Henryk Skolimowski
1930 - 2018
Skolimowski, Henryk 5/4/1930 - 4/6/2018 Warsaw, Poland Henryk Skolimowski, 87, resident of Warsaw, Poland, died on Friday. --- Henryk was born in Warsaw in the interwar period, experiencing as a child the many perils of WW2. He went on to study philosophy at Oxford, earning his PhD in 1964. He taught philosophy at USC for 7 years, moving to U-M in 1970. He taught in the Dept of Humanities, College of Engineering, for over 20 years, before his retirement in 1994. --- Henryk is survived by his wife, Joan (Juanita) Skolimowski. --- Funeral arrangements will be held in Warsaw on Saturday 12 May. In lieu of flowers or cards, the family is suggesting a small donation to the non-profit Eco-Philosophy Center (contact [email protected]). --- Henryk was an amazingly prolific and creative philosopher. From his early and ground-breaking work in philosophy of technology, he moved to environmental issues. He was one of the central founders of 'eco-philosophy,' envisioning a shift in worldviews from mechanistic thinking towards reverence and stewardship for the Earth and all life. His later work focused on the metaphysics of light as a unifying cosmic principle. In all, he published nearly two dozen books and over 200 articles. Henryk's exceptional life was one of immense hope and inspiration; he will be deeply missed.
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Published by Ann Arbor News from Apr. 9 to Apr. 12, 2018.
, Warsaw, MI
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Dear Friends of Eco-Philosophy,
On May 04, 2021 we are celebrating Henryk Skolimowski's 91th Birthday and the Fourth Eco-Philosophy Day. Let us creatively devote our day to the memory of our beloved Late Professor Henryk Skolimowski, the creator of Eco-Philosophy.
Every time we read Henryk's philosophy every time it recharges our nerves with renewed hope and helps us reinvent our roots of life and pathways of our Evolution. The Skolimowskian Eco-Philosophy has gifted us a New Mind, the Participatory Mind, a Mind which he referred to as THE MOST FASCINATING FACULTY OF THE UNIVERSE.

The world is immersed in difficult times "ruled" by unruly Coronavirus. A philosophyteaching us clinging to nature's rules and pursuing paths of Evolution has always helped us come out of crises. All crises of life emanate from environmental crises. The Skolimowskian eco-philosophy teaches us how we can heal our planet and why healing the self is a prerequisite for healing the Earth. Eco-Philosophy is all-potent to revive our dying planet.
Henryk once asked me to write on Vegetarianism. I have chosen this topic to ponder over on the occasion of the Fourth Eco-Philosophy Day. As we know Coronaviruses' jump from wildanimals (bats and/ or pangolin) to human beings is primarilybecause of two reasons:encroachment into natural ecosystems originally homes to variety of life forms and because of consumption of wild animals. Vegetarianism is not just a food habit, but an eco-philosophy in itself and this, apart from non-violence and sound health, helps us keep closest to photosynthesis, the phenomenon of life in the biosphere.
I hope we shall share more of our ideas on the occasion of the Eco-Philosophy Day.
Looking forward to hearing from you. Love, light and glory to you.

Eco-philosophically yours,

Vir Singh
Vir Singh
April 29, 2021
What I wrote a year ago is still exactly how I feel regarding dear Henryk. He is forever a sacred gift in my life and alive in my heart. My Gratitude that Henryk came into my life s beyond words...
Bi-Ma Andén
April 7, 2020
April 4, 2020
Tryphonas Andreou
April 4, 2020
To Henry in Heavenly Abode: The last poem I wrote to my mentor, my Guru, my ideal on the occasion of Christmas in December 2018, his first Christmas in the Heavenly Abode

My dearest Henryk,
I hope all hopes of the globe
And that of the universe
Are imbibing within you.
You yourself are a Hope,
The Hope that the Cosmic Evolution
Imbibes with itself.
With your coming on Earth
And with your individual evolution
That Hope has been transcending
With you as an extraordinary human person,
A philosopher, and overall, a Hope in yourself.
You are the Hope of the Cosmic Evolution
And the Skolimowskian Philosophy
An extraordinary and creativity-spelling
Light of the Hope.
Vir Singh
April 3, 2020
Today I will hold a talk on Eco-Philosophy in honour of Henryk. His ideas will spread like rings on the water.
Tanja Rebel
June 20, 2019
Henryk's books will live forever, ever spreading his unique wisdom.
Ed Buryn
June 19, 2019
Henryk Skolimowski is someone I will never forget. He is alive within me. Everytime my attention goes to him, and everytime a memory from our talks and meetings comes up, my inner gets filled with love and light. There are no words to explain my gratitude to have had the opportuinties to meet with Henryk. He was and still is a graceful cosmic gift in my life, and not only for me but for Planet Earth and for many other human beings.

