Briana Cox
Next season, for the first time in Palm Beach Central High School's history, Briana Cox, the Broncos' scrappy infielder with the unforgettable smile, will not take the field.

Briana, 17, who would have been a senior next season, was killed Sunday when a tire separated from the SUV in which she was riding, causing it to overturn and eject her onto Interstate 75 about 6 miles north of Lake City.

Briana and her mother, Barbara Gaidosh, 36; her stepfather, William Gaidosh, 42, and her sister, Rebecca Gaidosh, 8, were on their way back from Rebecca's softball tournament in Alabama, friends said, when the 2001 Ford SUV had a "catastrophic tire separation" about 2 p.m.

As a result, William Gaidosh lost control, the Florida Highway Patrol said.

Barbara Gaidosh's injuries were serious, investigators said. William and Rebecca Gaidosh suffered minor injuries. All three were taken to Lake City Medical Center and are expected to recover.

Briana, who lived with her family in Royal Palm Beach, was pronounced dead at the hospital. Investigators did not know whether she was wearing a seat belt.

"Briana was so sweet, so polite, top-notch in every aspect of her life," said former Palm Beach Central softball coach Paul Marick, who watched Briana grow into a team leader the past two seasons. "She had so much going for her. She wanted to work hard, to go to college and be successful, and to see it end so quickly is devastating."

With the crack of the bat, Briana would explode to her left, her small but sturdy frame gliding easily across the infield as she reached for the softball, teammates said. A moment later, she would be on her feet, gunning out the runner, saving the game.

Briana's grit, talent and maturity, her teammates said, made them believe she was born to play second base.

A devout Christian, Briana had hopes of playing softball at Palm Beach Atlantic University, teammates said. She dreamed of becoming a pharmacist. She loved to fish, to get her hands dirty, to relax while listening to Christian music and rhythm and blues.

She had recently started dating a player on the Palm Beach Central baseball team and was in the midst of the best summer of her life, friends said.

When Briana's teammates learned of her death Sunday, they organized a meeting. As they did before each game, they made a circle and said a prayer. Only this time, they prayed for their second baseman.

Among the girls was Caitlin Bouschet, Briana's best friend and teammate since they were 7. Neither Bouschet nor Briana dared leave the dugout alone. They remained linked in the infield, Bouschet at shortstop, Briana at second. In the Broncos' lineup, Briana batted third and Bouschet fourth. One never took the field without the other at her side, forming one of the area's strongest infield tandems.

"I played with her my whole life," said Bouschet, 17. "It won't be the same now. We did everything together. We knew what the other was thinking. I loved everything about her."

The two recently joined a travel team out of Atlanta and planned to meet Tuesday to prepare for their first game. Softball was the last thing they spoke about before Briana left town.

"The team just happened to need a second baseman and a shortstop," Bousquet said. "It was perfect."

Palm Beach Central has been around for only three years, and Briana played second base in all of them. Her teammates plan to retire her number 13 next season. They said they would struggle to cope with not seeing her at her old spot in the infield.

Briana, who hit .328 and had 22 hits last season, served as an on-field hitting instructor, teammates said. She would gauge a pitcher's repertoire and return to the dugout with tips. An inspiring leader with pop in her bat and a steady glove, she kept the girls motivated even in the most dire situations.

"She was like a den mother," Marick said. "She was a true leader. She would have been successful on any path she chose in life."

Kimmy Caron, 17, who plays third base for Palm Beach Central, said Briana helped her become a better player and person.

"She helped you when you were struggling, on and off the field," Caron said. "When someone else takes that position, it just won't be the same."
Published by The Palm Beach Post on Jul. 17, 2006.
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hi brianna this is katie your cosien and i wish i could meet you are a hero and in softball
my number is therteen love katie your cousen i will alway remember you and love you

love katie
April 22, 2021
I remember her and her dad letting play one day with them at liberty park.with there remote control gas air plane.I’m sorry for your loss still remember her all these years later god bless 5th grade classmate..❤
Joel Soto martinez
February 27, 2021
I did not know her personally, but, the articles just tear me up inside sadly. RIH Briana
July 13, 2020
Her light will continue to shine on through heaven. What a beautiful soul she had; my prayers will continue to be with your family as you deal with the tragedy of a loss of a wonderful person inside and out.

