Val Patterson
1953 - 2012
I was Born in Salt Lake City, March 27th 1953. I died of Throat Cancer on July 10th 2012. I went to six different grade schools, then to Churchill, Skyline and the U of U. I loved school, Salt Lake City, the mountains, Utah. I was a true Scientist. Electronics, chemistry, physics, auto mechanic, wood worker, artist, inventor, business man, ribald comedian, husband, brother, son, cat lover, cynic. I had a lot of fun. It was an honor for me to be friends with some truly great people. I thank you. I've had great joy living and playing with my dog, my cats and my parrot. But, the one special thing that made my spirit whole, is my long love and friendship with my remarkable wife, my beloved Mary Jane. I loved her more than I have words to express. Every moment spent with my Mary Jane was time spent wisely. Over time, I became one with her, inseparable, happy, fulfilled. I enjoyed one good life. Traveled to every place on earth that I ever wanted to go. Had every job that I wanted to have. Learned all that I wanted to learn. Fixed everything I wanted to fix. Eaten everything I wanted to eat. My life motto was: "Anything for a Laugh". Other mottos were "If you can break it, I can fix it", "Don't apply for a job, create one". I had three requirements for seeking a great job; 1 - All glory, 2 - Top pay, 3 - No work.
Now that I have gone to my reward, I have confessions and things I should now say. As it turns out, I AM the guy who stole the safe from the Motor View Drive Inn back in June, 1971. I could have left that unsaid, but I wanted to get it off my chest. Also, I really am NOT a PhD. What happened was that the day I went to pay off my college student loan at the U of U, the girl working there put my receipt into the wrong stack, and two weeks later, a PhD diploma came in the mail. I didn't even graduate, I only had about 3 years of college credit. In fact, I never did even learn what the letters "PhD" even stood for. For all of the Electronic Engineers I have worked with, I'm sorry, but you have to admit my designs always worked very well, and were well engineered, and I always made you laugh at work. Now to that really mean Park Ranger; after all, it was me that rolled those rocks into your geyser and ruined it. I did notice a few years later that you did get Old Faithful working again. To Disneyland - you can now throw away that "Banned for Life" file you have on me, I'm not a problem anymore - and SeaWorld San Diego, too, if you read this.
To the gang: We grew up in the very best time to grow up in the history of America. The best music, muscle cars, cheap gas, fun kegs, buying a car for "a buck a year" - before Salt Lake got ruined by over population and Lake Powell was brand new. TV was boring back then, so we went outside and actually had lives. We always tried to have as much fun as possible without doing harm to anybody - we did a good job at that.
If you are trying to decide if you knew me, this might help… My father was RD "Dale" Patterson, older brother "Stan" Patterson, and sister "Bunny" who died in a terrible car wreck when she was a Junior at Skyline. My mom "Ona" and brother "Don" are still alive and well. In college I worked at Vaughns Conoco on 45th South and 29th East. Mary and I are the ones who worked in Saudi Arabia for 8 years when we were young. Mary Jane is now a Fitness Instructor at Golds on Van Winkle - you might be one of her students - see what a lucky guy I am? Yeah, no kidding.
My regret is that I felt invincible when young and smoked cigarettes when I knew they were bad for me. Now, to make it worse, I have robbed my beloved Mary Jane of a decade or more of the two of us growing old together and laughing at all the thousands of simple things that we have come to enjoy and fill our lives with such happy words and moments. My pain is enormous, but it pales in comparison to watching my wife feel my pain as she lovingly cares for and comforts me. I feel such the "thief" now - for stealing so much from her - there is no pill I can take to erase that pain.
If you knew me or not, dear reader, I am happy you got this far into my letter. I speak as a person who had a great life to look back on. My family is following my wishes that I not have a funeral or burial. If you knew me, remember me in your own way. If you want to live forever, then don't stop breathing, like I did.
A celebration of life will be held on Sunday, July 22nd from 4:00 to 6:00 pm at Starks Funeral Parlor, 3651 South 900 East, Salt Lake City, casual dress is encouraged.
Online condolences may be offered and memorial video may be viewed at

