Rev. William J. Atkinson

REV. WILLIAM J. "BILL", on Sept. 15, 2006 of St. Thomas Monastery Villanova University, PA. Beloved son of the late Allen J. and Mary S. (nee Connelly) Atkinson. Loving brother of Joan Alice (John) Mullen, Allen E. (Peg) Atkinson, Mary D'Alessandro, Elizabeth (Philip) Harvey, Patricia (Philip) McCaffrey, and Edward Atkinson. Also survived by 22 nephews and nieces, 21 grand-nephews and grandnieces. Reverend Clergy, Religious, relatives and friends are invited to his Funeral Mass Tues. 8 P.M. St. Thomas of Villanova Church, Villanova University Campus and to his Viewing Tues.. 4-6 P.M. and 6:30-8 P.M. Graveside Service Wed. 9:30 A.M. Calvary Cemetery, West Conshohocken, PA. In his memory the family would appreciate contributions to The Augustinian Fund, c/o The Provincial Offices, 214 Ashwood Rd., Villanova, PA 19085-0340.
Published by Philadelphia Inquirer/Philadelphia Daily News from Sep. 16 to Sep. 18, 2006.
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Kathleen O Murphy
September 25, 2021
Dear Father Bill, could you please intercede for a miraculous healing for Joe Horan, my son in law who was involved in a serious ,life changing car accident on Labor Day . This accident resulted in severe spinal damage. He is currently at Magee Rehab in Philadelphia. Could you please pray for his wife Kate and their 7 month daughter, Grace
Thank you
Carol Johnson
September 19, 2021
Father Bill, please intercede for a miraculous healing for Bob Goss who carries a similar cross to yours after spinal cord damage suffered in surgery. A small group of family and friends have been praying for this for several years-we invite others to join us in seeking your intercession on Bob's behalf that his healing might become a glorious witness to the healing power of our Lord and help pave the way for your canonization. Amen!!!
Dcn Steve Gerding
July 26, 2021
Kara Marie Fitzpatrick
February 16, 2021
Hey Father Bill, Jim here. Can you do me a favor and take good care of Father Gus. Meet him with open arms. Thanks Father Bill!
Jim McKenna
January 11, 2021
Dear Father Bill,

Once again, I am writing to you to intercede on behalf of another member of my family. My cousin collapsed unexpectedly and without reason a week ago and could not move. A test today showed nerve damage that appears to be permanent. As of now, he only has slight movement in his face, neck, and shoulders. Additionally, he now has pneumonia. Father Bill, please pray for Dan, his wife, and his family. Please help Dan to handle this sudden blow life has dealt him as you handled your paralysis. Please send a miracle!

Thank you,
Mary Darr
Mary Darr
December 17, 2020
Father Atkinson, I ask for a miracle for my brother-in-law diagnosed with stage iv colon cancer.
December 10, 2020
Dear Father Bill,
I ask for your prayers please for my patient whom I will just give initial J.; he also had an accident that caused quadriplegia. He was 26 at the time and he is 42 now. As you know he has to have his basic needs cared for by others. His hip and shoulders are in constant pain. He struggles with accepting help from his nurses. I am the supervisor of the nurses that care for him at home. I am going to be bold in asking for your prayers for a miracle, that he be totally healed. I know you understand his pain. All I understand is that I DON'T understand. I'm sure you and all your loved ones and even strangers prayed for your total healing, and it was not God's will. Perhaps it will be God's will to heal J.
Katharine Kase
November 30, 2020
My name is Monsignor Stephen McHenry Pastor at Saint Anthony of Padua in Ambler and a contemporary of Father Bill. Yesterday in going over some homilies for the Feast of Christ the King that I had previously given I came across what follows. I wrote that homily in 2002 and had no idea that one day Bill's cause for canonization would occur. But as you read the homily you can see that something I saw about him even then. Thank you.


Last Thursday evening I preached at a First Reconciliation Service at Waldron Mercy in Merion. One of the little ones who was making his first Reconciliation was the son of some close friends and they asked me if I could help out. I preached to about 40 second graders and their parents. I related a story about an incident between my own father and myself where I had acted in a hurtful way to him and years later sought to apologize.

