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GRENON, Cpl. Andrew Paul The Ultimate Sacrifice for his country, on September 3, 2008 at 23 years of Age. Cherished son of Theresa and Michael Charbonneau and Paul and Cecile Grenon. Loving brother of Jeffrey Grenon and Matthew Charbonneau. Beloved grandson of Madelynn Par and Raymond and Marie Charbonneau and great grandson of Melba Meloche. Beloved companion of Krista Sierens. Dear nephew of Linda Dufour and Sam, Elaine and Larry Seguin, Connie and Tim Fitzgerald, Mary Lou Burchat and Brian, Maureen and Barry Renaud, Gary and Phillip Grenon and many other aunts and uncles on the Grenon side, Steve and Marie Charbonneau, Paula and Dan Alexander, Brenda and Joel Deschamps. Many loving cousins also survive. Andrew was an avid Baseball and Hockey player associated with the Riverside Minor Hockey Association and the Riverside Baseball Association. He was a great fan of the Montreal Canadiens. If you so desire, donations to the Windsor Humane Society or the Windsor Downtown Mission. Public Visitation at the Funeral Home on Thursday from 9:00am until 2:00pm. The family will receive Friends on Thursday from 2-5 & 7-9pm. at Families First Funeral Home & Tribute Centre (519-969-5841) 3260 Dougall Ave. On Friday, September 12, 2008. Family and Friends are invited to meet at Our Lady of the Atonement Parish (2940 Forest Glade Dr.) after 10:00 followed by Funeral Mass at 11:00am. Interment to follow Heavenly Rest Cemetery. Share memories or make a charitable donation online at

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Published in The Windsor Star from Sep. 9 to Sep. 11, 2008.
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November 10, 2016
In thoughts of all those who have given all that could be given for our freedoms, our beliefs, our futures and in thoughts of their families, loved ones, friends and fellow soldiers. Thank You. We Will Remember

Etched in history's past hundred years
Is freedom's struggle forth
As nations stood allied to stand
To stop tyranny's closing doors
So many sons
Lay in far off lands
Never to return
Except in thoughts and memories shared
By their fellow soldiers, families, friends
What touches hearts still beating for
Those who stood that ground
Are those who shared their stories forth
Of a war that turned around
As years passed by
Nations share
A bond that cannot brake
Those who found freedom's door
Opened in their wake
Dear Lord, sons and daughters taught
Their children, of the past
Now years and years
So little's changed
Except the speed the news is passed
Yes war has changed
This past hundred years
As more and more have stood
Fallen near, that brethren strong
Freedom held so dear
I wish my tears could wash away
The reality war has shown
Shown to me, as one who cares
As one who's stood so near
One who allowed the tears to flow
As a mom talked and shared her love
For a fallen one
She held so dear
Now lifted high above
To continue caring, listening
As their daughters chatted so
And let me know
Of a love they held
For a dad who gave his all
His love
For his Nation dear
His all for a world to be
That which he would pass along
To his children strong and free
I stand with fallen angels
Their families, loved ones, friends
I stand with soldier bears who've heard
Over and over and over, again
I love you dad, I love you mom
I wish, you could come home
But now I know you look after me
From where ever angels go

By Roger Borchert For Remembrance Day 2016

My heart goes out to so many families who have shared with me, their journey to overcome such loss. My thanks to Britt and Sarah Stewart of Allan' s Angels Camp for introducing me to your soldier bears and letting me hear your dad say in his own voice good night to you even 3 years after his loss. My journey into 8 years of poetry and caring for the families of our fallen and wounded has taken so much of a bite out of me and left me so proud of our soldiers and their military families; I cannot turn away. Hugs to all: We Will Remember Them.

Roger, Eileen and The Borchert Family Morinville, Alberta
Roger Borchert
December 24, 2015
In thoughts of our fallen, their families, fellow soldiers, loved ones, and friends this Christmas 2015. May you enjoy the beauty, the wonder, and the miracles Christmas lays at our sides and in our hearts.

They stand nearby the window
Looking out through frost and fog
In hopes of seeing that miracle
That brings a loved one close
Their sighs in frosted vapor
Cling to that window pane
And will not melt
Until their heart, allows it to be felt
A moment, a special moment
A gentle thought recalled
Warms a heart
Fills a mind, with love once held so close
Oh Lord, I pray, their angel
Wanders close
Wanders near
For hearts, who held a soldier dear
Would see their loved one near
A child, a wife, a mom, a dad
A brother, sister, fellow soldier, loved one, friend
Would see the vision of one who stood
So proudly for all of them
I pray, Oh Lord, Our Canada
Feels their hearts, shares their tears
And holds them close, near beside
At this special time of year
For it is that time, when hearts break so
When hearts feel so much pain
For those they love
Those who gave
For a better world to save
I pray they view the value
Of the colours that appear
At this time, in Christmas joy
That brings us all so near
A special child
Found in love
For a world, held so dear
Walked among, mortal souls
Allowed a moment near
A moment of a lifetime
Albeit short, standing proud
Never flinched, never swayed
Towards a better world to save
Onward, onward, they have stood
Hold back tyranny or terror
In memory of one who shone
A light of Christmas Cheer
If we could just, but capture
A moment out of time
To share the glow of angels near
As a soldier left behind
All that was so sacred
All that held so dear
All that was the love of life
That held so many near
We would know that there, is more to life
Than each of us can give
It's seen within the window's glow
Through the frost on which it clings
As fond, fond memories melt its cold
And friends, loved ones, do recall
A Soldier as he wandered near
Near for all of us

By Roger Borchert

Wishing you all the Joy and Warmth Christmas has to offer. Know only; we just need to open our hearts to allow its's wonder to appear.