To plant trees in memory, please visit our Sympathy Store.
Published by The Salt Lake Tribune from Jul. 15 to Jul. 22, 2012.
No memorial events are currently scheduled.
To offer your sympathy during this difficult time, you can now have memorial trees planted in a National Forest in memory of your loved one.
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2011 Entries
God bless you Mary Jane and continue to hold you in the palm of His hand. May Val be enjoying His loving presence. Thinking of you both. Although we have never met, we are all His. (NZ)
July 11, 2021
Great read again - really makes you look at your life in perspective - and, yes, we grew up in one of the best eras of the United States - sadly things have changed - RIP - I look forward to meeting you on the other side!
July 9, 2021
Dear Mary Jane, although you and I haven't met, and I'm very sorry not to have known you or Val, I want to send you my best thoughts and wishes. There's no doubt in my mind that Val's flame still burns brightly. It's so nice to read his inspiring life story again. My best to you.
Lynn Harty
July 9, 2020
Thank you Val, I did not know you but two years ago today your words made me evaluate my life with wife to be and my duties to that life. Your words moved me to quit smoking and 730 (smoke free) days later I still tell your story and am still inspired by you.
July 17, 2014
May 16, 2014
'So Amazingly', Beautiful .. Good Luck MaryJane.
My father, too Passed~On from Throat Cancer.
My Oldest (also) MaryJane.
I went to Gold's Gym.. For Rhode Island.. A lot -for me, in common.. My father, Traveled .. Everywhere he Wanted also, he said, except Amsterdam !! :)
Many Blessings too you, MJ.!! PEACE
Colleen M (Casey) Ranieri
April 23, 2014
Makes one reflect on their own life choices indeed. John 5:28
April 22, 2014
What an amazing obituary. Blessings to you Mary Jane. I'm sure Val's still having amazing adventures in Heaven.
Suzy Tadlock
April 22, 2014
What an amazing obituary. Blessings to you Mary Jane. I'm sure Val's still having amazing adventures in Heaven.
Suzy Tadlock
April 22, 2014
You sir, rest in peace. Reading your obit makes me want to live life to the fullest!
April 21, 2014
You have to love this guy, what a hero.
April 21, 2014
Don't know you but I think we would have been friends. Life is for those who live free using the power of our minds not causing hate or pain, I also love cats. See you in the universe.
Patrick O'Neill
April 19, 2014
Wow if I had your zeal Val you lived it
April 11, 2014
Thank you Mary Jane for sharing Val's story with the world, be blessed.
Chandra Hinton
April 8, 2014
For Val & Mary Jane
April 7, 2014
A big thank you to whoever is funding the continuation of Val's guest book. Its become sort of a "haven" to me when I'm feeling down. A way to understand how 1 person can affect so many of us. An example of true love between Val & his Mary Jane, the kind of love we all hope to find, or if lucky, HAVE found. You may choose to remain anonymous, but I think we're all grateful for what you've done for Val, Mary Jane, & us.
Diana Asberry-Whitt
April 6, 2014
I didn't know you Val, but I sure wish I had. You sound like you were a remarkable human being and lived life to the fullest. Well done.
Linda Porter
April 4, 2014
that is with out a doute the best obituary I have ever read, true , funny and right to the point
d j
March 3, 2014
This guest book is just amazing, as was, and is, Val Patterson. Val, you continue to be a shining light for all of us.
Lynn Harty
February 4, 2014
Mary Jane,

I read Val's obit, and he was, as you described him only more so. How wonderful you had him as long as you did. Losing him is terribly painful, but memories never fade.

My good fortune, to be your seatmate on Jan. 23rd - Delta flight from SLC to HNL.

I hope Maui was enjoyable for you.

