Betty Jean Nicholas
Nicholas, Betty Jean
Nov. 5, 1929 - Aug. 13, 2010

Betty Jean Nicholas, 80, of Sarasota, died Aug. 13, 2010.
Survivors include her mother, Lena of Tampa, and a sister, Charlotte N. Lehnherr of Tampa.
She received her Bachelor of Art degree in English from the University of Montevallo, Ala., her Masters in Education from Peabody College, Tenn., and a Masters in Guidance and Counseling from Ball State University, Ind.
She loved traveling and had the opportunity to visit many exciting places on four continents during her 43 years abroad as an educator with the Dept. of Defense Dependents Schools. While stationed in Tokyo, Japan, and several cities in Germany, she served as a high school English teacher, assistant principal and language arts curriculum coordinator. She made major contributions to the implementation and support of an innovative writing program and a carefully designed teacher curriculum development program.
After retirement in December 1999 she coordinated a high school student foreign exchange program in the area.
She was a lifetime member of the National Council of Teachers of English, Phi Delta Kappa Professional Fraternity in Education and the American Overseas School Historical Society.
Memorial donations may be made to the American Overseas School Historical Society, P.O. Box 4312, Scottsdale, AZ 85261.

Published by Herald Tribune from Aug. 17 to Aug. 18, 2010.
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56 Entries
Miss Nicholas was my 10th grade English teacher at Frankfurt American High School in 1962. I Remember her fondly.
George Roman
November 15, 2021
Travels with Betty and Virginia Included a memorable visit to Miller Howe, Windermere in the Lakes District of England!
Kay Galloway
August 11, 2021
I share my deepest condolences to Betty's family. She was a generous and gentle leader and brought out the best in us as we served the students in our DOD schools. May all of our good and beautiful memories of her life and contributions serve as blessings.
Eileen Regen
August 11, 2020
Betty Nicholas met me at a conference where I was presenting my books with three other authors. When she asked me as if I'd like to come to Germany, I wondered if she really meant Germany, or a Germantown, Pa., or? But, yes, I said, yes! And Orders arrived soon after. I spent more than a decade visiting schools with Betty, all across Germany, meeting wonderful students, teachers, other educators. She was always gracious to me, and always knew a great little place around the corner for coffee and Kuchen!, or a lovely strawberry desert with white wine, or an incredible weissspargel meal, which lasted nearly 3 hours...and she drove me all over the autobahn. We talked about literature, about music, about young readers and young artists and she opened my world up to brilliant journeys, adventure and beautiful landscapes and culture. Thank you, Betty Nicholas! You are in my thoughts quite often and I hope that you know how much you were appreciated, loved and held in esteem. Thinking of you, with gratitude, Deborah Nourse Lattimore.

Deborah Lattimore
December 30, 2019
Dear Betty,

You have gone before us. I will always remember our time together as coordinators in the Wiesbaden Office. We had good times and fun; and provided a great education for our overseas children.

You are missed.
Love, Scarlett
September 12, 2010
Dear Ms. Nicholas,

I remember so well the years you were my English teacher at FAHS from 1964-1966. I remember the innovative assignments you gave us--I think I still must have a copy somewhere of the paper I wrote comparing Seneca's and Euripide's "Medea". I remember acting out Shakespeare plays, and the time you brought the Italian fencing master to demonstrate the link between fencing and literature.

I especially remember the hours of memorizing the prologue to The Canterbury Tales--"Whan that April with its surest soote..." You told us that if ever we were captured and held as prisoners of war, it would be the poetry that we had memorized that would sustain us and keep us sane. So in order to pass your class, we each had to recite the entire prologue from memory with no mistake! And some of us remember it still! I remember your enjoyment and laughter when many of us showed up at the Frankfurt American High School closing in 1995, and put on an impromtu recitation of the prologue--and Nills Oberg recited the whole thing, after the rest of us had dropped out one by one!

I remember getting to college, and taking what I expected to be challenging and difficult English and literature courses at an Ivy League university. Well, none of them was as interesting or challenging as the classes I had with you.

You were a most memorable and wonderful teacher. And I think had an indelible effect on students you never even met, through the teachers that we--your students--became.

Thank you for all your years of dedication and encouragement. Your impact is with us still.

