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1933 - 2016
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John Elliot Bradshaw, Sr.
JOHN ELLIOT BRADSHAW, SR. of Houston passed away on Sunday, May 8, 2016, at the age of 82 due to heart failure.
A fourth generation Houstonian, John was born on June 29, 1933, to Norma Elliot of New Orleans and John McCullough Bradshaw (aka "Jack") of Houston. John attended St. Anne Catholic Community School and graduated from St. Thomas High School, after which he attended the University of St. Thomas before joining the Basilian Fathers (Congregation of St. Basil) and studying for the priesthood. He remained in seminary for roughly a decade, leaving just a few days prior to being ordained. During that time he earned his bachelor's degree and master's degrees in psychology, philosophy, and theology from St. Michael's College at the University of Toronto, graduating Magna Cum Laude. He returned to Houston in the early 1960s and began post-graduate studies at Rice University as well as teaching religion and history at Strake Jesuit College Preparatory.
Throughout his early adulthood, John developed a drinking problem, and on December 11, 1965, committed himself to Austin State Hospital for treatment. After release, he entered an alcohol recovery program and—one day at a time—had achieved over fifty years of sobriety by the time of his death. Within a few years of his early addiction treatment, he began to lecture at Palmer Memorial Episcopal Church, and became a sought-after counselor, teacher, public speaker, and consultant in Houston throughout the 1970s, including his role as host for a locally-televised talk show called Spotlight.
From early notoriety in Houston, his career skyrocketed to the national level with the release of several televised series on PBS in the early 1980s. This success led to a prolific writing career starting with his first book, Bradshaw On: The Family, published in 1986 and based on his earlier PBS series of the same name. John wrote six additional books, three of which were New York Times best sellers: Healing the Shame that Binds You (1988), Homecoming (1990), Creating Love (1992), Family Secrets (1995), Reclaiming Virtue (2009), and Post-Romantic Stress Disorder (2014). In total, his books have sold over 12.5 million copies and have been published in over 40 languages. He was elected by a group of his peers as "one of the most influential writers on emotional health in the 20th Century."
A pioneer in the self-help movement, his writing career led to television appearances on every major talk show throughout the late 1980s and 1990s. John was nominated for an Emmy for Outstanding Talk Show Host for his series Bradshaw On: Homecoming in 1991. In 1996, John hosted the nationally syndicated talk show, The Bradshaw Difference with MGM Studios.
Throughout his life, John remained a popular public speaker and continued to tour the world giving lectures and workshops. Beginning in 1999, John became a Senior Fellow at The Meadows Institute, a multi-disorder in-patient facility specializing in the treatment of a broad range of addictions.
John married Nancy Gail Swanberg Isaacs in 1969, a union which produced his son John Elliot Bradshaw Jr. He remained a father to Nancy's two children from a previous marriage, Joseph Bradley Isaacs and Brenda Isaacs Booth. John and Nancy were married 20 years. In 2003 after a lengthy courtship, John married Karen Ann Mabray. Together, they parented daughter Ariel Harper Bradshaw and enjoyed a full and vibrant life in Houston society.
John was preceded in death by his father Jack Bradshaw in 1975; mother Norma Elliot Bradshaw in 1996, sister Barbara Anne Bradshaw in 2010; and brother Richard Allen Bradshaw in 2013. He is survived by his wife, Karen Ann Bradshaw; children, John Elliot Bradshaw Jr. and Ariel Harper Bradshaw; stepchildren Joseph Bradley Isaacs and Brenda Isaacs Booth; niece Kathleen Bradshaw and her husband Matthew McCracken; grandchildren Rina Vibella, Liam Elliot Booth, Jackson Cowdrey Booth, and Cassie Rose Isaacs; great-grandchildren Nevaeh Izabella Balderas and Heaven Mevele Vibella; and great-nephews Joshua Phillips, Christopher Phillips, Jes Bradshaw, Zachary Phillips, and Conor McCracken. He also leaves behind one aunt from his maternal line, Miriam Elliot Nolen, as well as numerous cousins, friends and former colleagues.
