Zoe Falkenberg
For Leslie A. Whittington, Charles Falkenberg and their two young daughters, the flight to Los Angeles was to have been only the start of their journey. They were headed to Australia, where Whittington, a Georgetown University economist, was to work as a visiting professor for several months at Australian National University.

The family, friends said, had been planning for this adventure for months. The pair had been married 17 years. Their daughters, Zoe and Dana, were 8 and 3.
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Published by The Press-Enterprise on Sep. 13, 2001.
No memorial events are currently scheduled.
To offer your sympathy during this difficult time, you can now have memorial trees planted in a National Forest in memory of your loved one.
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Much Love Angel to you & all
September 11, 2020
Hope your Christmas is spectacular :)
Alex Lai
December 20, 2019
Never forget, always faithful.
Jerry Hailey
September 11, 2019
My dear sweet Zoe,
It has been 18 years since you and your family suffered a horrible end to your lives. But your spirit will be with us forever. You are a symbol of all children lost on that sad day in Americas history. I am wearing your bracelet in remembrance of you and your beautiful life.
Rest In Peace with your family.
Betsy Clarkson
September 11, 2019
Dear Zoe,
I am heartbroken that you and your family died 18 years ago. What saddens me the most is that you had no control over your unfortunate circumstance. You would be in your mid 20's now and would probably have a family. If it wasn't for the terrorists you would be living a happy life with your family and probably your kids. Rest in peace because you are in a better place now.
Jaxon P
September 3, 2019
Hi again Zoe,
You were quite adorable. So I am saddened by the recent tragedies that affected the US a week ago.
But I can imagine that you, Dana, and your parents made many friends from Ohio, Mexico and Texas.
August 9, 2019
To Zoe,

Im heartbroken to know you died on the ill-fated flight 77 when you were 8 years old with your family. You couldve been in your mid-twenties, a high school/university graduate. Rest in peace with all the angels in paradise.
May 23, 2019
Remembering the Falkenberg and Whittington family today and every day over these past 15 years.
Joanne Consalvo-Mulvaney
September 11, 2016
My Dear Zoe,
Another year has gone by as I once again wear your memorial bracelet. You and your family have a special place in my heart even though I did not know you personally. You and your family symbolize all the families affected by those terrible events of that day and are still affected today and forever. Your spirit and soul remain strong.
May you rest in peace and know that you are remembered and loved.
Betsy Clarkson
September 11, 2016
Another year has gone by sweet girl. I know you're in a better place and I know the world is a better place for having you in it. You'd be almost 24 now. Our Zinnias bloomed so beautifully this year. You're in our hearts always and always will be. Rest well, princess.
September 10, 2016
May you and your family rest in peace sweet angels
Andrea Henriquez
March 24, 2016
I light this candle for your remembrance Zoe, We will NEVER FORGET you, Dana, your parents Charles and Leslie. But most of all we will NEVER FORGET 9/11
Katie Sturgill
February 3, 2016
Dear Zoe,
You have taken a piece of my heart that will never be returned unless you return back to us. I believe you are in heaven and are now in good hands in the name of God. God Bless you and your family, I know that at the last minutes of your life you held on to your baby sisters hand tight and prayed that you and your family would have a good life up in heaven. I know you were worried on the plane, I'd be too, but I also know that you were a brave little girl with an extraordinary heart. I pray for you, your baby sister Dana and your loving mother and father. I hope you all are watching over America because I know that I am watching over you. Zoe, your what inspired me to learn more about 9/11. Today 1-31-16 (Sunday) I pray for you and your family but don't worry I always will. Today I am now 14 years old and I believe the older I get, the more you inspire me to become a better person. Please rest in peace, I know I never meant you but I strongly believe that I one day will. But until then I will pray for you and your loving family. You will be dearly missed. But please remember that 9/11 is the day that America will NEVER FORGET!

