Max Roach
ROACH--Max. The Board and Friends of the NYC Housing Symphony Orchestra mourn the loss of their friend, patron and former board member whose musical gifts were matched by his humanity and generosity. Our deepest sympathy to his children. Judith L. Chiara, President Janet Wolfe, Executive Director
Published by New York Times on Aug. 21, 2007.
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Valenda Newell
September 30, 2016
We will never forget you. You are a very good person and leader in the art of percussion. I'm researching you for a project at school.
Jackson Bogenrief
February 19, 2013
Thank you Max for all the grear music you left for us to enjoy. To the family, you have my condolences. John 5: 28, 29.
July 7, 2011
Just listened to our beloved Max Roach on Emarcy Vinyl Records Circa 1956 record called Max Roach plus Four. Absolutely enthralled because the proof is in the pudding. Many many years later and MAX ROACH is the Beacon the guiding light for all percussion people to listen to and admire. You have the flash in the pan artists out there who could not play one ioda of what Max Roach has accomplished in his tremendous career. The Max Roach plus Four Disc sounds as fresh and intricate today as it did way back when Max and Sonny Rollins and all his buddies did it. In heaven now is Max Roach and back here we are still grateful for his contribution to Music. We love you MAX.
March 21, 2010
I want to express my deepest and sincere sympathy. I met Max Roach thru my husband Shawn Lans. It was an honor to be in his presence. He was so kind and a wonderful host. I saw him perform in Massachusetts many times over 10 years. I also had the honor to go to New York where they honored him at the Renaissance. It was quite memorable. At that event he embraced me while the paparazzi was taking pictures of him; I was able to take pictures with him and Mr. Harry Belafonte. It was a wonderful experience. He always made me feel like family. HE will forever be in my heart and his family in my prayers. I was unaware there was a website that I can post to, I apologize for my expressed condolences at a late time. Please know that he was loved beyond measure and we lost one of the greatest musicians of all time. Max Roach was a humble and tender man, he is missed greatly.

Forever in my heart
Love Always
Lissette Caban
Lissette Caban
March 1, 2009
What can you say about Max Roach? There would have to be volumes and enclopedias to cover all that Max Roach has accomplished in his Musical Domain. I first heard him on a vinyl disc about l956 when he did a chart called Drum Conversation and he was playing along side Charlie Parker Mingus and Diz. Max had that be bop style of drumming that was melodic and his backing up players was always something. His drum solos were a Master at work. Lots of guys out there do a lot of Max Roach licks and try to play like him but fall short. Max had that Touch that way of phrasing and above all he was a tasty drummer. We have lost a legend in jazz drumming. Like Buddy Rich and Art Blakey and Phillie Joe Jones and Elvin Jones they just dont make drummers like that any more. He was of the lost breed in percussion. God Bless You Max Roach you will always be in our hearts. Love you MAX.
February 26, 2008
farewell and thank you for the great music you left us
christos angelopoulos
November 11, 2007
thanks for the endless creativity and energy of your wonderful music.
As a drummer I owe you so much. You were a great composer as well as a real force in the battle for equal rights. You could have rested on
your bebop laurels but you didn't. You kept on forging ahead. I'm glad
I got to hear you live a few times. Peace and music to you.
Arnold Young
September 14, 2007
Honoring a Jazz Great...thank you for many wonderful years of great music. I remember listening to you growing up with my jazz musician brother. I can still remember all the songs and album covers. You were extraordinary. I knew that to be true at a very early age. May God Bless Your Soul as you have blessed us with your greatness.
September 11, 2007
To the loving memory of a Grate Musician and Humanitarian
Mr. Max Roach. I often think about our first meeting when I played with Dizzy Gillespie in 1984
and our final meeting in your home with the Artist Mr. Kenji Koga and you played a video from the Soupy Sales Show featuring Clifford Brown, and I will never forget your words of support to me. I know it will be a wonderful Jam Playing with Mr, Parker again in Heaven. Love & Respect Always

