Mary Ries
1956 - 2016

Mary Leigh Schaaf (Borcherding) joined the angel choir at age 60, on April 24th, 2016, in Columbus, OH. Beloved mother to her two adult children, Jennifer Scholl and Joseph Kington. Beloved grandmother to her 3-year-old granddaughter, Lily, the light of her life. She also leaves behind her older sisters, Phyllis (Steven) McElhaney of Richmond, Virginia; Nancy (Jim) Lowry of Jacksonville, Florida; and Arielle (Jacque) Honstettre of Monts, France, as well as many nieces, nephews, cousins, friends, former in-laws, a mentally deranged chihuahua, Calvin "The Destroyer of Rugs," and a house full of stuff we have no idea what to do with. She was greeted in heaven by her parents, Ralph and Lucile (Guille) Borcherding, her beloved twin grandchildren, Jonah and Sophia, her beloved friends, Lori Reinhart and Pat Tekulve, and an enormous herd of aunts, uncles and cousins. Mary was a funny, quirky, loving woman with a huge heart and boundless creativity. Born in a blizzard in 1956 and raised in Cincinnati, OH, she graduated 17th in a class of nearly 2,000, at Lyons Township High in 1974, in Chicago, IL. She just missed her chance to go to high school with David Hasselhoff, a fact which greatly disappointed her in years to come. A graduate of Western Kentucky University in 1978, she was a triple major in French, Spanish and Latin, and she was fluent in all three. You hadn't lived until you'd seen Mom correct a priest's Latin. They don't like that. She was a gifted artist with exceptional drawing and painting skills. She had a beautiful soprano, and was singing solos in church from an early age. She was able to make doll clothes just by eyeing the doll and cutting the pattern. She was a creative and popular teacher at her church's Wednesday night CCD classes, and went on to pursue teaching full time. Alas, her first battle with cancer prematurely ended her career. Nonetheless, she had a great talent for making the best of a bad situation. During that first round of cancer, she discovered a new hobby for those traumatizing ambulance transports: groping the bulging muscles of a handsome firefighter/EMT while pretending to be in a dissociative fugue. Few of America's heroes went unmolested in her presence. Having grown up across the street from her church, she developed a love of Jesus so pure that she once was beside herself with joy when she saw His picture at a gas station parking lot. Her snotty children then ruined the moment by pointing out that "Jesus" was holding a soccer ball and a bottle of Gatorade, and was actually soccer star Alexi Lalas. A nurturer by nature, she was a mother to all kids who crossed her path, but reserved her greatest talent for her biological children: helicopter parenting. Like an Apache helicopter storming a beach in 'Nam while blaring "Ride of the Valkyries," thus was much teenage fun ruined at her deft hand. When her children reached adulthood, she finally landed the chopper for good, and became their closest and most loyal friend. Alas, Mom was not skilled in all areas of life. Her sense of style was gloriously naïve. She was truly shocked that the people of France were not more enthusiastic about her ensemble when she stepped off the plane in Paris: a jumpsuit patterned entirely in American flags. We all know how much the French love Americans, but Mom never got that memo and insisted to the end that her outfit was fabulous, thank you very much. As a cook, she didn't believe in recipes, and preferred winging it as she went along. We wished she'd just use a darn cookbook already. She began her culinary career in high school, when she decided to bake her classmates brownies. She told her teacher that the little green flecks were oregano. That wasn't oregano. Her recipe for BBQ Tofu lives in infamy as a dish so terrible, that it made her young daughter ponder throwing herself down the basement stairs rather than take one more bite. Amateur cosmetology was another creative pursuit. She started by giving her daughter blond highlights, which turned into a bronze halo around the middle of her head. Undeterred, she decided to pioneer a new method of eyebrow hair removal: candle wax. After several minutes of trying to stick her daughter's right eyebrow back on, she at last admitted defeat (but only after her daughter convinced her that glueing an eyebrow back on with superglue was not wise). Mom was a woman who lived life her way and didn't care what people thought. She danced at every wedding like no one was watching. Except everyone was watching, including the videographer. She was the highlight of many a wedding video. We will miss her humor, her quirks, her love and generosity, and her politically insensitive interpretation of Karaoke. Our eyebrows may be safe, but our lives are a lot less joyful. There will be a memorial service on Saturday, May 14th at 2pm, at Lord of Life Lutheran Church on Dublin-Granville Road, Columbus, OH. The family will be present for an hour before the service to greet mourners. A table of Mom's treasured collection will be set out for people to choose from and take mementos. Seriously, please take her stuff, we're up to our eyeballs in Christmas wreaths. Mary will be buried on the Ries family farm in Mt. Vernon, IN. In lieu of flowers, donations can be made in her memory to the Stefanie Spielman Fund for Breast Cancer Research.