~ Katie Sturgill (Middle School Student, 8th Grade)
Katie Sturgill
January 31, 2016
If I could rewind time, I'd take your place on that plane so you could live your life. I'm so sorry this happened to you and your family. I have no doubt you comforted your little sister until the end. Rest in peace, angel.
September 16, 2015
I wore your memorial bracelet yesterday as I do every anniversary of your death. Hold your sister's hand and your parents' hands tight and know that you and your family is forever in my heart. You will never be forgotten. May peace be in everyone's heart.
Betsy Clarkson
September 12, 2015
Remembered always.
September 12, 2015
Loving you always. I will forever try to live a life that you would have been proud of.
one third of a heart
September 11, 2015
bella beltz
September 12, 2014
Sweet Zoe,
I have a memorial bracelet with your name on it. I wear it every September 11 and think of you and your family. You had a wonderful life ahead of you. You would be 21 now and I wonder what you would have accomplished. May you always rest in peace knowing that you will never be forgotten. Not by me or our Country.
Betsy Clarkson
September 11, 2014
First time to New York on business from the UK and was fortunate enough to have been shown the memorial fountains and Zoe's name was one of the first I saw and then noticed the whole families names there, I looked her up and the story is very moving and sad, it sounded as though this young family had a wonderful future ahead of them which was taken away far too young. I found the fountains to be a very moving tribute to all victims. X
Ian Helmore
August 3, 2014
Happy Birthday Zoe
November 8, 2013
Happy Birthday Zoe, I miss you so very much but I know your up in heaven and having a wonderful party, may god bless you forever

you will forever be in my heart!!!
November 8, 2012
can't believe 20's almost here.beanie babies will always be cool
November 4, 2012
As I sit here and watch the moving tributes and see the pictures of these beautiful girls with their Daddy, I think of how many memories I have of my own two daughters and have blessed I am to still have them with me. I thank the people who posted those pictures, as I stood for so long at the bencehs at the Pentagon Memorial, I wondered what these dear families looked like. My thoughts and prayers go out to all of the family and friends whose lives were so tragically changed on that dreadful day. I will honor the meomory of this fine family by trying to be a better person, a better Dad, a better American. With much love from Texas,
Del Newberry
October 23, 2012
Dear Zoe,
you will never be forgotten. I really miss you and your family. Rest in peace Zoe.
September 15, 2012
Zoe, I know you didn't know me. But I find it incredibly sad to know you've passed away. I know we would've been great friends if we would've known each other. May you rest in peace and shine down on us from heaven. I wish I would've known you.
Have faith and hope and you will always survive.
Tara Fenderson
September 12, 2012
Zoe, I met you at a Unitarian camp when I was probably about 4 and I guess you were 7. I remember lighting a candle for you and your family in church after 9/11 and I remember thinking I played with that girl. Anytime someone brings up 9/11 I think of you immediately. I only met you once but you are forever on my mind. The rest of my family doesn't remember you as vividly as I do so I have no one to share my memories with. But eleven years later I found this page and I'm glad I can say something about you and maybe someone who knew you will see it. Rest in peace.
Isabelle Sibley
September 11, 2012
Although I have no connection to Zoe I can not even imagine what was going through her mind at the time as an 8 year old. My prayers go out to her friends and family as we are reminded of this difficult time in history.
September 11, 2012
Zoe, out of all the victims who died on 9/11, you are one of a few that I knew and always know I love you and your sister Dana.
September 11, 2012
Zoe, happy 18th birthday, hope you had awesome party in heaven.

I love you,
Friends forever and always
November 8, 2011
Happy early birthday Zoe, I can't help but think of how pretty you would be if you were still here

