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Varela, Juan Daniel
Juan Daniel Varela, 44, born & raised in Phoenix, AZ on January 23, 1966, passed away on May 6, 2010. He is survived by his wife, Maria Varela, daughter, Paulita Varela, mother, Paula Varela, brothers, Jose Varela III, Antonio Varela and Emilio Varela, sisters, Mary Lopez, Josie Gustin, Susie Mendoza, Lupe Espinales, Lydia Diaz, Andrea Varela, and Sophia Loera, aunts, Zeferina Varela and Lydia Montero and uncle, Joe Vargas. Juan was preceded in death by his father, Jose Varela II (Of MX), grandmother, Maria Padron (Of TX) and sisters, Anna Varela & Clementina Gamez. Juan leaves behind more than 200 family members in Phoenix alone and a numerous amount of friends & acquaintances. Viewing will be on Thursday, May 13 at 7:00 PM at Centro de Companerismo Cristiano, 1025 N. 10th St (10th St North of Roosevelt) in Phoenix. A funeral service will be held on Friday, May 14 at 11:30 AM at Centro de Companerismo Cristiano, followed by a procession to Greenwood Memory Lawn Cemetery, 719 N. 27th Ave Phoenix, AZ 85009. Additional information may be found at www.greenwoodmemorylawn.com

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Published by The Arizona Republic from May 9 to May 11, 2010.
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Today you would have been 50 years old. I'm going be 20 this year. I have a Godson that was born on your birthday. His name is Aiden and he is 1 today. I started community college this Tuesday. I like it so far. I went on a trip with 3 girls from drama and my musical theatre teacher last year. We went to London, England for two days and Edinburgh, Scotland for the rest of our 2 week trip. It was a great experience and I had loads of fun with the girls.

A lot has happened/changed in the last almost six years you've been gone. I wonder what you would think of the person I am. Whenever I do anything I wonder what you would say. I wonder if you would like the man I marry. What kind of grandfather you would be. In all I think about the future we could of had. The day after you were taken I said to myself no matter how hard it gets I'm going to keep on going because I know that's what you would have wanted for me. It gets hard sometimes though. I mean I've had great days like going to Disneyland for the 1st time my junior year or just hanging out with family. But whenever I cry no matter what it's about I automatically think of you and how much I wish you were here and that makes me cry even more. I wonder if you can see me. I really hope you can. Sometimes I feel like your right beside me. It's always hard writing these because it feel just yesterday I saw you and all the feelings I felt that day you were taken come like it just happened. But I like to because it feels like I'm talking to you. I Love So Much and Miss You With All My Heart. Happy Birthday :)

Your daughter,
Paula "Paulita" Isabel Varela
Paula "Paulita" Isabel Varela
January 23, 2016
It is 5 years today since you have gone to heaven. I am 18 years old and going to graduate high school on May 20th. The family will always have a missing part of them. My types of friends have changed through the years. I have few but various types of friends. I like to think that I got that from you. You would just get along with anyone. I have gone through normal teen things. I hope you would be proud of me and smile on what I choose to do/not do. I have changed my mind so many times on what I want to do after high school. I now know what things I want to do but I don't know when I will do them. When I go through something good or bad I sometimes think "I wonder what My Dad would think of this?" Ezekiel has grown up so fast and now is a big brother to his sister Iris. He is a real character. I love spending time with him. He makes me laugh and is a good big brother. Iris didn't want to leave me one time I spent a nite at Tia Lupe's. Tia Mary has now gone with you. She and I didn't get close until she started coming over and spending the night. I remember watching tv with you and her. She and I would laugh alot together. She would tell things straight out and that's what I really liked about her. I know you two are having a amazing time in heaven. I wanted to speak at her viewing but I have never been good with standing by viewing bodies and I would have just cried. There are times when I fell like crying but don't want to, times when I want to cry but physical can't and times I can't help but cry about many things.

I can't believe how fast the years have gone by. I know that God is the main reason I made it through not having you. I have changed as a person since you left. I now see many things and people differently. My eyes were opened to what was really happening around me. I just can't believe how much has happened in five years. When I feel sad or I'm really happy about something I would wish that I could hug you. I really miss your hugs and laughing with you. I'm a big daydreamer so sometimes I try to think how you would react to a certain thing I was going through. I would daydream about how it would have been for you to be at my quince and how you would be at my wedding and if you would a prove of who I chose to live my life with. I would daydream about how you react to my teenage drama and how much I would tell you about it. Also now I wonder how you would be at my graduation. Oh I love you so much and miss you with all my heart. When you left I felt like a big piece of me had gone. I would dream about you and cry because the dreams were so good that I wish they were real. I haven't had a dream about you in a while. There is so much that I would love to talk to you about and I will probably think of other things to say after I post this. But hopefully I said most of what I wanted to say.