With love XO,
Ariel Burks
Ariel Burks
February 26, 2020
What a beautiful child--inside and out. She truly sounds amazing. I am so sorry for your loss. I wish there was a way to ease the pain. Personally, I think that you are an amazing person in that you are able to even get out of bed in the morning--let alone work so hard to keep her memory alive. She was blessed to have a family like yours.
Your strength is an inspiration to others. May God bless you in your ongoing journey.
February 25, 2019
Love you guys, always......
Danny & Ileana Damiani
June 2, 2017
My dearest Briana, I never had the pleasure of meeting you my dear but I do know your mom Barbara. Oh, Briana you would be so very proud of her! She started a foundation in your NAME and has helped so many people that have lost children...and so much more!! One glorious day my girl, you will embrace her, as she longs to hold you...
All my love,
Darla Vaudreuil
June 2, 2017
In the past when I heard a story about the loss of a child, I thought I had a glimpse of what the family felt. But I was so wrong Briana! I had no clue until I lost you! Only God knows my true pain, sees the tears and comprehends the devastation.

Briana, you would be sooo proud! I sure can't wait to tell you ALL that the LORD has done! Instead of the old times when you would always say "Mom guess how God blessed me today..."It will be my turn to tell you all of what God has done to spread the message of hope!

I know I will see you again but sometimes it seems like forever! I will always and forever adore you Briana Marie Cox ~ my beloved beautiful baby girl! Truly God's LOVE for you is the only LOVE stronger than mine!! No greater pain than saying good bye to you!
Barbara Gaidosh
June 2, 2017
god please bless Briana Marie Cox please
May 31, 2016
playing in a tournament for Briana and trying our hardest to win for her is all i want to do in loving memory Briana Marie cox @lake lytal
kaylee harris
March 16, 2016
some of us play softball in memory of Briana and we pray for her family to, at tournaments i play because of her @lake lytal softball
kaylee harris
March 16, 2016
I played in her tourment and didn't know what happend to her and I read about it and then I was like omg play like a angel in the sky Briana
Chavi Hammock
December 9, 2015

I'm sitting in class and I'm thinking about you. I haven't written in here since I was 9 or 10. I'm 18 now and I just wish you could be here and watch me grow. Brandon is having a baby in December, we are going to be aunts. Don't worry ill make sure the baby knows who you are. I miss you. I have friends that were friends with you like jena and sarah but its not the same. I love you with all of my heart. I cant wait to see you again. I graduated highschool and im in college studying to be a nurse. I want to help people like people helped us. our foundation has been blessed to be huge and we are living to help people that have lost someone like the way we lost you. I can not believe it has been nine years its crazy how fast time goes by. I will always miss you!!
becky gaidosh
October 14, 2015
June 29, 2015
Thank you for be a passion on mine I was at your tourment and so glad I could be there play softball in the clouds in the clouds and watch us as we play on the field . Rest easy Briana Marie cox #13 forever
Chavi Hammock
May 31, 2015
Sitting on the field now daughter is palying. I never knew your story until now. My heart aches. Not because you're in heaven and you were taken away early, only because we lost a great and passionate person. But you're in a batter place right now. Better than where we are. May God have you under his wings watching down over our girls.
May 30, 2015
Taylor Soblotne
May 30, 2015
I want you to know that your life has been an inspiration to both me and my daughter. My daughter is nine years old and she and I have read your story many times. I have strongly encouraged her to pattern her approach to both softball and to life after yours. God says that all things will be used for good to those who love him and are called according to his purpose. While your life was ended far too early, I know that many lives have been impacted in a very positive way by yours. My daughter is playing in your tournament this week and I am certain that your presence will be strongly felt there. May you rest in peace and please know that both your memory and your story are alive and well. Blessings to you and your family.


