Jeremy Glick
Jeremy Glick, 31, of West Milford, New Jersey.
Published by Newsday on Sep. 13, 2001.
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Hello I really hate what Jeremy and all the passengers on that flight on September 11 2001 it really was such a terrible tragedy may Jeremy Rest In Peace he really was a hero that tried his best to save others lives I didn’t know him personally but may god bless him
Domonick Matheson
September 13, 2021
Jeremy, you will always be a hero, always be loved and always be remembered.
September 11, 2021
Although I did not know you personally I will never forget the sacrifice you and the other passengers did for this Country and the fact that you all saved so many other lives and I thank you for that! God Bless you and your family!!
Carla Gemmati
September 9, 2021
Thank you for your bravery and courage on flight 93 19 years ago. I will always remember it. God bless
Jordan Hutchinson
September 12, 2020
Today , Sept 11, 2020, is the 19th Anniversary of the terrorist attacks at the World Trade Center. You stormed the cockpit along with Todd Beamer and other heros to overthrow the hijackers and thwarted their deadly plans to head for Washington D.C and hit the White House and Capitol- It never happened, thanks to your unselfish bravery and those of your fellow passengers and crew- God Bless you, condolences to your family and friends, your name will go down in history as a true hero on that fateful day. Rest In Peace You Wonderful Man!
Marcia Frisella
September 11, 2020
I would first like to say thank you for your heroic actions. I would also like to think that if something like this would happen where I am present, that I would react like he did and try to stop the people from harming anyone. You are a very brave person that this country need more of.
Jordan Brewster
September 25, 2019
We thank you for the bravery you showed during this horrific event. What you displayed will never be forgotten. Thank you sir. A true hero.
Nathaniel Ostas
September 25, 2019
In one of my classes at school, we are doing a unit on the events that took place on September 11, 2001. While going through the bios of all of the passengers on United 93, Jeremy's caught my attention. Not only was it the bravery that he displayed while these events were unfolding, but it was also the sacrifice he made in order to avoid the plane being used a weapon, and that just showcases the kind of man he was. To Jeremy' parents, you raised the type of man that one could only hope to be and to his wife, your husband was a hero, but so are you, most people wouldn't be able to handle the situation you were in and be as supportive and informative, which in the end helped to save many other lives.
Faith Hartman
September 23, 2019
Hi my name is Emily and I go to shanley high school. We are currently learning about the events of 9-11 and we are doing a project about someone who lost their life in the tragic event. I was assigned Jeremy Glick and I am so glad that I was. I learned about how brave he was on United 93. There are a lot of things people can learn for him today. Like total selflessness and bravery. If there is one thing I know for sure is that he will be remembered for a long long time
Emily H
September 2, 2019
Thank you for being a true hero. Never Forgotten
Michael Ribuffo
August 4, 2019
Dear Mrs Glick and your family..thank you so much for posting my pictures..I know I have more they are in my storage bldg for the 32 year's of flying with American Airlines..Mrs Glick..I must ask you a question please..I lived in Topeka ks for several father Charles Jones was vice President of volume shoe corporation in Topeka ks.for 20 plus years..I also worked in volume shoe payless shoes which closed up shop..I worked with a buyer for adult women shoes for 4 years..Glick was his last name..I want to say Jeremy like your husband..did Jeremy have any relatives that worked for volume shoe in Topeka ks during the late 70's thru middle 80's..when I saw Jeremy picture I said man that looks like chuck Glick and I believe he was from new jersey..he would be around my age 63-69..just wondering Mrs Glick..God bless love Charlene flight attendant American airlines BOS Logan international airport BOS Massachusetts
Charlene Jones
July 17, 2019
Charlene Jones
July 16, 2019
Charlene Jones
July 16, 2019
Hi Mrs Glick..these pictures are straight..remembering your husband Jeremy..Jeremy had the BEST of the BEST with him..please know that to be the truth..crewmembers are family along with the paxs..ALL together..Charlene flight attendant American airlines BOS Logan international airport BOS Massachusetts