Close friends are cordially invited to a visitation with the family from 5 to 8 pm on Friday, May 13, at the Bradshaw-Carter Funeral Home, 1734 West Alabama Street in Houston. The funeral service will be held at 10 am on Saturday, May 14, at The Church of St John the Divine, 2450 River Oaks Boulevard in Houston. Rev. Dr. Douglas Richnow will officiate. Reception to follow. Burial will follow via escorted cortege at Earthman Resthaven Cemetery, 13102 North Freeway in Houston.
Pallbearers will be Brian Starrett, Pedro Herrera, Joshua Phillips, Christopher Phillips, Jes Bradshaw, Zachary Phillips, Conor McCracken, Liam Booth, and Jackson Booth. Honorary pallbearers will be James Boland, Michael Butera, Robert Cagle, Barney Cearley, Dr. Mark D'Andrea, Rev. Michael Falls, Joseph Goeters, and Walter Shepherd.
Funeral arrangements are being handled through Bradshaw-Carter Memorial & Funeral Services, (713) 521-0066. In lieu of flowers and customary remembrances, gifts in John's memory may be directed to The Council on Recovery ( or Houston Public Media (

Published by Houston Chronicle from May 10 to May 15, 2016.
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Funeral service
St John the Divine Episcopal Church
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Dear John, Thank you so much for your words, beauty and deep selfless love. You seemed too eloquently impart the complex nature of childhood and beyond, and hope, always hope, that so much of our suffering could someday be healed. The world is darker without you. Carry on handsome soldier.
Maria Ann Long
January 22, 2022
Never knew John Bradshaw personally. Learned about his talks and writings while in treatment for two years. My deepest sympathy and prayers for his family. May he rest in peace.
Darlene Schoenherr
January 3, 2022
John was a great teacher and thinker. He was the only psychologist who helped me cope with my child abuse.
Ron Stewart
October 15, 2021
John, I think I told you at a workshop how much you changed my life, but I could never explain the depth of it. You were the first person, in my experience, who truly understood and explained how growing up in an alcoholic family affected the children. I'll be forever grateful for that validation. Will always cherish having been able to meet you in person and shake your hand. You were my hero, and the world was a better place because of you.
Kathleen Fitzgerald
September 16, 2021
John Bradshaw a legend visionary in his own time . Thank you for sharing your experience thus your healing wisdom
Annie Boyd
August 8, 2020
In 1990, John's workshop prior to writing Homecoming, helped me heal and recover from dysfunctional family issues. I will be 80 in August 2020, and just reviewed the notes from that workshop. How grateful I am for John Bradshaw and look forward to meeting him in heaven.
Patricia Bruno
Patricia Bruno
July 22, 2020
You changed my life, John Bradshaw. Thank you so much!
Tina M McCallon
May 25, 2020
Thank you for your teachings. Iam a diagnosed schizophrenic and i recovered on books that began with John. Thank you
donna di Pietro
April 14, 2020
Somehow I missed hearing about this; unfortunately, the media doesn't always report on what's most important. Thank you for your service to everybody in sharing your life's story and how you were able to overcome challenges. God bless you.
September 29, 2019
Miss you!
Jill Creath
April 26, 2019
So grateful you came into my personal and professional life. You made a HUGE impact on my development as a man, a father, and a teacher/therapist. You helped me rescue that little person inside me
Vern Bradley
April 13, 2019
I realized that this remembrance is well after the actual death of John Bradshaw. I met him briefly at a workshop in the Philadelphia area about 4-5 years ago. I had the opportunity to share briefly my experience of "toxic shame" and he immediately responded with unconditional positive regard. He was a genuine,wise an caring human being--Thanks John!
March 31, 2019
John.. I just found out you passed.
You will be sorely missed.
You helped me so much and set me free from my childhood trauma.
God Bless You ! I know you're with the Angels❤
Karen Imperial
March 17, 2019
Thank you for being in my life through your books and recordings. I love you . Christel van Heeringen from Amsterdam Holland
Christel Van Heeringen
March 14, 2019
I am still affected by my memories of John Bradshaw, my greatest teacher. I came across him later in life, but his influence still impacts me in the deepest way possible. He was the most brilliant and inspiring man I've ever met, and I've met a lot of them. I cry almost every time I think of him, because he was the first person who got through all my defenses, and got me to start feeling all the feelings I had dissociated from. Now I am an LMFT, and helping other men learn emotional intelligence. I had the pleasure to get to know John over many years of going to his workshops and reading his books. He was a blessing and a treasure! I am so grateful for everything I have learned and experienced from John Bradshaw. I am still getting benefits today from my memories and his influence. It's beyond words...
alan redstone
February 9, 2019
alan redstone
February 9, 2019
I think divine intervention caused his tape series to literally fall off the shelf at the bookstore I was browsing for wisdom.
