Dr. Paul Ambrose
Paul Ambrose, 32, of Washington, D.C., a senior clinical adviser with the Office of the Surgeon General.
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Published by The Press-Enterprise on Sep. 13, 2001.
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What an amazing man, willing to dedicate his life to helping others. Rest in peace, Dr. Ambrose. My thoughts and prayers go out to all of his family and friends who still mourn this loss. We will never forget.
McKell Swain
September 17, 2020
I think of Paul on this day every year, got to know him in medical school, he wes my lab partner in histology, what a wonderful person he was. Always smilling and confident, the world lost a true hero and voice of the people. Prayers to all that had a chance to know him.
John Ball
September 11, 2020
My prayers are with your family.
Donna Jones
March 27, 2018
Keeping you in my thought
denise k
September 11, 2015
May God continue to give you strength to endure your great loss.
October 14, 2014
Diane Mania
September 11, 2013
God bless you and those who love you still.
September 10, 2013
September 14, 2012
11 years seems like yesterday.
September 14, 2012
I worked with Paul for a short time while he was at Concord but long enough to see what a compassionate, caring, loving person he was. I think of him and you often and especially on 9/11. May time ease your pain. Thank you Paul.
September 11, 2012
we are so sorry for your loss.
ilene and joshua oakes
September 11, 2012
paul, remembering you as both a Doctor but also a friend...on this day i always do one good deed or more in your memory...you were a gifted Doctor and it was a gift to know you...
jean saben
September 11, 2012
Paul and I were Residents @ Dartmouth together. I was a senior resident and he was an intern.. He taught me more about life, compassion, and the world when i was supposed to be teaching him about medicine... Paul, I will always remember.. your compassion , wit, and humour...it has been 11 years but you should know that your life and sacrifice has positively influenced me in my life as a Family Practitioner...I will never forget...Chuck Parent
September 9, 2012
Barbara Boam & Kim Rogers walked a mile for you (mile #110) on 5/4/12 as a dedication to your life.
Barbara Boam
May 4, 2012
I knew Paul in high school. I knew he had a bright future ahead of him. I'm so saddened by that future being ended at such an early age. I'm sorry for your loss. I think of Paul often. I'm blessed to know that I will see you again in Heaven. Rest in peace.
Lisa Dishman
September 11, 2011
We hold you in our hearts.
Kymberli Colbourne
September 11, 2011
I never met Dr. Paul Ambrose and in late September, 2005 was able to meet his wonderful parents at the Healthy Schools Summit in Washington DC that convened by Action for Healthy Kids. I am the former and founding executive director of Action for Healthy Kids and because of Dr. David Satcher, founding chair, I knew about Dr. Paul Ambrose's commitment to health and role in developing the "Call to Action", the report that brought national attention to the epidemic of obesity in America. The work I led at Action for Healthy Kids' aimed to take Dr. Ambrose's action plan and make it a reality. I left the Action for Healthy Kids in 2007 to carry forward obesity prevention in other ways,however the organization founded to implement the "Call to Action" continues on. Dr. Satcher always reminded those of us working to implement the Surgeon General's report me that it was largely due to the work of Dr. Ambrose and how he lost his life on way to present at an obesity conference in California during the 911 attack.

Dr. Satcher invited Paul's parents to the 2005 Healthy Schools Summit and I was fortunate to meet them. Mrs. Ambrose wrote to me after the Summit noting how wonderful it was to see Paul's work continue. Mrs. Ambrose also took time to send condolences to me as I lost my brother, age 49, in June 2005 due to heart disease- I was struck about the care for my loss when she had endured such a great loss.