Charlene Jones
July 16, 2019
Charlene Jones
July 16, 2019
Charlene Jones
July 16, 2019
Charlene Jones
July 16, 2019
Charlene Jones
July 16, 2019
Charlene Jones
July 16, 2019
Charlene Jones
July 16, 2019
Charlene Jones
July 16, 2019
Dear Mrs Glick and family..I am enclosing a few pictures I have in my home..this one of President George Bush was taken in 2000 at DFW international airport..I was also based there..President George Bush charted American airlines for his campaign.the other is betty and myself on a layover..I also wanted to say Jeremy is shining bright light on you and your family morning til night..may you always have tailwinds softly and gently blowing you and your family forward in life..God bless you Mrs Glick and your family Charlene Marie Jones American airlines flight attendant BOS Logan international airport BOS Massachusetts
Charlene Jones
July 16, 2019
Dear Mrs Glick and your family..I hope this finds you and your family well during the name is Charlene Marie Jones from Quincy Massachusetts..flight attendant American airlines BOS Logan international airport BOS Massachusetts..I offer my sincere condolences to you and your family for the loss of your beloved Jeremy..I am so sorry..Jeremy was a hero in every aspect of his life..especially with the crewmembers and family on united airlines flight 93..I salute and honor Jeremy..the morning of September 11 2001 I was on vacation in BOS.watching the today show..I saw what was unfolding and immediately called my supervisor at Logan airport.I already had my answer who was on flight 11 BOS-LAX..that was my flight since 1988..betty Ann ong is my BEST friend..she too was going on vacation to Hawaii with her sister Cathy.meeting her in world stopped turning that day as 3000 other families around the world..I did NOT return to NYC until July 2006..when I did I got a cab said ground out..CRIED..went to st Patrick's cathedral CRIED..left to go home..I was living in upper west side of Manhattan and NOT ever been back to lower side of Manhattan again..13 year's..I did live in DCA and showed my respects to our fellow family members..I honor Jeremy for his courage and bravery on September 11 crewmembers and paxs became family ALL together they tried their best to gain control...god knows how they angels in heaven above watching over you and your family..I am planning on being in NYC on September 11 2019..its time for me to honor betty and my other crewmembers and family.I know DCA and shanksville PA have their own ceremony..BOS too..I have been in touch in all these year's with betty sister Cathy..betty and myself went thru flight attendant training together at American airlines and graduated Feb 1988 and headed to BOS..betty was from SFO.where Jeremy was friend captain Beverley Bass retired captain for American Airlines was on route in her 777 aircraft from Paris -DFW..When she got a call no pilot wants to hear..airspace closed in the United states you must land at the nearest answer to why?..38 planes landed in gander Newfoundland..captain Beverley is keeping the memory of Jeremy and the 2900 souls alive with her Broadway musical in NYC Toronto LHR and opening this week in Sydney Australia about 9/11 come from phone number is 617-369-2444 my email is [email protected] ..I will keep you posted on my plans to NYC. God bless Charlene Marie Jones American airlines flight attendant BOS Logan international airport BOS Massachusetts
Charlene Jones
July 16, 2019
Thank you for your heroism. 17 years ago. You are never forgotten.
Jordan H
September 14, 2018
Thank you for your bravery and for your attempts to make the situation you were in not so bad. This tragedy has still left our country in shock. Thank you for putting up a fight. You are a true hero.
September 13, 2018
A true hero and inspiration that should always be remembered for his act of courage in the face of danger.May god bless his family.
Tanner N
September 13, 2018
Wishing you peace to bring comfort, courage to face the days ahead and loving memories to forever hold in your heart. Jeremy will never be forgotten for the courageous acts he took part in on United 93, September 11th of 2001.
September 13, 2018
Never Forgotten!
September 11, 2018
Randy Tetzner
September 11, 2017
I read his wife's book and I suggest others read it. I visited the site last summer and it is so profound to see these brave souls names on this monument. I am forever grateful to these brave people on this plane, including Jeremy of course. God Bless their souls and families and friends.
Kathleen Lamb
September 13, 2016
Thinking today of Jeremy and all those who loved him.

