for loving us unconditionally. Thank you for taking fantastic care of us. Thank you for comforting and keeping us safe. Most of all, we thank you for sharing your joy. Thinking of you brings love, peace, and joy to our aching hearts. We know you tried to be an organ and tissue donor like Mary Elizabeth, but your struggles to live took their toll. Did you see Mary Elizabeth at Carnival in Rio de Janeiro this year? Did Mary Elizabeth see you in Paris last year? After having seen three Decembers without being able to touch the softness of your hands, touch your laughter, touch your kindness, and touch your wisdom, we know well the power of the clinging sting of grief. As we watched you take your last breath, we told you it was okay to go, but we really didn't mean it. We wanted you to stay. We want you back. Death has no dominion over the awesome power of Love. We love and miss you to infinity and beyond, your wife (Townsend), son (Christopher), daughter-in-law (Kemah), and sister-in-law (Antoine)

Published in The Washington Post on Dec. 4, 2019