It has been a privilege to work on the mission set forward by Dr. David Satcher, 16th Surgeon General of the United States of America and Dr. Paul Ambrose, in the landmark report, " A Call to Action to Prevent and Decrease Overweight and Obesity in Adults and Children".
Alicia Moag-Stahlberg
September 11, 2011
My family are members of the Pea Ridge United Methodist Church and his father was my professor at Marshall University. Offering our thoughts and prayers to the victims of this tragic day and especially thinking of the Ambrose familiy.
JD Thornburg
September 10, 2011
I worked in the Surgeon General's office and remember this day as if it was today.
We all miss Paul very much--he was a wonderful example of compassion, strength, committment and dedication to a cause. God, Continue to Bless the Ambrose Family and Bianca.
Deborah DeMasse-Snell
September 9, 2011
Our church has a memorial in it of all the victims of 9/11. We were asked to take six names and pray for one of the names each day, as well as their surviving family members. I got Paul's name. He is not forgotten.
Doug Koesel
September 2, 2011
dr.ambrose was doctor of myself and children at buck road in hanover, n.h. and he was always kind and thoughtful. i also knew him through my own employment at that time as orderly at dhmc. what always stood out in my mind about this man was his kindness and sense of humor and he was always thoughtful. I light a candle for him every year. my prayers are with all those whom knew and loved him and we were all so priveledged to have known such a wonderful spirit.
jean saben
September 11, 2010
It has been almost 9 years! Still thinking about what a pointless,senseless, tragic loss it still is for everyone! You're in my thoughts. What an awesome guy you were!
Joey Jones
September 6, 2010
Just wanted to stop by and say hello in honor of Paul, a amazing Man and a great dancer. :-) I'm the guy that took that headshot.
He is always in my thoughts, when i think of a person that had such a amazing future in store for him, i think of Paul.
Peace always, michael.
michael neville
August 31, 2010
I met Dr. Ambrose's father at the Pentagon Memorial Dedication but have lost touch. SSgt [email protected]
February 21, 2010
Happy Birthday Paul. Love to your mom and dad this day and everyday.
December 26, 2009
I recently found out about this tragic loss after reconnecting with some B'ville friends after 25 years. I'm thankful for the time Paul was with us! He did the most he could with the gifts God gave him and I am proud to have known him...

My deepest sympathies to all who loved Paul.
Tony Brown
October 21, 2009
I am proud to share the same name with Paul Ambrose. May his family seek comfort in his legacy.
September 11, 2009
He was a great friend to all who knew him. In the short time I knew Paul he was kind, Caring and always willing to help others. I simly want to keep honoring Paul's memory and all that he was by keeping him in my thoughts on this sad day.
I Thomas A. Townsend will never forget the events of that morning 8 years ago.
Thank you Paul.
Thomas Townsend
September 11, 2009
Much love to the Ambrose family, words still fail me over the events 8yrs ago today. May God bless you and keep you close.
September 11, 2009
Dear Sharon and loved ones-
Please know that even now you are never far from our thoughts and prayers. We will never forget.
Ina Bowling Riffe, RN
former colleague of Paul's mother, Sharon Ambrose @ St. Mary's Hospital in Huntington,WV
September 8, 2009
My interactions with Paul were few but I still think about the tragic loss of a person who had so much to offer. Coming to this website for the first time, I am glad to see many people still take the time to remember and reflect.
March 23, 2009
You brought a lot to your life and those who have known of you. You and your family remain in many hearts.
November 16, 2008
You will always live in our hearts and prayers.
colleen wilson
September 17, 2008
To the family of Dr. Paul Ambrose:
Paul gave the ultimate sacrifice and will be held in the hearts of Americans forever. My deepest sympathy to you. We must never forget!
Peggy Childers
"Don't Let The Memory Of Them Drift Away"
Peggy Childers
September 11, 2008
I was lucky enough to know Paul for a few years of his short life. He was such a thoughful intelligent person who always made you feel like you'd known him your whole life. It's hard to not think of him every year when the date comes up again and I'm thankful for the reminder to remember the great person that he was. :-)
Alma P
September 11, 2008
There is not a day when Paul is not remembered and missed. My prayers are with his family.
September 11, 2008
June 13, 2008
I think about you everyday. The world misses you terribly.
Rita Frumkin Chamoy
April 21, 2008
May your hearts soon be filled with wonderful memories of joyful times together as you celebrate a life well-lived.
Doug Abraham
January 31, 2008
Dr. & Mrs. Ambrose,
You are in my thoughts and prayers. I am thinking of you both as well as Paul. I took an additional moment of silence yesterday for the two of you and the girls.
(formally of Huntington, WV)
Angie Rose
September 12, 2007
I never had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Ambrose.
My son(Randy) was given a wrist band in 2001 by his teacher to honor those whose lives were lost in the 9-11 terrorist attacks.
As was the rest of the children in his school. Each band had a name on it and Randy's band had - Paul Ambrose 32 physician on it.Although we had never met him we felt as though he was given the name for a reason. We think of him often and especially on this day.Our hearts go out to all of those who were affected and lives were changed forever.You are all in our prayers today and always will be.
Rita &Randy Carlson
September 11, 2007
In remembrance....
P Tabbernor
June 24, 2007
I was lucky to get to know Dr.Paul. When he was a resident doctor at Concord Hopsital in NH. I was a simple cafe worker early in my 20's. Dr.Paul was very down andto earth and a great person. I would always greet him with a "Hey Dr.Paul". He would respond with " you can call Paul". I thought he earned the right to be called doctor. For somebody in his position,he could just as well looked down on me. He gave me a nick name of "big time" The little bit I knew Dr.Paul it felt like I knew him my whole life. He was just really person who knew who he was a person and was well rounded. I am thinkful to have crossed paths with Dr.Paul.
Ryan Demers
April 26, 2007
Dear Dr. Ambrose,
Hello. I was a student of yours the fall of 2001 and saw firsthand the impact your lovely son's death had on you. I need you to know you have done so much to make him proud of you. I am certain he continues to make a huge difference toward humanity, just as he did while on earth. Everyone knows Paul was an incredibly precious person and he touched the lives of anyone who even caught a glimpse of him. You need to know you had a lot to do with that. You too are one of the most beautiful and brilliant people I have ever met. Your kindness and love is felt by everyone who knows you. Never get too caught up in your grief to realize you two will be together again. God bless you and your wonderful, inspiring family. I pray for you always.
Jennifer Neri
Jennifer Neri
December 6, 2006
I will always remember the times you were the kindest eleven-year-old on the playground. You achieved many more degrees than the one from BHS...but I am honored to have my third-grade yearbook covered with "I love Paul Ambrose".
I am very proud of everything you had achieved. I miss you (& your brother) very much... ~promise~
It makes me very sad to think about how much we all love you (everyday) and think of you (always).
I am eternally grateful for all that your father has done to help me while I'm (still) in school. I may only make small contributions, but I hope they help.
April Edwards
October 18, 2006
Dr. Ambrose, I just wanted to let you know I think of you and your family often. I had great times with you at MU and I learned a great deal from you.
God bless you.
Tom Tankersley
October 18, 2006
As I stitched your name on the memorial that I am doing for all of the victims, I prayed for you and your family. Please know that your death was not in vane. We will always remember.
October 13, 2006
It has been five years and I still think of Paul everyday. He was a remarkable individual, who continues to touch my life and inspires me to be better at everything I do. While the pain of knowing he is gone will never go away, I am so grateful for having known him. I feel his presence often and I will never forget those incredible blue eyes!!! God bless the Ambrose family.
Stefanie Grace
September 14, 2006
Rest in Peace ...
you´re a wonderful man ...
you´re so cute ...