After the Penance Service was over I was standing at one end of the auditorium and was approached by one of the fathers who asked if he could talk to me. I had used a large crucifix as a prop for my talk and was carrying it. I placed it against the wall to listen. The gentleman told me that he was not a Catholic but Jewish. His father had died six years ago on Thanksgiving Day. I commiserated with him because I knew how such a tragic event could cast a shadow over a particular holiday. He told me that he sometimes talked to his dad. I told him that my own father had died over 21 years ago and that I spoke with him every day. My father's picture is in my prayer book and each day when I open it I pick up my dad's picture, kiss it and wish him a good morning. I also ask for his assistance with whatever might be going on at the time

I asked the gentleman if he felt comfortable talking to his father. He was not sure. I explained why I did. In the Catholic tradition we believe that love is stronger than death and that although a loved one may no longer be physically present with us it does not mean that there is no longer any connection with us. I told him about what we call the Communion of Saints where we remain connected with those who have died, connected in God's love for us all. He asked me about the Communion of Saints again to be sure he understood what I was saying.

I explained that at the time of Jesus this was an unsettled question in the Jewish community, with people on both sides of the issue regarding life after death and our remaining connected. He said that he guessed it is still an undecided question for many. I asked him if he felt comfortable believing that he still had a living relationship with his dad. He thought for a moment and then said that he thought he did. I believe that.

As he walked away one of the students who had made his first Reconciliation came up and was looking at the cross. He didn't want me to help him. I know that because I asked him if he did and he said: No. Then he asked me if that was where they put the nails. The particular crucifix depicted the nails in the wrists rather than in the hands of Christ. I explained that we weren't sure but that some scholars thought it was more likely that the nails went into the wrists to be able to support the weight of the body. He then reached out and touched the wound in the side of the Jesus.
Then he asked how they were able to nail his feet. I explained that the cross was probably lying on the ground and Jesus was laying on it there and they put his feet together and nailed them. By then, the little fellow's dad was standing behind him and he said simply, No matter where they put the nails, they still really hurt. Yes, they still really hurt.

One of the priests who attended was an Augustinian priest from Monsignor Bonner High School. His name is Father Bill Atkinson. He comes from a very athletic family. His older brother, Al, one time played professional football, being the middle linebacker for the New York Jets years ago. Bill was also very athletic but early on in his seminary career he was injured in a sledding accident. That accident rendered him a quadriplegic. He has no movement or feeling from his neck down. The Augustinian Community knew that he would always be a paraplegic but they allowed him to be ordained a priest anyway and he has been stationed at Monsignor Bonner High School for over thirty years.

The Community there knows that part of being assigned there means taking turns caring for the very mundane needs of this priest. He cannot feed himself or take care of his most basic needs by himself and has not been able to for forty years. Even the students volunteer to help out. On Thursday night there were two students who drove and accompanied Father Atkinson. You'll remember Thursday night. It was horrendous weather-wise. It was rainy and freezing cold and blustery. Here is this priest coming out in his wheel-chair van to hear confessions on such a dark winter night. If he had called out everyone would have understood. But he didn't. He came to hear confessions. Imagine the children who went over to make their first Reconciliation to this priest who could not even lift his hand to give them a blessing.

Lord, when did we see you hungry and feed you; thirsty, and give you to drink; in prison, and visit you? Lord, when did we see you hungering to understand about life and whether it continues after death, and give you something that would feed you? Lord, when did we see you thirsting to learn about the meaning of the crucifixion and the meaning of your wounds and give you to something that would quench your thirst? Lord, when did we see you imprisoned on the cross or in a paralyzed body and take care of your needs? I assure you, as often as you did it for one of these least ones, you did it for me.

My friends, we answer this question about Christ, who Christ is and whether Christ truly reigns in our hearts a hundred times every week. We give answer in the things we give our time to, in the way we treat people, all kinds of people. We give our answer in the way we see things. Jesus tells us that the kingdom, his kingdom, is at hand, right in our midst, very close by, in the mundane affairs of daily life. Jesus is here all around us, within those we live with and those we encounter and care about and care about and interact with.

All of our choices matter. All of them. Big and small. All of the decisions we make at all the various moments of our lives give answer to the question as to whether Christ has dominion in our souls. This is true for a second grader, a high school student, a young father, a paralyzed priest. The choices we make show who Jesus is, really, in our lives and whether our love for Christ is real and genuine. Sometimes it is precisely when we think we are wasting our time and what we are doing matters not at all that we testify to Christ as King.