Toni Press-Coffman
Tucson, AZ
September 12, 2016
Thinking of Jeremy's friends and family today. We will never forget this day in history. Much love from Texas
Del Newberry
May 21, 2015
You are not forgotten!
Gina Moore
September 16, 2014
bella b
September 12, 2013
forever in my prayers. thank you for your heroism. Its always remembered. God bless you and your family
September 11, 2013
To The Family,
The hurt and pain of 9/11 still and always will be with us until The Almighty puts an end to this " wicked system of things. " Then God's original purpose for obedient mankind will become a reality, that being, living on an earthly paradise where sickness, violence, wickedness, and even death will simply not exist. Furthermore, innocent deceased ones will be brought back to life. I hope that these Bible-based thoughts bring you much comfort and hope.

Mr. Terry of NC
January 25, 2013
Take comfort in knowing that now you have a special guardian angel to watch over you.
January 24, 2013
Michele Blaine
September 11, 2012
God Bless Jeremy Glick.
Mark Miller
June 4, 2012
god bless you, may you rest with the greatest peace.
September 11, 2011
You and your family are still in the prayers of America.
September 11, 2011
On this day of remembering all the heroes of this day ten years ago, you and your fellow passengers come to mind. God Bless.
Anne Vogel
September 11, 2011
America loves you for what you did
Mark Miller
September 11, 2011
I believe that when one experiences great sorrow in life it helps us feel a greater sense of joy - I hope over the last ten years you & your family have had joyfulness during some special life moments with Jeremy's spirit amongst you. I knew Jeremy as an aquaintence at the Univ of Rochester, Class of '93. I always thank him and his fellow flightmates for their sacrifice to our country. I will never forget...
Peace to you and your family,
Amy Gross
September 9, 2011
Thank you to Jeremy and the other brave first defenders of the USA on 9/11/01. We will never forget you and we know that Jesus rewards heroes. May God bless all their families.
michele celso
September 8, 2011
Jeremy Glick, a true American hero.
Pat Setford
September 7, 2011
Just an ordinary man who when faced with a grim situation responded with courage, bravery and selflessness. Thank you. I know I will never forget that awful day.
September 6, 2011
Mrs. Glick,
It's that time of year again. No matter how much time passes I still choke up when I think of all the lives that were lost in that senseless act of terrorism.

I hope that time has helped lessen your pain and that you have found happiness. I'm sure it's what Jeremy would want for you. May God always be with you and I know Jeremy is watching over you as well.

God Bless.
Judy Bergamo
September 4, 2011
Jeremy, next week I will be traveling from Metro Syracuse NY to Philadelphia to meet up with my daughter and two teenaged-granddaughters. Early Saturday morning, we will travel by bus to Shanksville for the memorial dedication. Our eternal thanks to you for your selfless bravery, which will never be forgotten.
Brenda DeGroff
September 2, 2011
Dear Mrs. Glick
I read about your husband within a few days of his selfless bravery. I saw a picture somewhere of Jeremy and your then infant son, and he seemend so full of God's love for his family. Our second child was born November 2nd. Jeremy Lumsdon lives to make others smile, laugh, and, generally, make them feel happy in a less-than-happy world. I'm sure many have named their children after your husband...We were, and continue to be humbled, and honored that our son is named after such a wonderful husband, and father.
God Bless you and your family always!!
John Lumsdon
September 16, 2010
I remember you today and celebrate with honor and respect, your life and your spirit. In the midst of evil men, you took action and fought back. Your courage will never be forgotten - and the thoughts and prayers of countless Americans -- with your family always. Rest in Peace Jeremy. May God richly bless your loved ones with His love, comfort, and peace. I remember, and I thank you.
September 11, 2010
Mrs. Glick:
I would like to extend my heartfelt condolences towards you and your family, Mr. Glick will NEVER be forgotten.
Linda R. Calumet City, IL
September 10, 2010

I read your book today and wanted to commend you for your courgage and strength to write this book. It is an honor to Jeremy and your daughter will know how great her Dad was and how much you loved her Daddy. I hope you have found happiness again.

Kathleen Lamb, Bloomington, Indiana
September 6, 2010
It's almost that time again, I hope time has eased the pain of your loss somewhat. I know it will never completely go away. My Dad was killed in the military 43 years ago and I still hurt everytime I think about how he died.
So, on this anniversary of your tragic and senseless loss may God help you get through once again.
Judy Bergamo
September 5, 2010
Happy Anniversary to you today!
August 31, 2010
God bless you Jeremy. I am learning bout you in my civics class and I'm presenting you in a presentation and i am very proud for what you did. R.I.P
Stephanie Ponc
September 23, 2009
In our thoughts and prayers
September 11, 2009
God bless Jeremy Glick, (TRUE AMERICAN HERO), his family and the U.S.A. !!!!!

I'm sorry
david jones, SW FL
September 11, 2009
Dear Lyz.
I just read your book to your daughter you wrote for her. Your husband was a wonderful person. No we never have met. EM will be very proud of her Daddy. The only things we have in common is I know how hard it is to say a final Goodbye to a loved one. But we got to say it and that is so important. The other thing I have is with Em. We share the same Birthday. I am just only 41 years older. God Bless You Both.
Rosanne Coletto
Granby CT.
Rosanne Coletto
June 20, 2009
To the Glick Family

It has been a terrible loss for your family. I can remember to this today when Jeremy and I were on the Judo mat, competing against each other. When I saw the 911 report about three year ago I could not believe that it was the same person I competed against every Judo match when I was younger. Jeremy was I very good competitor, person and an American to do what he did on Flight 93. Jeremy has paid the ultimate scarify to ensure the safety and freedom of fellow Americans. Who knows what would have happened if Jeremy and the other passengers of Flight 93 had not have acted as they did on Sep 11, 2001. I hope to one day see you again with the man upstairs. As a Staff Sergeant of the US Army I salute you Jeremy for your acts on Sep 11, 2001. You are a true HERO and I am honored to have known you.