Composer/Producer Oscar Deric Brown
Oscar Deric Brown
September 7, 2007
Thank you for the wonderful legacy.
Vee Williams Garcia
September 6, 2007
we met on 48th st in N.Y. when I was working at the drum shop at Mannys and I think I scared you at first because of my hair, but then we spoke and became friends...everytime you came in it was an honor to hang and talk drums with you....thank God we will have your legandary drumming forever on all your recordings you have's something we will cherish forever ....thanks for being an inspiration to all of us drummers ...Rest in Peace ! ( maybe not, youre probably swinging up there with all your buddys )
marco soccoli vic firth a/r
September 6, 2007

Thank you for the legacy you have left us. There will never be another like you.

Much love
Joseph Williams
September 2, 2007
'MAX 'with out question one of our GREAT PHARAOHS and as with all PHARAOHS you will live for ever thur MUSIC.MAX thank you for the knowledge of self
may the FORCE be with you
calvin roberts
September 2, 2007
There will never be another. You not only played for us beautifully, but you taught us how beautiful we are as a people. You are missed and will always be loved.
Nailah Porter
September 2, 2007
Your music was the first I listened to without vocals. Drums Unlimited opened the door and let me see that music is....... UNLIMITED, Thank You Max Roach.
Greg Walker
Greg Walker
August 31, 2007
Mr. Roach,

Thank you for every note you played. Thank you for your conception and for showing the importance of both what came before us and what it takes to build a better future. Thank you for paving a long road for all musicians. It is an honor every time I sit at the drums to play because of the masters such as yourself, Kenny Clarke, Big Sid, Baby Dodds, O'Neil Spencer, Blakey, A.T., Roy Haynes, Billy Higgins and all the masters. Because of your contributions to the world, the music, and the instrument, we not only have a tremendous vision of how much work there is to be done, but we have a measure of guidance by which to proceed with determination and confidence.

Highest regards and sympathy to the family of Max Roach - with love and respect,
1/1 time,

Chad Anderson
Chad Anderson
August 31, 2007
August 31, 2007
You have been, and will always be an inspiration not only to drummers, but to anyone who's had the pleasure of being introduced to you and/or your music. Bless you.
Ken McDonald Jr
August 30, 2007
Your kindness, wisdom, and abilities have touched the hearts of all who have come in contact with you. Every musician and listner will be inspired by your life and work, and of course your tales of life in the music industry. You will be missed.
Jack O'Neil
August 28, 2007
My heart goes out the the Roach family. I will never forget the first time i heard Max play. I was so moved i left the event literally trembling. He was so exciting.....beyond belief!! I will never forget Max.
Jimmy Wilson
August 28, 2007
Max was an incredible musician and innovator. He was also a social activist, a man of courage and conviction. In the turbulent 60s he spoke through his music, of the injustices befalling black people at that time in this country. If he were alive and able, Max Roach would still be lending his musical voice to the current injustices that still befall our people. When many jazz musicians frowned upon the genre known as Hip Hop, Max not only supported it, he performed with hip hop artists as far back as the 80s. He understood that by backing these artists, it was about embracing a united struggle and a united purpose. I was extremely honored to have been chosen only days before his death, to accept his two awards as part of his induction into the Minton's Playhouse Hall of Fame. As far as what we need to do from this point on, I'll simply quote the titles from two of his great albums, MEMBERS DON'T GET WEARY,*FREEDOM NOW"!!!.

*Freedom Now Suite(full title)
Onaje Allan Gumbs
August 28, 2007
I was introduced to Max Roach by Alan Dawson at a jazz festival in France. Max was Alan's idol and it was heartwarming to see him acting like a kid(he was 50, I was 30) around his hero. Max Roach paved the way for all jazz drummers from the bop era going forward. Melodic invention, coordinated independence and a logical approach to moving around the drum set are just a few of the many lessons to be learned from this great master of the drums. Rest in peace.
Joe La Barbera
August 28, 2007
I've loved jazz since I was 7, I'm 49 now. I've loved drums since I heard Max at 9. Thank you, Max, for the past 40 years. Your music will forever go on. Always in our hearts, always in our minds ear, always keeping the beat.