I Love You so much your daughter,
Paula Isabel Varela (aka Paulita)
Paula "Paulita" Isabel Varela
May 6, 2015
I miss you brother.
Susie Mendoza
May 6, 2015

Thank you Gail Shoultes for your kind words. We miss our brother very much. God bless!
Susie Varela Mendoza
March 14, 2014
I didn't have the privilege of knowing Juan but I know his brother Antonio. This life time is fleeting and one day everyone will be reunited and there will be no pain. I pray for comfort and healing for everyone that loved Juan.
Gail Shoultes
March 12, 2014
So as you know I got in an accident on friday 1/31/14. Just want to thank you because I know it was you, Mark-E, Tata, and my Tia Mimi who stopped the car and held me from flying out the window. Love you and Thank You. ????
Yvette Rodriguez
February 5, 2014
Elijah thank you for the kind words. My brother was an awesome man. We were taught not to look at the color of any person's skin. We were all created by God in God's image and all human. My brother Juan when a teenager took literally under his bed a friend. Who was neglected by his mother and abused by his father. My mom didn't know about it until a week or so later. Juan didn't know how to tell them that he had brought a boy to live with them because his family didn't want him. Fortunately, my parents didn't get in trouble. Juan was a loveable person with a large heart full of love for all humanity. I miss him very much myself. Thank you for taking the time to stop by and write your thoughts. God bless!
Susie Varela-Mendoza
February 5, 2014
Miss you very much!!!
February 5, 2014
Thinking about you today... I will never forget all the memories we shared. The first coach I ever had and you and your family took me under your/their wing when I was a young boy. I happened to be the only black kid on the team but that didn't matter ALL of them took care of me.. Continue enjoying your peace
Elijah Pigg
February 4, 2014
miss you so much brother :(
August 25, 2013
Missing you brother.
Susie Varela Mendoza
June 13, 2013
I miss you brother, although the trial is over and sentenced was proclaim, we do not have closure on this senseless death of yours. God however continues to work in us his perfect will and cleansing our hearts with the blood of Jesus. In the midst of all we have been through we can still have peace in the storms. Love you!
Susie Mendoza
July 9, 2011
Charle Molly
May 19, 2011
Hi Brother

Yesterday was Easter and it is good to remember that through our Lord Jesus Christ there is resurrection and that you live forever because he made that sacrifice for us.

That death through Christ has no victory and the grave has no sting. It's a good feeling to know that you rejoice in the presence and Love of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.

Please give Dad, Granny, sister's, Tia's, nephew's and my granddaughter a kiss and hug for me tell them I love them and say Hi to Sally Martinez for me. I miss you all a lot.

Love Sophia
April 25, 2011
Dear Tio
I miss you. Its going to be a year now and we miss you still. Javiers nana passed away on easter sunday. He is so sad. I cant cry cuz i start to get depressed about you again. Its hard but were pulling threw. Just wanted to say I LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU MUCH. Tell his nana we love her and will forever miss her.
April 25, 2011
April 21, 2011
Hi tio miss you so much words could not say it enough! Wish you was here to see my granddaughters.. they are so big now... I thank you for all the good things you thought me and my kids... Some times people do not know it a leason until we pass the test...
Always in my heart and never forgoten....Tell everyone there Hi for me and that i miss them also...
Maria Lopez
March 28, 2011
Christina Lopez
February 13, 2011
Hi Juan

Can you plese tell Dad I miss him and I wish he would have walk me down the aisle when I got married. I miss you guys a lot.
January 31, 2011
yvette rodriguez
January 24, 2011
Que pasa primo. Is what juan would say when a visited. We had good times. Taken me every where to go see all my primos. His funny jokes. Say hello to my tia's. See u later primo's
luis lopez
January 16, 2011
i Miss You So Much Tio. And i can tell everyone does as well. I pray and hope things get better for the family, at a time like this we all need eachother and love one another.

Say hi to everyone for me (;

i loveeee you tio ! Youll never be forgotten.
January 13, 2011
Hey tio,

Wanted to stop by and tell you that we still love and miss you! I went to your house today to pick up grandma and take her to the dentist and it still feels unreal. The house still seems quite and it always feels like something is missing. We still miss seeing you and the good times that we had.

Your youthful personality will always be missed!

Love you tio,

Juan Martin Varela
January 13, 2011
Hello Brother,

I still miss you very much, 2010 was a sad year but I pray that God will have Grace and mercy on us for 2011. I pray that everyone from our family will be safe and healthy.

Your birthday is coming soon and your wife would have made plans on what to cook for you. But now you are in a better place with better food and better a crowd (Jesus). I miss you and love you.

Please give Dad, Granny, sister's, Tia's, nephew's and my granddaughter a kiss and hug for me tell them I love them and say Hi to Sally Martinez for me.

Talk to you later
January 12, 2011
My Sinccere condolences to all the Varela family.
Luis Lopez
January 9, 2011
Thanksgiving, well we had many things to be thankful to God about. But our hearts were still aching and we missed you at the table. Your loud voice is missed and we miss your jokes and your presence. Today is Christmas Eve, you will not be with us celebrating the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I know you have a greater celebration in heaven, however, I miss you my friend, my confident, my brother. Mom, is missing you so much and Tony he still is working out what happened that day and how fast everything went down. I love you brother and will forever miss you. We will however meet up again in the next life. God bless us! For you are blessed!
Susie Mendoza
December 24, 2010
I will miss you this Christmas Juan, Dad, Mimi, Sally and Makayla. Please give my love to Grannie, Markie, Lolo, sister Anna, Tia Maria and Tia Josephina.

Say Hi to Jesus for me and give him a hug for me on his Birthday day. Am sure that December is not the exact month he was born, but hug him for me anways.

