Lori Altshuler M.D.
1957 - 2015
In Loving Memory of Lori Altshuler M.D. who passed away on November 5, 2015.
Published by Dallas Morning News on Nov. 5, 2016.
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Thank you Lori For taking the time to write to me and trying to help with my wife’s postpartum depression psychosis. I will always value the letter you sent me and honor of your work.
John Delpit
April 15, 2021
Wow! I just learned --- in February 2019 --- of the death, in 2015, four years ago, of a fellow Cornell University alum. Dr. Lori Altshuler and I were fresh-persons at Cornell in Fall/Winter/Spring 1974-1975. During that year, Lori and I became one of 10 first year students to have been elected --- from among 3,500 students --- to the then powerful Cornell Senate with a $68,000,000.00 budget. Also, Lori and I pledged collaborating Greek entities. She pledged and was a member of the Kappa Kappa Gamma / KKG Sorority and I pledged and became a member of the Sigma Chi Fraternity. We both had interests in health/ medical careers, so we shared many of the pre-med/pre-health career courses. As an Independent major, I created in my Freshman year my major in Medical Anthropology. And, as Chair of the Board on Student Health/BOSH of the Gannett Clinic/ University Health Services, and as a Pre-Med Counselor, I got to know, and socialize with, Lori in a number of venues and circumstances. Lori was not only intelligent, and scholarly, but highly socially aware of key issues facing students in the 1970s. As expected, Lori pursued a highly successful and accomplished psychiatric/medical career, and personal life, on the other coast --- Los Angeles, California. Though I was on that coast, further north, pursuing my Medical Anthropology graduate studies at the University of California at Berkeley and San Francisco throughout the mid-to-late 1980s, I never had the opportunity to re-connect with Lori. A career that has taken me all over the world, with work in over 85 nations on 5 continents through such agencies as the UN - World Health Organization, US-Peace Corps/Ghana, West Africa, Fulbright Fellowship/Botswana, Southern Africa. So, this recent learning of Lori's passing back in 2015,in the February 2019, just a week after my 63rd birthday is shocking and sad, in deed. Given the vibrancy of Lori's life and career, she no doubt packed in two lifetimes in what most of us pack in one. Continue resting in peace, Lori. Will see you again.
Roland - ALexander FOULKES
February 20, 2019
Soon 3 years passes and it's another year without my dear Lori A. I miss her very much. I'm sure family and friends still think of her as much as I do, which is about once a day. I had a dream I woke up under a huge tree and I could see the roots and I could hear Lori's voice calling out to me in a whisper. I know she is at peace knowing we all think of her wonderful strong spirit. Live on in my heart dear Lori...
Kay Byrd
November 3, 2018
It's been over two years since Lori died but she still in my heart she still in my mind and the memories will never fail when I'm alone with nobody sort of like I am now I think of Lori and what she went through and I just get stronger knowing one day when my turn comes I'll see my dear Lori Lynn out to her again and she be resting in peace I think of her everyday why does God take the good ones and leave the negative crap behind I miss you Lori you would be so proud of me now living in a beautiful home like your home in Albuquerque New Mexico and thinking of you every day wishing you could be here you would be proud of me even though my family rejected me you always were in my corner sleep the sleep of angels Lori maybe one day I will join you.
Leslie Siegel
January 9, 2018
Lori was a special individual who cared deeply about people she took care of.May she rest in peace.
Dr. Joyce A. Kovelman, Ph.D.
Joyce A Kovelman, Ph.D.
January 8, 2018
I miss this wonderful cousin of mine, andI will never understand why some live and others pass on. I've learned a lot from Cousin Lori and I will never forget her kindness in sight of my family rejecting me, but I am stronger now that I hear Lori's words blaring in my head! She knew, I knew and she helped me adns aved my life against the dreded BRCA gene. I am alive because of her. Long live her soul and spirit.
Leslie Siegel
June 26, 2016
Lori had angel, like my mother would have said. She was brilliant, energetic, driven, to the outmost. Had a sense of humor. We miss her.

Pablo A Davanzo, MD
Pablo Davanzo
June 25, 2016
I am very sad to hear that Dr Altshuler died. She was a wonderful teacher, and one of the few advocates for bipolar depressed people going on antidepressants, despite the reigning ideology.

Not only will I miss her presence, but also will do my best to carry on her teachings.

My deepest condolences to the family. Your loved one lives on in her work with those afflicted with mood disorders. Hoping you find comfort in fond memories and the "visiting room" of your dreams.

S.A. Epstein MD
S.A. Epstein MD
June 16, 2016
My sincere condolences. Lori will be sorely missed.