His warm words shaped and shape over 35 years of my medical practice and life. Healing the shame that binds you lecture can be viewed on YouTube. It will remain a living testimony to this wonderful teacher.
Please view and share his work. John Bradshaw explained why people act the way they do. Thank you Dr. Bradshaw.
Dr. Barry Ungerleider
August 28, 2018
Wow, just by googling found out he passed away. John Bradshaw's work made such an impact in my life. Healing the Shame that binds you has been so powerful, all his books. I went to a couple of his seminars, very powerful experience. His life had a profound affect on so many lives that wanted to heal.
His work lives on.
Beth Arseneau
August 24, 2018
John forever changed the course of my life as his Family series helped me come to grips with my incest history. I am a far, far better parent because of him, and so untold generations have him to thank for so courageously sharing his own truths and shining a light of hope for so, so many. There just aren't words to express how much he changed me.
Dede Mattix
December 8, 2017
Rest In Peace John. He was the first speaker I went to see after getting sober myself. Finishing Your Business with Mother was recommended as the First issue to
work on healing first. I did and on to Shame. John left a lasting impression on me, and so much help in the years of my Life! Again today I pull out Healing the Shame
that binds you! For more help.

He was the best on my road to Healing
Randie Walton
Randie Walton
December 6, 2017
When I learned of John's passing it was as if I had lost a parent. Family has made abundant use of John's teaching. I aporeciate the frankness in John's obituary, as it does not waste time on one's path to understanding, and does not leave one wondering what was really going on. Bill Norwood, Greenbelt MD USA
Bill Norwood
December 3, 2017
I will never for John, and the gifts that gave the world through his insight and brilliance.
He will be missed, and he will never be forgotten.
Graham Diamond
November 22, 2017
Dear John Bradshaw, the best friend I never met, you have given me and so many others the gift of understanding our true selves for the first time. Your voice, recorded and in the written word, still brings comfort and enlightenment. God bless you.
Nancie Buckland
November 16, 2017
I was saddened to here about John's passing. I can still see his PBS Intro. mobile symbolizing the fragile relationship of the typical dysfunctional family unit. I remember going to one of his intense weekend workshops back in the 80's and coming away moved by his honesty and insightful approach to healing family disorders. Thank you John for all that you did to help us learn about family healing.
November 10, 2017
I cherish what I experienced in reading John Bradshaw's books and watching him on TV. He has had a lasting influence on my life both personally, and as a Marriage and Family Therapist. He spoke very powerfully and always from his heart. I will never forget him.
Marilyn Sears
November 6, 2017
Back in 88 as newlyweds, my husband and I went to see, listen and learn from what he had to say. We tried to implement all that wisdom into our lives and married life through the ups and downs, on and off of life challenges, and still continue to benefit from his sage advice. Thank you and RIP for It is today over a year of your passing That I learn you are with us only in spirit.
L&L Romain
September 4, 2017
He was a great man and healer
Martha Schmidt
August 22, 2017
John Bradshaw was very much my mentor; my whole life and personality. I learned a lot from him at a very early age and I'm going to miss him very dearly. Today is March 11, 2017. I did not even know that Mr. Bradshaw passed until today. But, my heart will be with him always and my hope is to take what I've learned from him over the years and help others as a result of the Wonderful Impact he had upon my life.
Pamela Vance
March 11, 2017
Many of the books I read that he wrote were a great comfort to me, especially the ones about dealing with a not so perfect childhood. I am sorry to hear he passed, but he is in a better place. He had a special gift. I have always looked for his books.
Gloria Dillon
January 21, 2017
His words changed my life. They led me to the beginning of understanding who I am and why I did what I did.