Talk to you later Love you
December 22, 2010
Hi Juan

Thanksgiving has come and gone and now Christmas is around the corner, holidays are always the hardest and I am feeling sad but I thank God that he is there to get me through this.

Am sure your wife is making tamales to sell and Mom is making plans for Tio Joe birthday, everyone missing you for the holidays.

Well I will write you later; oh one more thing Bianca nana just passed away can you say Hi to her am sure you remember what she looks like. Am sure Maykala will enjoy seeing her great grandmother there.

I miss you and please give Dad, Granny, sister's, Tia's, nephew's and my granddaughter a kiss and hug for me tell them I love them and say Hi to the new arrival Sally Martinez.

Love you always
December 14, 2010
The family is making the plans and preparing what needs to be prepared for Thanksgiving. I know this was one of the best times for you Juan because almost everyone would come over to mom's and your house to celebrate. I can close my eyes and see you sitting at the head of the table facing south. That's where you sat last year. The excitement and joy in your heart just to see everyone gather together to celebrate. I miss you brother.
Susie Mendoza
November 18, 2010
Good morning brother,

I woke up this morning thinking about you, Markie and Maykala and feeling sad because their mother is missing a part of there lives and how that can be a little overwhelming to someone heart and soul.

My prayer are with Mom, Josie and Bianca, my experience of losing a love one has been hard and I do concern it a great lost but I can not imagine the lost of a child and how much that has to hurt.

I have a plaster sea shell with Maykala little feet inprinted on it, the hospital did this for Bianca before Maykala went to heaven and when I woke up this morning looking and touching the inprint and how I wish she was still with us.

God knows all and he will keep our heart in tack.

Well I seen your daughter yesterday and she looks so much like you and she needs is a mustache and she is you. She came skating at skateland and she had a great time. I am greatful to God that we have Paulaita to remind us of your good looks.

Well I have to go, but heart is breaking I will write you later.

Love you
November 14, 2010
Hey tio, its going on 6 months and it still fills like it was yesterday when i got that call. I was driving and thank god that i was at a stop sign when they told me. Well you know us we all went and hung out at the hospital. I think if we ever went to the hospital again they will just lock the door on us. Well i was just sitting here alone and started to think. Which isnt good but you know. Have you seen my new grandson. Well he would have been your godson. He is so cute. She named him JUAN after you. I hope you knew we loved you so much. We miss you alot. Say whazzzup to mark-e. Tell my tata shorty i love him and granny. And give my tia a hug and kiss. Love all of you. And you never will be forgoten.
YVETTE rodriguez
October 29, 2010
I miss you brother. I was at mom's last night looking at a 1994 video of a birthday party. There you were being as happy and silly as always. You got on top of the picnic bench and begin to dance what you called "El parito". I was saddened suddenly, because I miss you. I miss your voice, your carachter, your friendship, your brotherhood. I JUST PLAIN MISS YOU! I don't understand why! Why did you have to leave us. Oh God calm my spirit.
Susie Mendoza
October 23, 2010
OMG Tio we just found out that my beautiful grand babie's will be born on your B-DAY!!!!!!!!!! WE miss you so much words could not say... I tell everyone that they are going to be just a loud as you. Well me too!!!!! Going to grandma's is not the same i still wait to hear your voice. Well i know you are having a good time with our LORD and all our family up there... LOVE & MISS YOU OSO!!!!!!!!!

Your crazy niece
Maria Lopez
October 22, 2010
Maria Lopez
October 22, 2010
Hello Juan

I been thinking about you and Mimi alot and that you and her were to young to leave us, God has all the answers and maybe one day we will know why. We miss you

Well I will write you later, say Hi to Dad, Granny, sister's, Tia's, nephew's and my granddaughter please give them a hug and a kiss for me tell them I love them.

Love Sophia
October 18, 2010
Love you and miss you very much.
Yvette Rodriguez
October 5, 2010
Hello Juan

I went into facebook this morning, it's a good way of keeping in touch with family I don't see often.

Well our sister Mimi picture in there and she looks so pretty, her kids wrote a few words saying how much they miss her and a few of the sibilings has your photo in there also, they included a photo of your headstone and it's really nice.

But as I was reading comments about you and Mimi (also Lolo) my heart sank, I can't believe how many family members had passed away in the last 5 years and it weighs heavy in my heart. I will lay all my heavy burdens on God.

I will write you later, Love you and Miss you and as always, Give my Love to Dad, Granny, sister's, Tia's, nephew's and my granddaughter please give them a hug and a kiss for me.

Love Sophia
October 3, 2010
I feel really sad today, I have my good days and then comes the bads ones; tonight is the bad one.

It hurts me that so many family member has passed away in the past five years but God heals and we adept.

I will always have you in my heart and my grandkids and greatkids will know of you and the others that went before me.

Give my Love to Dad, Granny, sister's, Tia's, nephew's and my granddaughter please give them a hug and a kiss for me.

Love Sophia
September 29, 2010
Hi Juan, it's been 4 months and two weeks since your arrival to heaven and although heaven is a better place to be at espeically in the presence of God it is still painfull that you are not here with us.

There is this girl at work that just lost her younger brother and she came in crying today, she is hurting really bad. I tried my best to comfort her but I immediately directed her to God, there is no one greater then God to help us through these difficult times. I know how she feels and how painfull it can be, sometimes it almost unbearable but God is my helper.