You will be missed.
edna mickelsen
August 27, 2007
Every musician who plays one note of contemporary American music does so with an acknowledgement and gratitude to Max Roach. We would not know our music as it is without his artistic vision. Jazz is perhaps the most personally expressive musical form, revealing meaningful experience, intense and loving dedication, and perserverance of spiritual freedom. Max Roach epitomizes the pinnacle of this creative life, both musically and socially. His energy and music will be sorely missed, but he lives on every time a jazz musician takes the stage.
Rob Blumenthal
August 27, 2007
Your music will live forever, your spirit will be felt in hearts for generations to come. Bless you. Amen
Bob Franceschini
August 27, 2007
Thank you Max for bringing the drums up on the front line with your unique approach to the instrument and for the many,many hours of listening pleasure!
Jay Rosen
August 27, 2007
My condolances to the family...
Max, you have touched the heart of millions of people in your journey on this planet. You will continue to touch people's heart even from Heaven! Thank you for the times we shared together, your wisdom I use everyday! Your powerful musical and life messages will live for eternity!
Dom Famularo
August 27, 2007
Mr. Roach,
Thank you for your great contributions, inovations and your commitment to excellence. Your drum solos stand alone as great works of art and they will continue to inspire me. Rest in peace!
Drori Mondlak
August 27, 2007
Max is eternal! He wrote the book for all of us... I was fortunate to see the legend perform twice in Jerusalem and once in the great cathedral in Harlem and each time, the music was sincere, up-lifting, swinging(!) and always with the clear message of love and humanism. What an inspiration !!!
Nadav Snir-Zelniker
August 27, 2007
May God Bless you Max for the Gift of Music you bestowed on the world. I am 60 yrs.old and grew up listening to you in Providece,RI and watched you many times in Newport; in NY & in LA where I was doing studio work in the 60's. You were an ambassador extordinair. Bless you as you rest with Best forever.
Peter Gaines
August 26, 2007
I started listening to jazz in earnest in my 20's..I'm in my late 50's now. I was hooked after listening to Max. Sadly he is gone now; but he will live on for decades to come through his music. He exemplified the artistry of percusion like no one else.
Joel Albert
August 26, 2007
Yeah Max...It's sad to lose another great master innovator from our musical family. I got a chance to hear Max twice: once at the Bottomline Theatre in NYC, and at the Jackie Robinson jazz festival where he played solo. He brought just a hi-hat on stage and played his solo just on that. It was something else, and you didn't miss the rest of the kit!!! But we miss you.
God bless you Max
Eric Person
August 26, 2007
Dear Mr. Roach,

thank you for giving your music to the world of Jazz.You've been a major Inspiration and I'll remember you always
Rest in Peace.....
Hans Dekker
August 26, 2007
My Condolences to a great artist that I had the pleasure of performing with. My son Prince Lasha Jr. worked with Max for two decades.

I met Max when he was working at the Downbeat across the street from Birdland and the Band Box with Charlie Parker and Oscar Pettiford
on bass.

On my return from New York, we did a recording which will hopefully one day be released.

It was a pleasure to work with Max in Europe with Odean Pope, Cecil Bridgewater and Tyrone Brown.
My condolences to the family.