Merry Christmas
The Borchert Family, Morinville, Alberta
Roger Borchert
April 3, 2015
My poem for this Easter 2015

There are times respect
Grasps at the heart
For a gift so far beyond
Incomprehensibly stilled within the minds
Of those who've seen the light
So brightly shone within mind's eye
As real as life can bare
As heroes rode a highway home
Tears welled up within eyes
A nation stood, so near, to show
Their families, loved ones, friends
They weren't alone in sorrow's depth
As their loved ones returned home

On this, such special weekend
As hearts ponder a gift t'was given
To all mankind across our earth
From one who stood divine
A gift to grant a new birth
Believe in me, the message taught
He spread his good across the lands
Followed every step he took
He lived, he died, at the hands
Of those who could not see
The good he shared, the morals taught
The love that came to be
For all mankind forgiveness
For all another chance
For all to see each other
With a mutual respect
To pass along wherever roamed
A foundation of a world to be
He rose again from where entombed
To show, living, is more than life
It is how we live
What we give
During our moment here on earth

For centuries throughout history
There are those who are the beast
Who walk our earth immoral
Defile everything they see
Decimate, exterminate
Terrorize all within their path
Who do not share a vision held
In the mind, the beast has grasped
Easter weekend is about a love
Respect beyond compare
Passed on from one
Who stood, who gave
For a better world to come
Canada was founded
On this love passed along
A nation of mutual tolerance
And respect for all mankind
We are a collage of humanity
Evolved for a world to see
That mankind from a world surround
Can share a nation free
That rise to share this goodness
Stand across a world protect
A gift from those who make it so
Who stand to hold the beast

For all those who have stood, been wounded, or given their lives to foster this goodness across our world, we remain forever in your debt. May you know the light of eternal life shared and celebrated each Easter.

By Roger Borchert

Our hearts, Our tears, Our Prayers
The Borchert Family
Morinville, Alberta
Roger Borchert
December 22, 2014
For the Families of our Canadian Forces who lost a loved one during or due to their service for our nation, Christmas 2014

I have seen the frost the low clouds bring
As it rests on every branch
Glistens forth from each blade of grass
Paints pictures on the glass
Captured for a moment
Till sunshine's glow warms the chill
That froze each thought
The low clouds brought
As they wrapped around the soul
But the glisten, oh that glisten
Its sparkle shining forth
It brings the smiles, then the tears
As Christmas gathers forth
Lord our world is a reality
That spills what life unfolds
And those who've stood, those who gave
Are those we hold so close
Captured in a memory
Of a sibling, daughter, son, mom or dad
Who took that step, held out that hand
In a far off distant land
They took that step for Canada
For a whole wide world protect
And visit now at special times
As if they've never left
They are that sparkle that brings a tear
They are that laughter that brings a smile
They are that warmth now ever held so close
And at Christmas they're always near
Held forever in a heart's belief
Glowing brighter than the stars
That shines in eyes that hold them close
Throughout each Christmas time
Hang that special bulb upon the tree
The one that gleams and glows
That one that holds all Frosty shines
Glistening in the snow
For a special, special son was born
Who stepped forth to change a world
Who shared his life for all mankind
Brought forth hope of eternal life
So many tears at Christmas time
So many found in joy
So many smiles surround the tree
Each blessed Christmas morn

By Roger Borchert

We Will Remember Them. Wishing You All a Very Joyous Christmas and All the Best in the Coming Year
The Borchert Family, Morinville, Alberta
Roger Borchert
November 9, 2014
A thought in Remembrance, 2014. Please Know, We Will Remember Them.

A nation is measured by the hearts that beat
That make up its collective soul
And is witnessed in steps taken forth
As across a world they've roamed
I gathered my thoughts reluctantly
While about, out on a walk
A blustery day, as wind blew by
Leaves falling from the sky
I looked into the heavens
As tears were rolling down
My cheeks a chill, the tears they froze
As at once I realized
The leaves were endless soldiers
Who stood for all and gave
So we might each day have the joy
To walk in freedom's way
To not be hiding who we are
Not worry, to grow old
To not be shuffled to the side
To stand and be so bold
To demand that freedom is the goal
Of our nation standing strong
For founded in the leaves that blow
Are the hearts, the very souls
The torches passed to soldiers
From a brethren strong and free
Who stood and said no more, no more
As tyranny roamed the streets
Of far off lands, now close at home
They stood, they lived, they died
They paid the price of freedom
The price of Canada
For they have stood and given all
On behalf of all of us
A tear is just a moment
A fleeting moment's thought
2 minutes in a year that's passed
For freedom for all of us
2 minutes to remember
Those who lived, those who gave
That we could build a nation strong
Stronger by the day
But only through reflection
In the pool of tears now shed
For those who gave their very all
That we might live the dream they bled
A precious little flower
A poppy just to say
That we remember
Those who stood
In such an honoured way
Please stop for just a moment
A thought, a prayer, a tear
For those who've lost
Those who've stood
Their families, loved ones, friends
Please reflect on what
Life might have brought
If not for all of them

By Roger Borchert

Thank You to all those who have served, serve presently, all of their families, loved ones, and friends who walk so nearby their sides and support them as they step forth on our behalf. A very special Thank You to all those who have shared and lost their loved one in the service or because of their service on behalf of our Canada.

Our hearts, our tears, our prayers
We Will Remember Them
The Borchert Family, Morinville, Alberta
Roger Borchert
June 16, 2014
May God bless you and your family in this time of sorrow.
Matthew McGuire
March 20, 2014
Still thinking about him, we miss you buddy.
heather Giels
December 23, 2013
For the families and children of our fallen this Christmas 2013

Colours glowing near a window pain
Shimmer gentle, seen, the sight
Lifting hearts in yuletide's glow
On Christmas Eve, tonight
Let them hear the carols
Sung on high
Sung in hearts so light
Sung with all the love that grew
Sung with all their might
As they gather close
Around their Christmas tree
Recall a life time, shared
Broke into tears, for a life once shared
With a nation
With all of us
Oh Lord our child of Canada
Lost a soldier, Oh So Dear
To a world that needed
A strong, strong heart
To stand, to say, no more
In a world gone so terribly wrong
On behalf of me and you
They stood, they gave, all that they could
Left those they loved behind
We now cherish, the very thought
A thought that's so profound
Hearts have risen high above
As angle's wings do fly
Carrying forth their love so dear
We hold them near to us
Their wives, their children
Their moms, their dads
Their families, loved ones, friends
And those who walked at their sides
On behalf of all of us
As sunshine gathers, sparkles thought
In the snow that's on a tree
May the beauty of the gift they gave
Shine on for you and me
May the warmth of love surround their hearts
Quell the hurt, the pain the loss
May it bring your soldier, mom, or dad
Close to you tonight
May they wrap their loving arms so tight
Hold you close and oh so near
And let you know you're never alone
At this precious time of year
In life, in birth, a special child
Was born on Christmas morn
To bring to you that special chance
To be near to them once more

May the Joy of Christmas warm your hearts and lift your spirits high
Shine the glow that Christmas brings
Close to you tonight