Published by The Cincinnati Enquirer on Apr. 28, 2016.
To plant trees in memory, please visit the Sympathy Store.
Memorial service
Lord of Life Lutheran Church
Dublin-Granville Road, Columbus, OH
Sponsored by Jennifer Scholl.
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Your life and your children's memories of you in your obituary are proof that you were wonderful and a most enviable in character, in every sense of the word. Sing with the angels, my dear, sing as loud as you please!! :)
Jane LaLone
May 1, 2020

Ma chère petite sur d'Amérique tu es toujours dans mon cur. Quelquefois je t'implore de m'aider du haut du ciel quand je souffre trop. Je t'aimerai aussi longtemps que je vivrai. Tu es présente et vivante quand je pense à toi. Tu es présente dans ma prière. Tu es heureuse pour l'éternité avec tous les anges du paradis. Pray for us . ALLÉLUIA!
From Arielle de France.
April 30, 2020
My heart is full again as I read this obituary 4 years later. What a lovely tribute and reminder of a beautiful life. There is a quote somewhere that says as long as my name is spoken, my spirit lives on. Today, Mary is sitting on a cloud today smiling as her spirit touches many--again. God bless her family and make they stay safe during these troubling times.
Beth Chesser
April 22, 2020
Wonderful she sounded like a beautiful tonic
to the grind daily living love from Tipperary Eire Ireland , Mary thank you so much for a beautiful start to this day Marianxxx
Marian Quinlan Curtin
April 23, 2019
I just love your mother's obituary. What a fantastic lady! Thanks for sharing her with us.
Jill Sasser
April 28, 2017
I have to say, when I need a good smile, I turn to this loving tribute. Your mother's nurturing, hilarious, and loving way continues!
Rebecca Ogrady
June 13, 2016
I didn't know Mary, but if this obit is an example of how her kids turned out, she was a FABULOUS mother. RIP, Mary. Your spirit lives on in your children and grandkids.
Linda L.
May 20, 2016
This is the absolute best obituary I've ever read. I don't know her, but your mother sounds amazing! I'm sorry for your loss, but it sounds like her legacy is living on through you. God Bless!
Melissa DiBlasio
May 20, 2016
I didn't know your mother either, but wish I had. She sounds like a gem. What a funny and awesome woman. You must have inherited some of these traits to write such a great obituary. Sorry for your loss. Heaven is certainly a much brighter place. I hope she is wearing the American flag jumpsuit now.
Stacie B
May 19, 2016
Susan Cole
May 18, 2016
I would like to extend my deepest sympathies for such a loss of a woman with so much character. When most obituaries are hum drum.....this one makes the list of THE BEST!!!! I couldn't help but laugh and feel her humor, your love for her and all that she was!!! Just from reading this I would have loved to have met such a wonderful spirit!!! May she bring many laughs to those whom she now lives with!! And dear God. . .you surely out did yourself when you made Mary!!!! God Bless all of you and keep on smiling and laughing for the years to come . . . .because it was beyond obvious that was her intentions!!!!!
Robin Elliott
May 17, 2016
I never met your mother, but fell for her about 3 sentences into the eloquently written obituary. What a gem she must have been! My sincere condolences. ..what huge holes you all must have in hearts.
Cynthia Baldauf
May 14, 2016
Not unlike the probable majority of the 351 message writers before myself, I did not know your mother, either but I would assume it would be safe to say that your mother truly lives on via the author of her obituary. My own mother is still alive (and in her 80s) and has insisted that when it is her time that I include in her obituary how she took her grandsons (my sons) zip lining when she was in her 80s...and ziplined along with them (true story). Mothers like ours are quite the character. Kudos to your mom and her sense of humor that lives on.
Carly` Johnson
May 9, 2016
Thank you for the fun obituary. Your Mom amd I never met. I live in California and my sister from Minneapolis sent it to me so it's making a good run of enjoyable reading.
Beth Walsh
May 8, 2016
I never met your mother and now feel that I missed out. This was by far the very best obituary I have ever read. Here's to a life well lived!
Laura Ingalls Gunn
May 7, 2016
My condolences to the family for the loss of your mother. Mary raised wonderful children. May she rest in peace.
May 7, 2016
I didn't know Mary, but I wish I had! I just hope she's not playing cards with the sweet looking Costa Rican woman. She's my late Nana and she will take Mary for all she's worth and smile the whole time! Complete card shark, that one.
Erika Another Internet stranger
May 6, 2016
What a spirit. May she live on in your memories and the smiles you have shared with so many
Delia Smith
May 5, 2016
My sincerest condolences to your family. Mary sounds like a woman I would've loved to have known.