Musically yours,
Prince Lasha
Prince Lasha
August 25, 2007
Brother Max, thanks for your unconditional love, respect for Humanity and your pressence as a great first class musician...I will always remember our special meeting in, Ghana West Africa, 1974.
May you rest in peace... juma santos, percussionist!
juma santos
August 25, 2007
Over the years, Max Roach's music has drifted between the foreground and background of our experience. The media were recordings, personal appearances, and articles on Max's career.One of my treasures is an autographed photo of Max, my son Scott and me, taken in the back room of a local jazz club. I am grateful that Max Roach has left us with so many wonderful rhythmic memories.
Arnold John Galloway
August 25, 2007
Max Roach:
Thank-you for a contribution that remains resonant & powerful. Your ability to transcend the decades with your majesty, inspires us all. My deepest condolences to all members of your family. Roll on Max - we won't get weary !
Lawrence Tanter
August 25, 2007
Brother Max,

As a radio program host and a lover of the music, you allowed me to paint beautiful musical "Percussion Bitter Sweet" pictures with you playing. Your rhythms communicated proudly to our people and by the beat of your drum, a universal consciousness as well as a standard for "Deeds and Not Words" has been set.
Your gift to this planet will continue to keep blessing us all for years to come. I wish we had a chance to know each other but, perhaps your spirit will bless me with your wisdom.
Please say hello to my love and make beautiful heavenly music together.
Rest in Rhythm and Peace!
LeRoy Downs
August 25, 2007
Your genius for understanding, translating and defining, while altering, the world of sound as we know it, is without a doubt, beyond category. Those of us who were fortunate "to hear your vision" will be forever enriched as well as greatful. As with most masters of their craft, you were brilliant in an all together different setting. Max, not only did your music inspire, so it was with you attire. Your dignity, your intelligence, your compassion were highlighted with your impeccable taste so evidenced by your enviable wardrobe. You truly personified the essence of class, composure and charisma. You were and always will be the standard for something this world certainly needs more of ... " gentlemen". Heaven now has someone who can "ride the hi hat" and "wear a top hat" ... at the same time. Thank you for making us proud.
Chris Jonz
August 24, 2007
'MAX to the MAX!
Max Roach was an incredible individual. He was a man of integrity with a deep social conscience. His efforts helped to make the world a better place. He expanded the language of music and the drums. What he gave us all is eternal. Thank you!'