Gregory Fiorini
January 8, 2017
I hope that the staff and family of John Bradshaw can read this. I had the awesome privilege to meet John Bradshaw in Cincinnati, Ohio at a Reclaiming the Wounded Inner Child conference, Oh how I wish that I could have had the time and opportunity to meet John again and share with him what impact his work has had in my life, my heart is broken with sadness upon hearing of his passing! John was one of the Great Ones! to me! his work has changed and saved my life, (Literally) and I'm proud to say that I am now continuing to honor John and his legacy with my own career, as I am currently working on my Masters Degree in Marriage and Family therapy, I really want to be as good as John was in his career, not for the pride and ego show, but to be able to connect with the people and touch people's hearts the way he touched mine! It is my life's goal to pass the healing on to someone else! I sincerely mourn with all of you who were close to John, his legacy will ever be etched in my life and how I live it, as a participant in his conference's and in his work, I dearly love this man and I hope he is smiling down on me as I write this and smiling down on all of those who loved him dearly! I will Miss You John! Till we meet again in that Heavenly Kingdom!
Rex Wooddell
December 17, 2016
John's books and PBS specials made a huge difference in my life and career; made me a better person and therapist.
May he and his loved ones be blessed.
Michael Myers, MSW
Mike Myers
November 29, 2016
John Bradshaw is someone that I will always remember.He first came into my life as a result of watching his Television productions.He has truly left an indelible mark on my life.Honest compassionate etc.
David Small
November 12, 2016
One of the greatest "fathers from afar" in my life. I can't express my gratitude, nor grief. Thank you for all of the loving, illuminating wisdom you bestowed unto the world. I have been healed and empowered by your powerful words time and time again.

The only way out is through...
George Brisse
November 1, 2016
I was a student in social work during the 1970's and later worked in that field. In time I became an attorney. Dr. Bradshaw's teachings and lectures helped my understanding of dependency and family dynamics. Though I attended a different university, I used his books and speeches on PBS to my advantage. He was a brilliant man and great teacher. Thank you sir. God Bless you and your family. Again...thanks.
Richard Lee Garza
October 28, 2016
dear john bradshaw I was lost and didn't have the words to understand what had happened to me. You gave me those words that set me free. I went on to become a therapist and used all the techniques you taught me to set many of my clients free. "I didn't have the words" you gave them to me and set me free. I am less afraid to die because you will be there.. Thank you for the path that set me free. I will always love you, sandy brooke cmhc
Sandy Brooke
September 6, 2016
sandy brooke
September 6, 2016
I never met John Bradshaw, but I have been reading his books which have helped me so much. Thank you for the work you did, thank you for your love of humanity.
August 27, 2016
A moment of God's GRACE helped me find you, in 1990, the third-year of my recovery;I was warmed illuminated by your light shared, John, Friend...
C.L. Seal Van Horne
August 20, 2016
Having only just minutes ago learned of the passing of such a bright shining star of hope deliverance and honesty, integrity in dedication to reality and truth, honouring us all!
There is another hope on another shore, and our dearest old soldier of decided dedication to love, the signpost of hope, he is another of those miracles, living still in the souls hearts and minds, of all;not merely the addictive-personalities..
Perhaps now, he will be more fully appreciated and understood, at this critical-time for the free nations of the western and even the entire world's people...
I will-look to sit for tea and cookies with you, without becoming any imposition, I hope, to just be seated a little closer to your great light bearing talents, through the which we all can better see the way,...God Jesus Christ Bless you, dear John Elliot, and give you goodly rest. We will now carry the torch and tell of you and your works herein forever and always.

I Am, C.L. 'Seal' Van Horne, Esquire
C.L.Seal Van Horne
August 20, 2016
I just learned of John's passing and am shocked and deeply saddened. I do not know where i would be today if it were not for his book 'The Shame that Binds Me.'
Just when i thought i had uncovered alot of Shame already, I am learning i have more that lies under my Fear of Abandonment when i get in a relationship.
God Bless this man for the work he has done!!!
Kelley Mihalick
August 15, 2016
Kelley Mihalick
August 15, 2016
I am just learning of John's passing. I am deeply saddened and my deepest heartfelt condolences to his family and friends. John was and will continue to be one of the strongest influences in my life. Many years ago what he taught me thru his PBS series, workshops and books changed and transformed my view of myself and my life. I will not forget this nor him and what a wonderful and unique man he was.