At the end of our lives, in the moment of death, what will happen to us is that the Lord will reveal and confirm the depth or the shallowness of all we have done. I say this not to frighten you. I speak this so as to focus your attention on what matters. We gather here at this Eucharist so that we might be fed because we are the ones who are hungry and thirsty and in prison. It is Christ who will meet our needs and enable us to do that for others if we let Him.
Msgr. Stephen McHenry
November 21, 2020
Allison Starr
November 17, 2020
Father Bill, The Haverford Hawks hockey club recently were made aware of a horrific accident involving a boy named Brian last name might be Page. As we do not know him personally he is a hockey player and to that we are all family. He recently got checked in a game at Iceworks in Aston and is said to be paralyzed. This I cannot imagine because my son is a hockey player also. The Haverford Hawks hockey club would like to ask you to intercede for this boy to our good Lord that he may spare him and for him to regain his ability to walk. Please father Bill give strength to the family and help Brian. Thank you for listening the Haverford Hawks.
November 17, 2020
Father Bill,

Please pray for Florence Betz, my dear aunt, saved by you a few years ago when she fell in the garage and hit her head on a hard, concrete step. She prayed to you in her time of need, and you sent angels to open up the garage door and rescue her.

Florence Betz is now in a nursing home and recently suffered from Covid-19. The virus has made her memory a little fuzzy, but worst of all, it has exacerbated the glaucoma in her eyes. She woke up completely blind two days ago, and the doctors say there is little hope that her sight will return.

Father Bill, please give my aunt the strength to endure losing her sight as you lost your ability to move. Please help her to accept the help of others and to endure the long, dark nights and days as you did. Please help her to realize that her life still has value and worth.

Thank you.
Mary Darr
October 30, 2020
Father Bill,Please intercede for my parents as they transition to assisted living. Both are battling dementia. Please comfort them. Thank you Father Bill
John Reilly
October 29, 2020
Kevin Plunkett
October 13, 2020
Dear Fr. Atkinson, please intercede for Linas Mockus who was in a bicycle accident in July that has left him unable to move below his elbows and unable to eat. Thank you for your prayers and for your beautiful life. Praise be Jesus and Mary!
Ana Vazquez
October 12, 2020
Dear Father Bill: Please give peace and comfort to the family of Jack Plunkett, Jr. and all of his sisters and loved ones. Thank you Father Bill.
Kevin Plunkett
July 6, 2020
Dear father bill
Please pray for the healing of my lower back and for the pain in my sciatic pain thank you
Mary ann Silvestri
April 9, 2020
Thank you father Bill for your intercession on my behalf. 4 years sobriety.
Robert MacDonald
September 18, 2019
Dear Father Bill - Please pray and look after me as I need the strength to make a difference and change my life and in doing so the world.
Howard Reid
September 10, 2019
Dear Father Bill: Please offer your assistance to
a child who has been diagnosed with cancer. Her name is Analise. Thank you Father.
September 2, 2019
Father Bill,

Please pray for me. That I can accept that this is His Will.
May 28, 2019
Thank you Father Bill. Please give strength and healing to my cousin, Pete, and to his Mom, wife and families.
Jaime Snoy
July 19, 2018
Thank you Father Bill. Please continue to watch over us.
Carol Ann Kruklis
June 28, 2018
Please pray for the cancer healing of Linda Zebrowski Brassington. Our beloved family member. She is a faithful and loving Daughter, sister, wife , mother and cherished friend. We have been witness to many miracles and answers to prayers within our family circle and pray that this healing can be granted. We continue to pay forward the blessings we have already received and hope and pray for your interception. In Christ, the Morris - Zebrowski Family
June 20, 2018
Father Atkinson,
Please intercede in the healing of Pat McCambley. Give unto her the healing powers of our heavenly father, the blessed virgin and all the angels and saints. Amen
Lisa Kelly
March 21, 2018
Please intercede for the life of my dear friend Pat McCambley. Praying for a miracle for Pat and peace and love for her family. Thank you for your prayers and intercession.

Eileen (Lee) Wawrzynek
Andorra, Philadelphia, PA
Eileen Wawrzynek
March 21, 2018
Father Atkinson, please intercede for the life of Pat McCambley, who is a humble servant of our Lord and a teacher of the faith. She is fighting for her life due to widespread cancer.