My thoughts are with you all.
Rebecca A random stranger from Facebook
May 5, 2016
Although i never knew you, you must have been a wonderful person, judging by the loving things your family have said. May you rest in peace.

Kindest Regards
The Roberts Family , Ohio
carole Roberts
May 4, 2016
Wow....wished i did know her,,,,,,may she rest in peace,,,,,
Crystal Patterson
May 4, 2016
What an amazing lady. I know all of us wish we will be remembered in such a wonderful and humorous tribute. I love to see such a blessed family.
Renee Rowley
May 4, 2016
I did not know your mother but oh my how i wished I had. what a wonderful tribute to her . you will have many many memories . bless all of you during this time. I hope she meets my mom in Heaven. My mom will talk to her until she tapes my moms mouth shut.
Linda Strong
May 4, 2016
How is it that this obituary and these stories brought so much laughter and joy on this gray rainy evening in Midlothian, Virginia? I can only imagine the happiness that you all shared as a family. Although we are technically strangers, I mourn the loss of this spitfire on your behalf and on the world's behalf. I shared the obituary as it passed through my social media world, and I hope others do the same. This is a lesson in love.
Brigid Lane
May 3, 2016
I personally did not know Mary, but i wish I had. She sounds like a remarkable lady and she kept people laughing. May she rest in peace and continue to laugh all of the time. Thank you for bringing a smile to my face and heart tonight. God Bless to the family.
Brad Eickhoff
May 3, 2016
Many condenses on the loss of your mother!

And.... BEST obituary ever written, seriously! I feel as tho I should come pay respects to an awesome woman whom I love even tho I never met her!

I'm sure she will be greatly missed, may you always be able to turn a sad moment into a less sad one by remembering a funny memory.

God bless you all
May 3, 2016
Your Mom sounds like an amazing woman filled with light, love and laughter.
kandee Furst
May 3, 2016
Not only does your mom sound like absolutely the most awesome human to have ever lived, she obviously instilled her joyful humor in you also. I am truly sorry for your loss, but I absolutely guarantee you that she is laughing her angelic butt off, and perhaps enjoying a little heavenly notoriety as well.
I'm sure you are grieving, but I'm also sure you will treasure your memories, all of them, forever.
Abby Langehennig
Abby Langehennig
May 3, 2016
Like many others leaving a message here, I did not know your mother, but reading this fabulous tribute to her makes me wish I had. May she rest in peace, although it sounds like she'll be the life of the party in heaven, maybe even giving Jesus a dance lesson.