Well I will write you later, say Hi to Dad, Granny, sister's, Tia's, nephew's and my granddaughter please give them a hug and a kiss for me tell them I love them.

Love Sophia
September 28, 2010
Am writing you kind of late about Dallas Cowboys first game last Sunday. Well they didn't do to well, a lot of penalties and the last penalty cost the game, it made me mad.

The pick for Dez Brayant was a good choice, he pretty good and Miles Austin is awesome, I can't wait to see the next game.

It was sad for me to watch the game because every time I had a question or comment I will call you and I know how much you Loved the team.

I miss you and please give Dad, Granny, sister's, Tia's, nephew's and my granddaughter a kiss and hug for me tell them I love them and tell Mykalya that her brother is just as beautiful as she is.

I will write you later Love Sophia
September 14, 2010
Hi tio, I know I haven't been there but I miss you soo much tio. I know that when I get back home and we have the family bbq for my coming home you won't be there to welcome me back and it saddens me. I still think everyday why, why would someone want to take the life of another especially someone that is as loving and as caring as you were. I miss you with all my heart tio and I can't wait to get back to see my family and to see your resting place. I love you tio tell Tata and everyone I said hi.

Camp Dwyer, Afghanistan
Rudy Mendoza
September 12, 2010
Whats up Carnal it me again we went to see you to day and like always Mom miss you a lot we all do. it is hard not having you with us I go to your room hope to see you and know that it is not going to happen.Carnal every night I go to bed is like the night it happen can't sleep it is 12:12AM right now and writing to you. I try so hard to take that day out of my head but can't I ask God to help me and pray all the time. I post a song on face book for you all the time and keep your name alive in people mind and not let them forget about you.It gets harder for me every time I get up in the morning and have to go to your house and talk to Mom but she is a remarkable women and so strong . I will write you again carnal love you so much and will never forget you and all the fun times we had as kids. Yes I'm see a doctor for my head hope they can help me say a prayer for me and family miss you a lot.
Antonio V arela
September 11, 2010
Hey brother, brother, its been 4 months since you left us. It seems like just last night I was in the family room at your house talking to you. You sounded all excited and happy because you were going to go ahead and apply for your driver's lincense. You said you wanted to make sure you guys didn't miss this year's camping trip. You showed me the paper work you needed to complete and asked if I could help you complete it. I said yeah no problem. Then you said, or maybe I can have my "???" complete it. I didn't understand who they were and I didn't bother to ask you.
As always when it was time for me to go, you walked me to the car and said your goodbye. I never in 100 million years could have imagine that that night would be the last night I would see you alive or ever talk to you.

You left us so suddenly and so soon, my heart is pierced and only the good Lord is able to mend it. Through His word (the Bible) and His love He is working in me and giving me words of encouragement.

I miss you brother. You and I had a relationship that was molded together by God. I miss your laughter, your jokes, your voice, you coming along with me and my granddaughters on field trips. My granddaughters miss you. Abygayl says she wants her Tio Juan. Why did that mean man have to take him from us?
You were the youngest of 14 kids our mom had. As a child you learned that if you weren't loud you wouldn't be heard. It didn't matter to me if you were loud, I guess I just got used to it.
I love you brother. I pray that I always showed my love to you by my actions. I am doing what I can to help Concha and Paulita, but I could never replace you.
Susie Mendoza
September 9, 2010
Miss you
Sophia Loera
September 9, 2010
I have written letters to you but it never goes through.

Well I been keeping myself busy at work and I just recently earn 500 dollars extra at work, so am taking Mom to Momoron Lake, hopefully the lake will have water.

Vasil and I went last weekend and the lake was dried but the area is beautiful. Am taking her so she can relax and smell the country side of Arizona.

My birthday came and went and I know that it was always you that reminded Mom about my birthday, which I don't expect her to remember with all the kids she birth.

But it was a good birthday, Bianca took me to get a pedicare, her and Jessica bought me some flowers. Vasil bought me a bike, paid to get my hair colored and paid for a very nice dinner for me and all my kids which was the nicest thing he has ever done for me. My friend Carmen bought me a really nice Dallas Cowboy jersey and my boss bought me a dallas cowboy pen and earrings.....cool ha.

I have to admit that you were a pain in the butt and sometimes a little to loud for me ears, but I miss you and it's not our parents fault for all the wrong we carry around in our hearts.

I want to and will learn from my mistake so my grandchildren will have a chance to grow up with all the heathly emotion and not be angry, bossy or defensive for no reason.

Well I will write you later, say Hi to Dad, Granny, sister's, aunt, nephew's and my granddaughter. Tell them I love them and tell Dad I forgive him and tell Mimi sorry that I didn't hug her as often as she asked me to. Later

