Jonathan Joseph James
JAMES, JONATHAN JOSEPH, 24, born December 12, 1983, passed away unexpectedly in his Pinecrest home Sunday, May 18, 2008. A Beth Am graduate, class of 1995, Jonathan will be remembered by friends and family as an exceptionally intelligent young man who never did anything by the book. A computer genius by all definitions of the term, he routinely astounded friends, family, and governments with his accomplishments. He will be sorely missed by his surviving brother, father, aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, and many, many friends. Donations in Jonathan's name to breast cancer research centers are suggested, though any worthwhile cause in his memory is appreciated. To visit this Guest Book Online, go to
Published by the Miami Herald from May 21 to May 22, 2008.
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Genius in his own way...always astounds me ... forever in my thoughts bc Im forever on my computer...what would Jonathan do?
Diann VanGrowski
May 27, 2019
So many questions...just no words.
Aunt Diann
May 22, 2019
May 19, 2019
André Regis
March 20, 2018
Mário Flores
September 2, 2015
Thank you for inspiring me all those years ago with your legendary genius at such a young age. I was 14, now I'm 28& a software engineer for many agencies (DoD)- funny how that works lol. thanks to your inspiration. Peace &God Bless you and your family.
Michael Azar
September 1, 2015
Jonathan, may your mind be truly at peace in the final knowing of "all things"... Awesome things that may be waiting for any of us to know about the universe and beyond! Grace and peace to you and your family! Bless your father for making this memorial eternally available to those of us who are still moved to this day by your life and your dreams!
August 22, 2015
Still missing you Jon. You will always stay in my heart, and I will always treasure the times we had.
June 15, 2014
Rest in peace Jonathan, you were a legend and a young mind that was gone so soon.
Gozie Morah
June 14, 2014
May God bless the family, you are truly a legend... No one could ever tip the scale!!!
Erica Valerio
May 27, 2014
May God bless the family, you are truly a legend... No one could ever tip the scale!!!
Erica Valerio
May 27, 2014
As the days and weeks pass, and as you return to life's routine, may you continue to feel comforted by the love and support of family and friends.
John Lorve
January 1, 2014
Mário Flores
December 16, 2013
oh man how I would have love meeting you! Happy Birthday :) live on! Sagittarius rule!!
December 12, 2013
This is for his dad, ur boy will inspire through ages
ambrish biredar
June 11, 2013
Rest in peace Jonathan, you will always be remembered
Carol L
June 9, 2013
maryan lee
May 18, 2013
Jonathan you were an amazing person, just as we all do we went through many things throughout our lives, you were an amazing person with so much potential to do great things, and it upsets me that things ended the way they did, but finally you are free and may you rest in peace Jonathan
Jonathan Echegaray
January 9, 2013
I am doing an assignment in my Information Security Class and I read an article about you. Gone too soon, but definitely an accomplished legend.
December 3, 2012
kim l
December 1, 2012
Jonathan, I just want to say that you are the most intelligent man on earth. <3
Brandon ShallNotSay
July 23, 2012
Mario Flores
July 16, 2012
Mi dispiace molto. Non è mai una cosa bella la morte di un ragazzo. Spero che il buon Dio gli dia la responsabilità di tutti i sistemi informatici del Paradiso. Lassù Jonathan sarà compreso e accolto. Prego per lui e per tutti i suoi famigliari e amici.
I am very sorry. It's never a good thing the death of a boy. I hope that God will give him the responsibility of all the computer systems of Paradise. Jonathan there will be understood and accepted. I pray for him and all his family and friends.
Francesco Giuseppe Pianori
June 20, 2012
I'm so sorry.. I knew and loved him and he was the smartest person I ever met. If John's dad reads this please let me know how I can contact u and give my condolences. My name is Brooke and if u remember u sent me his letters from when he was in Alabama to New heart is broken.. Please respond back..I'd love to safely send u my number so we can talk.
Brooke Markowitz
October 5, 2011
Godspeed J.J.!
September 9, 2011
Jonathan I think you are a legend every may 18th i tell you happy birthday You have inspired me to go where no man has gone before but this time farther then the moon Your biggest fan D3ck3rd
austin murray
April 21, 2011
you pushed buttons that you werent suppose to be able to push, you broke rules that wasnt suppose to be able to be broke. you are a legend and will never be forgotten
Mark Mark
January 27, 2011
Thanks a lot Jonathan
November 15, 2010
Remembering you
Judy Alvarez
May 25, 2010
J0nathan, you are in my heart today as is the family you left behind.
I pray you are in THE peaceful resting place...far too early...
Aunt Diann
Diann VanGrowski
May 18, 2010
Always in my heart. An Extraordinary friend.
Brittany Ash
May 17, 2010
Wish I could have met you mate.
September 29, 2009
This is for Jonathan's Dad. I don't know much about your son, but I know he passed far too early. Read the comments left for your son in this book and know that his short life affected many around the world in a positive way. We shall remember Jonathan. Take solace in this.