All kidding aside, my sincere condolences for the loss of your mother -- obviously a beloved, terrific lady. God Bless You.
May 3, 2016
As a mother who desires to instill the ability to laugh through life's difficulties in her children, I can assure you your mother would have LOVED this! Though I did not know her personally, I send love and light. May sweet Lily and any other of Mary's grandchildren to come learn the same to keep the gift alive. My thoughts are with you all at this time.
Hilary Quirk Galt (no, really)
May 3, 2016
While, like many others, I did not know Mary, I am in tears at this point....tears of sadness mixed with tears of joy. Sadness for your loss of such a phenomenal mother and joy for such love you have shown her through the great memories you shared. What a wonderful person she must have been and such a fabulous tribute to her.
May 3, 2016
What an honor!! I would have loved to hang out with your Mother. And if I was closer, I'd surely come to her funeral.
Gloria Roohr-Hyzer
Gloria Roohr-Hyzer
May 3, 2016
My sympathy to all who knew and loved her. She sounds like an amazing woman. Thanks so much for sharing her with all of us. Definitely the best obituary I have ever read.
Denise Innes
May 3, 2016
I didn't know your mom but wish I had. She is now laughing in heaven, and probably correcting St. Peter's Latin.
May 3, 2016
First let me say that my heart goes out to you and your family. She will be missed greatly, I'm sure. Secondly, you have her sense of humor. What a beautiful tribute to a beautiful person. May God be with you in the coming days.
Robin McCollough
May 3, 2016
What an amazing tribute, and with your mothers sense of humor, I would imagine this would make her very proud. love to you all from our family to yours
michelle hill
May 3, 2016
Ohhhh the humor and joy you brought to my job, I love and miss you!!!
Team Mary for life!!!
Vous voir sur le revers de la me'daille :)
Jenny Bell
May 3, 2016
God Bless you...your mother brought joy to the world and you have left us smiling. Thank you for sharing
May 3, 2016
This obituary makes me sad but for two reasons; I wish I had actually known Mary and I wish I lived in Ohio so I could attend her memorial. What a fantastic tribute to a woman who is surely dancing like no one is watching and cooking like no one is eating. I'm so sorry for your loss but know that somehow with this funny and touching obituary Mary was able to reach more people than she could ever imagine. God Bless your family.
Jennifer L.
May 2, 2016
I did not know your mother, but I can tell from what you wrote she was one of a kind. My prayer are with you, but I feel as though heaven is blessed to have her !
Loraine Hastings
May 2, 2016
What a wonderful tribute to your mother. She obviously passed along her sense of humor to her children. We wish we had known her.
Freddie and Pat
May 2, 2016
I didn't know Mary, but this is the best obituary I have ever read. I'm stealing it for my column. I wish my kids appreciated me this much. Sunny Schubert, Monona, WI
May 2, 2016
The obituary is going viral and your mom sounds like someone I would have likely been arrested if I had hung out with her in high school. I'm assuming whoever wrote the obit, inherited her sense of humor. You were truly blessed to have her for your mom.
Chris Lemmon
May 2, 2016
Your mom sounds SO much like my mom. Sometimes her quirkiness makes me cringe but I wanted to thank you for reminding me just how wonderful my mom truly is. My condolences to you and your family. It sounds like Mary was quite a special lady. God bless.
Amy Young
May 2, 2016
Thank you for writing such a wonderful obituary. I hope you don't mind that I shared Mary's life story on The Family Plot Blog. Here's the link:

I'll upload the photo I included with the post. Thank you for sharing her personality with the world.
Gail Rubin
May 2, 2016
Thank you for sharing this life about someone I knew not prior. Yet, would admire getting to have her quirky side in my life what a true blessing she was.
Gayle J.
May 2, 2016
I'm crying right now for a beautiful woman that I never had the pleasure of meeting. Thank you for sharing her beautiful personality, she sounds like exactly the kind of mom and friend I hope to be. May Mary rest in peace and her family live in the joy of her memories.
Andrea N.
May 2, 2016
I've never met your mom, but mine turned 60 on the very day you lost her. What a reminder that life is a gift, that being different is awesome, and that love never ends. ~Lori J.
May 2, 2016
Fantastic memories!!! Such a wonderful, funny, heartfelt tribute to your Mother! She sound's amazing, and I'm sure her antics will be missed.... God's peace and comfort to you and your family.
May 2, 2016
I'm another who never had the opportunity to meet you or your mother. Her obituary was shared on Facebook as the 'best obituary ever'. Being a bit of a connoisseur of obits, I had to see it for myself. Yes, the title is well deserved. It is right up there with the one for the lady who was 'survived by two very loving daughters and four other daughters'.