Love Sophia
September 3, 2010
Yup its been 3 months. Everyone went to visit marky. Im home waiting on javier. What a day to work late. So im sitting here lisiening to your favorite song over and over. Its hard some days. Just wanted you to know that your still missed very much. LOVE YOU LOTTS
August 5, 2010
I am missing you bro! Only the Lord knows how much.
This summer was different. The girls and I only took a couple of field trips.
Susie Mendoza
August 3, 2010
Hi carnal its me your bro sorry I have not wrote to you. Every day I ask God why not me, but no answers from him I miss you so much and its hard for to write this it is like saying your gone.Why this happen God only knows you and I know this should not went like this. This man said that day if I would have know he had a gun I would have try to take it from him before he took out.Ilove you so much carnal and cry my self to sleep at night.Every time I here a big noise that sounds like a gun shot it takes me back to that day. Me and MOM talk all the time about that day,and you know why I did not go to the house my DaD ws not there any more and now you,but like always me and you would step up and take care of my dad and others to would help , But most of the time me and you. Now I go and help MoM and take care of your yard hope you like it. Me and Susie are still fighting to get this man to never get out. I love bro and you will never be forgoten untill I see you in haven. Will write you again but it is hard to do this IIIIIIII LLLLLLLove YYYYYou and MMMMMiss you aLLLLOt
Antonio Varela
August 1, 2010
Hi brother

I just want to write a few words;
I sent you my grandson picture he is very handsome and now you have competition.

Well Johnny is moving to Lousiana with his girlfriend Lena and am having a small BBQ so we the family can pray for a safe and comfortable journey, I wish you were here so you can pray with us.

We miss you and I will write you later.

Love Sophia
July 27, 2010
July 24, 2010
Hi Juan

Well Mom and a few of the family went camping, I hope there enjoying it.

I had a dream about Dad the other day, it was a good one. Can you tell him I miss him and that I said thank you for doing his best.

I know his faults everybody has them but to me he was the best Dad ever, tell him Thank you for the bare necessity. Such as a roof over my head, the food in my stomach and the clothes on my back.

Sure I major down falls, but I am not a not murder, drug dealer or users, nor do I sell my body for money and has a lot to do with why I am a good and hard worker.

He had part of teaching me values and integrity as well as Mom and I thank God for that because of those reason you give you life to God before it was too late for you.

I still have pain in my heart over you and I still cry alot, but am not going through it alone God is there with me and he is helping through it.

Well I have to go now and I will talk to you later. Give Makayla and hug and kiss for me and tell her that her brother is a blast and he always has a smile on his face.

Love you, your sister
July 23, 2010
its not easy comig to visit mom in phoenix knowing your not going to be there but know your in heaven. We would stay up late talking and watching tv. You and your daughter paulita would fight for the remote but most of the time you would give in and she would fall asleep. Then you put on law and order which we both like. Brother I do miss you but I know your jumping and praising God. Love You ur sister
Lydia Diaz
July 14, 2010
Hello Brother it's been almost two months since you went to heaven, I feel very sad and depress as if it happened today.

Susie goes over Mom to read the word of God to Mom which is comfort to the soul, Brother Joe has gone over to visit mom.

They added hate crime against the guy that caused your death and all this pain to us, it was not rigt that he took away someone's son, husband, father, brother, uncle, nephew and cousin. So in the name of Jesus this guy will be in prison for a very long time.

I pray to God that he give us strength and that we your siblings learn to appreciate life even more now that we have seen how quickly it can be taken away. That we learn to work out our differences and if we have anything against each other that we forgive each other or ask for forgiveness. We don't and will not always agree or appreciate each other's personality but we should always try to respect each other for the sake of our Mother. This part of the letter Juan is more for the brothers and sisters that might be reading.

I miss hearing your voice every time you answered the phone at Mom's and miss seeing you.

Say Hi to Dad, Granny, Tia's, Our littel sister, Sister Anna, Sister Mimi, Marke and give a kiss to my granddaughter Makalya.

I will write to you later, oh by the way Dallas Cowboys drafted Dez Bryant from Oklahoma State and he suppose to be the next best thing as a WR. I can't wait to see them on Dec 25th.

I love you and miss you.
Sophia Loera
July 10, 2010
Paulita...my thoughts and prayers continue to be with you and your family...my heart aches for you...your mom...your nana...and your tia...

Love, Miss P.
July 7, 2010
Brother Juan, I miss you and I love you. I am wishing and hoping by faith that God is with us and forever. Amen
Andrea Varela
July 4, 2010
I miss u so much words could not say. It's been so hard now that you have gone with GOD. In all this hurt I just recieved the best news in my life my. My Baby is having TWINS,,, Yes tio twins,,, I could here you voice right now saying No way.... Thanks for all the love and understanding you gave me and my kids.... Never will forget you...
Love you
your crazy niece
Maria Lopez
Maria Lopez
July 2, 2010
Tio, yesterday was my birthday. A lot of the family sent the birthday texts and i was glad tht so many people rembered. But you were the one person tht always took the time to call and sing happy birthday, but tht fone call nevr came. I miss u so much tio and yestrday reminded me how much. I love u tio juan...I will never forget those calls. And for as long as I live, birthdays will nvr be the same without them.
your eldest niece Paula
July 1, 2010
Nino, I cried all night last night. I miss you so much. I miss seeing you smile. This all seems so unreal to me, I cant believe your gone. Nino i remember when you and my Tata Ruben would always be at my Nana's house and when you would hear a song You liked you would dance all crazy. I don't think My Tata Ruben even Knows your gone since he is in Mexico & no one really talks to him. But i know he will miss you as much as we all do.
I just think Why did this have to happen to you Nino. Your such a good person. I get so mad at this person who did this to you. He took you away from all of us who love you. Yes I Know your in a better place but it brakes my heart that your gone. I still cant stop thinking about the day my husband told me you were gone. Everyone told me not to cry because i was pregnant and i would stress out the baby. But how could i not cry for my nino. I love you so much. I miss you. I wish you were here so my baby Boy could meet his wonderful Tio Juan.