with love & respect
Adam Nussbaum
August 24, 2007
It must have been the early sixties when I first heard of Max.Roach. A friend, introduced me to an album titled “Drums Unlimited” and I was swept up into a whole new way of feeling the drums. Max had a profound influence on the way many of us thought about drums and drumming. He was a walking lesson, every time he sat down at the drums you found yourself getting instruction into just how far you could take any individual part of the kit. He could focus your attention on any part of the kit and play a symphony around it to feature that one drum, cymbal, or sometimes, hardware.
When I came to NY in 1975 to record with AWB I needed to see a dentist, so Noreen Woods (assistant to Ahmet Ertegun ) suggested I go to see a Dr. H.H. Cooper on 5th Avenue. As I entered the doctors office there was a gentleman walking out. We exchanged nods, and I carried on into the dental office. As I was filling out the various forms I couldn’t get the guys face out of my mind. I knew him from somewhere, but could not place the face… I asked the receptionist who the gentleman was as he looked so familiar. “Why, that’s Mr. Roach, Max Roach.” I said with a smile, “I guess that I am at the right dentist then”
I got to meet, and hang out with Max a few times over the years. He was a gentleman, and always very kind to me. It was a thrill to find out later that my friend and AWB producer Arif Mardin had produced Drums Unlimited, and over a few drinks told me stories of how it was at those great sessions.
Max will be missed, but what a musical legacy he leaves behind.
Stephen Ferrone
August 24, 2007
From the day my father brought home an Lp on Atlantic Records titled Members, Don't Git Weary (1968) - revealing a fiercely prideful Black Man staring back at me who was not only the drummer but the leader of this great band (alto saxophonist Gary Bartz, trumpeter Charles Tolliver, pianist Stanley Cowell, bassist Jymie Merritt and guest vocalist Andy Bey) - I was instantly and forever inspired to be a drummer and a leader as well...on the bandstand and as a man. (note: WLIB Disc Jockey Ed Williams' evocative and insightful liner note essay also proved highly influential to me for a second career path I've been fortunate to follow). In the capacities of Music Journalist and ardent fan, I had the honor of spending a couple of hours in the presence of Mr. Roach for an interview one evening in a Santa Monica hotel (with gratitude to two very special friends: Mr. Joe Nazel and Ms. Cheryl Cross). I will never forget the inherent warmth and spiritual fortitude that emanated from the bottomless soul of this gentleman. A few years later, I witnessed his last Los Angeles appearance at the Hollywood Bowl's Playboy Jazz Festival. Max sat at the front of the stage and, though older and frailer, delivered a short yet swingin' set (complete with a hi-hat solo in honor of Papa Jo Jones). Like Curtis Mayfield (who I was also blessed to encounter) and my father Arnold John Galloway (who I'm blessed to still have in my life going strong), Max Roach is that rare and magnificent hero...the likes of which I can count on one hand. I have no tears as I type this because Max left his mark on this earth with an indelible dignity that will fire-up and fortify others as it did me `til time no longer. I send a vibration of pride and love to the Roach family and to anyone who has been similarly touched by his incomparable legacy. Freedom Now!
A. Scott Galloway
August 24, 2007
Dearest Max,
I am and all the Musicians I know, are eternally greatful to you and your Pioneering Spirit, for creating a Legacy of Unwavering Genius and Passion, That is an Example and Model for us all to follow. May God be and remain with your Loved ones through this time of transition.
Perry A. Wilson
August 24, 2007
God Bless the greatest of all time. You have been a true inspiration to us all. We will dearly miss you. God Bless your family.
Johnny Lane
August 24, 2007
Truly one of the greatest drummers to ever entertain and teach us. Thank you for all your gifts over the years. You and your family are in our prayers.
Tommy Coster
August 24, 2007
Dear Mr. Max Roach-

Though we've lost your being in life, you live on eternally through your teachings and endless contributions to music. The world mourns as you pass on, but still we are forever grateful to have experienced all that is you, The Great Mr. Max Roach. May you rest in peace, Brother.

Our hearts go out to your friends, family, and loved ones.

Shawn Hill
August 24, 2007
Max I will miss you and never forget you for hooking me up at the University of Mass. You've taught me a lot and made me feel like I could accomplish anything. Thanks Max. You will be deeply missed by me. Love ya Bro.
Don Blackman
August 24, 2007
Max Roach is a forefather of jazz drumming. His contributions as a drummer and composer earned him respect and recognition throughout the world. May the spirit of Max Roach live forever. Thank you Mr. Roach.
Robin Russell
August 24, 2007
Max, you have taught me a lot about music and being a man,standing for something. I love you and will always miss you.
Carl Allen
August 24, 2007
Thank you.

You have provided happiness and joy through the wonderful gift of music.

Thank you.

For the template you have provided for future generations of drummers. I hope they learn your lessons well. Your musical approach to percussion is the greatest gift....