Murray L., Canada
Murray L.
August 15, 2009
I read about you, enjoy your innocent spirit and intellectual.. though sorry for your hard time.. cuz you are good boy.

However, you are much better than me and many others, you left a heavy footprint to the history of this world..

Wish you enjoy your new life...
Thida D. Thailand
Thida D.
August 15, 2009
I don't know much for about computer right now. i am a THAI guy, your name create inspired to me. i mean for the thing you do. You poof it that age it not importance to become a genius. So now i want to tell you. Even you can not hear me but i think god will tell you for about it. i will go to this way as much as possible. Thank you, good bye and hope you will see me from sky. i starting it now.
Yi Sima
August 4, 2009
"one of the best. Period."
July 27, 2009
goodbye c0mrade our fallen brother
July 17, 2009
I am crushed, this is the saddest moment I have felt in a long time. You are a great man. I am proud to have known you Jonathan.

Jeffrey Roberts
February 3, 2009
Jonathan, your legacy lives on!...
Your family and some friends are awarding a computer to a needy senior at your dad's alma mater in May. You have inspired so many.
Thank you! Aunt Diann
diann vangrowski
January 31, 2009
My name is also Jonathan James.
January 18, 2009
Rest In Peace Jonathan .. Jessica James [email protected]
Jessica James
December 11, 2008
Jonathan James is a tool.
Mike James
December 10, 2008
the ability jonathan had was great. not many people are smart enough to do that. thats why he's one of my heroes even if i didnt know him personally
eva l.
December 8, 2008
“It is a miracle that curiosity survives formal education." - Albert Einstein
Wayne Olive, II
November 11, 2008
Jon, I never got a chance to meet you.I just know that you were a great person who impacted the lives of people I love and care about and for that I thank you . My thoughts and prayers go out to your family and friends. We will meet someday in heaven.
Angel Gualtieri
October 30, 2008
Jonathen legacy will forever inspire young individuals to cut teeth in programming books. I always admired his frankness.

We are legion.
October 18, 2008
Jonathan was a great friend of mine, i have just heard of his passing today, i will miss him greatly, he was amazing, and we spent much time together, if anyone of his family could contact me please send me an email, please.
Nicholas V
October 10, 2008
i did not personally know Jonathan. but i am signing due to the fact he was a remarkable person and i admire him for the ability he possesed. many of us in cyberspace will miss him. R.I.P

Jonathan Joseph James

You Have Inspired Us.
Anonymous Anonymous
October 7, 2008
I thought of you alot today.. how kind you where to help me on my wost day ever. the trip to georgia Lauren you Dan and i you cracking my head open on the roof of your car, How i beat you in pool twice even though i never beat anyone. sitting out side in the freezing cold sharing our story about life. i have alot to thank you for you where the only man i ever approved my bestfriend to date and even if it was only for a short while you touched our hearts in a way that i can ever forget i miss you..
kristen zamora
September 23, 2008
i love you and i miss you, it was four months an hour ago, and not a day goes by, not an hour goes by that i don't think about you. you were a tribute to humanity, you were one of the most blatantly honest people i have ever met, and you have changed me. if there is a heaven, i hope to spend every second i am there, if i am there, with you. i love you, and i will always love you.
and i will never here that word again without thinking of you, you said it enough, don't worry.
lauren taylor
September 19, 2008
I am very sorry to hear about his passing away. He was a genius!
Tan Z
September 7, 2008
r.i.p. johnny, we all miss you, comrade
Sin Mei Lin
August 4, 2008
c0mrade will live on... you will be greatly missed
Borellus Diaboli
July 24, 2008
Im very sad to hear of your loss. Ive lost a few friends and relatives sense high school and have dealt with those issues daily. I did not know your son personally but was much inspired by his genius. He is a highly recognized man online and will always be.
J quiD
July 16, 2008
Dear Bobby,
I can't imagine the pain in losing a child. Just know that you have friends and family who care a great deal and we have you and your family in our prayers. God bless you.
Mary Hansbury
July 14, 2008
My sister and I grew up with Jonathan and James. We are sorry about the unexpected loss. You were a brillant mind in history.James if you need anything im up here at FSU too you can email me. Our prayers are with you. Shalom
Sarah and Melissa.
Melissa and Sarah Bailey/ Paul Heydeann's daughters
July 10, 2008
te deseo todo lo mejor. te estrano mucho. vous êtes la personne la plus intelligente que j'ai jamais connue. Sie spornten viele Leute an, alles um sie zu fragen.
Jokers Wylde
July 4, 2008
Jon was like my second son. I hope he considered me like a second Mom.
I miss you, Sweetie,
Robin (Seth's Mom)
Robin Denison
July 1, 2008
Even though no one may want to hear this, you inspired me back in 1999. Your actions encouraged me to pursue and continue to test the limits of the internet and computers and helped make me into the success (through legit means) that i am today. i am sorry for the loss.
June 20, 2008
Jonathan and I became friends last year after I interviewed him for "PC Magazine". He was very polite and shy on the phone and very witty and funny when he wrote. We kept in touch over the last year and when I heard news of his passing, I cried. If I'd had a chance to do things over, I would ask to hold the interview in Jon's home so I could have met him in person. He was a person of much depth and a solid character. Over twelve months he never stopped astounding me. It breaks my heart that he's no longer alive.

