Guy Wuellner
1933 - 2012
Guy Wuellner

Des Moines

Dr. Guy S. Wuellner, 79, passed away on November 2, 2012. Guy was a wonderful husband, father, and a beloved "Poppy" to his grandchildren. Guy was born the youngest of six boys to Ann and Henry Wuellner of Alton, Illinois, in 1933. In his youth he attended the Christian Brothers College High School in St. Louis, Missouri where he sharpened his musical skills. Guy decided to pursue his passion, piano, and received his Bachelors of Music from DePaul University, Chicago, Illinois. He went on to earn his Masters of Music at the University of Illinois and his Doctor of Musical Arts from The University of Iowa. Guy married Elise Eyster in Alton, Illinois in 1964. Guy and Elise moved to St. Paul, Minnesota where he became a Professor of Music at St. Thomas University. In 1965 Guy accepted a faculty position as Director of Keyboard Studies at Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa. He also was Assistant Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences from 1989 to 1990. During the summer of 1968, Guy traveled Europe extensively, playing concerts in London, Vienna, Fontainebleau (France) and Amsterdam. In 1987, Guy was presented The Distinguished Alumni Award for achievements in his chosen field and services to his fellow man. Guy was a member of the Music Teachers National Association and in 1987 was awarded the title of Master Teacher by the Iowa Music Teachers Association. Guy was also a pioneer, teaching the "Alexander Technique" which is now regarded as one of the most influential techniques for musicians to improve posture and quality of music. Guy influenced hundreds of students over the 35 years he taught at Drake University, many of which have become teachers themselves, thereby ensuring Guy's lasting legacy as a teacher, mentor and performer.

Guy is survived by his wife of 48 years, Elise Wuellner, their daughters and their husbands (Clare Wuellner and Roger Tilson, Joan and Christopher Conrad), his beloved grandchildren (Seth, Cole, Tess and Renee), two brothers and their wives (Mark and Mickey Wuellner, Ned and Rosemary Wuellner) and many nieces, nephews, and cousins. A memorial service for Guy will be held at a later date.

Guy, know that you are deeply loved, admired, and missed by your family.

Published by the Des Moines Register on Nov. 16, 2012.
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706 Entries
As the years have passed and I have written here less, by no means are you not thought of consistently. When you were taken from me, I was not only your primary caregiver but your constant companion. With you and Elise separating you were part of daily life with your grandchildren. Which you deeply loved! You were so happy, so much to look forward to. We had all sorts of plans. You are missed every day, every milestone, every time someone brings up their father, every time I want a bearhug, too many nights lying awake in bed thinking of how wrong it is you are gone. It has almost been 10 years and it is still difficult. I told you when you were dying I would be o.k.. But I am not. Losing you has forever changed my core. I love you as much as I tried to show you every day. Miss you Dad.
Joan Wuellner
September 12, 2021
Thinking about you as usual.....remembering the show Little Einstein's and how much you loved watching them with Seth and Tess. Fond memories of you taking care of your grandchildren. They miss you, their Poppy. You would be so proud of the young adults they have become. I so wish you were here to see them.

Love you Dad.

March 3, 2020

Each year is different in how I deal with your loss. It is true that time does help but it seems each year it is something new to process and this year is not different. I wish I had a mom to talk, to console me when I miss you so much. You were such a big part of my everyday life. This month is always the most difficult because I remember it as the month of you dying. I am glad you went on your own terms; it is still painful to know you should be here with us.

Miss you Dad.

Joan Conrad
October 20, 2019
Thinking about you a lot lately. I miss you Dad. I wish you were here to see your grandchildren's lives unfold, they miss you also.

Love you Dad. Wish you were here.

August 8, 2019
Hey Day,

Yesterday tradition was upheld at your place of rest. Who thought both your grandchildren would follow in your daughters footsteps.

We visited your grave and cleaned it up. I don't go often, because you are not buried in the plot you had purchased. So seeing you grave stone not only in the wrong place, but without your requested inscription. I fought my hardest to honor your last wishes. I miss you less often then before. I am getting used to you not being here and the thought of this sickening, because you should be....

Love you,
Joan Conrad
July 19, 2019
Today I had been reminiscing about some of my professors at the U of I School of Music back in the early '70s and decided to do a search for my favorite piano instructor, Guy Wuellner. Imagine my shock to come across his obituary.