By Roger Borchert
The Borchert Family, Slave Lake/Morinville, Alberta
Our hearts, Our tears, Our prayers, Shared, This Christmas 2013
Roger Borchert
November 10, 2013
We Will Remember Them. Written for Remembrance Day 2013

For those who've stood at the gates of hell
As battle rages forth
And stood to hold their line, their fate
To lift a new world rising forth
A world in which freedom's hand
Was openly held toward
To those to escape the bonds that bind
To hold them ever more
From the clutches, the beating down
Their spirit and their hearts
Those who held that outstretched hand
To those who needed help
So thankful all a world should be
For they stood for another voice
One that held our hearts, our minds
Standing very close
Freedom is not just a venture forth
It is a way of life
That lends us all, the gift to stand
Go forth for what is right
And allow all those to climb aboard
Who see it in their sight
Oh Lord you gave us choices
Good or evil found in hearts
The two, so very different hold
Our worlds so far apart
Tonight I looked into the coals
Of embers burning bright
And saw the life of those who share
Our nation's glowing light
At first their dreams are smoke and mirrors
Of a life that used to be
And then each soldier rises up
Gives meaning to where they've been
Learning pride, remembrance
From those who've stood before
Those who tossed the torch that holds
Their futures, evermore
So many didn't return back home
They lay where poppies grow
So many others caught their torch
And across our earth they've roamed
Within this new world
They have worked so hard
To help to come about
A world where sons, where daughters, rise
And share a brand new world's spark
Lord love them for they took a stand
And said no more, no more
A message needed
In our world today
As terror knocks on every door
We could never wander very far
From these hearts so warm that said
Our world needs us brave enough
To stand in terror's way
So as you sit around a campfire's light
Look in and see how bright
The glow that warmed those hearts to stand
As they stood for all of us
We can never forget that step they took
We remember those who gave
All they could towards a better world
A better world today

We Thank Them
We Will Remember Them
Strong of heart
Strong in spirit
Glowing heroes to recall each day

By Roger Borchert
The Borchert Family, Slave Lake, Alberta
Roger Borchert
March 30, 2013
My poem, written for this Easter 2013, in respect of those who have given their very all to bring about a better world on our behalf and in recognition of their families, friends, loved ones and fellow soldiers who miss them so deeply at each Easter Sunday meal. May They R.I.P. We Will Remember Them.

Empty chairs each Easter Sunday
In homes across our land
Tears flowing gently
For each son or daughter
Mom or dad
Who gave a heart to Canada
Stood proud for me and you
Stepped forth to make a difference
In a world, in need, they knew
I've seen comets
I've seen meteors
But what I saw the other night
Was a glowing ball
Streak across the sky
In slow motion, in its flight
It glowed so bright, like mini moon
Its colour just the same
And then in the spirit with which it came
Turned to darkness once again
Overjoyed in what, I had seen
It was not a shooting star
It was a light that lifted high
In the brief moment of its spark
Oh lord, so many soldiers
So young and full of life
Have moved my heart
In this gentle way
As they've stood so far apart
Parted from their families
Parted from their friends
Stood so tall for who we are
Given all that could be given
Now held so close, within the hearts
Of those who miss them so
As bright, as seen, this palm Sunday's eve
Not unlike a story foretold
Of a son who gave his very all
So others would follow
Follow in a dream, a way
That a world would see a light
Of goodness spread across a world
At freedoms dawning sight
Oh Lord be near our soldier
Who also gave a life
For all to see a better world
On behalf of all of us
Lord, I dare not compare your son of life
To our warriors brave and true
I only give this humble voice
Of their efforts, the good, they do
Standing tall
Standing brave
Standing with all you shared
Within their hearts as young they were
To mold them
Brave for you

By Roger Borchert
The Borchert Family, Slave Lake, Alberta
Roger Borchert
January 19, 2013
Andrew's Family~~ I am a friend of John and Zoe Rocheleau. Today is my birthday and would have been Andrew's 27th birthday. I honor his place in your family and how the joy he brought to you has been missing since August 4, 2008. For every birthday of mine, I will remember Andrew, his service and the missing smile at your table, holidays and in your physical presence. MJ Welch Brandon, Manitoba
Mary Jo Welch
December 24, 2012
For the Families of Our Fallen This Christmas 2012

Angel's feathers falling
To remind us they're up there
Wind chimes sounding gently
To let us know the lord is near
Today is but a lull, in winter's nasty chill
One can see the storm clouds building
Circling, all around us now
We hold so close the warmth that was
To let it not escape
Yet no matter how hard we try
The warmth, it finds the gate
The chill it reaches down inside
Attaches to the spine
Sends shivers climbing through us now
Hearts are frozen held in time
For those who've lost a loved one, friend
Tis all they can endure
A hope, a wish, a prayer, t'would bring
Their loved one home again
Oh Lord their Soldier stood for all
Please warm these hearts so chilled
So they may find the warmth once shared
With this one no longer near
As they look out through the window
Let the moon and stars, shine bright
Let all about, it glisten forth
On this, this special night
Another hero gave his all
The one who led the way
For them to find a life beyond
And faith to find a day
A way to climb a staircase
To the heavens high above
To join a son, a daughter, friend
To be together once more as one
Oh lord you sent your son, our gift
To those who lend a heart
To those who've given all and more
For those life has forgot
We stand so near, so near Oh Lord
In praise, in solitude
Await a time, a time to share
A loved one entrusted unto you

Thank you Lord
Merry Christmas To All
We will Remember Them Until You Meet Again
By Roger Borchert
The Borchert Family Slave Lake, Alberta
Roger Borchert
November 11, 2012
For Remembrance Day 2012

Flurries of snow across our land
A chilly wind bites at the spine
As we stand for those who stood for all
In far off distant lands
Some recall the void, the pain within
Left in hearts, in minds, in lives
Who were impacted at the loss of those
Their lives never the same again
Friends recall fond memories
Child in tears for a mom or dad
A wife recalls the horror of war
That turned her life, a living hell
A mother or father stands in thought
A loss beyond belief
Of one who was their heart their soul
Since counting tiny toes upon their feet
Fellow soldiers, comrades
Loved ones, friends
In their minds they bring them near
In special thoughts of those they've lost
While fighting over there
We as Canadians
Stand proud, respect
All those who stood for all
Sent from a nation whose open heart
Has provided a world a home
Oh lord my heart so empty
As I stand, two minutes given
Just a moment's time
For the life they gave
On behalf of all of us
I cannot be prouder Canada
I could never turn away
From those who've shared
Their loved one forth
A debt we could not repay
Stand proud, Remember, Oh Canada
For those who stand for us
For their families, friends, and comrades too
For they gave for me and you
We are focused on the flower
Began in fields so far away
An image to be remembered now
On each Remembrance Day