James Roe
July 24, 2016
I was lucky enough to hear John lecture at Palmer Church on Sunday evenings. He changed my life I also went to many of his workshops. He truly understood how people felt and had the largest impact on my life and continues to do so. John, I can still hear your voice and I am so glad, thank you for giving of yourself, your time and your love.
Love to you,
July 6, 2016
What a fabulous man! He sent me the whole collection of his CD's to use for my seniors that I worked with at no charge. He really cared to heal people and he opened my eyes to relationships. May you John Bradshaw rest in peace. You are now a saint in the kingdom of heaven. You were loved by all.
June 26, 2016
In the 80s during training, we listened to a presentation by John Bradshaw. I was so inspired and it helped me during my career. I recently went to purchase some of his works and was so sad to learn he had passed. We continue to grow, no matter how old, and I am still learning from his works. Thanks to Mr. Bradshaw for helping some many others, including myself. A great teacher. My condolences to the family.
June 23, 2016
I was privileged to attend one of Mr. Bradshaw's extended lectures in Beaumont, TX during 1991. I then bought several of his cassette tapes and I know his contributions to counseling helped me very much. I send my condolences to all of his family and friends.
Lily Brown
June 20, 2016
I have learnt so much following this great man's work. Thank you for everything you gave me, my clients and all the hearts you have touched.
Evelyne Thomas
June 13, 2016
This great guy had taught me to love my kids and myself in a beautiful way

I owe him do much

Rest long and well
Andrew Murray
June 8, 2016
Over the years I have reflected on the times I had with John (at Strake Jesuit in the late 60's) listening to John teach religion. Today I can see his smile, hear his voice and feel his passion. Few teachers have affected me as much. My condolences to the family.
David Goodnight
June 2, 2016
John just learned of your passing today,so very sad and such a shock. You are a true hero and I praise you for all you have given the world with regard to families and healing. May your journey be bright and legacy last for ever. Peace dear friend - Francis..
Francis Joy
May 27, 2016
Muchas mahalo John Bradshaw! I found your wisdom late, after you died...and have just finished reading Creating Love. Your wisdom lives on. Heartfelt thanks.
Susan Switzer
May 25, 2016
I am grateful for each book, each workshop, each talk. My life - and the lives of so many people I know - is so much better because of his commitment to truth and healing for himself and others.

I send love, prayers and healing energy to the family with the hope that peace and healing will be yours. May your memories be happy and sweet, and filled with the opportunity to share them.
Karin Clark
May 23, 2016
Finding the PBS series "John Bradshaw On The Family" during the mid 1980s was the impetus for a massive paradigm shift in my personal and professional life. For this I will always be grateful. Such an amazing legacy this good man leaves behind. My heart goes out to you, his family as you grieve his loss.
Elaine Johnston
May 21, 2016
Remembering the "miracle" in my was 1988; I was hospitalized on suicide watch and had nowhere to turn. A Nun affiliated with the hospital had acquired The Nature of Shame" cassette tapes and was guided to share them with me. God intervened in my life through that experience and as I listened to John's faceless voice on the tapes my heart opened and I trusted. During the guided-imagery I gave my broken, wounded needy self to a new "Higher Power". Some small part of me began to know that I was loveable and my prayer going forward was "Thank you God for loving me".
Upon returning home, my sponsor and I initiated the first ever Co-Dependency Anonymous support group here. We purchased the "Homecoming" video series and played them for packed audiences. The series is still alive and available now through our local Council on Alcoholism.
Second Miracle: John came to Grand Island, NE 8-10 years ago to present a workshop for our council on alcoholism; we wept together as I thanked him for allowing God to use him through "The Nature of Shame" tapes to save my life.
My gratitude for his life overflows.
Clara Frazier
May 19, 2016
John I want to thank you for your vulnerability and your openness about your own woundedness. You opened the eyes of many, including me, who have benefited so greatly from your willingness to share your soul and your wisdom. I was grateful to have attended your workshop "Homecoming" last March at was good to see you again. There you were, though frail, still teaching! As usual my eyes were opened once again to some truths I needed to see about myself. Little did I know that your "Homecoming" was going to come so soon. You have blessed the recovery community immensely...more than we can measure. Until we meet again...thank you!