I had nothing but faith in Jonathan. Hopefully things are better now.
Jaclyn Perrelli
June 9, 2008
I am very sorry for your loss. Jonathan was a friendly and memorable man, even though I knew him for only a fleeting time. His honesty and curiosity for the world around him is something we will all hold in dear regard. I hope I speak for many more than I when I say that the community will miss him.
Charles Morris
June 5, 2008
Jonathan was a student of mine when he was in fifth grade at Beth Am. Although I haven't seen him since well before his mother died, I remember him with much affection. He was a quiet child, always observing the world around him. He was well liked and respected by his peers. I always thought it was because he had some of his mother's way about him--kind, interested in a broad spectrum of things in the world around him, and not feeling any need to fit in by trying to look like or be like others. I am very sorry to hear that he is gone.

Josh, I lost a sister unexpectedly five years ago, and it is one of the hardest things I have ever gone through. She is often in my dreams as I deal with the unfinished business of losing someone who was such a part of my existence for so long, with no chance to say goodbye. The hole that she left in my life has not filled, although the edges have grown softer with time.
Lucie Spieler
June 3, 2008
We are so sorry about your loss.
JOhn & Anita James
May 30, 2008
This is for my cousin Jonthan. We will miss you very much and we know how brilliant you were. You have gone to a better place and will no longer be in pain. To Uncle Bobby the family loves you very much and if you or Josh need anything please call your family is here for you. My prayers are with you at this difficult time much love
Heather James
May 27, 2008
Jon, what more can I say than what a chill, great person you were. I spoke to you a few times, I should've talked to you more, but from what we spoke, I knew you were a swell guy. Words can't describe how missed you are and will be in our offices. Be well Jon...
Julie Garcia
May 27, 2008
Bobby, Josh, and Family,

We are shaken by your loss and stunned by its suddenness. Although we never met Jonathan, the picture we've seen shows in his eyes and in his smile the joy and curiosity that made him special to those close to him. We can never know your depth of grief and sorrow. But we offer our heartfelt sympathy and hope that friends and family can comfort you as the days ahead bring decisions of closure and eventually hope. Life is precious, Joy is fragile, Love is forever, and Memories are the vessel that binds them all together. May your memories of Jonathan prove stronger than your sorrow as time gives you the opportunity to celebrate his life instead of mourning his death. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.
Jon, Millie, Danny James
May 27, 2008
I had the opportunity to work with Jon and experience his knowledge. It was a pleasure working with you jon, may you rest in peace.
Noel Rivera Jr
May 27, 2008
My most brilliant, young, headstrong cousin has crossed over from this life to the next...My thoughts come to you w/ comfort, love and empathy, Uncle Bobby. Your family and friends are here w/ open arms to help you through this loss. Josh, I'm so, so, so sorry you lost your brother at such a young age; but remember, God, and Grandma and Grandpa, has blessed you w/ 16+ cousins! You guys have such a large family...Please use us! We are here for you to lean on. Use this awful time to come closer to the ones you love and who love you. I am deeply, deeply sorry for your loss and mine. XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO
Allison VanGrowski
May 26, 2008
Dear Uncle Bobby & Josh,

We are ALL blessed to have had Jonathan in our lives, though our time with him was way too short. His mile-long eyelashes, genuine smile, and brilliant mind are what I will remember most about him. It was only three weeks ago when Jonathan fixed my website for me. And upon completion, he said he wanted to come to San Francisco to visit me just so he could eat my food. I wish I had pushed a little harder for him to come. My heart, thoughts and prayers are with you and Josh, and especially for the Mercy upon Jonathan's soul.