With love,
Cindy Ravitsky
Cindy Ravitsky
September 10, 2010
Dear Betty,

I remembered you when you came up to DoDEA hqds to work with the Ed Directorate. You were very helpful as a Coordinator. You worked well with Dr. Joan Gibbons. You will always be missed. Love Tyra Newman.
Tyra Newman
September 10, 2010
Dear Betty, I miss you! While I first got to know you through the EF foreign exchange program, our friendship continued after I left EF. You were instrumental in getting that program off the ground here in Sarasota, Florida, and recruited a great group of dedicated volunteers. I remember that first summer; we had students arriving, some with temporary host families (you quickly drafted us volunteers), and you made sure to find good homes for them all, even though we had that string of hurricanes barreling down on us at the time. But through it all you made sure all of our students were safe and well cared for. That was so you, so dedicated to the students, there was NOTHING you would not do to help, and you would not accept no for an answer if you could help it. I will always remember your passion for our students and for foreign exchange, politics, or any topic you strongly believed in. You inspired me in so many ways. I will also remember all the fun we had; our riding around in a limousine with the Alabama group while in New York for an EF event (I still have our picture magnet posted on my fridge), the fun evenings at Mc'Curdy's Comedy Club with you and my life partner, Chip Wahlquist, and more recently, attending the Guitar Sarasota concerts with you introducing me to the nice happy hour deals downtown prior to the concerts. I also had my first experience of Mah Jong through you. So much fun ... such a nice friendship. Thank you Betty for all the memories! I love you and I will miss you, and I believe that I can extend a great THANK YOU on the behalf of all the foreign students whose lives you touched by being their IEC sponsor, their greatest advocate and their friend. Love always,
Maria Gradin
maria gradin
September 6, 2010
Dear Betty,

it's definetely hard to accept your departure...that shocked me as it came as an absolute've been so kind with me and all the other foreigners that landed under your sponsorship...I just wanted to thank you for what you've done for us all, and myself in particular...i could easily say you were my american granny...from up there, watch over' ll be always in our hearts
thank you
September 4, 2010
It has been a while since I last saw Betty, but I have fond memories of our time together with EF. Although I was with EF for just a short time at the beginning, I have several friends and great memories from those days. Ironically, I am currently staying in the hotel in Dallas where we all went for EF training that first year. In fact, Betty and I were sharing a room on that trip. I've been thinking about her a lot since I've been here. Betty was instrumental in getting EF up and running in our area and I know she will be missed by many people.
Chris Denton
August 27, 2010
Betty Nicholas enhanced the lives of many across three continents.
Each year educators and students looked forward to The Young Authors Conferences as well numerous other opportunities for growth and development during our DoDDs days.
In February,I had the opportunity (kindness of Ed Bell)to visit Betty in Sarasota. Betty,as always, was bubbly,
enthusiastic and the perfect host.
Betty will remain in my memory as a woman of extraordinary grace and clear vision.
I offer prayers and thoughts to Betty's
family at this time
Janice Forsythe
August 27, 2010
When I met Betty over 5 years ago I was amazed at her dedication to the foreign exchange program. She was passionate about the students she placed in our area and developed close relationships with them all. She had an impact on me and Josefina who was our exchange student from Sweden. It was a great year, that year...Betty came to all the fun gatherings we had including the Halloween party! She was such a lady and she will be missed by us all on Spyglass Lane.
Michelle Detweiler
Michelle Detweiler
August 26, 2010
Betty's dedication and concern for the development of student and teacher skills was a model for us all. She took a giant leap with the multiple-copy book idea and in my 30 years with DoDDS it was the best idea to promote reading I had ever seen. She had vision and she carried through no matter how difficult it may have seemed. Her dedication to developing writing skills brought the idea of 'sample' writing pieces into students cumulative folders: brilliant and so helpful for the teacher getting that student the next year. She was one in a million. I loved her, absoutely loved her! Susan & Jim Lenz
susan lenz
August 26, 2010
I recall working with Betty on the Bay Area Writing Project, Sparks elementary literature magazine, and several textbook committees in the Nürnberg School District in Germany. She was an enthusiastic coordinator who loved language.
Carol Wiborg
August 26, 2010
Betty was instrumental in sending three beautiful young ladies to our home as exchange students. She was passionate about giving the students the richest and happiest experience in the US. Over the course of hosting three students she became our friend and we will miss her.
Neil and Kathy Flynn
August 26, 2010
I will always think of Betty smiling and saying, "You can do it." I consider Betty one of my mentors.
Connie Raaz
August 25, 2010
Through her always positive role modeling, Betty helped us grow in the craft of teaching. What a gift she gave to us and the students with whom we came in contact! Rest in Peace.
Ted and Dee Edwards
August 25, 2010
Dear Betty,

I am so grateful to have had you as one of my dear friends. Meeting you through EF and the foreign exchange program was an experience that changed my life. You taught me so much, and you made such a difference in the lives of so many students from all over the world by assisting them to experience life in the US. The photo that I attached is just one that demonstrates the joy you shared with so many and how happy you were when you were with the students.