Holly Bradford
February 3, 2014
Val, I never knew you, but we were cut from the same cloth. I'm so glad to tweet your perspective on life and how live it to the tobacco free movement. [email protected]
January 27, 2014
I see you later my friend-Charles Stout
January 15, 2014
Val, I have made many changes over the year to try and live a better life...thought I had it, but you've shown me I still have much to change! What a life you and Mary Jane had lived. You inspire us all, even after your passing, to live life to its fullest. Thank You Val!
January 14, 2014
i have read this obituary many,many times, and still get a chuckle from what val says. he sounds just my kind of guy. prayers for his family....
October 24, 2013
I wonder how many pages this obit is? It stopped counting at 199, but I am grateful for the posts and to the unknown benefactor who paid to keep it running. For every herd there is that one rugged individual who cuts his own path, and lives his own life by his own rules. Val is definitely one who I want to meet in the great hereafter - he should be easy to find.
Sorrel Jakins
October 18, 2013
This always make me cry because of your loss Mary Jane. I am also thankfull to you for sharing your beloved husband with the rest of us, Val will truly be missed. May GOD bless you.
Chandra Hinton
October 18, 2013
Thank you to whoever extended the time that this is online.
Diana Asberry-Whitt
October 16, 2013
Dear Val, Your words made our day. You have truly encouraged us not to smoke, and not to clog geysers. We are so glad you got your PhD. Even if it wasn't real. Technically if you have the paper its real. Thanks for the inspiration
Merit Academy Science Class
Xanthe Hardy
October 16, 2013
peace bro!
October 14, 2013
Dear Mary Jane, This still makes me laugh and cry whenever I read it. Thank you so much for sharing Val with me and the rest of the world. Although we have never met, I am a much better person for having known you and Val.
August 13, 2013
This goes off line tomorrow-I will miss being able to turn to it when I'm down-Val had a way with words, didn't he? Mary Jane, you were a lucky woman, & I DO believe your Val knows just what a response his words drew from everywhere! Take care of yourself-you have to be a very special woman to have loved & been loved by a heck of a man!
Diana Asberry-Whitt
August 13, 2013
Dear Mary Jane, I have never met you or Val but I read Val's obituary a year ago. Today, I received notice that it was going off line. After reading it again, I decided to print it out and share it with my husband. Bill and I have been married for 28 years throughout those years Bill has tried many times to quit smoking. Not even my own brother's battle with throat cancer inspired him enough to stay the course. On July 15th of this year, Bill quit again and this has been the longest time that he has been successful. I am taking Val's obituary home tonight for a few reasons. First, I believe it will inspire Bill along his journey. Second, I want him to read how Val felt about you. What a wonderful and blessed life you had together! Lastly, it's funny as hell (although I'm not sure what is so humerous about that.) I'm sharing it with our son and daughter at a dinner celebrating their accomplishments at work and a potential daughter-in-law. I want to thank Val for this very special obit. It has touched my life in too many ways to list. I wish you well in your life journey.
Deb Bradley
August 9, 2013
Almost for a year now I have using his obit in the Healthy Relationship class I teach at a prison in South Dakota. It is an excellent teaching tool for how much a person can cherish another.

Thank You Val
Jeff Anderson
August 9, 2013
Sending our love to you, Mary Jane - and smiles of you and of Val. John & Rainy
John West
July 22, 2013
Take care Mary Jane.
July 22, 2013
A year has passed and I wanted to say "Thanks to All" of you who took the time to send in your condolences.
It has been a comfort to me knowing how all of you were affected by the essence of Val, which he obviously expressed through his writing.
I am still amazed at the response it generated, and I'm sure that he never thought it would get such a Global reaction!
However, he did tell me that he would write an obit like no other...
I would like to mention a Special Thanks to whomever donated this extra year for his obit to remain online, it was very thoughtful of you and much appreciated!
My sincerest and warmest regards to all,
Mary Jane Patterson
July 21, 2013
I never met you. I will never forget you.
July 12, 2013
So, hey, Val. It's been a year today. Fells like time has dragged all year long—canning season without you, then the fall leaves and Halloween without you, and then Thanksgiving and Christmas--that was hard. And then a long, bitterly cold winter—seemed appropriate somehow. And here we are at a year. All the hoopla and newspapers and TV coverage and so many posts here—it's all faded, and somehow we've made it through an entire year. We've picked up the threads of our lives as we've had to do, and somehow spun them together, somehow, somehow carried on. Still our lives always contain the thread that is you—memories forever gold and gleaming, woven through all the days and nights and years still ahead of us. We thank you for your courage, your intelligence, your outrageous wit, and you still have the power to make us smile.
With deep bows,
Jenny Chiovaro
July 10, 2013
You are truly and inspiration. You have made a difference even after your physical life. Thank you for sharing, and know that all is perfect and precise.