During the time that I studied with him, Guy had just received his doctorate; and so the first time I'd seen him after he'd received his DMA, I referred to him as Dr. Wuellner.

"Oh no, no, no!!" he shot back with a twinkle in his eye, The title 'doctor' is reserved only for REAL doctors!! And we both chuckled.

Even though the exchange was in a jocular vein, his humility made a lasting impression as I'll always remember his self-effacing retort.

Although I only studied with him for a year, I must say I learned a lot from him. I still remember several, hilarious quips he'd use as teaching tools in describing how to best execute specific passages from Beethoven sonatas.

And I can still feel how the piano would rumble and his red hair would fly as he demonstrated those proper techniques!

Today is January 11, 2019; so Guy has been gone for some seven years. My heart breaks as I've read the many poignant entries his loving daughter, Joan, has written (and continues to write) on this site.

Even though I never knew Guy's family and my contact with him was limited to a single year back in the early '70s, I still feel saddened to read of his untimely passing and would like to extend my condolences to Joan and her family.

Joan, I'm sure your daddy is smiling down from above - so very proud of you!
Doug Koempel
January 11, 2019
Hi Dad, I still miss you, I will never lose that feeling. But my life is as back to normal or as close to it since 2009; when I started to take care of you and Elise. I feel powerless how the end of your life was, it should not have ended so soon. I wish everything you requested could have been fulfilled, but my attorneys were not as good at the game. I don't go to your grave often because I know this is not where you wanted your remains, but I know your spirit is where it should be. (sorry prepositional phrase) Love you Dad. You are missed and your influence that should have happened will never come to fruition. For that, I don't know if I will ever be able to forgive.
Joan Wuellner
September 2, 2018
Dad, so much has happened in the last few weeks. One huge piece of your life coming full circle. You would be amazed and proud. Everything seems to be on the surface again, it's okay. I still miss you so much.
Joan Conrad
July 14, 2018
May the 4th be with you, Dad. Miss you every day, but time does help. It has been 6 years. I don't know if I will be able to forgive the people responsible for your premature departure, but I do know you died at peace and on your terms. I love you so much.
Joan Wuellner
May 14, 2018
I know everyone knows their parents will die eventually, but your death was sudden and wrong. I still miss you everyday, wish you could be here to see everything evolving. Time does help with some of the pain, but you were taken from us and I will never feel that justice was served because there was no justice. No justice..
March 12, 2018
Hey Dad, Tomorrow one of the best days of the year with family. You being gone, of course changes Thanksgiving, as it does everyday. You are back with the stars now.....
November 22, 2017
Hi Dad, Five years ago today you were rushed to the hospital. I never could have imagined the events that would follow. How much everything in my life changed. I wish someone would have heard me for all the noise I made. Losing you is the most unjust event I have experienced. Your death has helped made me evolve; some good, some thankful, some heinous and some a better understanding. I miss you everyday, even though I do not write as often as before you are always with me. Love you as much as I showed you everyday. Joan
Joan Wuellner
October 9, 2017
Missing you on Daddy Day..... Love you so much Dad. Miss you everyday, not just on holidays for you. Love Joan
June 18, 2017
Hi Dad, you would have been 84 this year. Your birthday has become a national holiday for reasons your first grandchild is over joyed. I can not believe how fast this has all gone. I wish you were here to see all of this going on.

I miss you everyday. I love you as much as I showed you everyday.
May 6, 2017
Hey Dad, it has been a while. I am so proud to be your daughter, the change you had on this world! You are so loved and so missed!!!