I will never forget you and I will always miss you.

Love Always, Mary Kay and Nick Capuano
Mary Kay Capuano
August 24, 2010
Betty's inspiration will always be with me, especially when I visit classrooms with the wealth of language arts possibilities she brought to us all.
Eileen Regen
August 23, 2010
Cathy and Noel Tillman were among the hundreds of educators who worked with Betty and her cadre of motivated professionals on her many projects. Her efforts brought hundreds more teachers and administrators into the fold and showed them how language arts... reading, writing, drama, as well as the use of multi-media, could excite thousands of kids about their learning. This is Betty's legacy.
Noel and Cathy Tillman
August 23, 2010
Precious Betty Jean, you touched so many lives in such special and wonderful ways. You are one of the great God given treasures to so many. How fondly I remember the MANY trips we took together, working with the reading/language arts connection across the 78 schools of DoDDS-Germany North! You are a most treasured colleague and precious friend.
Peggy Hoffman-Schmidt
August 23, 2010
To Betty's Family and Friends,

I was so sorry to learn about Betty's passing. Betty was an incredible person who was always dedicated to her work. She had such a way of getting people involved and committed to her ideas, to the point where years after she has left DoDDS, her name is still associated with her curricular innovations. Betty was also there for her friends and colleagues when they needed her. She will be missed. I empathisize with you in your loss of this remarkable woman.
Nancy Bresell
August 23, 2010
Dear Betty.

I am so very sorry to hear about your condition.
You have been an inspiration to me, and a great REC with lots of smiles to pas on.

I remember when we were on that trip to Washington DC with the Alabama group. We weren't allowed in the hallways in the late evening, but for some reason (I don't exactly remember why) Johanna and I (and maybe Elise and Melanie too) were out anyway. Suddenly we heard the Alabama leader heading down the hallway and we stumbled past your door trying to hide. You must have heard us outside cause then you're door opened up and you said for us to hurry inside before we got busted. To our big surprise we discovered that inside your room, Flavio and someone else, were already hiding, and you invited us on a cup of juice (I think it was) and some cookies that were already placed on the table. We all hung out in your room, chatting, until things on the hallway had settled down and then you sent all of us back to bed.
I remember us talking about you after that night, about how cool and fun we all thought you were.

I still have contact to the friends I made that year, though I haven't seen them for years. My exchange year in Florida was, and is to this day probably the best thing I have ever done. It was the start of a new life for me, and the beginning of my hunger for travels.

Today I am in Cairns, Australia. The weather is tropical and the sun is shining. It is winter here and full of tourists. My boyfriend and I live in a tent on a campground, currently looking for work somewhere nearby. I met my boyfriend 9 months ago in London, and we have been travelling the world together ever since. He is from New Zealand and very handsome ;) so now I speak English every day. I'm planning to stay here in Australia a year, and then visit New Zealand, Madagascar, South Africa, then back to Europe and Denmark to introduce Luke to my family, and then off again for the rest of the world. I have been away from home for a year now, and travelled round USA from east to west, Venezuela and the Andes Mountains, Rome, London, Edinburgh in Scotland, Japan, Thailand, Laos and now Australia.

Every day Luke and I drive to the beach to check the wind. He has taught me how to kite-surf, so from now on, our future destinations are all very windy spots by the water. Kitesurfing is really fun. You surf around on the water with a big kite attached to your waist and it catches the wind and makes it possible for you to cruse around on the surface. If you flick the kite from one side of the wind-window to the other, it causes you to catch air and fly high for a while before you land back on the water.

Betty, thank you for everything you have taught me and done for me. You've shown me the importance of a first hand impression, and how easy it is to make people like you by being open and positive. Without you I would not have been the person I am today.