Your mother must have been a wonderful person and left you with some amazing memories. We should all strive to leave our children such an amazing legacy! Thank you ever so much for sharing her with the rest of the world!
Lou Ellen Doty
May 2, 2016
I just shed tears for a woman I've never met but wish that I had. Thank you for writing such a funny, loving tribute to your amazing mom. It makes me feel like I need to provide more material for my kids to be able to write such an obit for me someday. May God bless you with peace and comfort during this difficult time. Thank you for sharing your mom with us.
Darcie S
May 2, 2016
I do not know your mom but I love her. Thank you for sharing what a amazingly fun and awesome woman she was. Sending love from Los Angeles! I hope David Hasselhoff sees this.
Kari Paige
May 2, 2016
Sorry for your loss. By the sound of the obituary the world lost a unique woman and heaven gained a "special" angel. What a wonderful tribute to this woman I never knew but now wish I had.
Melissa DeAmicis
Greenville SC
Breast Cancer survivor. .7 months
Melissa DeAmicis
May 2, 2016
Saw this posted on FB, and had to read it. What a beautiful tribute to who I'm sure was an incredible women who really loved life. Who could ask for more? My condolences. Beth W
May 2, 2016
My condolences I don't know your mom, but I seen her obituary and she seems like one I wish I had known! I'm sure she will be missed greatly! Much love to the family and friends to this beautiful soul!
Erin Moore
May 2, 2016
This is the best obituary ever! I really wish that I had known your mom. And you kids, for that matter. Celebrate your mom as she sounds like she left you with some fantastic memories!
Julie Pipes
May 2, 2016
An AMAZING obituary for an AMAZING woman! I am deeply sorry for your loss. I am sure she will be missed terribly! I pray God's comfort and peace to you all. Thank God that you had such a wonderful lady in your life!

I wish I could have met her, as many others are saying.
Maybe after the mourning & estate are dealt with, the brilliant person(s) who wrote the obit would consider writing a book about this amazing lady?! I am hoping, as I (& many others are) am wishing to know more of Mary, her life, her family, & yes the crazy chihuahua LOL!