Jocelyn Aaron
Jocelyn Aaron
March 21, 2018
Father Bill,
Please intercede on behalf of Pat McCambley for healing and comfort in this time of need. I pray that you also bring peace and comfort to her and her family daily. In Jesus' name I pray.
Marisa Wilke
March 21, 2018
Praying for a miracle for Pat McCambley.To fight the terminal cancer she has.
March 21, 2018
Fr. Atkinson,
I am praying to you in hopes of a miracle for and on behalf of Pat McCambley. I see looking at these posts that many people are hoping for miracles of their own, and they are all important, and I truly hope their wishes come true. As Pat's daughter put it, her will to live, love of life and all it encompasses, gratitude for each day she is able to wake to see my dad's face and the sun rise, and undying faith in the plan that God has for her is truly remarkable. She is battling cancer and deserves this miracle! Please help her and her family in granting this wish!
Julie Sigouin
March 21, 2018
Father. Please intercede on behalf of a humble servant of God. PAT MCCAMBLEY. We beseech you to go before our Lord and boldly ask for a miracle on her. Thank you, Father as you rest in the peace of heaven.
Gerry Foley
March 21, 2018
Jay Conners
March 21, 2018
Fr. Bill, please intercede and bring your healing love to my mother Patricia who is currently in home hospice after battling ovarian carcinosarcoma for the last 3 years. The cancer has spread throughout her thoracic cavity and the doctors say it is a matter of time. Fr. Lawrence Kozak came to provide counsel and Anointing of the Sick and suggested we pray to you for this miracle. Thank you and God bless
Kate McCambley
March 21, 2018
Father Bill
Please cure my sister, Elizabeth, from terminal cancer. She is 58 years old. The doctors say she has only weeks to live. Elizabeth is the person who first mentioned your name. On her hospital bed she said you were a very holy man. Our family has great faith that through your intercession she can be healed. Thank you! Jesus we trust in you!
Mary Anne Fusco
January 10, 2018
Father Bill please intercede to Jesus to bring a good husband into my daughter's life. Thank you
Kellianne Miley
January 7, 2018
Happy Heavenly Birthday, Father Bill. May God, in His infinite mercy and love, cure my dear sister of late stage cancer. Through your intercession, may God 's will be done.
Nancy Paterni
January 4, 2018
Angelina Rios
November 5, 2017
Angelina Rios
November 5, 2017
Angelina Rios
November 5, 2017
My 86-year-old aunt suffered a very bad fall yesterday, landing head first on a hard, concrete block step. With blood pouring down her face, and no ability to get up, she prayed to Father Atkinson to help her. He sent her help by way of men working on the yard outside who heard her cries, comforted her, called 911, and got her to the hospital. Miraculously, she has no broken bones, and even though she suffered a brain hemorrhage and multiple bruises all over her body, she has retained her mental capacity and should recover. Thank you, Father Atkinson!

M. Darr, Sandusky, OH
June 14, 2017
Fr Bill,
Through your intercession may God heal my brother of ALS. He is 53 years old, a graduate of Father Judge H/S and LaSalle University, and was diagnosed with ALS on May 24th. I am praying to you for your intercession, your cause is in my prayers. Thank You.
P OKane
May 27, 2017
DID a great Job while at Bonner then Bonner/Prendie. Prayers to Fr. Bill a true Religious Leader> R.I.P !!!
April 28, 2017
Angeline Santiago Rios
November 11, 2016
Angeline Santiago Rios
November 11, 2016
Angeline Santiago Rios
November 11, 2016
Angeline Santiago Rios
November 11, 2016
Praying to him for a special intention for complete healing for my friend's daughter.

Thank you, Father Bill.
October 25, 2016
I was a very young girl at OMGC in Bryn Mawr and I remember his presence. He brought a sense of warmth and welcome to his surroundings. I am praying to him now for a special intention and I am beginning to see his answers ....the grace brings such gratitude in all that I am. He is a wonderful saint!

Sherman, CT
Margaret Beutler
May 11, 2016

Today I learn of the sorrowful diagnosis of Father Denny. I also learn today of a person that was at Bonner when I was at Prendie. But I was so into myself during those days, I wouldn't have known Father Atkinson. But I'm grateful to learn about Fr. Atkinson today. I Beg Fr. Atkinson to intercede and cure Fr. Denny. Fr. Denny understood my journey and helped me one Sunday. Fr. Atkinson , please ask God for a cure for him.