Much love
Astrid Jensen
August 23, 2010
I talked to Betty just last spring about my working at her “retirement” job. She sounded upbeat and vivacious. What a way to make an exit! To paraphrase Cabaret “When I go, I’m going like Betty.”
Carolyn Marti Smith, Scottsdale, Arizona
August 22, 2010
You will be sorely missed.
Rest in Peace.
Rose Sullivan
August 21, 2010
Ms. Nicholas was my English teacher at Frankfurt American High School in Germany. She was a great teacher! She taught me the love of Shakespeare and writing. I have so many wonderful memories of student-teacher conversations with Ms. Nicholas. She was a dear and will be missed by all of us.
"We loved you Ms. Nicholas"
Kym Mingus-Denmark
August 20, 2010
My experiences with Betty come more recently. If anybody could be called a well rounded, grounded, non judgemental, classy (but very strong in her opinions) person of the world - that IS Betty. I came to greatly appreciate Betty through my partner in life Maria Gradin. They spent years working with EF - placing numerous international kids into Florida homes as exchange students, not an easy task. But Betty was the energizer bunny - you didn't mess with Betty - but that is exactly why I came to appreciate her so. I miss her very much.

I cannot help but add how wide ranging I found her. We attended events ranging from a Saint Lucia Swedish celebration on St Armands, to one of her favorite hangouts McCurdy's Comedy Club in Sarasota which has bold and crass comedians - Betty always had passes and deals there, especially when it was a Democratic Party fundraiser!

Maria and I once took Betty to Drag Queen Bingo in downtown Sarasota. This to me epitomizes Betty - here we are are, a couple in our 40's with a retired gal -it was an absolute hoot! We had so many belly laughs that night - if you can label fun nights, that has to be one of the favorites in my lifetime. Betty was not pretentious, and this again illustrates what a remarkable woman she was. And what a role model for everyone!

In response to Tom Hardaway - You are so correct, and I can think of NO better way to live life as you describe concerning Betty - DO Things - SEE Things - TALK ABOUT Things - that is so Betty!

Betty had a bucket list, and one of them was Linger Lodge in Bradenton. This is one of old Florida's last bastions. We ended up there after a day of picking strawberries, and Betty buying Bok Choy and wondering how the heck she was going to to cook it! She never did elevate her skills to cooking... But she was not shy about admitting this shortcoming. Microwaves rule! For Betty anyways....

We arrived at Linger Lodge and find the gravel/partial tar parking lot filled with motorcycles - and we discuss - should we stay or should we go now? It was a bit intimidating - and what did Betty say? "We are here for lunch - let's find a parking spot" Once again, we had a wonderful time, though the deep fried frog legs didn't quite work out for us....

Live life to the fullest - Betty lived as she saw fit - and though I did not get to spend a lot of time with her, I am glad she was a part of my life, and I appreciate every minute spent. I miss her.

Chip Wahlquist
Chip Wahlquist
August 20, 2010
Betty was truly an inspiration to all. I will always remember her smile and her positive attitude. I will miss her.
Ardelle Hamilton, Crockett, Texas
Ardelle Hamilton
August 19, 2010
Eleanor Roosevelt wrote, “Many people will walk in and out of your life, but only true friends will leave footprints in your heart.” Betty Nicholas left a dinosaur size footprint in my heart. I will forever remember and love Betty for being my friend.
Ed Bell
August 19, 2010
For sure both Tom & Norma Drysdale will greatly miss Betty Nicholas, a frequent visitor over many years and a long time American Overseas Schools Historical Society Life Member.
August 19, 2010
Rest in Peace, Betty
Virginia Johnson
August 19, 2010
Betty Nicholas is the reason I loved teaching. She introduced me to the Bay Area Writing Project by bringing inspiring people from the University of California to our doorstep in Wiesbaden, Germany. Then she put all of us in the class on the road to share our ideas with teachers all over Germany. We had so much fun! Then she convinced us to work on the DoDDS Writing Assessment in DC year after year. Through her efforts a group of teachers became good friends and co-workers and I believe we influenced the teaching of children K-12 world-wide. I also remember, Betty, our dinner together in Las Vegas last summer at the French restaurant which only served Italian food! Love you forever!
Dorothy Barreau
August 19, 2010
I already miss you, Betty, just knowing that you were there and always so encouraging and excited about a project that any of your students were pursuing, even long after they were in your class.