John H
May 19, 2016
RIP, Mr. Bradshaw Thank you for all your wonderful healing gifts to the universe Your book, "Healing the Shame That Binds You" made such a huge difference in my life. After years of reading your books, I was lucky to meet you briefly in 1996, when I participated as an audience member on your show in Houstonyou were very kind and gracious man. My Inner Child is so grateful to you Alison Trowe, Los Angeles <3
Alison Trowe
May 17, 2016
RIP, Mr. Bradshaw <3 Thank you for all your wonderful healing gifts to the universe Your book, "Healing the Shame That Binds You" helped me tremendously. After years of reading your books, I was lucky to meet you briefly in 1996, when I participated as an audience member on the show in Houston You were very kind, lovely man. My Inner Child thanks you too Alison Trowe, Los Angeles
Alison Trowe
May 17, 2016
Peace and Joy John. Thank you for your courage and gift of self. May our Abba welcome you home to your truest family.
Glen Palahicky
May 16, 2016
Great Men never die! Their Legacy will outlive for ever . Dear John you are always in our hearts. God bless you for all your great life coachings.
Ron Baloochi
May 16, 2016
Dear friends of John. I was unable to fly from San Diego to be present for the viewing or service for Mr. Bradshaw. I would be very grateful if those of you who were present would share your observations or experiences. Thank you all who have left messages in the Guest Book. I was present in spirit over the weekend.
Sharon Goodlove
May 15, 2016
When I saw the obituary for John Bradshaw in the New York Times, I was first saddened, then my reflections were of gratitude for all he gave, his brilliance, powerful, caring influence on my life and spiritual understandings. What a remarkable legacy. Condolences to the family.
May 15, 2016
My husband was taught by John at Strake Jesuit in the sixties. Like previous commenters, he considered him one of his most stimulating teachers. I first knew John when he presented a retreat at St. Agnes. He totally entranced me. Years later, when his first book was presented on PBS, I learned why my life seemed so chaotic. His mobile display on the family of addicts/alcoholics spoke to me in a most powerful way. Marty and I were fortunate enough to catch up with John at a few lectures later in our lives. It was fascinating to hear the two of them reminisce about the early years at Jesuit. He is a true example of someone making lemonade out of the lemons life presents. He will be missed. My thoughts and prayers are with all of his family. You were blessed to have him as yours! Peggy Klecka
May 15, 2016
In the late 80's & after John provided wisdom, help & hope to us and his books helped us to find ourselves & new lives. We are so grateful for his life! Steffie & Jeff Belcher, Tenants Harbor, Me.
May 14, 2016
I owe my life to John. He was able to turn people's struggles into positive happy living sometimes with just a word or a sentence and sometimes even with humor. I have his old lecture tapes still. My love and condolences to his family...
Lane Mabray
May 14, 2016
John Bradshaw was a major healing influence in my life, through his books and workshops. I am eternally grateful. RIP, John.
Elizabeth Yoder
May 14, 2016
I learned, and healed so much from your father's work. Thank you, John Bradshaw. Rest in peace, and condolences to your loved ones.
Jeanine B.
May 13, 2016
I wish the family peace
and my prayers are with you.
Jerry Herrera
May 13, 2016
My deepest condolences to all the Bradshaw family. He was a brilliant, kind and helpful man. He touched the lives of so many. I will miss him.
Lynn Trafton
May 13, 2016
John's Houston broadcasts in the 70's were a partially understood introduction to truths which by 80's could no longer be denied by this child of an alcoholic family. The progression from then to now is my Miracle.
May 13, 2016
John changed my life when I read "Healing the Shame that Binds You". No one ever before had put into words what it was I was feeling. What a tonic that book was. Thank you so much.

Tad Cliplef
May 13, 2016
Bless you Dear John! Thank you for all of your love and kindness. Thank you for helping so many especially my mom and my friend Carrie. Rest in beautiful peace and joy. You will forever shine bright for all of us.
May 12, 2016
John was a fun, kind, generous and all around wonderful person. I worked with John on several of his workshops and also for Karen and John Bradshaw in 2015 and 2016. This family is kind and caring and considerate of others. It has always been a gift and my pleasure to know them. I have heard on a daily basis how much good John did for someone in the self-help arena. Infinite love and blessings.