In Jesus name, Amen
Agnes Braxton
April 10, 2016
Fr. Bill, through your intercession, may God heal my wife of her cancer. Thank you for our prayers. Rick Poce and Family
Rick Poce
March 13, 2016
Since I attended Prendergast, and you attended Bonner, I graduated in 1961, and I believe you were the Class of '63, I was just two years ahead of you. I'm sure our paths must've crossed somewhere on the campus or football games, etc. Since learning of your story, I have been praying for you since November, and asking God to Bless this process for you.
Is there a Holy card or relic that I could acquire. My son was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer right around the time I heard of your news. My son has 3 small children. We are praying for a miracle and asking God for his help.
Thank You,
Mitzie Finley Auld
Formally of Springfield, Delco, Pa.
Now in Pinellas Park Fl. 33782
Mitzie Finley-Auld
March 3, 2016
Dear Father Atkinson

I can still hear you yell "Reid" to take role in our Freshman Theology class as a Freshman at Monsignor Bonner High School. You overcame so much and always loved your Bonner guys.

Please look after me and my family as I face many challenges and bless me with your work ethic and unwavering faith in God and yourself to "Make A Difference" in all of the lives that you touched.


Howard N. Reid Jr.
Monsignor Bonner 80'
Howard Reid
February 10, 2016
Is there a way to receive a prayer card, relic, or something that Father Bill touched or had in his possession to place on or near my daughter? I've submitted a plea for help recently asking he intercede for my 8 month old daughter who has mitochondrial disease. There are no known cures for it and we pray daily for her healing.
Allison Myers
February 9, 2016
Father Bill,