Friends forever
November 7, 2011
Zoe, you are my best friend, Zoe, I know with all my heart you are watching over me and I know you are in heaven and I can't wait to see you again. Zoe, I will forever love you and everytime I listen to the song "I'll remember you" I think of you all the time, I know you love your sister Dana and I know you held her hand till the end.
You are so deeply missed.
Rest in peace
October 19, 2011
Although I did not know you , your sister or your father. I feel like I am so close to you! I am sure your daddy tried everything he could to protect you little girls and I am sure he is still by your side in the hands of God! I am sure your mommy thinks of you all everyday that passes and I cannot even imagine how she must be coping with this tragic loss. Me being a mommy I cannot even begin to imagine! Just know that you are now safe and noone can ever hurt you again! May you and your family rest in peace and just know that your mommy WILL see you again in the wonderful kingdon of heaven!
Tera Hadley
September 12, 2011
Dear Zoe -
In 2002, the girls in San Jacinto council troop 61535 made a quilt to give to a project that provided quilts to the surviving family members of 9/11. Our quilt ended up in the hands of your grandmother, who was kind enough to contact us and let us know that you were also a Brownie girl scout and the same age as the girls in 61535. We've thought of you often but never as much as this fall, the 10th anniversay, and the year you should be starting college along with our girls.
God bless your family.
Troop 61535
September 12, 2011
Dear Zoe,
I can't believe it's been ten years. You should be 18 years old now. And turning 19 in a few months. It eats me up inside that that'll never happen. You were a wonderful person. You were funny too. I remember when I met you.
"Hi, my name is Zoe. Are you on level 4 now? What's your name?"
"I'm Ilana. And yeah, I'm on level 4."
"Cool! Wanna run around with me?"
Just like that. We were friends. You were the best gymnastics buddy in the world.
Zoe, I love you. I miss you.
Ilana B
September 11, 2011
As Sept. 11th approaches I am thinking of you even more so then I do throughout all these passing years. I think about your beautiful sister Dana, mother Leslie and father Charles as well. Rest in peace Zoe and know that so many people love you. My prayers go out each and every day since 9/11/01 to my former co-worker Kirk Whittington, brother of Leslie, who I was with the morning of 9-11. My prayers are with Kirk and his wife as well. Rest in peace Zoe, Dana, Leslie and Charles. You are not and will never ever be forgotten and are forever loved by so many.
Joanne Consalvo-Mulvaney
September 3, 2011
Zoe, I am so thankful to have known you, I can't help but think of you all the time. I would give anything to go back to that morning and put myself on amarican flight 77 with you. If I could, I would. You were so pretty and even though you were only 8 you acomplished so much and I just can't imagine how much more beautiful you would be if you were still here, Zoe I am blessed to have gotten to know you and you are never to far, when I need faith, I close my eyes and I can see and hear you and that gets me through the day. May you forever rest in peace dressed all in white and shine on all of us till we get to be together again.