Love You Nino,
Your God Daughter
Christina Lopez
June 16, 2010
Hello tio, it seems like it was just yesterday when I called Linda and she told me the news. I remember it was two days before Mother's Day and I was calling her to ask her if she recieved the flowers I sent her. I was so excited to hear her say thank you but instead with a low voice and hisitation she told me news that I never thought I would here, that you were no longer here with us. I could not believe it and to this day I still cannot believe it. I wish with all my heart I could be there with the family. I play in my head every day different secnarios and I wish for each and every one of them I could have been there and maybe just maybe everyone would have been ok. I cannot change the past, but I will tell you this I will live everyday fully, without hate and love my family with all my heart. I will forever remember how you were and what a great person you were to EVERYONE. I love you with all my heart tio and I miss you dearly. I will see you in Heaven. Muah!

Rudy E. Mendoza Jr.
Fire Base Fiddlers Green, Afghanistan
Rudy Mendoza Jr.
June 15, 2010
Tio, it's been a month now but it seems like just yesterday that I got that phone call. I felt like I was so far away. Every stop light was red, and every car in front of me was so slow. Thoughts just ran through my head and I refused to except any of them. Not my tio Juan, there's no reason.
It's tough, and although our lives move on, we will never be the same without you. I miss you tio! When I visit your home I catch myself waiting for you to come out with that big smile "Wilkinson, What's up mijo?" Just yesterday Paulita and my grandma came over, and again I was waiting to see you walk in behind them. Why? Cause you were the man they had beside them. The father, husband, son, the care giver. No one can take your place there Tio. No matter how hard some may try.
I love you Tio, and I'm glad that all the time we spent together was always quality time. I can't wish you back, but I do look forward to seeing you again.

Ruben Wilkinson
June 7, 2010
Brother I feel very sad and depress today, it hurts me every time I remember that your physical being is not with us. It's odd going over to Mom's house I except to see you there.

To honor you; their were a few family members wearing Dallas Cowboys shirt (a few are not Dallas fans) at your viewing and every time I seen someone come around the corner I was excepting it to be you, you will always be in my thoughts and your boisterous voice will always linger in my ears.

I know people mean well and they do it to be nice but I want to scream every time I hear someone say that you are in a better place now; which that's a given being with God is better but God didn't create this mess and he is a patient God so am sure he could have waited to embrace you in heaven. People (including me) we will not and do not have all the answers to why God permits wrong doing but he is merciful and will help Mom and the rest of us get through this one day at a time.

I love you, your sister
June 6, 2010
Brother I feel very sad and depress today, it hurts me every time I remember that your physical being is not with us.

It's odd going over to Mom's house I except to see you there. To honor you; their was a few family members wearing Dallas Cowboys shirt at your viewing and every time I seen someone come around the corner I was excepting it to be you, you will always be in my thoughts and your boisterous voice will always linger in my ears.

I know people mean well and they are trying to be nice but I want to scream every time I hear someone say that you are in a better place now; which that's a given being in the presence of God is better but God didn't create this mess and he is a patient God so am sure he could have waited to embrace you in heaven. People (I) we will not and do not have all the answers to why God permits wrong doings but he is a merciful God and will help us get through this one day at a time.

I love you, your sister
June 6, 2010
To tio juan:I miss u tio i remember all the support u gave me and the stories u told me over and over again u always mad me laugh I remember when u asked me if i felt lonly when my sisters left and i told u yes and u said that when u were a kid u felt like that but u always found something to do when u were by your self....I miss u so much wish u were here with me and paulita and the family
casandra varela
June 5, 2010
My deepest and most sincere condolences to all the Varela family. My prayers are with you all.?
Bertha Gutierrez
June 5, 2010
To the family of Juan Daniel Varela: Please accept my deepest sympathy for your loss. Juan's life and senseless death has been felt across the nation. I wish that he were still with you . . . that this did not have to be . . . and I pray that it does not happen to any more families and that you are able to somehow find peace.
Deborah de Santos
June 5, 2010
Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal. May all of your memories give you profound strength.
Your family is in ALL of America's prayers.
Daniela Tamayo
June 5, 2010
To the Varela Family, my deepest and sincere sympathy. I remember Juan as gentle and God loving and he always had a smile on his face and something pleasant or funny to say to me when he came into the school office. I would tease him about the Cowboys and he would tease me about the Patriots. I consider him a friend always.
Trudy Dodson
June 3, 2010
I am so sorry that this has happened to your family and would like you to know that your family is in our prayers.
Vienna Worthington
June 2, 2010
Dear Daddy,
Im writing this as a letter casue I feel I can express my feeling better in a letter.

Who you were to me. You were my father.You were someone that I that I loved.You were someone that I could talk to.You were someone I trusted.You were someone that would always make me laugh.You were someone who loved and cared for everyone.Also you were someone who loved god.Thats who you were.