Stephen R. Honaker
Stephen and Grayson Honaker
May 28, 2015

as I sit here and read your story my eyes fill up with tears. You are an amazing young lady. My daughter started playing softball when she was 7 she is fixing to be nine now and she truly loves it ,I hope she takes it s far as u did.. you are truly an inspiration.. my thoughts and prayers go out to your parents and family...r.i.p baby girl
crystal jordan
May 26, 2015
You rock you inspired me so much , you felled my with love and care,! When I get up to bat I'll think of you
Kailyn Jean baptiste
February 23, 2015
Thinking about you this morning. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Know that I'm sending you a warm hug and a sweet kiss on the check up there in heaven. You're thought of often and missed dearly.
February 13, 2015
January 19, 2015
Although, i'm not sure how it feels to lose a daughter, I understand the pain and difficulty we must go through. I lost my mother, exactly a week after my birthday, at the age of nine. May her dreams and memories forever live on.
Kayln Brat
October 13, 2014
I visit this web page every year at this time because of the Golf Tournament you host in Briana Marie Cox's memory. I want you to know that even though I wasn't fortunate enough to meet this young lady but your story always inspires me. I too have lost someone close to me and somewhat understand what its like to grieve for that person. I can only hope the Tournament goes well and her memory is never forgotten, as I am sure never will be. May God Bless you and your family.
Ashton Crowe
August 26, 2014
Hey Bri, I was thinking about you and wanted to write you. You are loved and missed everyday.
Kriston Fleming Tomlinson
August 21, 2014
Hi Beautiful. The tournament was wonderful again this year. 104 teams, 6 parks. Amazing. You have inspired and helped many many families and friends. We all miss you and can't wait to see you again. Love you
Grandma Judie Cooper
June 6, 2014
Hey B just wanted to stop by and say hi! I wanted to let you know I miss you and I love you and can't wait to see you again!!
Victorianna Villarreal
May 9, 2014
I fell sorry for your loss and Briana really inspired me in softball I am on sunrise thunder
May 3, 2014
Happy birthday beautiful!
February 14, 2014
Briana Cox,
Thank you so much for being such an inspiration. And though your an angel in heaven, your still continuing your angelic work here on earth, Being the hope and inspiration that some students may very well have for going to college. Thank you so much to you and your family. Lie peacefully beautiful.
Mengie Mondesir
February 8, 2014
Briana as I write this message tears start to form. The reason being is because I lost someone who meant so much to me the same way a family member lost you. As the days and weeks pass, and as you return to life's routine, may you continue to feel comforted by the love and support of family and friends.
November 18, 2013
I am a PGA Golf Professional in Destin Florida at Kelly Plantation. I wanted you to know I was inspired and captivated by your story, its amazing how this family has taken such a negative and turned it into a positive for so many others. What a great way to keep Briana alive and in the hearts of all she touched. Good luck in your tournament. It is great to know that out of such heartache there can be such joy!!!
Ashton Crowe
August 16, 2013
Beautiful Briana! I didn't have the privilege to meet you but I feel I know you. Your Mom is an amazing friend. She has done an amazing job of keeping your memories alive. I have been honored to hear these precious memories! Through the Briana Marie Cox Foundation our lives crossed. I lost my beautiful son Jason Michael Boden on June 9 2009. Your Mom reached out to my family in our darkest moments. She truly understood our pain and we will forever be grateful for Barbara and Bill. God truly brought us together. This is not our home and we will all be together once more for all eternity but for now your family stays very busy honoring your memory until God calls them home. Love you Briana! Sandy and Dave Boden and family
July 16, 2013
Your Tournament was wonderful this year again in spite of the rainy week-end. We all miss you terribly and love you.
Love you always all ways.
Grandma Judie
Judie Cooper
June 3, 2013
Dear B.
You are thougth of often, and missed dearly.
April 19, 2013
Happy birthday, sweet angel. Miss and love you!
Sam Murray
February 14, 2013
Another year of missing you. We all love you and miss you so much. Bill & Barb are doing so much to help others. I hope that is helping them also.
Love you always,
Grandma Judie
Judie Cooper
January 17, 2013
December 28, 2012
Dear Briana, we all miss you and may god bless you.
Rodolfo Ramirez
November 15, 2012
Hey B!