Mike Farriss
Director of Artist Relations
Pearl Drums
Mike Farriss
August 24, 2007
God Bless you and your family Max, may your legacy live on forever!
Ray Brych
August 24, 2007
The world of percussion has lost another great Icon. I wish to thank Mr. Roach for sharing his gift with the world.It is do Max's teachings and direct influence on drummers before us that has inspired myself and many others to become better musicians and drummers. My deepest sympathy to the family. May GOD smile upon you Mr. Roach for the greatness you have shared......
Adrian Green
August 24, 2007
My dad had introduced me to Max Roach when I was a 5 year old boy, and little did I know then how much this was to affect my life. Max has always been in my life, his creative genius was the impetus for me to begin seriously studying polyrhythmic drumming and to understand and feel music from deep within.
Max, thank you for leaving that magical universal imprint on so many of us.
May your spirit lead us to find new musical avenues!
Kimathi Moore
August 24, 2007
Thank you for the gift of how to be a musical drummer. You will live forever in the music and in all of us! Much respect from a fellow northeastern NC native!
Thomas Taylor
August 24, 2007
Max Roach thank you for being the leader,prophet,creator,and the innovator.May your Soul rest in peace and may God continue to Bless your family. Thank you for all of the music.You were a true inspiration
Nick Smith
August 24, 2007
God Bless You Max Roach,
Your percussive approach to music will always been a source of inspiration for me, my students and all of the musicians and artist that I am blessed to work with. You will be missed but never forgotten.
Samuel Dinkins, III
August 24, 2007
One of the greatest protagonists of making the drum set a truly "musical" instrument has left us. A firm believer of the concept that the drummer was not just a supportive rhythm player but a true musician, many people don't know that Max received a bachelor of music degree in composition from the Manhattan School of Music way back in 1955.

I performed on several occasions with maestro Roach because I was fortunate to be Mario
Bauza's drummer. He exuded jazz's two main aesthetic values, truth and freedom. He always, I mean always, when the question came up, publicly stated that Latino musicians have never been given the credit they so rightfully deserved to have in terms of jazz's history. For his musicianship and his acknowledgement of the contributions of our community, he was truly loved.

The drum speaks and Max was a great coversationalist. How could he not be, he was a modern day griot. :) Just as he was eloquent on the instrument, he was eloquent and out spoken in his life off of the band stand. Just as he was a musical revolutionary, he was also a socio-political revolutionary. He was quick to point out injustices, not only in the industry, but also in our political system, long before it became the norm to do so by popular artists of the time.

He once told me that historically any great evolution/revolution in any style of music comes from the instruments that play rhythm. It didn't matter if it was orchestral music, grunge, funk, Latin American music, etc. So true, as Max and Kenny Clarke proved, in the case of jazz, with their innovative approach to co-ordinated independence, phrasing, interpretion, and especially in Max's case, his greatest contribution, melodicism applied to the kit.

There is great sadness in NYC. Visionary poet Sekou Sundiata, Mario Rivera, the ultimate sideman, saxophonist, flutist, multi-intrumentalist, bassist Art Davis, and now Max, the person who truly made the multiple percussion set (as he called it) a source of melodic invention, have all left us.

Thank heavens, besides the memories we have their recordings and writings which immortalize their contributions, so that we can continue to be, and the next generation may be, inspired.

My sincere condolensces to the family.

Ibae y ache' (respect and positive energy),
Bobby Sanabria
August 24, 2007
August 24, 2007
Peace and Love always, Mr Roach

I'm glad I had the chance to tell you how much I love you my borther, You are going to be missed dearly.
one thing I will always remember is how kind you were to other's. Thanks for being kind to me. Love and Rememberance always,