Love from Ohio
Cindy Moyer
May 2, 2016
I never met Mary but a friend sent me her obit and I wish I had known her. What a wonderful mom and woman she was! I hope I am thought of half as well. Thank you for sharing Mary with this obit.
Pamela Geudzinski
May 1, 2016
Such a beautiful tribute to a fabulous mom. Though I don't know her I feel as if I have missed out in life by never having had the privilege. The rest of your lives will be filled with smiles as you remember your lives with her. How lucky to have been her children. P S I'm glad my husband is a firefighter/EMT in Houston, Tx as I'm not sure I would have wanted your mother groping his muscles but then again maybe he would have! Sail on home with Jesus Mary and know how much you were loved by your family. Bettye Smith - Houston, Tx
Bettye Smith
May 1, 2016
Thank you for sharing your mother with all of us. I am so very sorry for your loss. May these wonderful memories soften the edges of pain. Love to all who loved this fabulous soul.
Rose Aleman
May 1, 2016
What a wonderful tribute! Lost my own Mom to recurrent metastatic breast cancer 7 years ago. May your memories bless you, and make you smile.
Andrea R
May 1, 2016
I'm thankful to have read such a beautiful obituary. Mary's life is a great example of the kind of mom i want to be for my children. I just gotta find a pair of American Flag overalls! God's peace to your family. God bless you Mary.
May 1, 2016
I have never met any of you or your Mother, but I sure would have liked to. A friend shared this on Facebook. What an amazing tribute. Peggy Ogg
Peggy Ogg
May 1, 2016
I never met Ms. Ries, nor did I know of her before her passing; a friend shared her obituary on her social media site. As I read your tribute, I felt a sense of loss for never having had the opportunity to experience such a kind, fun-loving woman. I thought it would be odd to write to you, but then, I thought that you should really know that, even though she is gone, she is still touching lives through her legacy - you! Thank you for sharing her story and inspiring me to be the person that would have such words spoken over me, as well as reminding me how precious the small things are: the moments at the gas station: the failed cooking experiments: the smiles in the rain. May God comfort you and may you carry out the fun, love, and gift of touching hearts that your mother had. You most certainly touched mine.
Natasha Fatkin
Bowling Green, KY
WKU Alumni
Natasha Fatkin
May 1, 2016
I never met any of you or your mother, but just by what's written here I can tell I really would have enjoyed meeting her. I'm happy that you got to spend so much time with a unique person like her.
Valerie S.
May 1, 2016
I am so sorry for your loss. After reading this, I wish I could have known her. What a wonderful celebration of her life.
Carrie Shedlock
May 1, 2016
It's not often that you experience nostalgia for something you never experienced. You have my sincerest regrets for your loss.
May 1, 2016
Thank you for introducing Mary to us!! What a wonderful tribute !!! How blessed you all were to have had her in your lives! How lucky she was to have had you--- you clearly loved and enjoyed each other! The love will last forever and so will Mary,through your wondeful memories!!! God bless you all !
N Sullivan
May 1, 2016
I'm smiling and have tears in my eyes. What you have done here is simply awesome! I sincerely wish I could drive down and help you out by taking a Christmas wreath but as luck would have it, I'm unable. Your mother sounds like a wonderful woman who touched the lives of many and will be terribly missed. It is nice you were left with many wonderful memories.
May 1, 2016
I do not know your beloved mom, or your family, but what a tribute to her. I feel like I personally know her now. Her warmth jumped out of the screen. She was so obviously loved and was a beautiful human being. It's also evident in the humor and kindness she instilled in her children. What a beautiful way to honor your mom. I will forever giggle thinking about that American flag jumpsuit walking through a French airport! I know you will miss your mom, but what a great legacy she left behind.
Cindy Frappier
May 1, 2016
I didn't know your mom but she seems like she was the light of everyone's lives and she will be truly be missed by all. RWG Mrs. Mary
A Henderson
May 1, 2016
This is the most heartfelt tribute to your wonderful mom. Sounds like she filled your lives with nothing but goofiness and laughter. I wish I had known her. My sincere condolences. Emilie Smart
May 1, 2016
This is the best obituary I've ever read. It made me love Mary, and I've never even met her. My condolences to her family and friends on what is surely an enormous loss. It is clear, though, that her spirit lives on in whoever wrote this beautiful tribute.
May 1, 2016
What a joyful, loving tribute to your mother!! She sounds like she was the kind of person that I would truly enjoy being around. Good thoughts and blessings to all of you.
Lisa Smith
May 1, 2016
I saw your mother's obituary through FaceBook. What a lovely, funny, loving, heartfelt tribute to her; I feel as if I knew her through your wonderful prose. Thank you for this beautiful message about your fabulous mother.
C Roark
Huntsville, AL
May 1, 2016
I do not know this lovely lady, but Thank God, her children let us get to know what a light to the world she was, and is.
lorie elswick
May 1, 2016
This obituary makes me want to get in my car and drive to Cincinnati to "meet" her at the memorial. I know you'll do her already have. I feel like I've met a kindred spirit....except for the jumpsuit.
Amy Anderson
May 1, 2016
Life is meant to be enjoyed. ....and it shows that she did and made it so much better for all who knew and loved her. Thanks for sharing with us.....sympathies from Sun City West, AZ .
Roberta Uible-King
May 1, 2016
I wish I had known Mary.

I'd like to think that this colorful gal has met up with my wild Mamaw and they are raising some pg-13 rated hell in heaven.

My condolences to the family and friends.
Rachael Vance
May 1, 2016
I do not know this woman or her family, and I feel I have missed out tremendously. What an amazing woman, my prayers to the family, and my wishes for a wonderful journey for this wonderful woman. I hope to be remembered by family and strangers alike as this woman now is.
Amber Simpkins
May 1, 2016
I don't know your mom or any of you,but this is the best obituary I have ever read. Mary sounded like someone I would enjoy being around. What a wonderful family she has. Condolences to you from my own deranged Chihuahua,Dori and me.