Just thinking about you. I hope you're showing Cody the ropes up there. I'm sure he will make you smile just as often as he made me. I still touch second base for you every time I step on the field. Glad you still always have my back. Miss and love you.
November 8, 2012
My Beautiful Granddaughter.
6 long years we have been missing you. We all love you and sometimes it feels like you are still here. Your family is doing very well. Your Mom is incredible. I don't know how she does it.
Take care my love,
We miss you desperately and can't wait to join you.
Love always,
Grandma Judie
Judie Cooper
July 16, 2012
dear briana you are a good role model i play for coach tony to they call me peanut like my mom r.i.p from peanut i also play travel ball
peanut celia
June 1, 2012
briana may god bless you. im also a softball player myself your my role model im 12 years old i play for lake lytal lassie leage im on the 12u wildcats travel team i play center field i heard so many great things about so many girls are inspired to play softball because of you i wish your family good luck in life- love destiney
destiney rodriguez
April 27, 2012
To my Beautiful Granddaughter,
Happy Birthday B. I miss you every day. There is not a day that goes by that I don't think and talk about you.
I love you and miss you more and more all the time.
Keep watch over us all and Happy Birthday my beautiful Guardian Angel.
Love and miss you immensely.
Grandma Judie
Judie Cooper
February 14, 2012
I can't believe another year has passed. You are spending another birthday with Him and we are still here missing you. Happy Valentine's Day! I still picture that day in 10th grade when you had your balloons and chocolate covered strawberries. I know you are in a good place. I wish you a very happy birthday. Miss you and love you B.
February 14, 2012
Briana is so beautiful inside and out. It is wonderful that you have turned something so horrible into something so beautiful. I came upon your webpage by accident when I was looking for info on a fundraiser for a former Phoenix Police officer named Briana Cox and her baby girl Addison Cox. They both are in stage 4 of Cancer. Maybe they need your guidance during these difficult times since you've been through some yourself. One way or another God led me to your page. Sgt. Keith Politte 602-999-2214 is the person organizing a fundraiser for experimental medication for Briana and Baby Addison as it's their last hope. God Bless you and your family.
Kirsten Valenzuela
February 1, 2012

I just want you to know that i miss you so much! I still always think about you and no matter how much time goes by, that won't change. I still remember EVERYTHING about you and all of the special moments I was able to share with you. I am blessed to have known you and to have called you my friend!!! What you have allowed your parents and your family and friends to create in The Briana Marie Cox foundation is truly such a Godly movement in this community. I have this vision of you in heaven in a long pretty white dress playing softball and eating all the food lol.:) :) I can't wait to see you again! P.S please give my grandma a big hug for me! The day my grandma took her last breath she said to me "I will get to see Briana, and smiled." All it took was the one time you invited me to bible study for my grandma to fall in love with you. I LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU B!
Sarah Maruna
November 29, 2011
Briana is beautiful, God bless you and the work you are doing in our community.
jim sitton
October 20, 2011
Hey B,