My memories of you.I remember the days when we went to church.I remember how you would always talk in tongues when every song would finish.I remember you always reading the bible.Your bible is in spainish and english.I remember you always telling me to pray all the time not just when something bad has happened or something good has happened but to pray all the time.You would tell me to never forget who brought you on this earth.Also to never forget where he took you out off.I remember how you would always talk both in english and then repeating it in spainish when you talked.And one day I asked you why you did that and you said because you should never forget where you came from.I also remember how loud you would get when the cowboys won a game.I remember how much fun my cousin ezekiel would have with you.I remember how much fun we had together and how much fun we had with tia susies granddaugthers.I remember your laugh.I remember your smile.I remember how happy you made me.I remember how you would always say your gods gift to women and you were the second most handsome man that god has ever made cause Jesue was the first.I remember the day before you died.I remember you took me to the dentist on a school day.Before we left you asked me if I wanted to go to school after the dentist and I said yes.Along the way you asked me what colors I was going to get for my braces.Before I could answer you said are you going to get the cowboys colors.I said no im going to get blue and red.Than you said o.I asked you if you knew why.You than said why.I told you because your favorite color is blue and my moms is red.We just walked on.Than after the dentist you asked me if I still wanted to go to school cause you were tired. I said yes.Even though you were tired you took me to school.On the way we saw your friend Victor the mail man and you told him hi.When we got to school you told the assistants a joke and they laughed.Than we gave each other a kiss and a huge good bye.I miss you and love you alot.I know your in heaven cause I know you loved god with all your heart.You would always say that you cant love anyone if you dont love god.

You were a great son ,a great husband,a great father,a great grandfather,a great brother,a great nino,a great cousin, a great friend,and a great coach.


your daughter,
Paula Isabel Varela
[aka Paulita]
paula varela
June 2, 2010
Christina Lopez
May 30, 2010
Juan I had a chance to coach with you when my son was playing baseball. Just wanted to say thanks. You were a good christian man. Never looked down on anyone. Always help those in need. You are going to be missed. Just want to say I love you and thanks for everything. Your friend and nephew in law
Javier Rodriguez
May 27, 2010
Tio juan you were always loud especialy when the cowboys were playing. You would sometimes give me a headache but it was fun to hear you yelling. I would always have you in my heart. I LOVE YOU TIO JUAN.
Karyzma Rodriguez
May 26, 2010
Our condolences to the family, friends, and the community.

In solidarity/En solidaridad,
Anti-Violence Workers
May 26, 2010
i'd like to say how sorry i am that your family has endured such a loss. may Juan rest in peace. blessings to your family.
Michelle Johnson
May 26, 2010
Yvette Rodriguez
May 26, 2010
I am so very sorry for your loss. It is such a tragedy, but I pray that the love of God will fill and surround you and that you will heal. That your wonderful memories will carry you forward to shine your light and tell of his. Blessings.
Jennifer Batarseh
May 25, 2010
Nino, I miss you so much. I know your in a better place now, i am so sad because you wont be there when i open the door to grandmas house. I will miss seeing you in your cowboys shirts and all the stories u would tell us. and how u would say you were gods gift to women. In honor of you nino I named my son Juan. And when he is older I will let him know who he is named after, and what a good person you were. And how you always loved and cared about everyone no matter what. You were always happy and always had a smile on your face, i will miss that smile. I will always have our memories.Love you always.
Coty Lopez
May 25, 2010
Hi my name is Erin i am a 26 year old women living in Austin Texas.I just want to tell you that my thoughts and prayers go out to your family, and i hope justice is served in the name of your late father and husband.
erin carpenter
May 25, 2010
Tio juan I will always love you. We all have our diffrences but when you told me what people were saying about your sickness that's when you really new who cared. I never treated you any different you were my tio juan and I still loved you. I will miss you loud voice. Love you allways :(
Yvette Rodriguez
May 24, 2010
Most sincere condolences to the Varela family. God bless you and comfort you.
Christine Perez
May 24, 2010
I love u little brother n will forever miss our conversations. I know ur in a better place but i miss u and wish u wer here with us.
mary varela
May 23, 2010
Tio, you were my best friend growing up n the memories i have will forever fill my heart with happiness. U could always make me laugh no matter wht mood i was in. I could fill this whole page with stories of the crazy things we used to do whn we were young, or of all the wonderful things u did for me whn we got older. But tht will always be bettween me and u. U were a great man, a wonderful husband, a loving father but u will forever be the greatest kindest most generous Tio anyone could ask for. And for my kids i say "THANK U" for being good to them n loving them like u did. How will i explain to them tht thier loud loving tio wont be around anymore. u used to gt on Evons nervs cus ud get so loud whn u watched sports or fite with Dom, she really thot she was boxing n wht abt my son he had a good man in his life tht was supposed to be thr for him whn ever he just needed a hug or someone to pick up his slink...Tio u were the only person tht ever picked tht thing up for him and found the love hidden behind the gesture. i would tell him to stop n ud say "no its ok, thts how he tells me he loves me" only u would get tht. N thts what made u so special. People think tht ur brothers n sisters r suffering more thn ur nieces, nephews n cuzns. but wht people dont get is we all loved u because u loved us ALL. Well now they knw tht TIO u ment so much to me, I loved u as a brother n U will forever be in my heart on my mind in my memories.
paula lopez
May 23, 2010
Well where do I start tio? We have so many memories together. From the years we coached Little League, the times we would stay up late playing cards or video games, to all of the sports games we watched together. Your voice and love for life will truly be missed! I would always laugh when you got kicked out of the baseball games when we were not getting the right calls.