Zoe, I thank god to have you in my life

friends forever,
Derek Booth
September 2, 2011
We're still planting zinnias.
N and S
September 2, 2011
As each year passes my thoughts and prayers are with the Whittington-Falkenberg family who were killed on 9-11; Rest in peace Leslie, Charles, Dana and Zoe. There is not a day that goes by that I do not think about Leslie, Charles, Dana and Zoe and my former co-worker Kirk Whittington who lost his sister Leslie and her family on 9-11. My prayers to Kirk and his family.
Joanne Mulvaney
May 5, 2011
RIP, never forget, always faithful
jerry hailey
May 3, 2011
God bless you!!! I will never forget.......9/11
Michelle Coleman
September 11, 2010
I am so sorry for your loss. My eldest was born the same year as Zoe. We were able to visit the Pentagon Memorial last year and Zach sat on Zoe's bench to pay his respect. It puts it all in perspective to know he has a life to continue to honor and earn, while Zoe's was taken away without her choice. We will never forget....
Lynne N.
September 11, 2010
It isn't easy to look at the photos of this vibrant young girl (who would now be 18) and fully comprehend that her life ended on 9/11. However, anyone reading the story of the Falkenberg family will soon understand that these remarkable people were bringing up two special little girls, and while we will always mourn their loss, wondering what their lives would have become had they not been on that flight, I think it is clear that they represented all that is best in America - and for that we must be grateful. I hope that all those who loved them find some peace at this time.
Kim Straker
September 5, 2010
youre now nearly 18. i guess there will be a hughe party :) i don't know you but it breaks my heart to hear little children dyed on the plane. But god plans those things. He wantet special angels beside him. Now he got you. Rest in peace zoe.
August 18, 2010
You were one of my best friends and I will never forget all the precious memories we had growing up. You will be in my heart forever. Rest in peace, Zoe.
August 8, 2010
Happy Birthday, Zoe!
Today is your 17th birthday. Celebrate it with your family and all the other angels in heaven. Rest in peace, Zoe.
November 8, 2009
Zoe, beautiful gift from God. I hope you are spreading your wings as an angel in heaven. Rest in peace sweetheart.
September 19, 2009
you. i miss you more and more as i wonder at your smiles, and i hope, sometimes, that i will feel your little angel hand grip mine.
September 12, 2009
Zoe, you are and always will be a part of my heart and soul. i wish that we could trade places, you deserve life so much more than i.
September 11, 2009
You are missed, Zoe and lil' sis Dana! Your Uncle Kirk and Aunt Ingrid have zinnias all over the country that started with the seed of love and faith that you are, undoubtedly, with us forevermore. We know you are watching over us, little angels!
Trish McDonald
September 11, 2009
I didn't know you, but I think of you and your sister every year on September 11th. I'm sorry for what happened to you.
September 11, 2009
it has been 8 years since you were gone.
Rest in peace little one.
September 11, 2009
Rest in peace Zoe - and may God bless all who love this beautiful and innocent child.
with sincere sympathy from Kim Straker (Australia)
Kim Straker
September 7, 2009
I'll never forget little Zoe, who was such a ray of sunshine. The entire Falkenberg family is missed greatly.
August 28, 2009
To the family of Zoe Falkenberg:
Zoe gave the ultimate sacrifice and will be held in the hearts of Americans forever. My deepest sympathy to you. We must never forget!
Peggy Childers
"Don't Let The Memory Of Them Drift Away"
Peggy Childers
August 13, 2009
Rest in peace little girl.

In memory of Zoe.
August 5, 2009
Never will forget her face
May 6, 2009
Take comfort in knowing that now you have a special guardian angel to watch over you.
dustin james
May 5, 2009
In Loving Memory...You will not be forgotten
November 7, 2008
May God Bless this beautiful child, and hold her in His hands for all eternity.
The Duchaine Family
September 11, 2008
August 24, 2008
My name is Connie and I just retired from the FBI in San Diego. I worked for the Bureau for 34 years.
Nothing has ever impacted our office the way the September 11, 2001 attacks did.
I would like to share something you may not know. On September 11,2003, our office received a flyer with tributes written by Jennifer Ryles-Scott and Betty Scott . Jennifer and Betty memorialize Charles, Leslie, Zoe, and Dana Falkenburg of Hyattsville, Maryland.
The Falkenburg’s family was on Flight 77, which was connected to terrorists linked to San Diego.
There was also a tribute to Juliana Valentine McCourt and Ruth McCourt, victims of Flight 175.
The flyer was posted on a bulletin board in the employee’s entrance to the San Diego FBI field office.
I looked at this flyer every day for almost five years.
The watermark on the flyer said “remember.” I do not know who mailed this flyer,
But whoever it was needs to know that it is still posted in our office and is seen daily.
Something as simple as a little flyer influenced and encouraged me every day.
I’m sure the same goes for my co-workers.
So, whoever mailed this flyer, Thank you… 9/11 will not be forgotten.
August 23, 2008
I feel very sorry for your family. She bearly even had a chance to live. It was probably a very hard lose for your family. That wasn't fair for the people to die that day. When we learned about the 9-11 attack in school, i didnt realize how many people had really died that day. When this happend i was only 5, so i didn't understand what happend when it did.
bll hanover middle school student
March 17, 2008
I feel really bad for you because she was only 8 and you lost her.
I think what happened that day is one of the worst things that every happened in history.
Learning about 9-11 changed me because I know what horribe things happened that day. I was only 5 at the time and didn't understand what was going on.
mlr middle school student
March 17, 2008
I have never felt so sad looking at this girls face, so much promise and hope for an 8 year old girl who would have been 15 by now. Her family about to embark on a three month trip to australia an adventure that would take them have way around the world. Out of the five or six innocent childrens faces I've seen that died in this tragedy even her younger sister I cant believe that Zoe is gone. It's been 6 1/2 years now since she died and I am finnally getting to know Zoe, I will remember her because she liked to swim and she loved to pick flowers. My grandparents have felt like my only protectors, and that will most certainly change as I get older, all four of them are in heaven including the only grandparent have ever really knew my grandpa orv who died just two weeks after september 11th. I feel now that I have an angel looking over me for my whole life and for some weird reason am no longer afraid of dying, I know that is strange but Zoe is in my heart forever and that will not change until the day I meet her or maybe in a different life. I know young and old die every day but this life I feel will be right beside me every step of the way. Zoe Falkenberg rest in peace with love from kyle.
Kyle Crawford
February 19, 2008
I promise you that we will never forget....
Elaine B
September 12, 2007
In memory..
September 9, 2007
Rest in peace little angel!
September 8, 2007
How brave you must've been, but now you are in a place that's wonderful and full of wonderful things---and better yet, you're with your family....Bless your precious heart...
August 23, 2007
She is in heaven, at peace with God and His angels.
August 19, 2007
In memory....
P Tabbernor
July 19, 2007
April 22, 2007
To the family of these children, pray to St. Catherine Laboure, as she has been blessed by The Blessed Mother, our mother in heaven.
Joanne Babaian
January 17, 2007
Dear Zoe, Dana, although you have had to leave us early, I know that you're happy with Mummy and Daddy in heaven and I hope we make it there one day so we can give you all a great big hug. All our love and kisses.
David, Lynda, little Erin and Rhys
December 18, 2006
To my dearest family, some things I'd like to say...
but first of all, to let you know, that I arrived okay.
I'm writing this from heaven. Here I dwell with God above.
Here, there's no more tears of sadness; here is just eternal love.