You are in so many hearts
September 12, 2006
I never had the opportunity to meet Paul, but I wish I had. From the stories that I have heard about him, he must have been an incredible man. I am a resident in Huntington and a former Marshall student, and I can tell you that the attacks not only touched us but losing one of our own, was inconceivable. My heart goes out to the entire Ambrose family and just know that you all are always in my thoughts.
Heather Richardson
September 11, 2006
I was just loking at the names on the list of the World Trade Center name list and Dr. Paul Ambrose just caught my eye. I don't know him personally but I imagine he was a wonderful person just and the picture shows. God Bless the family
Daphne Wilson
September 11, 2006
May God Bless your family.
Dr. & Mrs. Charles McMullin,Jr.(MU medicine graduate-Charles, prior nurse at St. Mary's hospital under the direction of Sharon-Donna)
Donna McMullin
September 11, 2006
Dr. & Mrs. Ambrose, I think of you and your family every year at this time. My thoughts and prayers are with you.
Angie Rose (formally Huntington WV)
September 11, 2006
I worked with Paul @ the Community Health Center in Lebanon, where he completed his residency. He was extremly intelligent and very down to earth. The world is a sadder place without his compassion and commitment to health care, his dream was to be the next Surgeon General. My prayers to out to his family. It was an honor to work with Paul, I miss his great sense of humor!
Deborah Elmaksoud
September 11, 2006

I did not know you but have read about you . I can tell...You are a wonderful soul.. You look a lot like my husband and my heart goes out to what you must have gone through on that awful day. I pray for Bianca and your family. I am sure you look over them now and all of us..you are an angel...

All my love

Alexandra McGowan
September 10, 2006
Dr. Ambrose,

I did not have the pleasure of meeting Paul but I feel that I have come to know him just a little bit. Over the last few years I have been a student in many of your classes at Marshall and I have enjoyed listening to your many memories of Paul (like when he brought C. Everett Koop home for dinner) and seeing how much joy and pride his amazing life still brings you. Paul was truly a wonderful person I wish I had the honor of meeting.
So many times over the years I have wanted to tell you how very sorry, I am over Paul’s passing, but I was just a student and we did not know each other very well and I felt my condolences, though well meaning, would cause you further grief. Also, Dr. Ambrose, I wanted to tell you that your life, much like Paul’s, has touched the lives of others, especially your students. Through your kindness, which you have always shown me and I thank you for that, and in the way, you have been able to find enormous strength in the face of such heartbreaking pain and loss. I know in the last few years I have faced difficult times and I have often looked to your example and found the strength to push through my own pain.