Dennis Chambers.
Dennis Chambers
August 24, 2007
Peace Brother Roach
Harry Constant
August 23, 2007
Max Thanks for all you have given to the world of music.It is because of you that the drum is respected as a versatile musical instrument.Rest in peace knowing that your spirit lives in us all.
Ndugu chancler
Ndugu Chancler
August 23, 2007
May God continue to bless your family. Max thank you for giving me a language to speak with.
Fred Dinkins
August 23, 2007
To the immediate family, my deepest condolences. Sincerest and most humble thanks to the great Max Roach, a guiding light and true inspiration. May your soul rest in peace.
Lewis Nash
August 23, 2007
Max, the highlight of my career was serving as driver for you and your group for a residency at University of Illinois-CU. When you asked me (a percussion major) to play your drums during soundcheck, I almost fainted. To play percussion with your group for the concert was an honor. I shared this story with you over the years and will miss you my brother for all the inspiration that you gave the world of percussion. God Bless!!
Marvin Sparks
August 22, 2007
May you rest in peace.
Sonya R. Cooper
August 22, 2007
Mr. Roach has been and always will be a sincere influence to me. He touched our very souls in a way no one else could. His music will remain timeless, as will his legacy. While he will be missed here on earth, he will always have a place in our hearts. My best regards to his loving family.
Gabriel Blog
August 22, 2007
It is from the dedication and devotion to the music and the world that the contributions of Mr. Max Roach shall live forever in our hearts and as educators, in the classroom. I am honored to have lived in a time and to be able to bear witness to a giant. To the family, God is the Master Conductor and he needed the best drummer/percussionist the world had to offer. God bless you...
Michael Walker, Sr
August 22, 2007
Mr. Roach,
Thank you for the legacy. As a student, musician and educator you have contributed greatly to my enrichment which I now pass onto my students. I'm very grateful for the priviledges that I have had to meet you and personally thank you for blessing myself and others with your gift. God Bless your spirit and your family.
Steve Brown
Steve Brown
August 21, 2007
My condolences to the family. Max will be always be remembered for his contribution to jazz and inspiration to fans. May he continue this in his next life.

Doug Harris
Doug Harris
August 21, 2007
My wife and I send out to the family our deepest condolences on the death of Mr. Roach.
Thanks to him we today are able to relax and enjoy some really great beebop jazz,that otherwise would be lost from our memory forever.
May the words recorded at 2Corinthians 1;2-7 bring comfort to the family today and on into the future.
Melvin L. Hicks
August 21, 2007
Thanks for everything
Hamiet Bluiett
August 21, 2007
May his soul create, keep time and add to truth in heaven.
Damon Williams
August 21, 2007
My heart is with the family. May God keep you!
Venus Kendrick
August 21, 2007

I began listening to you in the '50's when I was a preteen. You enriched my life and the lives of so many others with your fine, astute artistic abilities. I also remember admiring you and being so proud that we attended the same church and knowing members of your family.

"Master Drummer Extraordinaire", Medase, for your music, light and love.
Ayana Johnson
August 21, 2007
Thomas Gilliam
August 21, 2007
Having finished his race, Brother Roach races home to rest. Thank God for his dexterity and perseverance. He has left the rest of us a challenge to make something out of ourselves.
Prince Solomon Tai Adetoye
August 21, 2007
To the biological family and the music loving family, condolences. The Maximum has become the monumental. We are sad because the physical presence is gone but we are grateful for the discography and photographs. At this time when we need icons who speak with intelligence, dress and carriage with dignity, we have had and have Max Roach. May we show how much you mean(t) by the principled way in which we continue the legacy.

Rashidah Ismaili, New York
rashidah Ismaili
August 20, 2007
Thanks for all the inspiration, love and respect that you have given me for the music and drums.