Please do not be unhappy just because I'm out of sight.
Remember that I'm with you every morning, noon and night.
That day I had to leave you when my life on earth was through,
God picked me up and hugged me and He said, "I welcome you."

It's good to have you back again; you were missed while you were gone.
As for your dearest family, they'll be here later on.
I need you here badly; you're part of my plan.
There's so much that we have to do, to help our mortal man."

God gave me a list of things, that he wished for me to do.
And foremost on the list, was to watch and care for you.
And when you lie in bed at night, the day's chores put to flight.
God and I are closest to you....in the middle of the night.

When you think of my life on earth, and all those loving years
because you are only human, they are bound to bring you tears.
But do not be afraid to cry; it does relieve the pain.
Remember there would be no flowers, unless there was some rain.

I wish that I could tell you all that God has planned.
But if I were to tell you, you wouldn't understand.
But one thing is for certain, though my life on earth is o'er.
I'm closer to you now, than I ever was before.

There are many rocky roads ahead of you and many hills to climb;
but together we can do it by taking one day at a time.
It was always my philosophy and I'd like it for you too...
that as you give unto the world, the world will give to you.

If you can help somebody who's in sorrow and pain,
then you can say to God at night......"My day was not in vain."
And now I am contented....that my life has been worthwhile,
knowing as I passed along the way, I made somebody smile.

So if you meet somebody who is sad and feeling low,
just lend a hand to pick him up, as on your way you go.
When you're walking down the street, and you've got me on your mind;
I'm walking in your footsteps only half a step behind.

And when it's time for you to go.... from that body to be free,
remember you're not going.....you're coming here to me.

