'EDFORD RALPH HUBBARD REDFORD May 1916 - May 7, 2013 Born in Grace, Idaho, he graduated from Utah State University, and joined the US military in China in 1941. His commanding officer was Julia Foster later Julia Childs. Ralph infiltrated Chinese society through his curiosity of food and people. After the end of World War II, he began a career in the Foreign Service and served in Karachi, Kabul, Rangoon, Djakarta, Taipei, Kathmandu, Istanbul and Nicosia. In Rangoon, he married Lora Bryning. After Ralph retired in 1973, they moved to Riggs Place, Washington, DC. He was vice president of Tetra Tech Industries in Rosslyn and advised Oman. For the rest of their lives, the Redfords maintained an open home for a multitude of friends from their beloved city and the world. They supported Ross Elementary School, International Students House, the Textile Museum, the Freer and Sackler Galleries, and the Washington Zoo, to which they gave some of the thirteen varieties of bamboo they grew at the back of their beautiful brownstone house. With his wife and sons, Ralph built a cabin from salvaged materials in the Blue Ridge mountains. They donated this and its ninety acres to the US Park Service. They left a substantial portion of their estate to scholarship: the Hubbard Scholarship for writers at Utah State University, and the Lora Bryning Redford Lectureship in Archaeology at the University of Puget Sound, her alma mater. Lora predeceased Ralph by 8 years. He is survived by three sons, Bruce Bryning Redford (PhD Princeton) of Portland, Maine, Kent Hubbard Redford (PhD Harvard) of Portland, Maine and Scott Nicolas Redford (PhD Harvard) of Istanbul, Turkey. He died at almost 97 in his favorite room at home of complications from a fall. Before his last breath, he enjoyed witty banter with friends (one from Pakistan from 1948), a gin and tonic and a desire to get out of bed. He donated his body to the George Washington School of Anatomy.

Published in The Washington Post on May 12, 2013