Please heal my 8 month old daughter who has been diagnosed with mitochondrial disease. We are local to Philadelphia and even know people that knew you. Many who know us have already been praying to you. They believe in you and feel if there is anyone that can work a miracle it's you. Please help her.
Allison Myers
February 9, 2016
Father Bill, Please pray that my 25 yr old friend who is a quadriplegic due to a car accident is healed during this Mercy Year. Her name is Tierney.
January 28, 2016
Fr Bill. Watch over me and guide me in my weakness. Kiss Our blessed Mother and Our Savior for me.
Sandra Huppert
January 20, 2016
Dear fr. Atkinson , please ask our lord to heal me, Gemma and Hilary of cancer! Most importantly, help us to accept the higher will of God with joy! Teach me All you know about God. Thank you!
January 18, 2016
For Nichole that God may remove her from her coma through the intercession of Fr. Bill Atkinson. Fr. Bill, pray for her and her family.
January 12, 2016
For J.M. that God may heal her brain tumor through the intercession of Fr. Bill Atkinson. Fr. Bill, pray for us!
December 18, 2015
Thank you
Kevin Ansley
December 6, 2015
I went to prendi in the 70s and remember father Atkinson. I was amazed that he said mass. I will pray for his canonization. And pray to him.
Margie Seefeldt dieter murphy
November 3, 2015
I do wish I had met Fr. Atkinson while he was alive. After reading GREEN BANANAS I have a better understanding of the Life and love of God Fr. Atkinson had during his priesthood. The daily struggle of life's disabilities were explained well with his comparison to a deck of cards. Either except the cards dealt or Fold.
Father Atkinson lived his life actively while teaching the love of God.
I hope to see him reach Canonization in the near future.
Janet Haggerty
Janet Haggerty
September 28, 2015
September 10, 2015
Fr Bill was the greatest I miss getting his hot tea and sandwiches forever in my heart ❤U
Charmaine cobette
June 20, 2015
I read about the life of Fr. Bill Atkinson in the National Catholic Register. Truly a remarkable man and priest! What a treasure he was to all that met him and I am sure, during his life, he was a powerful witness for Christ here on earth. May God bless his soul and may he be canonized a saint!
April 17, 2015
What ultimately is a saint....In my opinion, a saint is a person who is close to God and brings others to God. Fr. Atkinson is a saint. He represents a life well lived and shows the world the dignity of life.
April 17, 2015
Father Atkinson is and will always be my hero. It was an honor to know him, help him and be his friend for over 12 years. From the time that I was a freshman at Bonner through my adult life he taught me how to enjoy life no matter what happens. He showed me the strength and courage that it took to get through the toughest times and I continue to pray to Father Bill for the strength and courage he had every day of his life. Your are missed greatly.
John Simpson
May 5, 2014
There isn't a day that passes that I don't think about Father Atkinson and appreciate the positive impact he had on my life.
Joe Summers
December 20, 2013
I graduated from Bonner in 1960. Fr. Bill was probably a freshman or sophomore in those days. I wish I had known him. Yet even in death he shares his wisdom. My he rest in eternal peace.
Paul Sullivan
December 20, 2013
I was glad to have known Fr. Bill. He and I went to the same Dr., and would talk while in the waiting room. I also saw him at Bonner, where my son attended, and on the football field. He was a good listener, gave good advice, and was an inspiration. I also attended Villanova University, and admire Augustinians.
Marie Flynn
December 18, 2013
I learned of Father Atkinson's passing at mass today and would like to express my deepest sympathy. I remember seeing him at Villanova as he resided in the same place where my cousin does who is a retired priest. People like Father Atkinson really inspire others to be all they can be and make the most of their lives. May God bless all his family and friends. Know he is in a much better place with God and can even help more people now than before with the spirit and determination he has and will keep on instilling in others.
Rita Marie Mueller
September 24, 2006
Father Bill was an inspiration to us all. I was fortunate to be in his class twice during my years at Bonner. His physical challenges were always overshadowed by his determination, confidence and wisdom. His sense of humor in the face of his challenges have always amazed and inspired me. I'll never forget him nor his impact on my life. John Rodgers, Bonner '80.
John Rodgers
September 22, 2006
I am not sure if we are third cousins or fourth. I am Lorene Connelly's daughter Mary Ellen. The last time I saw Billy he attended my grandmothers funeral Francis Connelly. He was feeling well and seemed quite happy. I was glad to have seen him that way. Growing up we were always told of his great devotion and wonderful spirit. He will be greatly missed by many. My children will hear the story of the man who did not give up.
MaryEllen Newman-Edwards
MaryEllen Edwards
September 20, 2006
I did not meet Father personally but everyone I have talked to admired him greatly. God Bless you Father on a marvelous journey and a job here on earth well done!
Michael Petta
September 19, 2006
Fr. Atkinson showed us that nothing can stop us if you have faith in yourself and God. I had Father for Religion my Freshman and Senior Years at Bonner and I can still hear him calling "REID!" Father Loved Bonner and all of the young men that he had contact with. We were all lucky to have been touched by his gifts. Class of '80
Howard Reid Jr.
September 19, 2006
I was a member of the novitiate class of 1964-65 when that terrible accident occurred. I'll never forget it. I remember going to St. Francis Hospital in Poughkeepsie with fellow novices to donate blood. Fr. Atkinson was living proof of power made perfect through infirmity. Requiescat in pace.
Fr. Edward Kolla
September 19, 2006
I enjoyed stopping daily during the summer months on OCNJ's boardwalk, post graduation from Bonner in 1976. This went on during my college years and I always enjoyed our many chats in the sun and salty air. He was instrumental in helping me to secure my first post college job working at Bonner as a long term substitute for the 1980-81 school year. He was an inspiration to us all and will remain so forever in the lives that he touched. God Bless Father Bill.
George Powers
September 19, 2006
father Bill was a friendly priest and compasionate enough to come to Helene (Gallagher) Trymbiski's funeral to concelebrate the Mass. The Trymbiski family hopes that he can soon share some graces on us from Heaven.
Jim & Ann Longon
September 19, 2006
Fr. Atkinson was an inspiration to so many young men at Bonner especially our son, Matt. He will be missed.
The Miceli Family
September 18, 2006
Words cannot express the impact that Fr Bill Atkinson has had on my life. Like many people, my first experience was with Fr Atkinson the teacher and class moderator. But over the years I was fortunate to get to know him on a much more personal level and will be forever grateful that I became friends with Bill Atkinson. Though he is gone from this earth, he will live forever in our hearts. The inspiration that he gave us and the lessons he taught will never cease.
Pat "Slick" Farley
September 18, 2006
I was in Father Atkinson's first theology class at Bonner in 1974.It was a Freshman class course called "Salvation History".I wish to extend my sympathy to the Atkinson family and the Augustinian and Bonner communities.God bless him and may he rest in peace.
Jim McCloskey
MBHS Class of
Jim McCloskey
September 18, 2006
My deepest regrets to the Atkinson Family, I went to school with Patty and Ed, and knew Fr. Atkinson through them and also from Bonner. I was a basketball coach at Prendie for 14 years and Fr. Atkinson came by many times just to say 'Hi" and to wish me luck!!! I know how loved he was at Bonner and now he is in Heaven being loved By Our Lord!!!
God Bless Fr. Atkinson and the entire Atkinson Family!!!
Lou Alleva
September 18, 2006
Father Atkinson was truly one of the greatest things about the Bonner experience...