With much love,
Jenna VanGrowski
May 26, 2008
My thoughts and prayers are with you jon. You will never be forgotten.
Erik VanGrowski
May 25, 2008
please go to these links! it only takes 2 seconds and once you click, money goes to the charities from the sponsers you see on the page. do it every day if you can, and pass it on!
brittany ash
May 24, 2008
Jon was a well liked/loved friend and fellow employee... We will miss him immensely, the office won't be the same without him... Our thoughts and prayers go to his family, friends and loved ones....
Sindi Chrzan
May 24, 2008
We were shocked and greatly saddened by the tragic news we just heard today. Jon was a dear friend of our Daughter and well liked and respected by our Michigan Drill Staff. We will miss him. We wish to express to Jon's Family and Friends our heartfelt sympathy.
Hy & Ellen Ash
May 24, 2008
this is the hardest note I've had to write. I am the daughter of the owners of Michigan Drill, Brittany. He was my dear friend from high school and temple beth am. I send a thousand hugs to his family my heart goes out to all of you. rest in peace (comrade)..
brittany ash
May 24, 2008
Dear Bobby,

It was indeed a shock to learn of Jonathan's death. Please know that I am thinking about you and Josh. Losing a child has to be one of the most heart wrenching life experiences for a parent. My heart goes out to you for this, and as a lifelong friend I think of you and hope that you will find ways to cope. Thank goodness you have a wonderful family and friends who will reach out to you.

With thoughts and prayers,
Carol Johnstone (Thorsby)
May 24, 2008
My name is lesli. My son Josh was a friend of Jon's. Jon was very good to him. I'll always be grateful to him for his kindness to my son. He and I are both saddened at his loss, as are his co-workers at Michigan Drill. He was a brilliant boy. His potential will be sorely missed in this world.

May you all find peace.
lesli .
May 24, 2008
Thank you all for coming to Jon's funeral. There is some sense of comfort when we share in this most sobering event. Let's not let this all be in vain. Keep his memory alive among you, as his family will. Love and prayers, Aunt Diann
Diann VanGrowski
May 23, 2008
Bobby my heart goes out to you, Josh, and the rest of your family. There are no words to express this loss to you. may Jon rest in peace..
Joel Mutzman
May 23, 2008
Dear Uncle Bobby & Josh,
I am so sorry for your loss and mine. Jonathan was a very gifted and talented young man, and I was very proud to have him as my cousin. It gives me comfort knowing that he is not alone, for he is with his mom. I will always remember Jonathan for his brilliance. Though I did not see him very often, he never ceased to truly amaze me.
Love, Paige
Paige & Alex Brauer
May 22, 2008
Dear Bobby and Josh-I'm so terribly sorry for your loss. My thoughts and prayers are with your family.
Donna Drummond
May 22, 2008
The world has lost a great person and I mourn the loss of a good friend...May you find peace now c0mrade..
May 22, 2008
John will be missed. He changed the lives of everyone he met, he was outgoing, bright, and a step ahead of everyone else.
My deepest condolences to the family.
Robert Martinez
May 22, 2008
Dear Josh,
Even though we didn't have the privilege of meeting your brother, the news of his death still hit us very deeply. Our first thoughts went to you and your father. Being parents of two sons ourselves, we can only imagine the terrible pain, hurt and loss you and your family are going through right now.