We Who Remember Them
Are forever in their debt
By Roger Borchert
The Borchert Family Slave Lake, AB
Roger Borchert
September 3, 2012
Written in thoughts of the Families of Our Fallen

Such joy rode the sun's beam
The day a child was born
Then thunder roared
Shook those near
And left their hearts forlorn
They had watched the child
Shared all their love
Instilled a strength beyond
A strength that grew year by year
And settled on the flag above
A gift to a nation
From one who gave and gave
To bring about a better world
To keep our world safe
Oh Lord we will remember
Those who've given all
Please hold them close
Hold them near
For us they stood so tall
Now heartbreak wakes each morning
Time it heals not
For those who loved the soldier
Who gave more than he got
Lord let them know
From hearts so near
We're nearby at their side
Ready to lift, to hold them strong
We've seen the tears they cried
We now share in their journey
As hearts forlorn grow strong
They know we're nearby
With a thought, a care
We know love is never gone

By Roger Borchert
The Borchert Family, Slave Lake, Alberta
Roger Borchert
February 22, 2012
Felicia Robichaud
December 24, 2011
For the Families of Our Fallen, This Christmas 2011

The wind is howling at my doorstep
This eve of Christmas Eve
The trees are bending low its clear
As Christmas day draws near
As I decked the tree this Christmas
I thought of those so brave
Of those who've lost a loved one
Who stepped forth for me and gave
They gave their all for Canada
A gift beyond compare
They stood a world away in time
Where few would tread or dare
So many loved ones share in tears
In thoughts they've left behind
Hugs once held so warm and close
A smile within a mind
The TREE has become so special now
For it holds a life time past
Its sparkling lights a memory's glow
Of a hero once held so near
As garland wrapped the tree in smiles
Those smiles of yesteryears
Those smiles held upon as face
Forever now held near
Each piece of tinsel a frozen tear
Shed at a time of loss
And now reflecting the reason why
For this hero was dearly loved
A true angel tops this Christmas tree
For is seen when looking high
As a loved one lifts their faces near
And a prayer races from a heart
A wish that they were standing near
A wish for laughter's sound
A warmth a hug once use to bring
Remains a memory oh so close
Oh Canada, our heroes gave
Their loved ones hold our hearts
Lord please reach out and hold them close
Please be so near this season forth

By: Roger Borchert
The Borchert Family, Slave Lake, Alberta
Our Thoughts, Our Hearts, Our Prayers
Wishing You All A Wonderful Christmas
Roger Borchert
November 4, 2011
you will be missed, you were very brave to fight.
Madisyn Montgrand
June 16, 2011
Miss you everyday..
Never regret, never forget!
June 5, 2011
t e
December 24, 2010
For the Families, loved ones, friends of or Fallen This Christmas 2010

Looking back, on childhood’s days
When wonder set the sails
And all imagined could come to life
Within thoughts, dreams as they played
When Santa rode a sleigh one eve
In every coming year
And magic taught sweet dreams to fly
To rooftops every where
Now sitting wishing Christmas Eve
Looking off into the night
Pleading for a shooting star
Enhance this wish with all their might
A wish for just a Christmas hug
From a soldier no longer here
No longer in our earthly world
Held close now, within near
The hearts of those who’ve felt such pain
At the loss of a hero’s life
A hero who stepped forth for all
Bring this hero close this night
As tears once more roll down a cheek
Another endless, sleepless night
Let our Lord brush close a warming hug
Of your loved one, bring them near
A gentle breeze, fond memories’ bring
To hold them ever dear

Wishing the magic of Christmas could bring the smiles, the hugs and the warmth of your loved one, into your home for Christmas. Ever in our hearts and always remembered. May our Lord bless you this Christmas and throughout the coming year.

By Roger Borchert
The Borchert Family, Slave Lake Alberta
Roger Borchert
November 2, 2010
Thinking of all those who have given so much; those who have paid the Ultimate Sacrifice, our Veterans, our serving soldiers, their families, loved ones and friends at this special time of Remembrance, 2010. We Do Remember.

They crawled on their bellies slowly
In the dirt, the dust, the slime,
Ran onto beaches, lived in fear, a moment out of time.
A time that changed a world in need
A time that set apart
Times that held a world so close, near and dear to every heart
The gas they sent, it took its toll
Many others held that ground
And challenged over and over again
Until freedom’s world was found
Liberated nations cheered delight
A world was aimed anew
But for so many who had lost a life
The tears fell hard and true
They stepped forth for their Nation
They stepped forth for a world to be
They stepped forth to chase the evil back
Keep their families safe and free
Through life times of years gone by
Up to this present day
A brethren strong with so much might
Stepped forth for you and me
We owe so much to those who’ve walked
In fear yet oh so strong
So brave in every step they took
So many now are gone
They have challenged life itself each day
And stood for what was right
They did it with their heart and soul
And stood with all their might
Lord love the souls of these so brave
And cherish duty’s call
For they gave all for a better world
On behalf of one and all.
At this time of Remembrance
Into our hearts we welcome those
Who have walked this solemn journey forth
For those who needed a friend along
We recall their families, loved ones, friends,
For so many have paid the price
Of freedom, or for a world in peace
Or to fight terror in another place
Oh Lord we hold their honour high
Our tears have washed the path
For those who take their torch to stand
As to them the torch is passed
Forever near we promise
We will honour these hearts so brave
And stand nearby their families, friends
For the sacrifice they gave

By Roger Borchert,
Our Hearts, Our Tears, Our Prayers
Thank You. The Borchert Family, Slave Lake Alberta
Roger Borchert
July 16, 2010
Miss you Bro.
April 3, 2010
As I focus this Easter Sunday
My heart goes out to you
For a Chair is sitting empty
For a Hero Brave and True
Who gave a life for Canada
And a world we should become
A better world for all to share
A better world for everyone