To really be aware of the magic of nature, to be taken by it into the awe of life, can be an overwhelming experience. To be taken into the awe of life by amazing human creative manifestations can as well be overwhelming. Together with Henryk the "awe of life" was and still is a natural state which heals separation.
Bi-Ma Andén
April 6, 2019
Gita Singh
April 6, 2019
A year without Professor Henryk Skowlimowski's physical presence. However his presence is all around giving us guidance and hope for a better world. His ideas, in a period of vagueness, feel like water in the desert. Living Philosophy in his words is the way ahead. You are with us all ...
Tryphonas Andreou
April 4, 2019
Almost a year has gone since your passing and the World has become a more dangerous and divisive place. How we need your Wisdom and Philosophy more than ever! I will keep sharing it for the rest of my life.
Tanja Rebel
April 3, 2019
Life has its own ways. It has brought me in 1981 from Little island of Cyprus to Ann Arbor Michigan to meet and be taught and guided by Prof. Herny Skowlimowski. Years after he is the one person in My Life to have influenced most. I keep nurturing with his teachings, which I try to pass on and teach. For the last months, Since December 2017, I have been trying to contact him with no success. Finally I got some contact on April 4th and I thought that, because of Easter week, I should better call on 10th or 11th. As you understand I was devastated to hear that my beloved Spiritual father had just passed on the 5th of April. Henry is everyday with me. In my soul and mind or with his books that I carry every day...
Tryphonas Andreou
June 5, 2018
Today 5th of June, is World Environment Day! It was fitting then that yesterday evening I could hold my talk on Eco-Philosophy before Cafe Scientifique on the Isle of Wight, UK. I have held this talk in several places and countries for many a year and Henryk has always held a prominent place in it. However, this year I dedicated the talk to Henryk and asked all those present to spread the word of Eco-Philosophy Day so that the Spirit of Henryk and his timeless message lives on in this world as well.
Tanja Rebel
June 5, 2018
Henryk did live his life to the full and celebrated life and universe without cease. He believed in frugal simplicity and yet there has been no more generous of humans. He not only criticized the market world views of today-- he also strove to articulate a coherent alternative. It was always a pleasure and joy to be with Henryk. Of course, someone needs to write a full biography!
Stefan Ehrenkreutz
May 16, 2018
Vir Singh
May 9, 2018
My deepest condolences to Juanita and all whose lives Henryk has touched. As I said in my commemoration, I'm certain his spirit/energy is continuing to evolve and shine ever more brightly in his new incarnation.
Frank Bartlo
May 8, 2018
It was my junior year at University of Michigan, then a quite naïve student pursuing an Atmospheric Science degree. To meet my Engineering Humanities requirement for my degree, I had signed up for Alternative Futures, an Engineering Humanities class, expecting some futuristic vision of high-tech wizardry, but (as it turns out), quite open to whatever it might bring.

This class was taught by Professor Henryk Skolimowski, who looked the part of one who might teach such a class, with a definite air of intensity with warmth, and a bit of a mischievous twinkle in his eye, and to whom I took an instant linking.

On the first class Prof. Skolimowski led off spellbindingly, with that stereotypical future diving tool, a crystal ball, and went on to engage us to see which among various scenarios we though most likely to be. Disaster, was the top choice, overwhelmingly (laughing).

So Prof. Skolimowski threw us for a loop straight away. And further engaging us to explain why we thought the future would come to disaster, led us right into a very different and unexpected slant on reality. Into which the naïve student flew quite willingly, even excitedly, getting a helping of timeless wisdom, presented entertainingly and engagingly, to replace some of the old naivety and dogma, which I was quite ready to move past.

The timing was just right. At that time I was just forming my own points of view; just beginning to develop my outlook on life, beyond a mere echo of other influences. As much as Professor Skolimowski wanted to influence us, he never wished to turn out clones.