My condolences to the family,

Alvin Fielder
alvin fielder
August 20, 2007
Many of us were so blessed to hear Max play and speak during his Amherst years -- he was always enlightening, sophisticated, inspiring, and pure genuis in concert. And he was personally so supportive and encouraging to me and to other students and colleagues. My condolences and deepest appreciation.
Roberta Uno
August 20, 2007
Looking Forward To Seeing You In The Resurrection. In Jehovah's God's Care We Do Intrust You. You Certainly Have Used Your God Given Talent To Give Honor And Praise To The AllMighty Creator. May There Peeace And Perfection Throughout All Creation,And Creators Oh God. We Are Going To Miss You Dearly Max.
Holland L. Mason
Holland Mason
August 20, 2007
Max Roach has been one of the most inspirational drummers for me and my drumming.. He has and will continue to make me think about drumming in a whole new way. i must have bought 20 copies of M'boom in a effort to turn the world onto one of the most creative drummers ever.
joe plummer
August 20, 2007
Max Roach and grateful we are to the Divine Presence of our Creator for the spirit and majestic sounds of Max Roach. May he now rest peacefully and rejoice with all the Jazz Greats,(women and men), who have left us a tremendous legacy of music from our ancestors.
BJ Johnson
August 20, 2007
Max Roach barely knew me in 1992 (15 years ago) when I moved from Houston to San Francisco to become the first Artistic Director of Performing Arts at Yerba Buena Arts Center. I had met him through my Godmother, Marta Moreno Vega, founder of the Caribbean Cultural Center/African Diaspora Institute in New York. Max generously and graciously offered to do anything he could to help support me in my work at YBC. He offered to serve on an advisory committee or write a letter of support--wherever was needed or would be appropriate. We shall not ever forget this kind-hearted human and extraordinary artist/genious . . . Ms. Baraka Sele, Assistant Vice President of Programming, NJ Performing Arts Center
Ms. Baraka Sele
August 20, 2007
Max. You inspired countless individuals, to
represent the music and themselves with
great dignity, professionalism, and leadership
Andrew Lamb
August 20, 2007
Love you, Max. Until I heard you play, with Clifford Brown at the Beehive in Chicago in the early 1950s,I never considered drums a musical instrument. Play on for the angels!
Elinor Bowles
August 20, 2007
a great musician and true gentleman.....r...i...p....and condolences to your family
jim kost
August 20, 2007
Thank you pointing us in the right direction and your amazing example of a true percussionist.
Hasan Bakr Heritage OP
August 20, 2007
Roach Family,
You all have my deepest sympathy.
May Jehovah, the God of all comfort, who assures us that he is with those that are broken at heart, give you all the strenght to endure in this time of deep sorroww.
L Reed
August 20, 2007
Before coming to Amherst and all of that, three different people said almost he exact same sentence to me when I told them I play the drums: "Well, I don't know much about music, but I heard Max Roach once and I didn't know drums could sound so good." Max Roach was/is a guiding spirit for my life and the entire family of humanity mourns his passing. Rest in peace, Max. You've done your share.
John Betsch
August 20, 2007
Dear Roach family:

You have my deepest sympathy. God bless Mr. Roach and the legacy he left. From his musical beginning at Concord Baptist Church in Bed-ford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn to the end of his career he was more than a musician he was a child of God. Thank you and rest in peace.
Wanda Chambers
August 19, 2007
45 years ago Max Roach was my first major influence on this "multiple percussion" instrument I'm still studying. To this day that influence and inspiration have yet to diminish. Thanks Max. Rest in peace. Lou Grassi
Lou Grassi
August 19, 2007
My deepest sympathy rest in peace.
August 19, 2007
He was an Artist, a Gentleman and the Master of the drums. You brought joy to the World of Jazz. Many have learned from you and your legend will live on. Rest in peace Mr. Max Roach.
August 19, 2007
I am of the serious mind that I am due to the friendship and advice that you gave me over the years. Thanks for letting me be on the road with you for the Japan trip and the academic pursuits during your UMass Amherst years. You are indeed the Maestro and the Grand MAX.
Dr. Bill Hasson
August 19, 2007
With the passing of Max Roach, indeed a mighty tree has fallen!!! Max has joined the Ancestors - the legacy of his life and music will live on in our hearts, ears and spirits forever. Rest in peace, dear Brother, rest in peace!!!
Miatta Ashley
August 19, 2007
I feel deeply privileged to have experienced your legacy. Peace and Light.
Aminisha Black
August 19, 2007
Brother Max, Thank you for all the great music that you did in your life.
Especially with Clifford Brown, Booker Little and of host of others too numerous to name. You are finally free but your spirit will remain with us eternaly. Peace and Blessings.
Roy Campbell
August 19, 2007
My first ever jazz CD was The Birth of the Cool at the ripe age of 11, and I am now a jazz studies student at CCM.

This can be directly connected to your influence as a musician.

May you RIP.
Mac Clenney
August 18, 2007
August 18, 2007
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