They had raised their eyes in honour
To the Flag that flew above
They had sung its anthem strongly
In their hearts so full of love
It began for them in childhood
And sang out for years to come
At the vision of the Flag above
Onto which their hearts had clung
This special group, a brotherhood
That stepped forth to a country’s call
For them the Flag was calling
Could not turn away this love
For them it was the strongest call
The path that led the way
For they had held it steadfast near
Flying high above each day
And then one sad, so tragic day
The leaf flew from the sky
To wrap and hold them tightly bound
In return for all their love
It warmed their weary bodies
Clung closer to their hearts
And to hearts that shared the pain, their loss
At such a tremendous cost
Wrapped within the hug that flew above
Love’s vision, all their lives
Now carried forth in a country’s love
For their loving sacrifice

By Roger Borchert
They Will Be Remembered
The Borchert Family, Slave Lake, Alberta
Roger Borchert
December 23, 2009
To the Families of Our Fallen. Thinking of you this Christmas

The tears that fall to a winter’s sky
A loved one looks off into the night
For Christmas Eve is a lonely time
When a loved one is not held tight
We know they would have been here
For their families, for their friends
If they had not given our world the gift
In their service to all mankind
They stepped forth to change a world so wrong
Lift a country from it’s past
To provide a future for those in need
A future to go forth and last
But someone stole this life so strong
The beauty of a thought
Of stepping forth, to stand protect
And the goodness it could have brought
Please fill this void, warm this broken heart
Who looks out upon this eve
Troubled in a thought, a loss
Of someone now so close to thee
Oh lord please place a gentle thought
A memory of a time
When joy would fill this household warm
And keep it there at Christmas time
Let this family know we care so much
They should not be alone
Please help our thoughts be passed along
To warm those within this home
For Christmas is a time to know
That the coming of this child
Provides for all across our earth
To be reunited with that smile
The one that used to hold a hand
Or hold us in a hug
The one for whom we shed these tears
On this cold and lonely night
Please hold them close on Christmas morn
Celebrate the birthday of this child
Who came to bring salvation forth
To reunite them in awhile

By Roger Borchert

We pray oh Lord you stand near this Christmas to warm, to hold these families tight and mend these hearts so torn. Wishing you all the best this Christmas and throughout the coming year.

The Borchert Family, Slave Lake, Alberta
Roger Borchert
November 19, 2009
I miss you little cuz, and I want you to know how strong your mom has been throughout this past year, she has been such an inspiration.
I love talking about my memories of our childhood together with my kids, and telling them what a great guy you were.
I want to thank you for the strength you had and the difference you made in the lives of others. You are a hero to me and I love you.

R. I. P.

Love You, Always
Catharine Dufour
November 8, 2009
In Respect of our Military Families, Our Fallen, and Wounded on Remembrance Day

For what we take for granted
So many have died for
So many lives so vastly changed
At the dreadful cost of war
There is the good; there is the bad
A liberated nation cheers
Left in dread for those young souls lost
Devastated a world back home
Efforts to protect a peace
That no one thought was near
Laying lives upon the line
Visions at times so unclear
Lives touched by fear or lived in dread
Of wounded coming home
Of crosses lined in many rows
From a trip down a heroes road
I have been sitting on the bank
Of a river flowing by
Flowing heavy with the flood of tears
From their family’s eyes
For on this day of remembrance
Their thoughts, their dreams, their prayers
Are focused on a loved one lost
Leaving them in such despair
My heart it wants to reach out
Let them know I can’t forget
The gift they’ve laid for their fellow man
Tis the greatest gift to give
So humbled in a moment’s thought
So treasured was the step
That they took forth at their country’s call
Let it never be forgot
We measure freedom lightly now
For we’ve grown so familiar with
But if not for those who took this step
And gave this precious gift
Would we take it so very lightly
Would we have the chance to vent
About all that annoys and bothers us
Without retribution for what we’ve said
So thankful they stood so proudly for
All that we hold so dear
All that makes us Canada
For me it’s oh so clear
For some others they just don’t get it
They think so little of
What has been placed in front of them
At the cost of someone’s love
If I could send forth a message
Place it in a bottle, float it by
I’d provide a note of how much I care
For those whose tears are flowing by
If I could walk along this shore
Such a warming hug I’d give
To those who’ve lost a loved one
So we can live the way we live

By Roger Borchert

So Many gave so much so we could be who we are. So Proud to be Canadian
We will Remember Them

Our Hearts, Our Tears, Our Prayers
The Borchert Family, Slave Lake Alberta
Roger Borchert
November 5, 2009
We knew little that day. When you passed away. You slipped from our finger tips. We miss you we love you. We want you back in our arms. One day we will see you again and cry of happiness. We know you are in a better place. One with no guns or fights. We will meet you in Heaven. We promise. WE shall never forget u ever.... Love you Drew!
April 8, 2009
Thinking of our Canadian Fallen Soldiers due to our efforts in Afghanistan. For them, their families, friends and fellow soldiers during this Easter Season: this Poem was written with the help of one of their Mothers. For her assistance and inspiration I am so very, very grateful.

We thank you Lord for being near
And for your gifts given unto us
We thank you too for sending forth
Your son’s so gentle touch
He provides our world with caring hearts
Without which we could not love
He gives strength to those who would step forth
In a world hidden but from above
They’ve stepped beneath terrors darkened clouds
Too many whisked away
We pray Oh Lord you gather them
Provide them a new day
Please take them close, near to thee
We entrust them to your care
Let them rest awhile hold them near
And set their spirits free
May they stand proud now
Among their peers
Families, friends, and loved ones too
For in the loving Grace of an angel’s touch
We’re drawn so much closer unto you

Thank you so very much for your efforts and sacrifice towards making our world a better place.

Our tears, our hearts, our prayers
Roger Borchert
The Borchert Family, Slave Lake, Alberta
Roger Borchert
February 26, 2009
JOHN (john john) ,Marcie,&Camryn Edwards
December 31, 2008
For the loved ones of Canada’s Fallen Heroes

May the New Year bring
A warmth to thee
That helps to heal the heart
That mends the fracture caused within
That’s torn you apart
May it whisper in your ear at night
That love is standing near
That you will never be alone
A warmth to quell your fear
May it welcome you in mornings’ light
And be near throughout the day
Standing near to comfort you
In a needed special way
May you always know
The time will come
Together you will be
Find in the tear a memory brings
The joy it helped you see

May the lord be near throughout the year, come and help in every day, that it takes for you to overcome this tragedy life did play.

