Rosa Maria "Rosemary" Chapa

Rosa  Maria  Rosemary Chapa

Rosemary Chapa, 64, of Springfield, Va., had worked in the Pentagon for 20 years, the last as a high-ranking civilian employee of the Defense Intelligence Agency.

Her section's offices moved within the last month to the first floor of the newly renovated section of the Pentagon, the part of the building hit Tuesday. She remained one of the seven people missing from her office Friday.

Though brisk and efficient in the office--she had worked in the past for the Joint Chiefs of Staff--at home Chapa was acquiescing, a humble woman who shopped for herself in discount stores.

She grew up near San Antonio, Texas, and was a teen when she married Jose Javier Chapa. Together they raised five children. At the Pentagon, she dealt with budget allocations and manpower matters for the DIA, but made it a point--often playfully--never to be too specific about what she did, said Phillip McGowan, who is engaged to Chapa's daughter.

Profile courtesy of THE CHICAGO TRIBUNE.

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