Dr. Ambrose, this September 11th know that my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

- A past student
September 10, 2006
I just recently came across an article about Paul. He sounds like an amazing person. This untimely death was a huge loss to the medical community, his family and the world at large
N. M. Penseiro
August 4, 2006
Dr. Paul Ambrose was my unkle and I miss him a lot, more than I was prepared to have to miss anyone. I was only eight when I lost him, and after the death of my dad my mom promised me that I wouldn't lose anyone else, but I did. It didn't seem fair at the time, but I now realize that life can't always be fair or easy...but it's the hard, unfair things that make it worth living. Paul taught me that, and I live by it.
Alex Ambrose
July 12, 2006
Although I did not know Paul, we overlapped during our residencies at Dartmouth and I was aware of him as a presence at Hitchcock. I can remember feeling his strength and confidence - just by passing him on the wards. His loss was my closest contact with the victims of 9/11 and I wish his family well.
Doug Ikelheimer
January 2, 2006
Dr.and Mrs. Ambrose,
I am so very sorry. Even now when I think about how kind Paul was to me the one time I spoke with him and how kind you have been to me personally Dr. Ambrose, I am moved to tears for the losses you have endured. I have never taken the opportunity to tell you personally because I didn't want to cause you further grief, but I simply wanted to let you know he is thought of often even by people who knew him the least.
November 24, 2005
Many prayers and sympathies to Sharon and Ken. It's been a long time since I've seen either of you and never had the chance to meet your son, but I think of you all often. God Bless, Joan Ellis
Joan Pizi-Ellis
September 12, 2005
We knew each other years ago - long before Paul became such a handsome, talented doctor. Our families have maintained a fragile connection over the years, through celebration milestones and the horrible losses. I pray that in some way this date will keep us connected to happier times and cherished memories. Many blessings to the family and friends left behind; may those of us who continue to remember never forget and may we attempt to live lives worthy of Paul's memory.
The peace of the Lord be with you always.
Jennifer Ryley Welsh
September 11, 2005
I knew of Paul's legacy before meeting him. A med student at DMS, I heard of Ambrose's inclination toward fun. When I did finally know him in the fall of 2000 I learned of his passion to help people, and verified the excitement that surrounds him.
Only for hours did I know him and Bianca, but his spirit lives in me and many others. Just today I walked past the Q street home.
May I and others carry forward your vision eternally.
Blessings to your family and friends.
Brent Jaster, MD
September 11, 2005
He was smart, funny,loving and I continue to miss him-you-Stay with me my friend in my heart and mind. Continue to watch over us from above and I pray that your ever spontaneous and immortal soul is at peace. God Bless-
melanie stevens
September 6, 2005
We are so sorry for your loss. Paul was blessed with a very generous heart and we will all suffer that loss. May God comfort each one of you.
February 27, 2005
I had the honor of knowing both of your sons back in 1986-87 when I was playing drums for Scott's rock band. I always had nothing but respect for your whole family. Scott had tremendous talent and Paul was always there to help us and cheer us on when we needed it. I will never forget either one of them. God Bless you all. Greg
Greg Walker
December 30, 2004
I will have you in my thoughts and prayers today and forever Paul God bless you and may you find eternal peace
sherry breeden
December 2, 2004
I am so sorry for this tragic loss and at such a young age. All I can really say about this horrable event is WHY. And God be with his family.
Sad InAlabama
October 16, 2004
What a beautiful man. I'm training to be a firefighter and am doing a report on the attacks of 9/11. I ran across Paul's guestbook and the things said about him really touched me. I'm sorry for the loss of such a great man. I hope his family and friends have all found comfort in the arms of God, Paul is in a better place although he will be missed dearly. To all of you who knew Paul, I'm so sorry.
September 24, 2004
I continue to miss Paul very much, especially on this day each year. He was a great friend and a wild roommate. Never a dull moment!!
My prayers for him and his family.
-till next year, Pierre
Pierre Delfausse
September 11, 2004
You were a great man. You have been an inspiration to many. We will all miss you!
Leslie daniels
September 9, 2004
My respects to the family of Dr. Ambrose. My thoughts are with you and my brother, Sean Rooney, who was in Tower 2 of the World Trade Center.
Brendan Rooney
August 17, 2004
Paul, I miss you every minute of every day. I want to thank everyone for their kind thoughts.
Sharon Ambrose
July 12, 2004
June 4, 2004
i'll pray for yall
brianna denler
February 24, 2004
Our prayers are with you around the world. May God bless you and take care of Paul...
Rebecca Vondracek
January 19, 2004
Gina Hoggs
January 16, 2004
I thought of Paul as I put my flag out yesterday. From our time together at DHMC, I'll remember him as a caring resident who always smiled and never complained (even on M2).
David Toth
September 12, 2003