And so it went for the term, then another class called Technology and Man, and I kept in contact with my most influential professor, who in turn became a mentor, and eventually a friend: a friend who expressed concern when I was out of sorts due to various health-related issues that very much affected my frame of mind and very capacity for sound philosophy; and a friend who offered encouragement as I recovered and sharpened to new levels of clarity. A process which is ongoing.

It is said in the Tao The Ching: A poor leader is despised by their people, good leader loved by them, and the best leader one who is hardly noticed, the people believing they did it themselves. And so Professor Skolimowski led us: challenging us to form our views, with open hearts and open minds, and (I was to find) to live up to them.

May 4 was designated Eco Philosophy Day. My aim is for every day to be Eco Philosophy Day. While it would be folly to claim that I've lived it to perfection after all, even using these communication devices causes pollution had I not taken a certain class I might not even be mindful of this. As Henryk said, logos is the most subtle and all-pervading form of praxis. At very least I've produced a great deal less trash since taking Henryk's class. And am certain Henryk's spirit/energy is shining brightly as ever as we continue his Eco Philosophical legacy.
Frank Bartlo
May 8, 2018
I have no words that can describe my deep reverence and appericiation for Henryk Skolimowski. He will forever be alive and a flame of love in my heart. What a cosmic and holistic inspiration he was and will ever be, The Philosopher of our time.

Dear Juanita I am so grateful that I attended Henryk's 80th birthday celebration 8 years ago in Poland together with you and close Eco Philosophy Friends.

I wrote a poem with music about Henryk after my our first connection in Sweden. Here is the last verse.

Skolimowski by your birth
You became a mystic on Earth
With a mission to teach us all the duty
Making time our friend and walk in beauty
Bi-Ma Andén
May 4, 2018
To Henryk the Great ~
There is not enough gratitude in the Universe to offer you for your beautiful energy and brilliant guidance in my life and in the life of the people of the world from 1930-2018.
I would not be who I am without your participation, your mentor-ship, your friendship. Neither would the world be so blessed.
You have transcended from this earthwalk, but forever you will be in my DNA, Heart and Soul.

Happy Birthday......
Jacqueline fortino
May 4, 2018
Dear Henryk, son of Light,
your smile gives us ispiration to keep on smiling in spite of our sorrow. I will always love you and honour your memory.
Anna-Maija Raeste
May 2, 2018
You took the torch in your hand and lit the new path of eco philosophy for the world to follow. You taught us to love n care for nature around us. As father of eco philosophy, you will always be missed on this planet by people, plants, trees, flowers and every beautiful being of this ecosystem I am fortunate as got opportunity to interact with you. Those moments are invaluable and will always remain with me.
Anshu Singh
May 1, 2018
Dear Friends of Eco-philosophy,

Our dearest Professor Henryk Skolimowski liberated his soul to merge with galaxies in the infinite cosmos, on 6th April. He had come to our world to green our roots and hopes for our deep, beautiful, intensive, meaningful and creativity-laden existence. For this to happen he created Eco-philosophy in 1974. His Eco-philosophy has its roots deep into the womb of Mother Earth and canopies spread up to skies. His eco-philosophy gently teaches to turn the world into a sanctuary, to hold sanctity for whole life, to walk amidst beauty, to cosmolize human mind, to play a participatory role in the "theater of the mind" -- the cosmos, to establish the rule of lumenarchy, to transcend democracy into cosmocracy, to fertilize the universe.

On 4th May we are celebrating Henryk's 88th Birthday. I appeal to all the Friends of the Skolimowskian Philosophy to observe his birthday as the DAY OF ECO-PHILOSOPHY. Henryk's beloved life partner Juanita Skolimowski has already endorsed this idea. Please share your views, ideas, insights, feelings, emotions, memories, experiences, etc.with each other, or through http://www.legacy.com/guestbooks/annarbor/henryk-skolimowski-condolences/188690327?

The Skolimowskian philosophy is prevailing in the whole cosmos. That is our legacy to cherish, celebrate and get enlightened by. Let us derive more and more light from the Skolimowskian Philosophy.