May 12, 2016
Truely one of the pioneer's in helping we humans face ourselves and how we show up in relationship to others. His contributions to the recovery community, his gift for making the complex simple, and his ability to use his personal experiences to facilitate healing in others is "beyond parallel." I believe we are all a little better for sharing this lifetime with John Bradshaw. Condolences to his family and close friends.
Steve Crowder
May 12, 2016
June Levy
May 12, 2016
I knew John when I was an undergraduate scholastic at St. Basil's Seminary in Toronto, between 1961-64, when he was a few years ahead of me and studying theology. I remember very well his being the MC when the seminary glee club performed Christmas concerts in various venues, including local prisons. He had a fabulous gift for engaging and entertaining an audience. Many years later, in the 1990's, I encountered him again through his PBS broadcasts and his writings. These had a profound effect on me and helped me greatly as I worked through some difficult times. I am very grateful to have know John, both as a person and as an author. He contributed greatly to the world.
Brian Halferty
May 12, 2016
My life and my recovery have been guided in part by the things John taught me beginnung in 1989. I am forever grateful as I continue on my recovery journey. Almost 26 years sober now and hearing of John's passing feels like the loss of an old friend. Thank you for helping me change my life.
God bless your family as they walk with God through losing you.
Tonya Wheeler
May 12, 2016
When I heard of John Bradshaws death I wept openly. John was such an important presence in my life at a time of great decisions and choice of dorection. I was a faithful visitor at his Palmer Sunday lectures as I first learned of him through the PDAP program which my son attended. I was a member of another church but found the knowledge judgement and wisdom through the vital and dynamic teaching of John. He became a counselor. Confidante and friend as I traveled some very tricky waters. Always he treated me with great deference. Care and love. He had a wicked sense of humor which always provided a way to ease the tensions. Rev Mike Falls and John both lovingly led me through some very tricky emotional and life changes. Our paths have not crossed for many years but the last time I saw him he had become a world reknowned leader. As always our relationship was honest, open and vulnerable. And full of laughter. I know that God puts angels here to live and understand us. One of my angels went to heaven this week. I grieve for his family and those who remained close to him. I can't imagine how my life would have evolved happily without his strength,wisdom guidance and live. Rest in peace my friend. I know you were greeted in Glory!
Mary Mackenzie
May 12, 2016
John saved my life. I went to him for counseling at his office in Palmer Episcopal church many years ago after I had seen a segment of him on PBS. I am so indebted to his wisdom. My life is so different now. I am happy and peaceful and I always thank God for bringing him into my life.
May 12, 2016
John Bradshaw,
You changed my life completely for the better. I learned much from you. May your spirit sail on through Heaven.
flo s
Florentino Sanchez
May 12, 2016
John Bradshaw was my American History teacher at Strake Jesuit in the 60's. He was the most intellectually stimulating teacher I had and that experience has continue to inspire me to this day.
Jerry Windlinger
May 12, 2016
John Bradshaw will be remembered for his kindness and wisdom always.His energy and love permeated wherever he went.I am grateful to have heard John speak many times during my formative years.
His writings encouraged personal growth by opening the doors on family dynamics.
He would influence many by a life well lived.My condolences go out to the entire family.
Mary Schiefen
May 12, 2016
thank younfor your tapes and books, which saved many souls
robert lewy
May 12, 2016
This is a huge loss to the
Recovery Community, and to me, personally.
John was instrumental in my early recovery, helping me to understand and accept myself,helping my healing process greatly.
Thank god for his books and PBS series, which will live-on.
Nate Free
May 11, 2016
May God's peace be upon him. He was a beloved teacher to thousands he never met, who enriched our lives by his courage to share his own struggles and insights. Blessed rest to John, and comfort to his family.
Rev. AnDrea Walker-Skye
May 11, 2016
Rip John Bradshow. Thank you for your books, recovery information and work on the way to self healing . X
May 11, 2016
My husband, Wes Seeliger, who died in 2000, considered John to be one of his good friends. I was the beneficiary of John's wisdom because of that relationship and was helped enormously through my son's very difficult teenage years. I have always been grateful for John and his work with others. He was a blessing to the world!