It has taken me two years to the day to write, and I am so sorry. I only knew you on so too few occasions @ DHMC, but the pleasure was truly mine.
Look down on all of us with a smile.
Thank you,

John Clarke
September 11, 2003
To the Ambrose family,
My thoughts and prays are with you everyday. Being a MU graduate and having Dr. Ambrose as a professor, I have learned a lot about strength and faith. I want to thank you for that. God Bless!
Ashley Thompson
September 11, 2003
Just a note to let you know we will never forget.....I hope time has helped heal the ones you loved...

gone but not forgotten...you were admired by your co-workers here in NH.......
Agnes Guay
September 11, 2003
Patrick ARCHER
September 11, 2003
May God bless your soul and comfort your family
Kimberly Baker
September 11, 2003
God Bless you...
John Langley
September 11, 2003
My heart goes out to Ken and Sharron Ambrose as well as Bianca Angelino on this day. I have gotten to know Paul's family over the past couple of years and have seen the hurt, grief, and tears of sorrow for Paul. Paul was such a charismatic person who was killed at such a young age. I respect him as a physician and a person. I will burn a candle for his family and Bianca tonight.
Jill Webb
Lexington, ky
Jill Webb
September 11, 2003
I miss you so much and it still hurts with the knowledge of you being gone you touched alot of lives and everyone was so proud of you ,you may not have seen it but we were may god bless all who miss you and I know that your always gonna be watching in on us from heaven I love and miss you so much I guess well see each other in heaven I LOVE YOU COUS!!!!!!!!!
Jesseca Adkins
September 11, 2003
My heart goes out to you and your wonderful family. God bless you all. (Employee of St. Mary's Medical Center) We love you Sharon!
September 11, 2003
god be with you
anne jones
September 10, 2003
Dr. Paul,
Tears continue to fall as we remember that horrible day when we lost you and many others in this tragedy. Our thoughts and prayers will forever go out to the family and friends that you left behind.
Love from Texas...
Del Newberry
July 10, 2003
its sad what happend I hope your in a better place
brittany wiseman
April 15, 2003
I so sorry for your loss in the family
April 11, 2003
I am very sorry for your loss. I give my prayers and love to you and yours.
Missa Milly
March 13, 2003
you will be missed. you are in a better place your with jesus in the bible it saids there will be no suffing or pain.
ashley kenney
March 11, 2003
I am so sorry for your loss. May God bless your family. You will always be near to our hearts.
Misty Cass
February 1, 2003
god bless at this time of the year
anne jones
December 23, 2002
Paul, It's taken me a year to write in your guest book because I've missed you so much. I remember seeing your CV pass my desk at Dartmouth years ago, and I knew we had to recruit you. As your Chief Resident, I thought I would become your mentor and inspiration, and instead, you have become mine. We both know I am where I am today because of you. I thought we would serve together, but I am on my own. I think of you every day. I miss your smile. I miss your energy. I miss your optimism. I miss your dreams. I miss your company. I miss my friend. I love you Amrose. Heaven is lucky to have you. Don't forget to make your rounds. Bones.
Anthony J Carbone MD MPH
November 22, 2002
God has taken home so many through this bad event. May god bless your family!!
Amanda Azure
September 21, 2002
One of the brightest star has faded from Earth, but his Legacy still burns bright. Potentially one of the most influential men that has graced this great land leaves behind unfulfilled promises. Paul leaves one wondering "What could have been". He has influenced me to persue the medical field in which he so deeply cared about. He will be missed, but not forgotten. To Paul's family, how do you handle losing two sons at the young age of 32 and still find the strength to carry on? Wonderful and remarkable parents yeild remarkable and wonderful children. May God bless you while Paul waits in Heaven.
Nicholas Graham
September 19, 2002
I'm sorry for your loss. My deepest symphaty to the family.
Arlette Ramirez
September 18, 2002
In memory of 9-11-01 victims, our office wore name tags of these victims, which I typed up 35 of those name, and the first one on my list was Dr. Paul Ambrose, and I just wanted to know more about this person. I'm sure that what he contributed during his time on earth, that he left this world a better place. My heart hurts for the loved ones he left behind.
Glinda McFerron
September 13, 2002
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