We hope these words of comfort will help you during your time of mourning: Jonathan is now at peace and your mother is taking him.
Claudia and Steve Stupp
May 22, 2008

I am so sorry to hear about your son's passing. You and your family will be in my prayers.
Rosemarie Wilson
May 22, 2008
My deepest and most heartfelt condolences go out to you and your family on the loss of your son.
Carmen Suarez
May 22, 2008
Dear Bobby,
We were saddened to hear of Jonathon's death from Alex. When you were in Toronto I enjoyed talking to you about your family. Jonathon sounded like such an exceptional person. Our thoughts are with you at this sad time.
Shannon and Tony Graham
Shannon & Tony Graham
May 22, 2008


Rita Schwartz
May 22, 2008
I wish that i could have been there to celebrate the life and mourn the death of someone who growing up meant so much. Jon and Josh were the cousins I never had. I heard about the death while in India and he will be sorely missed. My thoughts and prayers go out to those who he touched and all who will miss him.
Jenny Diamond
May 22, 2008
Happy trails, comrade. It's awful that things turned out as they have, and my deepest condolences go out to his family. I've known Jon since we were in high school at SAS, and he's been a good friend. He will be remembered and missed.
Alex Bliss
May 22, 2008
I firt met Jonathan when he was a close friend of Gil and Rony Blattner. I got to know Jon further during Jon's summer romance with a lovely Israeli girl. My relationship with Jon accelerated at various points in Jon's life. It was fun to field Jon's questions about whether he should go into a particular business or not. There were also other disicussions.
Jon was brilliant - period and just one terrfic guy. Jon's death is so sad, so terribly sad. I hope that something can be done in Jon's memory to say loudly that it's ok to live as Jon did, outside the box.
Goodbye, Jon. I will miss you.
harvey goldman
May 21, 2008
Bobby-I've been strong all day, and I meant every word I said today. I'm weak now. I googled James in Miami, and not only did Jonathan's name and picture come up; Joanie's did, too. I swear, seeing Jon's name and picture killed me many more times than seeing Joanie's, probably because this is more fresh. I miss him terribly, I can only guess at how strongly you feel. See you when I get back.
Your brother in law; your friend. Josh: be strong; don't be afraid to show your emotions; that's a sign of strength, too.
Steve Jurysta
May 21, 2008
We were so sorry to hear of your loss. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help at this time.
rivka Ricky/Harvey blattner/Goldman
May 21, 2008

We are saddened by the death of your son. Our most heart felt wishes go out to you and Josh.

Alex, Karen, Olivia, Caroline and Claire
Karen Madorsky
May 21, 2008
Bobby, I am very sad about your son's death. Please accept my sincere condolences.
Michael Haimovitch
May 21, 2008
It ended too soon for a man who was too young to have lived life fully. I wish I could have been there for you today and a little earlier Jonathan and for you Bobby and Josh today but my schedule didn’t permit it. I asked someone about you no less then 2 months ago when I was in Miami last, I really regret not following up on how you were doing.
Growing up we were the best of friends spending weekends and after school days together, you even sent me to the hospital once because you crushed that baseball into my eye after Bobby told us to use a tennis ball! Yeah I did cause you to get your heel cut on that lion by the pool which sent you to the hospital (so I guess we’re even ;) )You were extremely bright, and smarter then most people realized and it was in no small part to the amount you read. Life takes people down different and mysterious paths and sometimes people lose track of each other and what is important to them. Nothing I write here can ease the pain and suffering your family and other friends are feeling as a result of your passing, I can only hope that right now you’re sitting on a duplicate of the porch from your house next to your mom who always had a well balanced meal (fruits, veggies and the entrée!) with a glass of milk for you.
Roy Levkovitz
May 21, 2008
Bobby, I am very sad about your son's death. Please accept my sincere condolences.
George Skokan
May 21, 2008
My prayers are with you and your family. God knews best but we will never be ready for the lost of a child. May God give you and your family the strength that is needed to go on and understand God's plan.
Fannie Arnold
May 21, 2008
Jonathan was someone I knew from the age of 12. We would carpool together to and from middle school for 2 straight years. Highschool came along and the friendship continued. Unfortunately after the passing of his beloved mother we lost touch. I extremely regret this. I am both shocked and saddened by what happened to Jonathan. He was an extremely intelligent, outgoing and kind human being. I will dearly miss him. My thoughts and prayers are with his family. If there is anything I can do please let me know. Jonathan was a wonderful person who will be missed terribly.
Rony Blattner
May 21, 2008
I will miss you Jonathan. May you find peace and comfort with your mom. Shalom Comrade
...Logan's mom.
Barbara Kornblau
May 21, 2008
Dear James Family: We were saddened and shocked to read of Jonathan's passing. He worked on several projects for us. Besides being a computer genius, he was a dear, sweet boy and will be missed. May he rest in peace.
Shai & Laura Dinari
May 21, 2008
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