Our Hearts, Our tears, Our Prayers
The Borchert Family, Slave Lake Alberta
Roger Borchert
December 20, 2008
For the families, loved ones, and friends of Canada’s fallen soldiers: It was written this evening with thoughts of what you and your families are going through at this season and could not hold it back any longer. It is my Christmas gift to you all.

I thank you for wandering near
As you think of where I lie
You think of what I went through
And a tear wells up inside

Let not that tear
Fall for me I’m sitting watching you
For I’m not there at all no more
I’m here inside of you

I’m sitting near within your thoughts
And in your memories
I’m just the thought a gentle breeze
In a gust of memory

I’m the gentle shiver when you are near
I’m the glimmer in your eye
I’m the sparkle that a teardrop brings
When it wells up in your eye

I’m the smile a fond moment brings
I’m the warmth you held so dear
Remember that, as time goes by
And know I’m standing near

As you look upon the Christmas tree
Shinning at this time of year
Know the Lord sent his only son
So that I could be standing near

May our Lord be near you all.

Our hearts and prayers go out to you all during this so difficult time of year. Please know that it comes complete with the glisten of tears held within the eyes of it’s, author Roger Borchert. Thank you so very much for the efforts of your loved one towards making our world a better place

The Borchert Family, Slave Lake Alberta
Roger Borchert
December 20, 2008
What you have done for your country is incomparable. There are few who step up and do what you have done. Your selfless acts and dedication to Canada are things your family can remember you by always. Rest in Peace, you are a true hero.
Lou B
November 16, 2008
Please accept my deepest sympathies. I pray that you will find solace knowing that your courageous son strongly believed in his mission, and that he graced so many with his strength, giving them hope and comfort amid their unimaginable suffering. I will always keep Andrew in my thoughts and prayers. Sincerely,
Nita Saville
November 6, 2008
In Respect and Remembrance of Our Fallen Warriors, their Mothers, Fathers, Wives, Children, Grandparents, Loved Ones, Friends, Fellow Troops, and all those Canadians whose hearts and tears lay at your side; I submit:

There are no words that I can place here in this registry that could ever justify or explain the loss of your loved one, friend, or fellow soldier. Please know that my family and I cannot stand idly by, without taking a moment, to express how much our hearts go out to you. There is no greater gift towards the future of our country, our world, our humanity, than the efforts and sacrifices made by our Canadian forces towards making our world a better place. Whatever the politics of the day, whatever the leadership of the moment, our selfless warriors have stepped forth to deploy to meet the needs of our changing world, with honour and an integrity that is unrivalled. We as Canadians truly bow and honour your efforts and sacrifice.

We have fallen on fields of battle
In lands so far from home
We have marched to war in honour
For those who’ve felt alone
We have defended those who couldn’t
And stood between the lines
Of two opposing armies
In this new world in our time
We have stood for those who cannot
For those who are oppressed
Standing shoulder to shoulder
To help others do their best
We have held our line with honour
Fury held at bay
Rebuilding a broken nation
To allow all to have a say
Our sons and daughters moms and dads
Stepped forth to make it so
A gift given for a better world
Such a precious gift you know
Our youth in pride have stepped forth
Do this job as best they can
Lay their life upon the line
Each true Canadians
They will not be forgotten
We can never turn away
They have taught the price of giving
In such an honoured way
For where would our world be then
If we just stood by and watched
Could we look ourselves in the eye
And say it wasn’t lost

Our tears. Our thanks. Our prayers.
The Borchert Family, Slave Lake, Alberta
Roger Borchert
October 29, 2008
I am so sorry for you loss, may god comfort his family and friends in this time of loss.

God bless.
MCpl Michelle Watkins
October 24, 2008
To the grenon family, we are all sad and sorry for your loss.
Andrew rest in peace
Ben "LAV" Laviolette
October 1, 2008
Thank you to all for your thoughts, memories, and condolences. Each entry is a treasure and we cherish them. Speaking for Paul, Cecile & Jeffrey Grenon, and Michael & Matthew Charbonneau, I am Theresa Charbonneau, Andrew's mom.
Theresa Charbonneau
September 30, 2008
I just want to thank Andrew for making the ultimate sacrafice to keep myself and other Canadians safe. I appreciate it greatly because I know I could never be as brave as he is. I am very sorry for your loss, but be assured that he will always be remembered as a hero.
Debra Datta
September 27, 2008
Andrew i hope you rest in peace imonly an nine-year-old but your aunt Mrs.B.Dechamp i keep you in my prayer Andrew hope you will feel good when you rest.:) :D
Mylan Nguyen
September 24, 2008
No words can describe your loss, Andrew and his family will be in our prayers, at the going down of the sun we will remember them.
Parents of Sgt Scott Shipway KIA Sept 7 08
Susan & Charles Shipway
September 24, 2008
Thank you for being so brave. My condolences go out to your family and loved ones.
September 21, 2008
Oh lord please hear
Our pain runs deep
At the loss of so many sons
Oh lord be near
To those who wait
The return of those so dear

Oh lord give strength
Help us endure
This foe we’re up against
Oh lord please guide
Our warrior lads
As they stand for those who can’t

Help us provide
A better life
In this your changing world
For those oppressed
And left behind
With no future to be unfurled

In doing so
Please stand near
Mothers, fathers, daughters, and sons
Who’ve lost a loved one
Stepping forth
Your comfort needed to overcome

Let the world know
We’ve stood near
To those who need a friend
For those who need
A helping hand
In a country on the mend

We do, so dearly, thank you all and your loved ones for your efforts towards making our world a better place.

The Borchert Family Slave Lake Alberta
Roger Borchert
September 18, 2008
I wish to express my deepest condolences on the loss of your son. While I know it is an extremely difficult time and no words can ease your pain, I want you to know that your family are very much in my thoughts and prayers. May your sorrow be softened by the presence of family, friends your own inner strength and in the knowledge that they all believed in what they were doing and were making a difference.

I can only pray that our memories and our enormous pride in our sons will nourish our souls and allow all of us to get through the difficult times ahead. God Bless

Bev McCraw
(Mother of Sgt. Shawn Eades - August 20, 2008)
Bev McCraw
September 17, 2008
So sorry for your loss.
Master Cpl Russell Moore
September 17, 2008
God Bless.
Verna Flett
September 16, 2008
May God be with you and your family during this difficult time. God Bless You All.
Steven Stimac
September 16, 2008
My most heartfelt condolences to the family, friends, fellow soldiers and girlfriend of Cpl. Andrew Grenon at what has to be the most difficult time you'll ever know. I know true comfort is impossible to feel at this time so let your pride for Andrew guide you. He is deserving of the highest respect and admiration for proudly taking his place where he felt he belonged. He stood proud for his country and his fellow Canadians ought never forget the sacrifice he made for all of us. My heart is heavy with pride and sympathy for Andrew and his family.