May 11, 2016
I had the pleasure of being taught by John at Strake Jesuit in Houston. He was one of the finest thinkers and teachers I ever had. He exposed us to concepts and approaches to life that challenged us and greatly expanded our way of thinking. Thanks John and may you rest in the arm's of our Heavenly Father for eternity.
Mike Guarino, Strake Jesuit Class of 1967
May 11, 2016
In this Crusader's opinion, John's (pre-famous) time at Houston Jesuit in the late '60s was spectacular, and all too brief. He made "Religion" relevant to high school boys who were otherwise very interested in almost anything but religion. He had a keen intellect, an engaging and yet challenging manner, and was in many ways a Jebbie at heart. While he undoubtedly helped countless people in his later life, his time as a high school teacher and mentor had an enormous impact on the young men who were lucky enough to know him.
Doug Foster, Jesuit Class of 1969.
May 11, 2016
Every night for 20 years, I have listed things for which I have gratitude, and John's workshops at Center of Recovering Families are up there at the top of my list of heartfelt thanks. diana (parker) paradise
May 11, 2016
Many thanks to John Bradshaw for helping us understand how to think and to become more human.
Jerry Colca, Strake Jesuit, class of 1968.
Jerry Colca
May 11, 2016
John taught me at Jesuit in 1964-7 and was the most thought provoking instructor we had. he help us to see things from a new perspective and to "see" with different eyes. we were fortunate to have had John to shape our young minds.
Bruce Clay SJCP class 1968
bruce clay
May 11, 2016
I attended John's lectures at Palmer Memorial Episcopal church from day one, read his books, became a therapist myself and used his materials daily to help change people's lives. He was also my neighbor in Houston. John was truly gifted by God and he gave back to the world all his wonderful insights, spirituality and life changing lessons. He will be missed, but the world is a better place for his having lived here.
A Miller
May 11, 2016
thank you John for all your wisdom,as From
England I read your wonderful eye opening educational family of origin literature, I began to heal. Rest in Peace. Thank You MARIA D.B
May 11, 2016
john Bradshaw taught me Poetry at Jesuit in Houston in '64 or '65. He was one of, if not the best, teachers that I have ever had. Teaching poetry to teenage boys could not have been easy but he made it resonate. The text book he used, "How does a poem mean" is the only text book that I still have from my High School days and it stays within reach next to my chair. He had a profound influence on me and I will always cherish my memories of him.
Edmond Hardin
May 11, 2016
I've met and learned great lessons from John Bradshaw. His ability to express personal experiences in a way that included all us humans invited us to share the wounds and the wonders. He spoke directly to each of us in his audiences, and in our homes & cars via his recorded teachings. I've passed along his ideas to large numbers of people who never go to meet, hear or laugh with him as our human eccentricities and accomplishments.
It is a shock to read of his passing; I thought in my hopeful "inner child" that he would always be there as my support dad.
Sharon Goodlove
May 11, 2016
Mr.Bradshaw you were an awesome teacher at Strake Jesuit. My pursuit of knowledge reached new heights in your classes. Thank you and rest in Peace. Tom Caradonio Class of 1967 now living in Daytona Beach Fl
Tom Caradonio
May 11, 2016
John Bradshaw was my religion teacher in high school for one year. He actually covered a lot more than religion in his classes, and was without a doubt one of the most engaging and interesting teachers I ever had there or anywhere else. I also had the opportunity to hear him on TV and in person a number of times. He was funny, deep, authentic, curious and ground-breaking. He lived quite a life and touched and helped heal countless people in deep and moving ways with his work. I smile as I think of you, John, and wish you well on your way. RIP and love to you, your family, friends and all who loved you.
Ted Isensee
May 11, 2016
I am so sad to hear that John has passed. 27 years ago his work inspired me into a recovery that has been continuous and fulfilling..a self awareness that few are ever fortunate enough to find in their entire lifetime. I offer a special goodbye to a man who has been responsible for the Spiritual Awakenings for overcoming addiction for millions like me. Be at peace my friend... thank you for your Love and devotion to us.
Kevin H-B
May 11, 2016
He touched the lives of millions and changed the lives of many. His contribution to my life is timeless, as is his work. A true pioneer. Rest in peace.
K. Fleming
May 11, 2016
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