Mark J. Colaio

World Trade Center

Together, Start to Finish

There are countless ways to encapsulate Mark and Stephen Colaio, but the T-shirts do it in three words. The brothers owned matching shirts that they wore every chance they got. On the front was inscribed, "Life Is Good."

"They drank up life," said their sister, Jean Colaio Steinbach. Mark was 34, two years older than Stephen, and in the best sense of an elder brother, he always looked out for him. As their sister put it, "From Little League to Wall Street, they were best friends."

Mark Colaio was a senior managing director and ran the agency desk at Cantor Fitzgerald, and he recruited his brother to work with him as a broker on the desk.

Granted, they had their distinctive sides. Stephen Colaio, for instance, adored the song "Rapper's Delight" by the Sugar Hill Gang, and knew it by heart.

Then there was that hair thing with Mark Colaio. One day last summer, he and his father, Victor, were getting their hair cut. They decided to opt for pretty short. In an impromptu moment, they decided to go the limit and shaved their heads entirely. They announced that shaved heads would henceforth become a summer ritual.

Family was paramount to the brothers Colaio. Mark Colaio lived with his wife, June, and two children, Delaney, 3, and Joseph, 22 months, in TriBeCa. Stephen Colaio, who was engaged, lived a few blocks away. So did their sister.

One recent night, Victor Colaio told his daughter, "I lost my beautiful sons, but I lost my two best friends. That's how I feel about it. They were my best friends."

Profile published in THE NEW YORK TIMES on December 9, 2001.

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