Dorothy Alma deAraujo

Dorothy Alma deAraujo
United Flight 175

Follower of Artistic Dream

An artistic longing stayed with Dorothy deAraujo from a childhood in Depression-era Chicago to a retirement spent painting in vivid colors in the Naples community of Long Beach, Calif.

Her father sold clothes wringers while her mother worked in a department store. She studied nights at the Art Institute of Chicago but her parents didn't see a future in her paintbrushes. And so she deferred her dream.

Mrs. deAraujo spent 20 years as an executive administrative assistant at California State University's Long Beach campus. On retiring, she was allowed free courses there. "She wanted to advance beyond watercolors and learn about decoupage, oils and sculpture," said her son, Tim deAraujo Jr. At 69, she earned a B.A. in fine art.

Mrs. deAraujo, 80, drew pen-and-ink postcards of Naples' Italian-style canals. Soon, she had a budding art business and an atelier above her garage to show her work.

She kept art supplies at her son's home in Bedford, Mass., so she could paint when visiting there, as she was last September, before getting on Flight 175 for her return.

Profile published in THE NEW YORK TIMES on September 10, 2002.

DOROTHY ALMA DEARAUJO, 80, of Long Beach, Calif., was known in her seaside neighborhood as "our artist" because she captured the area's canals, boats, home and shops in detailed, bright watercolors. DeAraujo was a passenger on United Flight 175 that hit the south tower of the World Trade Center. DeAraujo was a frequent traveler to countries famous for their scenery and museums such as France, Australia, Italy and Brazil. She was 69 years old when she earned a bachelor's degree in art at California State University.

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