Love you Dad.
March 3, 2017
It has been awhile since my last visit. Dad, you are missed every day. Love you as much as I show you everyday!!
January 31, 2017
Today is the Day of the Dead, November 2nd. Also the day of your untimely death. Miss you everyday, Dad. Love you as much as you know!!
November 2, 2016
:) Thinking of you and your smile! Love you Dad!!
September 27, 2016
Love you. :)
September 21, 2016
Hey, Dad....Missing you and this wishing you were here for this milestone. Love you and your smile. The sound of your laugh deep from your heart. Love you so much!!!!
September 2, 2016
Another day without your presents in my life. This year you could have been more help than you know. Love you Dad. Getting used to not having you in my life, but it does not make it any easier.
August 3, 2016
Today another milestone you would have been here to participate. They are now TA's, your favorites. We all miss you on these special occasions. Dad, you are missed very much! Love you...
July 17, 2016
2012 we were at Adventureland you were free!! We all were watching fireworks and you were the happiest you had been in years!!! I miss you so much Dad. I know your GC want you here too. Love you so much!!!
Joan Wuellner
July 4, 2016
Hey, wishing you were here for you first Grandchild. Your wisdom is priceless. Love you, Dad.
Joan Conrad
June 24, 2016
Miss you as usual. Love you so much. You should be here if I would have been heard.
June 13, 2016
What I would give to have you hear. Almost anything. Time is moving on and needing you in my life has not changed. You were a world of wisdom, I can always use. I love you Dad, and miss you everyday.
Joan Wuellner
June 3, 2016
Getting warmer, thinking of you in your stylish shorts, black socks and sandals. Love you so much Dad.... Miss you even more
May 25, 2016
I know if time could be turned back, you would have made sure everything was resolved the way you wanted.

Love you!!
May 14, 2016
You would have been 83 this month. Your birth month is very difficult. I miss you so much these days, so much, could use your ear.
May 12, 2016
God how much I miss you...... Love you so much!!
April 30, 2016
Missing you as usual. Doing very well, wish you were here to share in the joy. Love the memories and the guidance you blessed your daughters. Love you!!
April 4, 2016
Your favorite town!!!!
March 15, 2016
Missing you as usual. Spring has sprung the grass has riz I wonder where the birdies iz??
Joan Wuellner
March 4, 2016
Hi Dad, thinking of you. Missing our time together. Time does seem at this point to make the pain less. But the hole is still there. :)
February 26, 2016
I wish...........
February 15, 2016
I remember how happy you were when we got a snow blower... :)
February 3, 2016
I posted a few days back, but it did not get posted. Don't know why?

Miss you as usual, probably more right now because of my friend losing her son. It was a fluke. Blood clot from his lung, went to his brain..... and gone in Karla's arms. Our boys played together, I have been friends with them (Karla & Dan) for 30 years it dose not seem real.

Any death of anyone I know now brings me back to how much I wanted for you when you died. I love you Dad. I miss you....
Joan Wuellner
January 28, 2016
Miss you, Dad!! It is snowing, thinking of you. :)
Joan Wuellner
January 19, 2016
Happy New Year Dad!!
Joan Wuellner
December 31, 2015
Happy New Year Eve Day Dad. Love you so much, and miss you smile!!

Wish you were here to go to the symphony or toast just hanging at home at midnight. Love you so much Dad. :) Cheers!!!
Joan Wuellner
December 31, 2015
Late Merry Christmas Dad. Thought so much of memories or you and family.

Love you so much!!!
Joan Wuellner
December 26, 2015
Holidays remembered by photo's of you and your traditional gift. Traditions handed down. Miss you so much Dad.
Joan Wuellner
December 19, 2015
Missing you so much, Dad.
December 9, 2015
Happy Turkey Day Dad!!! Not a picture taken without a bite or a chew. I am so much like you. Miss you today, just like everyday. But today was always special with you. :)
Joan Wuellner
November 26, 2015
Hey, Turkey Day is almost upon us..again, it would have been at your apartment like you had planned. As a single Grandpa and loving your life you had made!!
Joan Wuellner
November 22, 2015
Miss you everyday, see you in my mind smiling and laughing. You are free and happy. Love you, Dad
Joan Wuellner
November 18, 2015
My strength of forgiveness is one of my many wonderful traits.
Joan Wuellner
November 15, 2015
Love you Dad....missing you today, but I am fine. Could use one of your wonderful bear hugs!!
Joan Wuellner Conrad
November 4, 2015
You were free of all inconveniences of a human body today in 2012. This is just another day, because I miss you everyday. I love you so much Dad.
Joan Wuellner Conrad
November 2, 2015
Tonight in 2012 you began to "actively" die. What an odd phrase; the heaviest burden of my life. For your peace I would carry it all again. I love you Dad, as much as I showed you.
Joan Wuellner
November 1, 2015
Approaching the worst day of my one can tell you what it is like to lose a parent unless they have. The whole you feel, the unconditional love, part of your foundation gone. Yes, time helps only in one way. The want of your hugs, your smile and laugh; hearing you play the piano with passion. Will always be here.
Joan Wuellner
October 31, 2015
In 2012 at this time you were still very coherent. Having wonderful visits with Fr. Choir and coming to peace with you death. You defended yourself to make sure your wishes while you were alive were honored. I am glad you died in peace, with complete feeling of comfort in your heart knowing your daughters were there with you. Holding each hand to let you go to be at peace. Dad, we love you so much and miss you even more. For all the memories that were to be made, the joy shared and the love surrounding us. I know you left on your own accord. Love you, so much.
October 29, 2015
Missing you as much as you can imagine. Have started to write on your page quite a few times in the past weeks. I love you Dad. The anniversary is coming up soon and it is so hard to handle the loss of you.
October 25, 2015
Good morning Dad. Thinking of in 2012 you WBC count began to rise and your organs were beginning to shut down.
Joan Wuellner Conrad
October 13, 2015
Today in 2012 was the beginning of the end of your life. I miss you as much as you know. Believing in an infinite being does not help with the suffering of watching doctors "practice" medicine while you die. The whole is still there, I love who you were, becoming you again. Happy, loving and full of fun. The "what if's" are what hurt the most.
Joan Wuellner Conrad
October 9, 2015
One month from now in November is when you left. Changing me forever...
Joan Wuellner Conrad
October 2, 2015
Dad, in the past year I haven't been signing my name to the entries, because this is more therapy than anything. Life moves on, and I live and learn about my core behaviors nurtured as a child. And I know they were not perfect.