Pablo A Davanzo, MD
February 8, 2016
My Incredible first best friend. Our years at Camp Birchwood our singing in your living room and on stage. We were the "incredible ABC's. From age 6 until Middle School and even thereafter you were then and now in my heart. Our skiing trip and so much more. Were were inseparable. I will miss you now as I always have. You were a leader and the most incredible friend. My heart goes out to you all. All my love, Tina Brooks - Peretz .
February 6, 2016
A bench? Her name should be written everywhere on the UCLA campus. Lori was something very special and special people are taken from us too fast. She was passionate, she was compassionate and she was good! She cared about people, patients, family, her sons and more. She was intelligent, funny, good looking and sharp as a tack. Sorely missed. Sorely still needed by me and the world. Love you Lori A. I'm glad you are my cousin and my friend. I heard you in a dream last week. You said in the clearest voice "Where am I and what's going on?" Sleep my flower, my heart, my strength, you will be remembered always!
Katie Seagal
January 22, 2016
I worked with Dr. Altshuler in early 90's at UCLA. Today, I was shocked when I saw a bench outside of UCLA Ronald Ragean cafeteria with her name. She was a great Doctor and a kind person, and would be truly missed. My deepest condolences to her family and friend.
January 21, 2016
I am a very early childhood friend. I don't know what made me think about Lori today because I have not had contact with her for probably the last 40 years of my life... But today she came into my memory and I googled her name and saw this sad news. my condolences go out to her family. I have so many early childhood memories of Lori and her family. I regret that we lost touch and I wish that We would have kept in touch. I am so proud to know she was such a distinguished doctor and authority on mental health. I will cherish the memories I have of my early childhood and reading about what an amazing person she became. I have such regret that we never kept in touch as I am certain she could have given me answers to help my self and my family. God bless you
Terri Phillips
January 9, 2016
If not for Lori Altshuler, I'd be battling Cancer! She talked me into doing surgery before the cancer came, and I listened to her. She said to me before she passed, "I hope you live longer than I have," and I will thanks to her wonderful heart and knowledge. I am BRCA I and II and she knew this and saved my life by directing me to the right facility and doctors that took the fear away. She was always there for me and got me out of some real binds in my life, I even call her phone just to her her voice. I miss her and always will. RIP my beautiful cousin Lori!
Katie Seagal
January 5, 2016
My heartfelt condolences to her family and may she rest in peace. She made many significant contributions to the study of bipolar disorder, particularly in pregnant and breastfeeding women, for which I am very grateful.
Ingrid Rodi, MD
December 16, 2015
Lori is responsible for my being in grad school now. She took a chance on hiring a very underqualified person to work in her lab, and I learned more in that year than I did in all of college. She was brilliant, but also incredibly kind and compassionate. I will forever be grateful for her kindness and the pivotal role she had in getting my academic and professional career off the ground.
Catherine Hegarty
December 16, 2015
It's been only a few weeks and I still feel a hole in my heart over the passing of my cousin Lori. She was so open, so kind and loving, it's hard for me to wrap my head around it, but I know at least she is at peace and not in pain. I miss her every single day!
Leslie Siegel
December 1, 2015
I did not know her long but she was a most engaging, friendly and open person; I'm sorry I could not have known more of who she was and chatted with her more. She will be greatly missed.
November 30, 2015
I was so saddened to hear of Lori's death. I was a patient of hers many years ago when she practiced in Manhattan Beach. Lori was so kind and helped me through a difficult period in my life. I kept in touch with her at times through the years. My heart goes out to her family. I know she will be missed by many who's life she touched.

Please contact me. Sari Freedman
Sari Freedman
November 23, 2015
My sincere sympathies to the Family. May God the Hearer of Prayer bring you peace and comfort during this difficult time- Isaiah 65:17
November 23, 2015
I am so sad to hear of Lori's passing. My thoughts and prayers for her wonderful family, her colleagues, friends, and her patients.
Joan Anzia
November 23, 2015
May God bless you and your family in this time of sorrow.
November 23, 2015
Lori was a 'present' person: with her sons, her husband, her colleagues and patients. Few people have this gift. We have been privileged to be in Lori's presence. To her husband and children, I can testify about her love for you for We never had a conversation where she did not speak of you. I am sad for your loss.
Paula Golden
November 22, 2015
With God's promise you can look forward to seeing your loved one alive again in their youthful vigor (Job 33:25) May fond memories comfort you until God's promises are fulfilled. You have my deepest sympathies. (John 6:40)
November 21, 2015
What can you say? She did so much in the short time she was on this Earth. This woman did a lot for the mental society. I was one of her patients years ago, and she had a certain way about her. Professional, masked, emotional inside and very learned in her craft. She was beautiful, she was full as a white rose and now she is a rose in heaven.
Victoria Fullar
November 18, 2015
What can I say. She fought for 10 years and so wanted to live. She crammed her whole life into a small square and in the end passed with dignity. One of my colleagues said she had helped others find answers and was instrumental in moving ahead things in the Bipolar and ADHD research. Because of her grant, I was able to attend University of Colorado.
Bradford Boyers
November 18, 2015
I had just heard that Ms. Altshuler had passed. She was a fighter and she loved to help people too. I worked at her office for a whole year while she was searching for a new assistant. I learned a lot and she trusted me with some pretty sensitive stuff, and I thought I came away from there with a new understanding of myself.
Annie Ziel
November 18, 2015
I had the pleasure of working with Dr. Altshuler in the past and am sorry to hear she has passed. We lost a good doctor, but she left behind a legacy of information to help literally thousands of patients. May she rest in peace.
Peter Boggs
November 18, 2015
I will miss this wonderful woman. She was taken as an angel too soon.
Kate Hauser
November 17, 2015
A tear is constantly falling.
Katie Hsudrt
November 17, 2015
A wonderful person. She came to all my plays. We would have dinner before. Such wonderful memories. The world is a better place having had her in it. Rest In Peace Dear Friend
Lewis Hauser
November 17, 2015
She was my friend, she was my cousin, she was my mother, my father, my brother, my mentor, she helped me, she loved me, she thought of me, she was there for me when no one was. Now she is gone, but with me forever in my heart. She will be missed by me, her cousin.
Leslie Siegel
November 16, 2015
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