In the Memory of Henryk Skolimowski,
For the Skolimowskian Philosophy,
May 1, 2018
Dear Juanita,

I never met your husband, but as a teacher of Philosophy I was always interested in his teachings and he was a great inspiration to me. I will continue to honour his legacy and am sure that Skolmowski's spirit will continue to help heal this world. My thoughts and prayers are with you,

Yours truly, Tanja Katarina Rebel
Tanja Rebel
April 29, 2018
Dear Juanita,

The philosopher and spiritual leader, Prof. Henryk Skolimowski used to write for THE SPEAKING TREE, a column in The Times of India devoted to spirituality. Narayani Ganesh, Editor of The Speaking Tree, has expressed her heartfelt sorrow on the sad demise of Skolimowski. She sends prayers and condolences to Juanita Skolimowski through a mail to me. I reproduce below:

Dear Prof Vir Singh,
We are very sorry indeed to learn that Prof Skolimowski is no more. Do convey our prayers and condolences to Mrs Skolimowski.

Narayani Ganesh
The Speaking Tree
The Times of India
New Delhi
Vir Singh
April 27, 2018
The Henryk-Bish Friendship is no less than a wonder. When this unique friendship was 70 years old, I appreciated and celebrated it with a short poem. When Henryk has left for Stellar World, the Henryk-Bish Friendship registered 73 years of it journey. This Friendship should be one of the greatest inspirations for our contemporary world shattered with enmity. This Friendship is worth more than a Nobel Prize. I recall the stupendous Henryk-Bish Friendship peeping through a poems of mine I composed three years ago. I reproduce it below:

It is inspiring.
It is stimulating.
This is amusing.
This reverberates with joy.
This reverberates with music.
This reverberates with poetry.
This reverberates with philosophy.
This reverberates with fullness of life.
This reverberates with EVERYTHINGNESS.
This Friendship is a glittering smile of Cosmic Evolution.
The Cosmic Evolution can do wonders.
And the HENRYK-BISH FRIENDSHIP is a Living Wonder of the Cosmic Evolution.
This Friendship is a unique feat of Time.
Seated on the Chariot of Time
The HENRYK-BISH FRIENDSHIP is on a Cosmic Voyage.
The all-pervading Trinity of Light, Evolution and Time
Celebrates what is the most beautiful Living Wonder on Earth --
Vir Singh
April 22, 2018
Dear Juanita,

I have no words to express my deep feelings at this time when my teacher, my Guru and my Father, my beloved and my dearest Henryk is no more in this world in his physical existence. He has left a void in our life, in our world. While his death is the saddest happening to me as also to you and numerous of his students, admirers and philosophers and true human beings, I have also to bear the responsibility to carry on his legacy. I proposed to observe his Birthday, the 4th of May, as the Day of Eco-philosophy which you kindly endorsed. Let us all belonging to the school of the Skolimowskian Philosophy devote the 4th of May every year to cherish and further his philosophy.

Henryk has joined the universe of stars, his sisters. He will be sending his blessings for us from there.
Vir Singh
April 22, 2018
Juanita,we want to express our heartfelt condolences .
Our thoughts are with you and your family, in this difficult time.
We will always remember Henrik.
Veni Raikou
April 11, 2018
We will miss Henryk's unshakable spirit.
Marysia Ostafin
April 11, 2018
I share my deepest sympathy to Professor Skolimowaki's family; you've lost a treasure...and at the same time, I am grateful knowing he lived a full life and joyful in hearing his name again after many years.
He sparked my intellect at UMich in 1984 drawing on Teilhard de Chardin; back then, he knowingly sowed seeds that are now bearing fruit, as I am in my sixties.
(I attend church on the UMich campus at St. Marys. It is also blessed with Jesuits).
I commit my future efforts to make our world better to Henryk and my other mentor at UMich.
I hope the family finds joy in his life as I have...
Eric Geiser, AIA
University of Michigan
BArch '82
MArch '84
Eric Geiser
April 10, 2018
Condolences to Joan & relatives. Henryk was a Light in a dark world. He did some beautiful presentations to a local New Dimensions Radio study group & attended a local Detroit area Teilhard de Chardin study group I was blessed to participate in with a fine group of other souls back in the 1980s. A beautiful soul & philosopher.
Tom Lincoln
April 10, 2018
Condolences to Joan. /Laura Wyman
April 10, 2018
Joan, we send our sympathy, thoughts, prayers, and love. Henryk was a very smart and accomplished man! Peace be with you!
Linda & Bill Powers
April 10, 2018
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