As you aged you changed; loved more deeply. Saw life for lives worth and knew.

We are coming up upon the worst days of my life and because of where I am traveling, it has brought me through here. It is still not easy, still unfathomable to believe this happened. Still.... just still....

loving you and missing you. You know what I am feeling in my heart and there is no replacement for any ones Dad. Wish you were here.......
Joan Wuellner
October 1, 2015
Each year, it seems to start over. This is the beginning of the end; the end of what was known, and wished it hadn't happened for many years. So unfair, no justice, no peace. My foundation of unconditional love left me too soon, and then without knowledge even worse was yet to come. I miss you everyday, yes still.

Love you so much Dad.
October 1, 2015
Just because.. love you. :)
September 29, 2015
The mention of the show Parenthood.....
September 24, 2015
And so another trigger....over with. Miss you Dad.

For your virtual grave here on Legacy...
September 15, 2015
Tomorrow would normally be one of my favorite days of the year. Your smile and laughter is missed in my everyday, but it is amplified when the days are special ones. Love you Dad....
September 13, 2015
Miss you....
September 10, 2015
The 4th was not expected, but since my eyes are "Wide Open" I know see what you were so scared to look into the depths of, why you held it at arms length. You knew all to well what it held in store for you, by fate you were granted your wish of freedom. I love you always.
September 6, 2015
Missing you as usual, be with me today. I will hold hope to move forward.
September 4, 2015
You were not perfect, no one is, you did the best you knew how, not by example. With age and grandchildren came another layer of love and compassion. I chose to remember the good and forgive for mistakes as like you did for me. I love you Dad.
August 29, 2015
Here we go through the season....
August 22, 2015
A friend pointed out to my one of the reasons I miss you so often. They were right.
August 20, 2015
More firsts you should be here for, learning to get used to you not being here, I cannot explain the whole in my life you have left. Miss you horribly.
August 13, 2015
Drive by you grave every day now, boy I sure hate - and I do mean - hate this!!
August 11, 2015
One of the greatest influences in my life!! I miss you and your guidance even now. Love you Dad.
August 5, 2015
Missing your smile and laugh. Love you Dad
August 1, 2015
OOooooHHHH!! The wonderful things Mr. Brown can do!! Miss you!!!
July 26, 2015
Corn on the bone tonight.....
July 23, 2015 least it is that.
July 23, 2015
Another need of you being here, you love, your smile, your laughter, your hugs will be missed on this honorable day. The reason you cried when you knew you were dying. To not see what will happen to your loved ones caused you the most pain. I am infinitely blessed that Fr. Choir was there to help you make peace. Your soul is free, just please stick around so I can feel your presents. I love you as much as I showed you everyday.
July 17, 2015
Unbelieveable the void felt in my heart without you here. Love you...
July 14, 2015
I believe in synchronicity of life, how actions and reactions put us where we are supposed to be. Some are just, some not so much. I am hopeful the events in action are just and will bring the future full. As though you were here, seeing you here with us smiling. Love you Dad, as much as I showed you everyday.
July 6, 2015
The 4th of July 2012, the last formal holiday we spent together with your GC's. We all enjoyed the fireworks. You were so happy, you saw new life moving forward. This holiday is now difficult, Conrad family gatherings are hard to deal with because I feel cheated. You should be here. It is so wrong. Love you Dad, missing you as usual. :)
July 5, 2015
Safest place for a girl/woman is in her Daddy/Dad's arms.