I just read on Facebook that your Mom, Bill and Becky watched Brad pitch his first Nationals (Official Team) game. Everyone is very excited about it. We all follow his career to keep close to you both.
We all miss you and always will.
Love you bunches,
Grandma Judie
Judie Cooper
September 7, 2011
Briana I miss you so much. Your the light of our lives and we will keep your memory for as long as we live. Your aunt Becky will always love you until we meet again.
Rebecca Brewster
July 31, 2011
I have never met you and feel like I've known you forever..the legacy you have left and the memories that you have imprinted on the lives of others will never be forgotten...I know this for a fact..I met Caitlin at PBA, where you were supposed to play. She said it was your dreams for the two of you to attend that school. If only you could have let me know what I was getting into when I met her! But either way, your story and your best friend have made a huge impact on my life, and you yourself will always be an important memory of my life. Thank you, for being you. Your family and your friends are beautiful people that are living out their lives that God intended, because of your support :) thank you for all that you are and all that you left behind.
July 19, 2011
Hey Briana,
I really miss you B. I will always remmember when i was bat girl for PBC softball team and you always made everyone smile all the time when they were sad or happy. You inspired me to be a softball player and i am really blessed that you are the one who help me become a softball player and i want to say thank you. If i have never meet you i dont think i would have done softball and meet all the wonderful people i did. I play on wellington wild now and your sister is on the younger team and she is amazing at softball she learn from the best and your mom is soo sweet and amazing. Caitlin is now helping out with becky team and caitlin is amazing and you were partially a reason she with us so i want to say thank you and she misses you alot. Anyways we all miss you like crazy. I will always remmember when i was little and i would always hear you and caitlin and my brother timmy roberson always would get kick out of culinary haha. Timmy is now playing professional with boston red sox and he wear your number 13 well anyways i want to stop by and say hi and share memory. YOU ARE VERY MISSED B. <3
Tiffany Lower
July 6, 2011
Hey Briana, its only a month away that another year goes by without you. I think about you everyday as I get in my car, I know your blessings are on it because it was once your car too, and I know you keep me safe everday. I miss you so much and your family too! May you rest in peace and God knows how much I myself and everyone misses and loves you! God bless.
Shelby Finch
June 16, 2011
We cried and watched you pass away. Although I loved you dearly, I couldn't make you stay. A golden heart stopped beating, hard working hands at rest. God broke my heart to prove to me he only takes the best. Put this on your status if there is someone in Heaven that you miss everyday... I miss you soooo much, my beautiful Granddaughter Briana! Not 1 day goes by that I don't think of you!!! ? ? ?
Even though I know you are always with me, I miss you more and more each day. I love you Miss B
Judie Cooper
June 16, 2011
Briana, My team and I have spent another weekend playing in your great tournament.Although myself and my girls never had the privelage to meet you, we all feel like we have known you for years. Your Parents, Family and friends have done a wonderful job of keeping your name and legacy alive, you would be so proud. I tell my players all the time, Its not all about softball, its about life lessons and life long friends, your parents have taught us all to keep things in perspective. Since 2006 you have been playing on the best team ever, Gods team...God Bless the Cox family
Bill George..Head Coach Palm Beach Pride Heat
June 5, 2011
Today i was at the Brianna Marie Cox tournament for my first time. Hearing her story made me want to cry and say we should do this for this girl who loved to play and had a huge heart, and we should all have heart like she did. I'm so sorry for her parents that had to go through this and I'm also sorry for other parents that has lost a child. Well god bless Brianna Marie Cox family!!
Jaylyn Maysonet
June 4, 2011
Hey Briana,
June 4, 2011
June 4, 2011
I am at the Briana Marie Cox softball tournament and im just so inspired from her story and of all thet people that have had that problem and have pushed through. It is tough loosing a child and bless her parents for going forward. :)
Alyssa Varney
June 4, 2011
With all my heart, trying to understand how the team gets picked to play in Heaven,,I have also lost my softball player at the age of 12. Carly Jane "Pie" Liptak was a standout player and excelled in life and sports,, After learning and reading just a small bit about your Briana, I had just a little ease in my chest knowing that the two are playing on the grandest of all fields under the blinding light of our lords love..Briana and Carly will be playing ball together forever...
Kevin Liptak
May 13, 2011
Happy Birthday, Briana !You were on my mind all day today. I just wanted to write and let you know how much you are loved and missed.We joked about it all the time but their really hasnt been another at our front door that compares to your greeting .Your big smile,your laughter,YOUR BEAUTY.Your presence in our home was always a treat and so heart lifting because of the constant joy that surrounded you. The door bell has never rang the same. Anyways until I ring the bell and see YOU in God's kingdom. I love you and miss you bunches.
Vicki Kuehner
February 14, 2011
Briana Marie Cox , happy birthday girll . Today to me isnt really about Valentines day , Its about you . its your day ! We miss you so much , we really do. ALOT of people wore your shirt today to school , & even though i couldnt cause i have uniform , i really wish i could have . I have a game tomorrow and im wearing your arm band , just so i always have you with me. Im going to be wearing it alot more often now . but i just wanted to stop in & tell you Happy Birthday ! We love & miss you so much B <3
Sydney Jones
February 14, 2011
Hey B!

I just wanted to wish you a happy birthday. No matter how many years pass, you're impact on us is still the same. We miss and love you. Keep watching over us as I know you have. Oh and Happy Valentine's Day!
Sam Murray
February 14, 2011
Happy Birthday beautiful B. Although we can't "feel" your presence, we always sense your closeness. I know that your family and friends are all remembering the wonderful little things we've taken from knowing you. Even though you are with God now we still miss you terribly. I see your influence in both Becky and Brandon all the time. You were so loving to all of us that we carry you wherever we go. I love and miss you terribly and wish I could help the family more. I love them all so.... Anyway beautiful, Happy Birthday and sneak a butterfly kiss on your Mom's cheek just for me.
Love always,
Grandma Judie
February 14, 2011
Happy Birthday B!! We all miss and love you so much. Every time I hit the softball field I always think of you and remember how great a person as well as how great a player you were. I miss you and I love you
February 14, 2011
Wow B where to start... My dad ran into your parents at a softball game last week and you had come up at dinner... And just kind of reminiscing on old times and your in a lot of them as a kid... Best one was eating a foot long sub even though u were 4 foot maybe 70lbs in 5th grade... But the truth is you come up often because I am working on becoming a teacher and I see all of are elemantary school teachers... It bring back a lot... 
You are missed very much... 
In my heart always and forever..!!
February 14, 2011
God knows how much I miss you - how my heart aches for you! Yet I celebrate your life and the beautiful legacy you left behind!!! God blessed me when he allowed me to be your Mom - a child having a child!!! Yet we were soooo close!!!
Many times you would say 'Mom, Guess how God blessed me today.....' and continue on with your story!! I am sad to say, that is one of the things I miss most - talking to you, seeing you, touching you!!!
We are going to celebrate your life tomorrow on your birthday, yet not ONE SINGLE day goes by that I don't think of you!!! I love you with all my heart and soul as you spend your birthday in heaven with GOD!!!
February 13, 2011
Hey Briana ,
I didnt really know you personally , but i play for the wild so i sure know alot about you . we all miss you so much , & your tournment has always been one of my favorites to play in. Caitlin is starting to help out with Becky's team , shes so sweet. i think you were partially a reason why shes with us now , so i wanted to thank you for that. she misses you ALOT. she will never love someone as she loved you, i know that for a fact. When we play in your tournment , all of us wear your #13 arm-band. we play for you that weekend and we all know your by our side. From the things ive heard , i wish i couldve known you personally. But i just wanted to stop in and give you a holler , you are very much missed . <3
Sydney Jones
February 5, 2011
Good Morning Beautiful. I was just thinking about you and wishing you could stop and visit with us for Christmas. You are desperately missed. All times, all ways. I want to see your smiling face again.
Merry Christmas my beautiful angel. Rest in the thoughts of all of us who love and miss you so.
Love Always,
Grandma Judie
Judie Cooper
December 21, 2010
Hey B.