Kimo Ortiz
Kimo Ortiz
December 20, 2008
My heart goes out to you at this time and in the days ahead.
Adam Polito
September 12, 2008
To the family of Jeremy Glick:
As I think of today, I remember your family and your loss 7 years ago as I sat in an elementary school building with my then 4th grade students. Today as my current class observed the moments of silence for each plane and those that sacrificed for our great nation, I thought of the families that I had heard the most about and I want you to know that although I do not know you, I think of your family and other families often and pray for you often. What heroes you are and your loved ones that you have lost. Many blessings and may you have rest on this day and always.
Jen Lawson
September 11, 2008
To the family of Jeremy Glick:
Jeremy gave the ultimate sacrifice and will be held in the hearts of Americans forever. My deepest sympathy to you. We must never forget!
Peggy Childers
"Don't Let The Memory Of Them Drift Away"
Peggy Childers
September 11, 2008
I honor your courage and your spirit. God bless your family. I will NEVER forget!
September 11, 2008
God Bless you and your family on this anniversary of that tragic day.
You will never be forgotten.
September 11, 2008
Thank you. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. We will never forget.
September 11, 2008
Thank You
mary marsh
September 11, 2008
I remember and express my sympathy to your family. You left this life, a hero and I thank you for that. Peace and prayers to you and your family
September 11, 2008
As the 7th anniversary approaches students at my school are memorializing each victim individually.
We want our students to truly feel what we felt when this horrible tragedy happened that fateful day in 2001. Today a student gave me Jeremy's name and I told her what I knew about him. Know that many, many people have NOT forgotten. Jeremy's and the others memories live on, today and always! God Bless them all!!!
Jackie Johnson
August 29, 2008
Thank you.
March 12, 2008
God Bless, one day I hope we can meet.
January 26, 2008
You are truly a hero. Your daughter will grow up proud of her daddy.
Sarah W
October 29, 2007
I will never forget.
September 13, 2007
September 12, 2007
God bless~
September 11, 2007
I can't believe it's been 6 years since that horrible day! But one thing that made me be proud to be an American, was hearing the story about your heroism along with the others, who fought to take back the airplane. Thank you for epitomizing a true American Patriot. I will never forget what happened, and when my grandchildren are old enough, I will tell them of the horror of 911, but also the heroes on board flight 93. May God Bless you and your family! Thank you.
geri schmidt
September 11, 2007
In memory..
September 10, 2007
It is almost impossible to imagine the time that has passed since that tragic day. I can remember being in my classroom and can still feel the terror and same disbelief that I felt when I heard the news.
It is people like you, Jeremy who make the world a better place for all of us. Noone can even imagine such a surreal experience!
We will always remember you!
My sincerest condolences to your family.
Barbara Urban
September 9, 2007
Be Still

Be still like the grass on a melancholy summer day
Be still like desert shrub.

Be calm and you will hear your loved one speak, in the stillness, in the calm, their love resounds.

If you are still this promise I make, you will hear the voice of your loved one helping you along your way.