Love you, Dad
Miss you so much, memories of life with you and your wisdom.
June 27, 2015
Wishing you were here.
June 24, 2015
Happy Daddy Day. Miss you as much I could have never imagined.
June 20, 2015
Childhood is the kingdom where no one dies.... Miss you so much. You always told me to keep part of my "child" and I have. So you were never supposed to die, at least this soon. I love you so much Dad.
June 19, 2015
Remember going to Alton, having sweet tea with Uncle Ned and Aunt Rosemary while playing with cousins. Summer family memories at home.
June 18, 2015
So many beautiful things you saw with your eyes in your life. So many wonderful experiences you had and shared with loved ones. So many more were supposed to happen. I miss you and would love to share with you. Love you so much, Dad.
June 11, 2015
So today another milestone. We would have all been together. I miss you, Dad.

Elise said people read my entries and they say I sound like we were married. Well Mom did call me your other wife. I was your care giver, your driver, your daughter. You were my Dad, the parent who showed me unconditional love and encouragement throughout my life, either by the loving notes you left by my bed as a child or by cards and conversation.

There has been a new study done about grieving and because of the way you died and all the events after your death, defined my process of grieving for you. Losing a parent is difficult enough, but the way we lost you is changed me forever.

It would have been wonderful to sing with you today. We miss you as usual.
June 4, 2015
The longer you are gone, the more I miss you. Having you be the first person I loved that die, being such a staple person in my family's everyday life...... I miss your smile, your laugh, your hugs. Love you Dad.
May 27, 2015
Lots of memories of your laugh, you smile, the volume of your voice and the love of your daughters. We miss you Dad. So much....
May 22, 2015
Thank you Dad for trusting me, for letting me give you peace. In so many ways I hope there is not a divine being, because if you were able to witness what happened after your death I know you would have done everything in your power to protect the ones you love from harms way. I love you so much, I would love to talk to you. Joan
May 20, 2015
Listening to one of your CD's. Chopin- Berceuse in D flat major, Op 57 - Your phrasing is perfect. Your talent should have touched more, thank you for recording your talent for the fortunate to enjoy again and again. I can imagine you playing this piece at Sheslow Auditorium.

I miss you, Dad. So were the parent who validated me and gave me unconditional love.
May 18, 2015
Miss you Dad, would love to hear your voice.
May 16, 2015
Sorry your good friend Earl has passed. I know you were close, hope you two are having a good laugh about being alter boys together.
Joan Wuellner Conrad
May 13, 2015
As you can imagine this past week has been difficult with out you here. Missing you will always be, and your memories will be clear. Bringing positive, only so this is what comes back. Love you!~
May 11, 2015
Such important firsts you should be here for, you are missed and loved very much. Your love is missed the most. Always, Joan
May 6, 2015
Hey, Dad. Have I posted lately..... thank you for the incredible genetics to make the most incredible children and then grandchildren. Cannot wait for the third generation of brilliance from you. Love you so much. :)
May 5, 2015
May the 4th be with you, Dad.

This is the day I am most thankful for, your birth. I miss you so much.

Your grandson wishes he still had the 16th birthday gift from you, nothing will ever match the sentiment and love you meant when you blessed him with by your gift. Thank you, Dad for the thought. Your unconditional love and selflessness of giving was a wondrous quality you always displayed.

Happy Day of your Birth in 1933. The force is not the same with you absent on this holiday. May the 4th be with You.
May 4, 2015
Spring has sprung the grass has riz I wonder where the birdies iz??

Thanks Dad.
April 30, 2015
Love you Papa!!!
April 29, 2015
Losing you changed me forever. Your memories will live through me and your grandchildren. I love you Dad. Thank you for my life.
April 26, 2015
Your life influenced so many who didn't even know you, but they knew your musical heart. I was (if there is a divine being) BLESSED with being your daughter. Your unconditional love. I wish you were here. I love you so much. Your heart, your hugs, your appreciation, I love you so much.
April 23, 2015
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