I so enjoy the memories of "working in a group" to discuss Plato, Aristotle, Mills, and the thoughts, poetry, and ideas of so many authors. At first I thought the work of poets and authors was a multi-millennium conspiracy among philosophers and English teachers to make English students play "guess what I'm thinking", but it was later I realized those discussions, and writing and reading assignments were such important exercises in learning to listen and understand ideas of others, of people who had spent such energy thinking and pondering; and more importantly, to learn how to clearly communicate our own ideas to others.

You paid your students the ultimate compliment, always telling us through your actions "You have wonderful thoughts and ideas, and I want to know what they are. I want you to learn to write them and say them clearly." How many other adults in our lives at that time were so interested in our ideas and thoughts, that they would spend hours reading our first awkward and rudimentary attempts to write and express our thoughts? And then write careful notes on the papers (in red ink of course!) indicating that you had carefully read and attempted to understand what we were trying to say? Not many.

You inspired us all with your incessant enthusiasm in your value of others, especially those very young students who were just learning to write. I recall your classes with the young elementary students at Ramstein Elementary School who were writing books and learning to implement your "young author" writing program. After you talked to each child, he or she would emerge from the classroom beaming, invariably feeling that they were the most special and promising budding authors.

Your passion to DO things, SEE things, TALK ABOUT things, was so overflowing and contagious. You even named your car "Bubbly". I know you stated that this was because its color was 'champagne', but I believe the name reflected your nature. Anyone fortunate enough to travel with you or otherwise share an aesthetic experience, exciting city lights, shows and plays, a book, music, or a picture with you, always received much more in return through your exuberant response and the desire to "see it again!" or "do it again!".

Part of your enthusiasm and drive was manifested through wanting to make effective and powerful presentations. Your presentations were renowned around Europe and beyond. You also made the rest of us do the same. I remember coming over to Germany from the States to present a workshop and you helped me put together some "acetate slides" after you discovered that I came only with a written paper to be delivered. ("What do you mean you didn't include any visual aids?!") I would have been quite content to write some text on each one and hope for the best. However, I recall we were up till the early morning hours getting them copied and recrafted "just right" so that the presentation would be equally "just right" and effective. Well, it was, and I was asked back several times as a result!

Your respect and compassion for those who were disadvantaged in socioeconomic class, race, education, or otherwise deprived were so evident, and you inspired so many of us to pass that compassion and value of others on through the various individual paths we took and through the service we were to render in our own ways throughout our lives.

Many people drop a significant pebble in the pond with their lives, causing ripples to improve the lives of others in ever-widening circles. You dropped a boulder that produced wave after wave of generations of students and their students who would continue to practice, teach, and otherwise share the same compassion, service, and drive for excellence that you taught them.

Thank you, Betty. Thank you for your life, your love for all of us, and the value you taught us to place upon ourselves and others. I am the optimist that believes it could only be true that we will see you again after the short remaining years that comprise each of our brief mortal existences, and then continue where we left off.

When next I see you I have a piece of music I want you to listen to. And, Betty, would you be willing to read something I just wrote......

With gratitude and love,
Tom Hardaway
August 19, 2010
Betty Nicholas was the best English teacher anyone could have had in High School, and I was lucky enough to have had her my Senior year at FHS. As I moved on throughout my life, she became a wonderful friend. She will be missed beyond words.
Pat (Lagerberg) Hardaway
August 18, 2010
I knew Betty Nicholas 42 years ago as a student at Frankfurt High School, Frankfurt, Germany. She, along with others, is the reason I am about to start my 39th year of teaching. Miss Nicholas, your memory lives on everyday with our students who benefit from your knowledge. You will be missed.
Donna Peacher-Hall
Class of 1968
Frankfurt High School, Frankfurt, Germany
Donna Peacher-Hall
August 18, 2010
How to have a full life? Miss Nicholas, your élan breathed a love of learning into the lives of a generation of overseas brats. “For now we see through a glass, darkly, but then face to face.....”(Corinthians 13:12)
Theresa Tilton
August 18, 2010
Thank you Betty for our wonderful chats and our gatherings with our buddies while working in Germany. English being my favorite subject in school made my identification with your position in DoDDS a wonderful experience. I thank you!!!
Pamela L. Williams
August 18, 2010
Strict but fair - she was one of the reasons I majored in English in college. In high school (FAHS), we may not have realized her full impact on us but certainly have in the years since. Rest in peace.
Pat Royal Nicks
August 18, 2010
Thank you, Betty, for having shared your spirit of uncompromising excellence and your love of the English language and its literature with all whom you taught and worked with. If there is anyone who embodies the "power of the pen" more than you, I have yet to find her/him. Your inspiring charm shall remain in my fondest memories always.