RIP Cpl. Grenon
Wendi Maroon
September 16, 2008
It was a great honour to be present with a few of our windsor cmc chapter 017 (canadian family riding club) motorcycles, and friends. May god be with you all!!
Rosemary Coomber
September 16, 2008
May God bless you and your family in this time of sorrow.
Brenda Goudreau
September 15, 2008
He shall not be forgotten. Peace be with you.
David Crawford
September 15, 2008
Our thoughts and prayers are with you at this difficult time. We are all proud of Andrew and his belief that he could be a part of changing the world for the better. From talking to my family who attended his funeral, it sounds like he not only did his part to help those affected by this war, but he also gave his heart to help those in his own city, judging from the many who attended the service and lined the streets with their signs and flags. Every man, woman and child who witnessed this great tribute to his life will remember that he stood for peace and freedom, and in turn will pay that forward at some time in their life. Andrew did make a difference in our world.
Joanne (nee Dresser) Stover
September 15, 2008
Our thoughts and prayers are with you during this difficult time. May God bless.
Sue & Adam Dottermann
September 15, 2008
Jocelyne Roy
September 14, 2008
Words could never express the saddnss that is felt. We all owe a debt that can never be repaid not only to Andrew but to all our Troops God Bless all of them
Scott and Jacqueline Devers
September 14, 2008
Please accept our deepest condolences for your tragic loss.
We did not know Andrew, but he will be forever remembered in our hearts as a hero who was taken away much too soon.
We had a moment of silence and a toast for Andrew at a gathering of about 60 people at Willistead this past Friday.
God Bless the Grenon family during this difficult time. You are in our prayers.
Michelle Mainwaring & Glen Hartley
Michelle Mainwaring
September 14, 2008
Our heartfelt sympathy to the loving family of dear Andrew. You must be proud of him and his great courage to serve our Country in this way. Also, to try to bring peace back to a torn and broken people. We will not forget what he has done for us, and will think of you throughout the coming year. May the Lord give you peace and comfort in your time of deep sorrow, and sadness..for one day you will meet him again in glory with His savior by his side. He is safe in the hands of the one who knows all our hardships, and He truly understands. God bless you all, and thankyou for Andrew.
PS (our young son ,Justin, was standing outside of Roseland School as the procession went by on the 12th, holding the Canadian flag in honor of Andrew..along with all the other children. This will always have an impact on his life as well.)
Neil, Lori, Rebecca, & Justin Crouch
September 13, 2008
Andrew. i cried for you today. rip buddy
September 13, 2008
I would like to extend my deepest
condolence to the Grenon family. He
was a hero. I knew his aunt Carol and
she was a dear freind of mine. May God be with you in your time of sorrow. You will be in my prayers. God Bless you and the Grenon family.
CindyLou Scott
September 13, 2008
R.I.P. Cpl. Andrew Grenon. Didn't know you, but you knew to go and do what's right. Peace.
September 13, 2008
I would like to extend my deepest sympathy to Cpl. Andrew Grenon's family. I will keep you in my prayers and in my thoughts through this difficult journey. I had the pleasure of meeting your son, when I taught at St. Joe's Sec., he was a ray of sunshine with a heart of gold.
Janice Boismier
September 13, 2008
i did not know andrew, but i have a few friends who did know him, he sounded like a great guy, my prayers go out the the grennon family.
September 13, 2008
Our thoughts and prayers are with this brave young man, his family and loved ones.
September 13, 2008
Our deepest sympathy to Cpl. Andrew Grenon's family. Our thoughts and prayers are with you at this time of sorrow. May God be with you all and for evermore.

May his soul, and the soul of all the dearly departed, in the mercy of God, rest in peace. AMEN...
Dan & Linda Rossignol
September 13, 2008
To The Grenon Family,
My thoughts and prayers are with you during this most difficult time. My son age 22 and my brother age 25 are both in the Canadian Navy. My brother on the HMCS Calgary in the middle east at the time of this writing. No words can bring you comfort, nothing I could say would make a difference. I just wanted to tell you that there are many of us with sons and daughters serving this country who are thinking of you and praying for you. God bless you and your family.
Sherrie Durocher
September 13, 2008
it is with a heavy heart that i pass on my deepest regerts at your loss. he was a hero in all our minds.

r campbell cd
sgt ret
royce campbell
September 13, 2008
Thank you for your sacrifice, your courage and belief in a free world for all. Angels have guided you home and we honor your bravery. On behalf of all Demers' and Jacques Demers we salute you and your family.
Judi Demers
September 13, 2008
Dear Theresa: So sorry for your great loss-our Canadian hero. Didn't realize who Andrew was till Uncle Lorne from Michigan (Lloyd's brother) called to tell me.I would have come to pay my respects to you and your family. May all our wonderful deceased relatives look after your Andrew in heaven and may God give you strength and courage. Your cousin ,Paula
Paula Morrison (Pare)
September 13, 2008
Hey there Andrew's family sorry for the lost of Andrew he was a very good guy but we all loved him very very much but we are very very sorry to hear that he is gone but he is in good hands know but we will all be with him one day Andrew's friend Christina & Michael Grieve Ps. god bless u all Grenon Family
Christina & Michael Grieve
September 13, 2008
So sad, Andrew.
Your dad, Paul and I were always talking about your adventure and were so much proud of you at Cooper. Have a good sleep and we will continue to talk about you in Heaven.
Quick Sushi
September 13, 2008
Dear Family and Colleagues/Friends of Andrew Grenon
I would like to take this opportunity to extend my condolescences to all of you upon the loss of Andrew Grenon. Thank you for his military service and valour in the line of duty. My heart and prayers are sent with appreciation and hope . May God heal the pain and help all soldiers in Afghanistan.
Deborah Lynn Beetham
Former employee of Fabco.
Deborah Beetham
September 13, 2008
My heart is full of saddness and prayers for the family and friends of Cpl. Andrew Grenon. As being a military wife myself, I have seen many go and come back including my husband back in 2002. Just remember he has done our country proud.
Cheryl Hazard
September 13, 2008
Dear Grenon family...