Kind, dedicated & an all around great guy to know & talk with.

He kept me company on many days I had to rake the monastery lawn :)

He'll be missed...

- John Sinclair '97
John Sinclair
September 18, 2006
Fr. Atkinson was such a gift to everyone that was fortunate enough to know him. His priesthood was certainly lived "in persona Christi"
He was an example to all of us of how to follow God's call in life no matter what your Cross might be. May he rest in peace.
Rev. William Cocco
September 18, 2006
Thanks for your guidance and prayers. Rest in Peace Father

Bonner, Class of '84
Michael Keller
September 18, 2006
Everyone in life needs a mentor. I was lucky enough to have Bill as one of mine. From the time he was my teacher at Bonner and moderator of the class of '86 through my college years, his life of service inspired me to serve. After volunteering in the Peace Corps, I entered the seminary. That first summer off, I lived with Bill and Pop down in Ocean City. Three bachelors, plenty of miller, and spending time with wonderful friends and family... priceless. Later as I married and had kids, we stayed in touch. He knew I loved him. I was lucky enough to visit one last time up at Villanova and although he loved sports, I never could make him a soccer fan... not even when we watched it in Spanish. But he loved a good game and great times. It’s hard now that he’s gone to find the right words to celebrate his life: hero, legend, extraordinary. Knowing Bill, he would want something more simple. Priest pretty much says it all.
Mark Purcell
September 18, 2006
September 18, 2006
I didn't know Father Atkinson well but I feel like I did from Katie Campbell and my daughter Janet. I'll always remember how he looked like a sanswich in his van as he sat between a mattress and box spring while he lent his van to move my daughter. Then, when she moved in to her apartment he made the boys from Bonner do it on a Holiday for detention duty.
I wish I had known such a wonderful person better but feel fortunate to have heard stories about him from my daughter.
God bless Father and all his family.
Mary Greenhalgh
Mary Greenhalgh
September 17, 2006
Father Atkinson will be greatly missed but never forgotten. His family and many close friends are in my prayers and thoughts. I was proud to know him and have a time to speak with him while I attended bonner. He was truely a great person, was a great comedian. We`ll sure mis him
Jack J. Romanelli
September 17, 2006
Father Bill was an inspiration to many of the young men he educated at Bonner. He inspired me to care for others which lead me to nursing. I will miss you my friend, but I know you are now in the loving arms of the Savior you so faithfully served.
Matt Young
September 16, 2006
What an amazing Man! My family and I were so lucky to know him. My children will remember him as the really nice man who bought dozens of Girl Scout Cookies from them and for the really cool rides around the friary. Our prayers to his family and his "brothers" of the Augustinian Community. He will be missed by many.
Tricia McKeown
September 16, 2006
Father is looking down on all of us, the people he affected in his life. It is our chance to make him proud! We love you Father Atkinson, thank you for all that you did. If you ever gathered around that man before a big home game to say a prayer, you know how he made you feel. His strength and love was evedent to all. My deepest condolences to Father Atkinson's family - we were all blessed to know him.
Joseph Reale
September 16, 2006
Father Atkinson will greatly missed by many people. He was an example of faith and character. My thoughts and prayers are with his family, his Augustinian brothers, and his many friends.
Brian Quilter
September 16, 2006
Father Atkinson was one of the most inspiring people that I've ever met and I will miss him dearly. I will never forget his dry sense of humor, quick wit, and unwavering positivity in the face of incredibly difficult circumstances. He taught many of the ones who knew him that despite the various hardships that we come across in life we can still have an incredible impact on others. Fr. Atkinson was my teacher, friend, and confidant while I was at Bonner and it is sad to say goodbye. I am comforted, however, by the thought that he is doing the things in heaven that he couldn't on earth with God by his side.
Joseph Summers
September 16, 2006
Please accept my deepest sympathy. Father Atkinson was a great human being. God Bless Father's family.
Roger McGroarty
September 16, 2006
Life's lessons are valuable.
Your life was a lesson so well taught, I'll miss the laughs, friendship, watching tv, the beers and all we shared. But most of all, I am indebted to you for the life's lessons inside of me now.
Michael Farrel
September 16, 2006
God Bless Fr.Bill, You were an inspiration to me @Bonner and a great influence to my soul. I will pray for your family in their time of need. God Bless
Patrick Spellman
September 16, 2006
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