Tammy Campbell
Tammy Campbell
May 1, 2016
What an amazingly awesome tribute to a loved one. I've never read better!
May 1, 2016
Sorry for your loss.She would have loved the obit. She sounds like she was a wonderful person that had alot of good memories.
Patti Tumminello
May 1, 2016
So sorry for your loss. Your mother sounds like a beautiful person who brought such beauty to the world, her family, and friends. This obituary is such an amazing tribute to her. Just know, reading this has touched my life, as it has done for many others as well. Thanks for sharing these wonderful memories...Mary rocks, just sayin
Cheri Atwood
May 1, 2016
I feel as if I know her even though I do not. this was so wonderful and I am sure that Mary was wonderful too. Thank you for sharing this. I am sorry for your loss and I know you are all going to miss her very much.
Anna Smolik
May 1, 2016
Mary is proof that there is life after birth. And there's a lot more of life to come for her now- in His presence! I wish I could have gone to high school with her!
Steven Bobulsky
May 1, 2016
What a wonderful woman. She lived her life to the fullest and we all could take a few lessons. So very sorry for your loss.
Wendy Maddox
May 1, 2016
What a lovely and humorously spirited remembrance. Just reading is assurance that Mary was quite a woman. I am so sorry for your loss, but it is evident that your mother left behind a wonderful legacy in her children and beyond.
April 30, 2016
So sorry for the loss of your wonderful mom. What an outstanding obit you have written for her, she must be so pleased with it. I don't know your mom or your family but I saw this on Facebook and I had to say something to you. I think your mom will live on in the wonderful memories she left with you and those who loved her. My prayers are with her family.
April 30, 2016
This made me smile and get a glimpse of a fantastic lady. I'm sure MS.Mary is surely appreciating the smiles and joy her life brought to her family and the strangers like myself that are touched. Xoxoxo from Florida. God bless.
April 30, 2016
I wish I knew Mary. Her and I would have been bffs!! So sorry you lost this gem !!!
Susan MacNamara
April 30, 2016
Well I will say a vet active obituary and not knowing you was my only sad moment here. My prayers and condolences are with the family but now I am wondering if she may most assuredly be your Lil Angel to play those Lil tricks on you forever. . May she rest in peace and your hearts be full of all those wonderful moments to keep with you always.
Amanda Rollins
April 30, 2016
This obituary made its way on my Facebook feed. It is a beautiful, touching, humorously loving tribute to your mother. You truly honored her well. May God give you comfort as you and your family celebrate this truly amazing woman. Sending condolences from Idaho
Heather Beam
April 30, 2016
As much as a sad loss, this was a glorious tribute! Prayers for all who knew her and a raise of my glass for a toast in her honor and memory! I should like to think that someone would write such a heartfelt obituary of love and laughter for me.
April 30, 2016
I send hugs and prayers as you say your goodbyes (for now)! I do not know your family but you obviously have that family that everyone wishes they were a part of!!! Your Mother sounds wonderful and your tribute to her is the most beautifully written obituary I've ever read. God Bless from Kansas.
Sharla Schlotthauer
April 30, 2016
This obituary somehow found its way to my Facebook feed. What a remarkable tribute. I have no doubt that her grandchildren will be blessed as they reap the benefits of those lessons she taught you as she parented you.

Thank you for such a "real" obituary. It truly inspired me, as I am sure it did many others.

Even in death, Mary continues to give of herself.

Well done, Mary. Well done.

Oxford, Mississippi
April 30, 2016
We all dream about being so loved by our children. Good job, Mary. Bless all who mourn her passing. Remember, she is surely smiling down upon you.
Jane LaLone
April 30, 2016
She sounds like a wonderful person. Wish I had the honor of knowing her and your family. Many prayers for everyone.
EA Edgerton
April 30, 2016
You had a wonderful mother. I know you will miss her but you have beautiful, fun memories of her. Everyone should be as lucky as you to have a person like her in their lives.
April 30, 2016
I didn't know your Mother, but her obituary is filled with a wonderful life. I only hope when I'm gone that my life will be remember half as nicely. Sending love and continued peace with your memories.
Jennifer Cawley
April 30, 2016
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