Debbie, ,Kenny Coffey
September 9, 2007
In remembrance....
P Tabbernor
September 1, 2007
Don't ask me why I went on this site. Sometimes the people and their storys of their loved ones on 9/11 their names sometimes goes through my head. And how can I ever forget the story Of Jeremy's life with Liz. What a tragedy and fate. I truley believe he was such a brave man at the end. And if he only imagined that strangers like me and others to this day are signing his guest book! I will never ever forget his story. And I did read the book that Liz wrote "Your Father's Voice". What A wonderful tribute. What a honor to be that mans husband or Father, brother or friend. GOD BLESS YOU JEREMY. TO THIS DAY ARE IN SO MANY PEOPLE'S HEARTS. YOU ARE LEGACY IN YOUR OWN TIME. YOU ARE A TRUE HERO!
Edie Oakes
August 30, 2007
To this day the tragedy of 9/11 still haunts me.I cannot imagine what it must be like for the friends and family of those who lost their lives.My thoughts and prayers will always be with you.
July 21, 2007
June 25, 2007
dear lyz,sorry for the error i made in this guestbook i put to deena and girls(cant keep track of whose who) hope it didnt upset u. hope u and ur family r safe and well. n e time u need to talk contact me. may god b with u all when tmes are hard. know that i will b thinking of u and ur family always. also know that i to like u lost people very cl0ose to me. i am from the united kingdon but my brother worked is the states he was on the 84th floor and was killed instantly. know that i will always keep u in my heart
kimberley wyatt
June 8, 2007
to the glick family, may god be with you. your husband was very courageous as was todd beamer and the others also. i feel ur pain i lost my 2 best friend and my brother. since then i have suffered depression and panic attacks. i am not from the united states but from the united kingdom. i watched the tragedy unfold on tv as did milliojs of other people all over the world. just know that god is with u and ur wonderful family. if u ever wanna chat contact me by email. [email protected] hope to hear from you soon
kimberley wyatt
June 1, 2007
deena and girls,
i am sorry for ur loss of ur wonderful husband. i too like you lost people close to me i lost 2 best friendsand my brother and today almost 6 years on i still suffer i have nightmares and panic attacks. but know that ur husband was a hero on that day as was todd beamer and the other. and like so many other people have said what the passengers and crew of flight 93 done saved so many more lives. it really is such ashame that there is such evil in the world. take care b safe. i am not from the us i am from the uk but my brother lived in the states. i have watched both films and remember that terrible day.
kimberley wyatt
May 31, 2007
The day of 9/11 was terrible, yet its people like Jeremy that showed no fear, and faught for his family and his life and the life of many others. After seeing the movie United 93, it made me relize the importance of each other.
Mark Fox
May 20, 2007
What a brave man that Jeremy was that day. Please know that America will NEVER forget Jeremy!! He is truly an American hero.
So sorry for your loss.
God Bless,
Leigh Ann Allred
April 28, 2007
i just finished watching flight 93 and the movie brought me back to that terrible makes me sad knowing there is so much evil in the world but i'm comforted knowing that there are men and women like jeremy who even in the face of death
were no doubt the best possible example we could have. i know they saved countless lives with their decision to fight back. i am forever grateful and all the families are always in my thoughts and prayers
April 2, 2007
We will NEVER forget the sacrifices or the courage of the passengers of Flight 93. Their actions in face of true horror show the real meaning of what heroes are. I vow to keep their story alive for years to come, to my children and my children's children. I am humbled by their actions.
Steven Lewis
February 26, 2007
We said we would never forget and we never have. Forever in our prayers.
Jean Venezia
February 19, 2007
From Chris Bassoo and family...I just saw the A & E movie and our hearts go out to your family (we wanted to send our prayers to every family from this flight)...Our prayers and thoughts are with you...we will never forget..warmest of regards Chris Bassoo (your northern friends)
Chris Bassoo
January 8, 2007
May the love of friends and family carry you through your grief.
Henry Jensen
December 3, 2006
After hearing your name and the names of all the victims of Flight 93 in the movie, looking at this page and recognizing names makes my heart ache. God Bless you and your family and all the other victims, and lets pray to God something like this doesnt happen again.
Allison **********
November 2, 2006
As I stitched your name on the memorial that I am doing for all of the victims, I prayed for you and your family. Please know that your death was not in vain. We will always remember. God Bless.
November 2, 2006
As hard as it is, each year, I watch the events that unfolded that day in September. Every year, just as I did that day, and that entire week, I cry. I am SO grateful to everyone who gave their lives so we could be free. Lyz...I hope that you and your daughter are doing well---as well as can be expected. Without knowing you, I want you to know that I pray for you and your child. I have so much respect for you, and so much for your husband. Thank you for being who you are!
Suzanne Jones
September 18, 2006
On the 5th anniversary of 9/11/01 my heart still aches for all the victims. I hope that you and your beautiful family are healing. I know we will never forget the tragedy of 9/11, but the heros of Flight 93 give us alot to be proud of in our fellow Americans and to know that they were unselfish in their act to prevent the plane from reaching it's intended destination. I know words can never express how you must hurt, but just know that God had a better plan for Jeremy and the other passengers. God be with you always and may you once again find happiness, your husband would want that.
Judy Bergamo
September 12, 2006
You are a true hero. Your family is in our hearts and prayers today and always!
angella cress
September 12, 2006
My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family today and every day. You will never be forgotten. Your bravery and courage stays with me always
God Bless
sherry breeden
September 12, 2006
September 12, 2006
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