Ruth Ann Mahaffey (author)
©Copyright 1998-2006

Nancy Sahlberg
November 11, 2006
I'll miss you Zoe
Love you
marissa wilhite
November 2, 2006
As I cross-stitched your name on the memorial that I am doing for all of the victims, I prayed for you and your family. Please know that your death was not in vain. We will always remember. God Bless.
November 1, 2006
May God wipe our tears away wile we still weep for this child. I will never forget.The lord is on my side;I will not fear;what can man do unto me;PS 27;Heb.13:6
Amanda Sexton
September 12, 2006
Hi Zoe,
I know that Dana is a princess and you are helping her play the role. I hope that your mum is helping you with your swimming and that you are finally getting those times and your dad can finally work the watch. Rest well Zoe.
Sandy OHara
September 11, 2006
Thinking of you and praying for all loved ones so much during this time. Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal. ~From a headstone in Ireland

Jennifer Holland
Wilmington, DE
Jennifer Holland
September 10, 2006
i am so sorry for your death
Mina Miller
September 2, 2006
Hi sweet heart, i know you can read this, i dont know you but your story is moving to me. i wish that this hadnt happend to you, but the bright side your in a beautiful heaven and no more pain can come to you. sleep tight
cassie avila
August 29, 2006
Julia Kuchenmeister
July 19, 2006
I am so sorry that you had to die so young. I am only 11 years old.
Julia Kuchenmeister
June 23, 2006
God bless all of you... 4 new angels in Heaven...
Katarina Trdak
June 14, 2006
i hope and pray everyone that was hurt that day gets some sort of peice in their hearts and i am sure that jesus will look after all the angels that was given to him.
isabella hill
May 4, 2006
Zoe, you are and always will be very safe, loved and at peace with your Mommy, Daddy and little Sister. Our hearts will always have a place for you and your family.
Richard, Judith & Emma Rose
April 30, 2006
We were soulmates of friendship since the first day we met. I will never forget the beautiful memories and summer days we spent together. I will never forget the call I got saying you were in the plane that hit the Pentagon. I couldn't believe I felt like I hade gotten hit by a truck and still to this day I feel that same way even now as I write this. You were such a beautiful person and didn't relize until you were gone and now regret it. It is amazing to see all of these posts from people who didn't even know you. To all of you you didn't know her you were seriously missing out. I love and miss you very much...
Mallory (13 yrs.) Cason
September 19, 2005
I never knew you, but Americans like me will never forget.
September 11, 2005
we will remember you always, may god bless your soul.
monica alonso
July 20, 2005
God bless you, Zoe. We will never forget.
September 21, 2004
You are in peace now Miss Zoe. Walk holding your father and your baby sister's hand in the streets of Heaven. And watching over your mom like we all know that you are doing. God bless you and your family that was left behind on that truly terrible day in Sept. Bless you Raye
Raye Tonnon
September 11, 2004
God Bless you and your sister Zoe. Your faces are ingrained forever in my memory. Sleep well in the arms of Jesus.
Watch over those in your family who remain without you and know you were loved.
Tricia Reis
September 11, 2004
Zoe - take little Dana's hand and keep her close to you forever. I know you have a huge zinnia garden where you are. I see the colors in every rainbow.
Debbie Wilk
July 30, 2004
god bless you
kyle sandeen
May 25, 2004
May God keep you in his arms of care , Merry Christmas in Heaven with the Angles you are in my prayers
Lakia Hedgepeth
December 24, 2003
Oh heaven angel, may you lay in GODs hands and cherish his righteousness forever. I hope you are there with your sister and family right now and look down on us, that have to live through the thing called daily life. May you angels bless us and watch above us to help us make this world a better place. May we meet one day at our Heavenly Father. All the best to you, your family and loved ones
I will never forget You!
Christian Brandstoetter
November 24, 2003
dear zoe,
i don't know u or your sister but i'm am really going to miss you two little angels.
Michelle Uber
November 19, 2003
The smiling face of angels young still makes me cry even after 2 years. Hope you finally got to Australia to see the Kangaroos!
I pray for your family and wish them peace.
Stacy Dent
September 12, 2003
My heart goes out to the little angel named 'Zoe' And her family.. May your love and wings spread throughout the world and show peace and forgiveness..xoxo
Wanda hayes
September 11, 2003
I'll never forget.
September 11, 2003
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