I read something tonight that made me think of you. You've crossed my mind a lot these past few weeks because I just started playing club softball. I wear my sweatband every time I play. People often ask about it and I only wish I could relay to them the beautiful person you were in my answers. Though we weren't the closest of friends, you still had a large impact on me. You were someone I looked up to from day one on the softball field. A smile I could always rely on. I'm so happy to be playing again and I think of you each time I step on the field. I'm a little rusty, so watch my back for me. Love you and miss you always.
Sam Murray
September 9, 2010
I can't believe that its been 4 years already. I think about you all the time and I miss you! I miss looking to my right and seeing you there with a big smile on your face! So many things make me think about you! You never really realize what an impact someone has on your life. Before your passing you were always there to lift the team up and make us smile, giving us encouraging words to help us through a hard day, ensuring us that everything would be ok. Now, after your passing you've helped so many families in their darkest hours, given scholarships to some truly amazing deserving kids that would make you proud. Yet you've given me a great gift, that of your family! Being part of the Briana Marie Cox Foundation Family is truly a blessing to me! I've been able to bond with your Mom and I know why you looked up to her so much, she love you so much and I can tell that the bond that you two is share is everlasting. I joke with her sometimes about how much you two really are alike. I mean you two are like pea's in a pod. Briana I don't think it gets easier as time passes with out you here. When the team gets together all we do is talk about old times and laugh and you always make us laugh. I miss you 13!

Love you always and forever,
Your buddy,
Jena Huffstetler
July 15, 2010
Hi Beautiful,
I can't get you out of my mind. I miss you so much. I get together with the family as often as I can. Becky is doing well but growing up way too fast. Your Mom is holding it all together as best she can. We all miss you and wish this had never happened. We Love you and miss you unbearably.
Love Grandma Judie
Judie Cooper
July 11, 2010
i was thinking about you the other day and i just wanted to say i miss you soooo mmuch! i remember in alabama when we all stole your phone and we had sooo much fun that week there ! everytime i pitch before the inning i write 13 and briana behind the mound to know that you are there with me ! i misss youu soooooo much and lovee youu !
kelsey lay
July 6, 2010
I LOVE YOU, BRIANA MARIE COX!!! I will always miss you, love you and think about you!!! You were always my shining star and now your light continues to shine ~ the lives you touched and continue to impact is a testimony of who you were and what you believed in!!! My heart aches for you yet you would be sooo proud of us: Our family bond is still tight but no matter what..... I MISS YOU!!!!!!
July 2, 2010
I feel so BAD not only for briana but for her parents as well, to live life knowing you could never hold briana again. SHE WILL ALWAYS BE IN OUR HEARTS. GOD BLESS YOU GUYS. HOPE FOR THE BEST