Thank you for all of the fun times and for always being there for us. We know that you are in a better place and you are looking out for us. One day we will meet again and will be able to hash everything out just like the good old days.

Your newphew and namesake,

Juan Martin Varela
May 23, 2010
May your hearts soon be filled with wonderful memories of joyful times together as you celebrate a life well lived.
Aranda Luis
May 22, 2010
I will miss talking to you about football and about everything or nothing. We lost a good man, of course not a perfect man but God judges the hearts of Men. God consider King David a perfect man and yet we know how he sin against God.

I wrote a letter to you thanking you for helping Mom take care of Granny, Dad, Tia Josephine and for helping her with Andrea. I know it was not an easy job and thank you for doing it.

When I found out that Dallas Cowboys is coming to Phoenix in December I told Vasil I wished I had the money to buy a ticket for me and you. Vasil cried when we lost your physical body, he said that you and Paula were the only one that liked him.

You will be miss by those you befriended. My heart aches and I hope I told you more then once that I love you.

Your sister Sophia
May 21, 2010
I'm sorry for your loss. Please accept my deepest sympathies.
Tracy Garcia
May 21, 2010
Our thoughts and prayers are with the family.
May 17, 2010
We love you Juan. We know you have now entered true paradise with our Holy Father. You will be missed by friends, family, and all those who knew you. We wish we would've had a longer time with you but we guess God was anxious to hold you in His arms. R.I.P. Juan Varela.

P.S. Now you'll get to see every Cowboys game just as you wished. We Love You.
Familia Chavez
May 14, 2010
May 14, 2010
My Younger Bro.Juan love you with all my heart and you will be missed.Paulita will now be Marks daughter,and i know thats what you would want.Well you got to see my Mark-E first.Mark and the familia will take care of your beautyful yard.Life will not be the same without you but your memories will keep us going.All of the pictures we have of you will be our treasure.The Gustin Familia all love you and you bro. will be missed your older sis Josie and famila.
Josie gustin
May 14, 2010
Tio, I am saddened that this had to happen to a wonderful person such as yourself. I wish with all my heart I could be there with our family. I will forever remember the times we spent in baseball, soccer, football and in day to day life. You were always good to me and my family, you showed soo much compassion to all of us. I will remember all the laughs and smiles you gave us. You were a shining light in this family. I LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART TIO AND I WILL NEVER FORGET WHAT YOU DID FOR ME AND MY FAMILY WHILE ON THIS EARTH. I can still here you yell as I entered grandma's home, "Junior!", with a big smile on your face. Goodbye for now tio I will see you again soon in Heaven. I LOVE YOU TIO! Muah!

Rudy E. Mendoza Jr
Camp Dwyer, Afghanistan
Rudy Mendoza Jr
May 14, 2010
I'm so sorry for your loss. Juan "Oso" was an awesome man I really enjoyed dealing with him during my time at South Mountain Little League. I to this day still hear his voice yelling at the kids to do better. He will be missed. Much Love and Respect

Christina (Duarte) Campuzano
May 13, 2010
Tio...I miss you so much! I know you're in a glorious place but I wish you were here. It's the selfish part in me I guess. My heart aches for one more hug, one more smile, to hear your laugh just one more time, to see you dance, to hear you tell a story! I know I'll see you soon and I look forward to that day. Give everyone up there hugs for me please and my Nana, I know you already spotted her! I miss you and love you more than my words can ever express....I just hope I showed you enough when you were on this earth. Love you!!!!!!
Mia Villa
May 13, 2010
Josie Gustin
May 13, 2010
I really dont know how to start but i do know that tio you were so special to me..iremember when the cowboys would win or something you would go outside and scream..swear it'll always make me laugh.(: i remember so much about you. its jus so hard to admite your gone..the crazy thing about it iwas there to witness evreythin..everyday i think about what happened that day..it just was too much to handle..tio juan i could still see you fixing your yard walking back and forth from jose's house..iknow someday i'll see you but its jus hard..our family will miss you sooo much. && tio iwill always love you till my last breath. ''its just the dog in me'' one of ur famouse lines.(: iloveyou sooooooooooooooooo much tio.
irene varela
May 12, 2010
To the Varela Family, We are so sorry for your loss. Juan was one of our long time friends we grew up with from the neigborhood. We remember when he would hang out with my brother John Frausto and all of their other friends. I would also see Juan during any Lassen School assemblies he attened, having him around in the neighborhood when we were growing up will be in our memories forever. Juan would always show respect even if you had never seen him in a while he always gave you a hand shake and hug. Juan you will never be forgotten and will always be in our prayers and hearts.

On behalf of the Frausto Family
Patricia Frausto
May 12, 2010
May God bless you and your family in this time of sorrow. I have good memories of Juan and his brothers. Juan was always laughing and having a good time with friends. We will miss you Juan.
John Montano
May 12, 2010
You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. Carol Williams.
May 12, 2010
Love & Prayers go out to the Varela Family, may you find peace in your time of grief, i feel your pain I just burried my little Sister 3 wks ago and it is a very hard thing to indure..may god bless the Varela Family.
Elizabeth Escalante
May 12, 2010
To my dear friend/brother, was always there for me when I lived in Arizona. Still can't believe that this has happened. We will never forget you my dear friend.
Oscar Herrera
May 12, 2010