George John Bishop

George  John  Bishop
World Trade Center

A Cliché, but Accurate

Do not tell Betsy Bishop that the description "family man" is a cliché -- she knows it. Still, there is no better way to characterize her husband, George Bishop, who, she said, treasured taking his two sons to soccer games, going on beach vacations, having guests for intimate dinners and listening to music.

"He wouldn't just have music on in the background, he'd really be listening," Mrs. Bishop said. "And he wasn't a party person, but he was a very genial host, great at bringing people together."

Mr. Bishop, who was 52 and worked for the Aon Corporation, was the kind of person who would bring you your papers on the way back from the office fax machine, or walk a seeing-eye dog three miles a day as a favor, just to give it exercise.

Profile published in THE NEW YORK TIMES on October 9, 2001.

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