June 11, 2010
i feel so BAD not only for Briana but for her parents as well, to live life knowing you can never hold BRIANA again. SHE WILL ALWAYS BE IN OUR HEARTS GOD BLESS YOU GUYS RIP *BRIANA*
amanda lopez
June 11, 2010
I played in the softball tournament for you ... what a success but i really realized how much everybody truly missses you. Your mom is a very nice lady and has been through rough times since youve passed . RIP Briana Marie Cox !!
June 8, 2010
Words cannot describe how much I truly miss you - how hard life has been since you have gone to heaven!!! May our light shine in the midst of the pain and bring glory to our Heavenly Father!!! I LOVE YOU BRIANA MARIE COX!!!
Love you!!! MOM
June 7, 2010
Jodi Benedetto
June 6, 2010
icry all the time i am so greatful that i even have you
hailey brewster
May 31, 2010
i miss you so much that it hurts. the day that you passed i had no clue what was going on. i miss the things we would do together like going to the beach or the mall. guess what i am playing for my school on jv and varsiety and i already got a varsiety letter and im only in seventh grade.
i wish you were here because when i was younger i didnt tell you much but now i wish we could have tjose moments agian. i love you so much. i wish we would have had a lot more time then we did but the times we had were the best and i miss you soooooooooooooooo much.
Becky Gaidosh
May 17, 2010
OMGOODNES!!!! she is sooo pretty! im so sorry! God Bless You!
spongebob 101
May 17, 2010

been thinking about you a lot lately. i took the boys to watch brad pitch today.. i sat in the shade, holding my new son, and in the corner of my eye i saw small specks of light just kind of dancing around. i know you were sitting with us.. it made me smile. brad is doing awesome.. looks like he's going to go to the majors one of these days. my mom asked him if he still thinks of you, and he told her "every day & every night".. but you already know that. we miss you so much. please take care of my grandma, and my selby dog too. i love you, b.

ps. the boys send hugs & kisses to their aunt briana.
jess peacock
April 1, 2010
I miss you taking care of me.
Hailey Brewster
March 29, 2010
i miss you B. i miss when we played with eachother and when i was little you toke care of me
hailey brewster
March 29, 2010
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March 27, 2010
Hey Briana. I love and miss you! I wrote you a long letter on valentines day but it didnt get posted but I know you know exactly what it said. My coach is not giving me any more problems about my sweatband though. He just knows how to get to me. He also knows I would walk off the team before I took it off. Thinking of you though!
Becky Dillon
March 10, 2010
March 5, 2010
Tonight I met your family and friends, they are wonderful people just as I can tell you were. I felt by meeting them I have met a part of you. The legacy you left for them to build is something great to see and I know that you are watching and helping them grow. Thank you for the opportunity to meet such wonderful people. Happy belated Birthday.

I heard that you like to smile, so do I. So here's a smile from me to you =D

Marcy Khan
February 18, 2010
Happy Birthday Briana,

I just wanted to say happy 21st birthday! I love you so much and miss you. I think about you everyday and whenever I get the chance I tell everyone about you. Please keep looking over all of us and keep everyone safe. We love you so much!
Sarah Harmes
February 14, 2010
Dear Briana,

After over 3 years, I finally found the strength to watch your memorial service DVD last night. It brought back so many memories of you and our time together with the Wizards. It was so great to see all those pictures. It touched me so much to think that I was a part of your life in such a positve way. It made me so proud to see how close all of your teammates were to you and to eachother. As a coach, I realize that our team wasn't just a group of girls that played softball together. To see how much deeper it all went, proves that what we all shared was a once in a lifetime experience. I find myself comparing new players and new teams to you and the Wizards, and there will never be anything that could ever come close. I realize how lucky I was to have experienced everything I did and how it was such an honor to have been such a part of your life. We have seen your mom, Bill and Becky at tournaments over the summer, and I can only imagine the pain they go through over the loss of you. Your mom lights up whenever she talks about you. Sometimes, I wish I could hug her and never let go just so I could hang on to you. Melanie made Varsity at Park Vista as a Freshman and ironically, she played her first game at Palm Beach Central against the Broncos. Before the game, she stood by your memorial plaque and prayed to you that you would watch over her during the game. She went 3 for 4, threw someone out at home from center field, and pitched 2 scoreless innings. She always wears your pink and black wristband and does the sign of the cross before she steps into the batters box. She likes to think that you have her back when she's on the field. You see, your spirit continues to touch people. I want you to know that you will never be forgotten, my little #13. Happy Birthday Briana...WIZARDS FOREVER...Love, Coach Tony
Tony Bell
February 14, 2010
Hey B!

Just wanted to tell you Happy Birthday and Happy Valentines Day as well. You are in our hearts today as you are every day. I love and miss you.