Who can fathom how many people you have enriched in your life?
J. Michael Horak, FHS '69
August 18, 2010
Dave Disharoon
August 18, 2010
Betty was a wonderful mentor to all DODDS English teachers. We have lost a legend. All who knew Betty enjoyed the times we spent with her--especially at our Language Arts workshops and meetings throughout the years. Who could ever forget her famous line when things were getting a bit out of hand at these gatherings. "Let's get back on task." Betty, we will miss you.
John Robert
August 18, 2010
I will remember her as Miss Nicholas. She was my English teacher at Frankfurt American High School in 1967. Her impact on my life can not be overstated. She taught me the power of written communication and was a role model to all the young women she taught. I treasure the memories of her and am grateful that I had the opportunity to express my gratitude on Facebook earlier this year. She will be missed by all her former students.
Diana Daggett
August 18, 2010
Betty was a warm, sincere person always willing to share and help others. I am a better person because I had the pleasure of knowing and working with her. I am thankful to the Universe for sharing you with me.
James McNeil
August 17, 2010
The Nobles' Family will truly miss Betty and will think of her each time we visit and talk with her mother and sister. Our deepest and sincere sympathy is exteneded to Mrs. Lena Nicholas and Charolette. We pray for their peace and comfort during their time of sorrow.
Willie and Augustine
Augustine Nobles
August 17, 2010
I had two tours with Betty at Frankfurt High School and always considered her a friend and a teacher you could count on. I will miss her smiling face at the DODDS reunions. God Bless you Betty!
James Blaharski
August 17, 2010
Betty will be sorely missed by all who knew her. She was a good friend.
David and Vidabeth Bensen
Pittsboro, NC
August 17, 2010
Danke, Betty, for coordinating all those seminars over the years for those of us involved in the National Writing Project. We all gained so much, thanks to your dedication and commitment, and the ripples keep spreading. RIP!
Joan Maas
August 17, 2010
The DoDEA family extends its sincere condolences to Betty's family members and friends. Betty was a significant figure in the history of our school system. Her accomplishments were many. Her years of service to military families and DoD schools will be long remembered.

With sincere sympathy,

Frank O'Gara
DoDEA HQ, Arlington, VA
Frank OGara
August 17, 2010
I joined the faculty as an English teacher in the 70's and became a friend of Betty's. I was assigned to the annex and didn't see her very much. Yet, we still stayed close. Thank you Betty.
John Towle
August 17, 2010
The DoDEA family extends its sincere condolences to Betty's family members and friends. Betty was a significant figure in the history of our school system. Her accomplishments were many. Her years of service to military families and DoD schools will be long remembered.

With sincere sympathy,

Frank O'Gara
DoDEA HQ, Arlington, VA
August 17, 2010
It was a pleasure to work with Betty and be a fellow PDK member through the years in DoDDS. Linda McCauley (Kokomo,IN)
August 17, 2010
Betty Jean Nicholas was always helpful and friendly at Frankfurt American High School. She spent lots of time helping students to make the right choice.

You were special.

Marie Davenport-Schneider
Marie Davenport-Schneider
August 17, 2010
Betty’s name came up often at Frankfurt High School 63-66 reunions and on their group chat site. She had a profound impact on her student for which they are eternally grateful. Thank you Betty
L Corbin
August 17, 2010
Betty, We shall all miss you...your smile, your thoughtfulness, your dedication, and the interesting trips and experiences in our DoDDS careers. God Bless You!
Kay Galloway
Kay Galloway
August 17, 2010
Betty, Virginia Johnson, and I joined the Germany chapter of Phi Delta Kappa in 1974, in the first group of women to join what had been an all-male preserve. From that date, off an on through the years we met to share a volksmarch, a conference at Bad Kissingen, snow-stormy trips on the autobahn, spring visits to enjoy a hearty meal of white spargel (German asparagus), or the annual fests in Hochheim, Wiesbaden, and the Mosel. Later when she moved to the Ramstein area, it was a pleasure to visit the lovely villages of Alsace/Lorraine in France. A highlight was a visit of Betty, her sister Charlotte, and Erma Schwebbach to my home in the Netherlands province of Limburg....oh, the memories. We shall dearly miss Betty, a great friend and colleague.
Kay Galloway
August 17, 2010
Carol Mauch
August 17, 2010
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