Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

New to and have questions? Hopefully we can answer them below.

If you have any further questions that are not covered in the FAQ’s please get in contact with our support team who will be happy to help.

Q - Who is

A - is the place where the world pauses to embrace the power of a life well-lived. We believe that a single life story can provide extraordinary inspiration, even after that person has died. So, we champion every life, knowing it can connect us in unexpected, powerful ways.

Today, is the global leader in online obituaries, a top-50 website in the United States, and a destination for over 40 million unique visitors each month around the world. Founded in 1998, is honoured to serve users by partnering with more than 1,500 newspapers and 3,500 funeral homes across the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and Europe. These partnerships provide easy ways for consumers to express condolences, share direct support for families, and celebrate the people who have touched their lives.

Now for the first time, we are making Legacy’s announcement capabilities available directly to the general public in the UK. is a privately held company headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, with additional offices in L.A, California; and London, England.

Q - Why would I use the site?

A - Traditionally announcing a death is something that would happen in print, normally in your local newspaper. This is changing, and increasingly information is being shared first on social media, but generally social media does not allow this most sensitive information to be treated with the respect and care that it needs.

On most social media sites comments are un-moderated and there is no way for you or your loved ones to easily return to your information and update it as the situation changes and plans evolve. This important information easily gets lost in the clutter of our ever-changing social media information streams.

Announcing a death on gives you a central point that you can create, manage and share, then update and re-share as things change, all in a safe moderated environment.

Your announcement provides you with one place where family and friends can share their memories and condolences that can easily be returned to at any time, creating that central place for your loved one's life story to live on.

Q - What is the moderation process?

A - Moderation of all Condolences and Memories added to an announcement is key to the service provides, all Condolences and Memories are moderated by experienced members of the Legacy support team, nothing will be added to your announcement without having been reviewed by one of the team first.

Moderation of Condolences and Memories means that nothing inappropriate, for example any profanity found in the text would mean that it will not pass moderation and will not be added to an announcement.

We aim to review any Condolences and Memories within 24hrs of them being submitted. If you have any further question on our moderation process, please contact our support team.

Q - What location should I use on an announcement?

A - The location is an important part of the announcement, a lot of people looking for local announcements will search the site by an area or town. The location is used to help others find this information so while you could use a number of locations use the most likely one people would recognise. For example, you could use the last city, town or village the person lived in.

Q - What information should I include in the announcement text?

A - Traditionally a print announcement would follow a reasonably set format, you can choose to keep your announcement traditional and just provide the key bits of information, for example;


Peacefully after a long battle with (disease), at (name of hospice, hospital, residence, “at home” etc.), (name of person again) aged …, beloved wife/husband of …, mother/father of …, …, and … and grandmother/grandfather of …, …, … and …. Will be sadly missed by all who knew her/him. Funeral will be at (location) (date) (time). Donations if you wish to (charity of choice).

Or alternatively you can expand on this information, and as you have no limits to the amount of information you can add to your announcement it would be nice to include more information on the person’s life, for example;

  • Date and place of birth
  • Date and place of marriage
  • Some educational history, including schools attended and degrees or honours received
  • Details of any Military service, including any honours or awards received
  • Employment history, including positions held, awards received, or special achievements
  • Membership of any organisations, including religious, cultural, civic, or fraternal
  • Special accomplishments
  • Hobbies and interests

Also, please keep in mind you can come back and update the announcement text at any time, so it is never finished, you can keep adding information as and when you see fit.

Q - I’m having difficulties knowing what to write in my announcement, can you help?

A - At the bottom of the announcement text section there is a link “Need help starting?” clicking here will show you some starting lines that will help with writing your announcement, and keep in mind your announcement can be updated at any time, so it is ok to keep to it brief to begin with so you can share your announcement, and then update it further at a later date when you have more to add.

Q - Can I add a charity to my announcement?

A - Yes, you can a up to two charities in the profile section of the site. You can add a link to one of the popular charities, and you can also add a link to a specific JustGiving page. If the charity you are looking to add isn’t list in the available charities, please contact the support team.

Q - Why are the social media buttons greyed out?

A - Announcements can only be shared once it has been published, the social media buttons will become active once your announcement has been published.

Q - Why is my announcement marked as unverified?

A - Announcements are marked in this way as we do not have the required information (death certificate, or instruction from a funeral director) to guarantee the validity of the announcement.

Q - Why do I need to sign up to use

A - To create and publish your announcement we need you to set up an account. We understand that the information you are trusting us with is very sensitive and we want to ensure you that we will keep your information as securely as possible.

Q - Why do I need to verify my email address?

A - We want to be as sure as we can that the announcements that are created on our site are coming from a reliable source, also knowing that we have a valid email address means we can contact you in the unlikely event that there are any issues with your announcement.

Q - How can I change the email address on my account?

A - Please get in contact with our support team who will be happy to help you make that change to your account.

Q - Can I update my announcement once it has been published?

A – Yes. Once you have published your announcement you can come back to it and edit it whenever you need. To get back to your announcement, login in to the site, then click the “My account” link at the top of the site, on this screen you will see a list of all the announcements you have made, find the announcement you want to update and click the edit button to the right of the announcement name. You will then be able to update any aspect of your announcement. You are free to make changes to your announcements at any time.

Q - What happens to my announcement once it has been published?

A - Once you have published your announcement, it will be added to and will be available to find via the search on the site, you can then share the announcement via any of our social sharing tools. The announcement will also be made available on the corresponding Facebook page.

Q - Who can I contact to get more information on

A - Please get in contact with our support team who will be happy to help.

Q - Are there any specific tools for funeral directors to add information to

A - Please get in contact with our support team who will be happy to help.

Q - How do I change my password?

A - Go to the “my account” link at the top of the site, and at the bottom of the page there is a “change password” button that will take you through the process.

If you have any further questions that are not covered in the FAQ’s please get in contact with our support team who will be happy to help.