Our sympathy to you and your families...Our prayers and thoughts are with you and Andrew will always be in your heart...

Our Sympathies
September 13, 2008
Thank You Cpl. Andrew Grenon. You will always be remembered for the precious gift of life you have given to our great country "Canada". May your sacrifice help to bring peace within the world. We love you.
LaVerne and Cécile Martins
September 13, 2008
I am so sorry for your loss. I pray in time your memories will lessen your pain.
Linda Hallett Fraser
September 13, 2008
To the Grenon Family..
Today the Brothers in arms have lost yet another dedicated man of honour,and service. You,you have lost more then most could cope with."A dear SON".May GOD give you peace when the time is most appropriate for you.Andrew I salute you and your efforts dear friend...YOUR COUNTRY IS PROUD OF YOU..SALUTE
Tina Gabrieau
September 13, 2008
Our thoughts, prayers and condolences are going out to the Grenon family. A brave young man defending his Country; we are very proud and honoured that he served for us. God bless your family.
September 13, 2008
thank you Andrew for your efforts to make a better world. God bless your family and friends and canada.You were to young to go,to Brave to stay God needed you at his gate is that o.k. rest in peace young man.
d s d m o'c's
September 13, 2008
We are very sorry for your loss. Andrew went to school with our children. Although we never met him, we know he was a very special young man. May God bless all of you during this extremely difficult time. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.
Ron & Mary Lemay & family
September 13, 2008
My deepest sympathy to the family and friend's of Cpl. Andrew Grenon he will never be forgotten. We will keep him in are prayer's. Thank You Andrew.
Colette Sleiman and Family
September 13, 2008
Please accept our condolances from my family. My son remembers Andrew from St. Joseph's & from Joey who was friends with Andrew. Our hearts are sad for your family & our prayers are with you. Andrew is a true hero who did his part to keep all of us safe.
Nancy McKnight
September 13, 2008
Our heartfelt sympathies are sent out to the family and friends of Andrew Grenon. We are deeply saddened by the loss of yet another hero. May the memories you hold dear comfort you in this time of grief. God bless.
Pauline McFarlane & Family
September 12, 2008
To the Grenon Family,

My deepest condolences and sincerest thanks for what CPL Grenon has done for our country. As a military wife I send my deepest sympathy to the entire family. Know that what Andrew has done for us as a community and as a country will not be forgotten. Cpl Grenon I salute you! You are a HERO! May you rest in peace.
September 12, 2008
You have made us all Proud
Paul Stringer
September 12, 2008
Words cannot express the sorrow we feel for the loss of one so young. Our prayers and thoughts are with you and your family at this time. May the support of all the people be a comfort to you for the loss of your son. Andrew will always be a hero for everyone.
Maureen and Phil Henderson
September 12, 2008
To the family of Andrew,
I didnt know him but he is a hero. God bless your family during this saddened loss.
thank you Andrew for keeping us safe and the USA
September 12, 2008
so sad, for so many. Our hearts go out to you. God and Peace be with you 'Keeper' 'Canadian Motorcycle Cruisers', Windsor 017
Kris Smith/Postma
September 12, 2008
Thank you Andrew for thinking of others first...this is what God wants all of us to do, look out for each other while we're here on Earth. You accomplished the job that you were needed for and opened up the door for others to continue the in peace've earned it. God Bless
September 12, 2008
I am sorry for your loss. My condolences to the family of Andrew Grenon. My thoughts are with you.
September 12, 2008
Thank you for your service Andrew. You will be remembered
September 12, 2008
May your hearts mend in time, and his memories last forever. God bless your family in your time of sorrow.
September 12, 2008
Cindylou Scott
September 12, 2008
Please except our condolences, we will pray for all of you.
Paula and Gary McNorton
September 12, 2008
My sincere condolences to the Family of Andrew Grenon. My thoughts are with you at this difficult time. May God Bless all of you.
Patricia (Pat)
September 12, 2008
While your son was coming home, my husband was leaving to Afghanistan. We are truly sorry for the loss of your son. You should be very proud of your son's accomplishments, he was a true Canadian hero. I'm happy to see the local support you are receiving and may that bring you some comfort during this difficult time.
Keeping you and all our troops in our prayers.

Trisa Thompson & Family
Trisa Thompson
September 12, 2008
The Cost of a Soldier

A True Soldier is tough indeed, standing tall and strong when there is a need.

A Soldier also feels sadness, pain, and sorrow, sometimes not looking forward to the trials of tomorrow.

When a soldier is wounded in battle or fight, the hurt and the pain of his comrades ignite.

When news reaches friends and family at home, how their worries and minds begin to roam.

But still he serves with no regrets, defending you and me. The next time you see a soldier, remember freedom's never free.

When a Soldier is wounded far beyond repair, the loss and pain felt can not compare.

The Cost of a Soldier is set so very high, they assure our freedom will always apply.

Love, patience, trust and hope is what a Soldier needs, to get them through what most would call some very treacherous deeds.

A Soldier lives a life of honor,
though this he cannot see.
He serves his country proudly, protecting you and me.

Dear Lord please watch over our Military today, as they work hard to keep our freedom everyday.

For the wounded and the families of Soldiers lost, Please bless them with abundant love, for we know not the cost.

The Cost of a Soldier is set so very high our support for them we should never deny.

Take comfort in knowing your son will forever be remembered as a TRUE CANDIAN HERO, weep not for heaven is where angels belong.

Erica Skuhala
erica skuhala
September 12, 2008
I wish to extend my most deepest sympathies to the family. Be pround and wak tall, Andrew was and will forever be a hero. May God bless you and be with you in your time of sorrow. I stood on Ouellette and watched -- the outpouring of this community was wonderful. God Bless.
September 12, 2008
Your son was a very brave man Please except my condolences and will pray for all of you
Shirley Nantais
September 12, 2008
We are so very sorry for your loss. It was a privilege to see the City of Windsor stop and honour Andrew. Thank you Andrew for your service.
September 12, 2008
Theresa, I am so sorry to have heard of Andrew's passing and my thoughts and prayers are with you. You must be so proud of this wonderful young man who served so proudly and ultimately, so completely.

May God bless you and your family through these very difficult times.

Eleanore I. Quaggiotto (Retired Customs Officer)
Eleanore Quaggiotto
September 12, 2008
Our prayers are with you and your family and friends during this sad time. You must be so proud of your son. My deepest condolences for your loss. I pray for your strength.
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