Sam Murray
February 14, 2010
Happy Birthday Beautiful,
We all wish you were here to say that to in person.
We are trying something different today. We will be horseback riding to try and fill the void we are suffering.
We are trying not to sit around all day and mope.
I love you and miss you desperately.
Becky and Brandon are growing too quickly for me. I want so much for all the family to gain peace but it seems so elusive.
Please watch over us all and have the beautiful day you deserve.
Your loving Grandma
Judie Cooper
February 14, 2010
My Beautiful Beloved Gifted Little Girl – on Valentine’s Day you would have been 21 years. How bizarre, to spend your birthday without you! Our hearts are extremely broken as we continue to do life and you are not here. Traditionally, we waited a few hours on Valentine’s Day night at your favorite restaurant (which ever one you chose) to watch you devour a 25 oz prime rib! Life is extremely difficult without you. We are so blessed to hear wonderful stories about your sweet, outgoing personality.

It brings us so much joy to hear just how many people were impacted by your awe-inspiring ways. It is sooo bittersweet! I miss you, I love you and my heart will always ache because nothing can fill the void that has happened since you passed. I cannot wait until we are reunited again, but until then; I will do all I can to honor your memory and give others HOPE in the midst of this extreme pain! You left behind a beautiful legacy! With this, we have been blessed and humbled to be used as we try to be there for others in their darkest hours.

I treasure the wonderful stories your friends and family share about your silly and crazy ways! It is these stories that give us the desire to go on. How I hope and pray we will continue to be blessed by them! You made me laugh all the time because of your hilarious stories and the fun-filled things you would do!

Oh, how I miss the talks we always had! Your honesty, your intergity, and your carefree ways were truly a God-Given Gift. Most of all, I miss you!!! I was given a gift to have you for 17 years, but that was not nearly enough for me! I wanted and expected to have you here with me for the rest of MY life! Never in my worst nightmares, did I ever expect to lose You!

I know you are in heaven praising Our Father God!

I love you Briana Marie Cox!

I always and 4ever will!
February 12, 2010
Hey B.

Just wanted to let you know I've been thinking about you a lot lately. It amazes me to see the impact that you had on so many lives. Till this day, people continue to tell of the wonderful person you were and the good that you brought to their lives. Your strong faith and heart allowed you to do so and I just wanted to let you know each thing you did made this world that much better. Miss and love you <3
Sam Murray
January 23, 2010
Hey sis,
I miss you so much. I remember the days you used to jump off the roof into the pool at the old house. You were the only one who was brave enough to do it. I still cant believe your gone. I think about you everyday, I have your picture up in my dorm room. I wrote my first song the other day, it was about the lord. I still see you sitting on the counter eating pickles, those were the days. I have so many memories with you and I wish I could have more but the good lord loved you first so I cant be angry with him for taking you. Heaven must be loving their new addition to their softball team, must me all the thunder I'm hearing. Hope you look over you wonderful mom. She's probably the strongest caring woman I know.
please keep her strong until she's with you again. I miss you so much!!!! You helped me find the lord. If it wasn't for you and your family I don't think my family would be where they are right now. See you in heaven baby girl.
I love you and miss you so much

Kyle Finch
kyle finch
January 18, 2010
Briana i love and miss YOU
Hailey brewster
January 18, 2010
Hey B!!

I know its been a while but ive been thinking about you alot...Im in softball now and its hard to play without thinking about you. I was talking about our culinary class the other day and how we got in a huge flour fight and it made me happy to think of all the good memories we had together. Our team lost in the slow pitch league but we had a lot of fun and got a good turn out. I miss you alot and i always keep your family in my thoughts and prayers.
I love you B!!!!
Lizzy Dillon
January 6, 2010

I miss you baby. You would be so proud of your family we all love you so much and think aout you all the time. There is not a day that goes by that I think about you. Your my little bee. I remember most of all how you would always smile when I would sing out b-e-e and you'd say A-uant B-e-c-k-y. Baby Bee May You Rest In peace and I love very much. Your Truly missed. Until we meet again.
Aunt Becky Brewster
December 28, 2009
Hey B,

The holidays are coming up and I've been thinking about you a lot. I'm sorry I couldn't make it to the tournament this year, I'm still up at school. It snowed SOOO much today, it's beautiful, you would love it.

I love and miss you sooo much B. You're always in my thoughts and you've helped me become the person I am today.

Keep an eye out on us.

Love you!
Lynn Herman
December 20, 2009
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