June 26, 2013
You're abiding, Dude...
May 5, 2013
Rocky, I'm glad I had a chance to communicate with you a few times. Thank you for being an inspiration.
Wesley Torbett
March 4, 2013
I was missing my sister who passed on 4 months before you and came across your obituary. Thank you for living your life the way you did and sharing your thoughts and confessions. We have much in common and I plan to live the rest of my life with the same enthusiasm you had. Rest in peace, Val.
Vittorio Salvatore
February 20, 2013
What a great idea to write your own obit.This man got the chance to say the heart felt words about his life and his last message..
February 17, 2013
Wow... The most amazing, honest and heart felt obituary I have ever read. Like some of the other 1944 or so entries, I have never written in the guest book of someone I didn't know... however after reading the ob, I felt I almost did know Val. Deepest sympathy to you, the wife he truly loved. It must be devastating to lose him at such a young age. You must have lived in a "whirl-wind" of fun times while he was still physically with you. I am sure he will always be spiritually with you. Thank you for honoring his requests and to print his ob in his own words. You are a truely amazing and inspirational couple... KHB
February 1, 2013
I did read all the way to the end. I am sure your life was even more full than your obit. Thank you for your openness and candid exit. You have inspired me with some new ideas for my own life before my day comes. Rest In Peace new friend. From a new admirer. Duggles
January 15, 2013
I came upon Val's obituary today and was deeply moved by his words. What a beautiful person he was. Those are the things I'd like to include in my own obituary. I raise my glass to you, Val!
Heater Crozier
December 5, 2012
This is my third message.... I looked up your sister and read about her unfortunate car accident, I cried for the loss of her life at such a young age. No doubt she would have lived a life as wonderful as yours.
December 1, 2012
I am a stranger. And yet, I feel a kinship to Val in that everyone has secrets or confessions. I hope Mary Jane finds some comfort in knowing these words have reached so many people. It was touching.
Shelly witte
November 30, 2012
I lived in an apartment in Holladay, Utah with Val and another friend. Val was always very funny and he truly was a genius. He built the fastest Ford Pinto on earth. He had a bird I believe it was a Cockatiel his name was David and he drove us all nuts except for Val of course. We had lots of great times together.

I didn't hear about Val's death until now because I moved to Wyoming and have lost track of many of my old friends.

R.I.P Val.

My heart felt condolences go out to Val's wife and family.

Hope your doing good Little Mare..

Hang in there,

Jim Herron
September 29, 2012
Amazing life. I wonder when he quit smoking. I'm 33 and even before I read this I've wanted to live my life like he did. I need to take quitting more serious and this is a big motivation. Val should have written a book about his life, I bet it was interesting. Rest in peace, I hope I get to meet you on the other side. I hope you see how many people this has affected. I got choked up. I'll quit smoking in your honor Val. See you in heaven.
Jason R
September 24, 2012
What a legacy you have left behind. I to am a smoker and reading your words has influenced my decision to quit more so than any tv ad or doctor ever could. Thank you for the gift you are giving many by your story. Even in death you are are still a shining light.
m soest
September 19, 2012
I didn't know Val but feel that we were contemporaries, only separated by most of a continent. His obituary is now the template for mine when my time comes. Great job Val!
Gib Peters
September 13, 2012
I never knew you Val, but your obituary is remarkable! It's obvious what a fantastic person you were with a great sense of humor; I regret the universe never intended for our paths to cross.
Lori Jeffrey
September 12, 2012
May you fly with the eagles. Your beautiful obituary moved me to tears, and I have read it over and over. My dearest sympathy to your wife and all who loved you. The world has lost a great man.
September 11, 2012
Val, I didn't know you, but I wish I did. I don't know how to express how I felt after reading your obituary but I printed it to show my husband and family, as it was wonderfully written.
Teresa Fettig
September 11, 2012
What a beautiful legacy and a great homage to a life well lived.
September 5, 2012
I didn't know this person ... But seems down to earth would have like to have met him m had him as a friend... Awesome to have lived life to the max and had fun at the same time while in company of his wife... Not to many men even say that here on earth...he seems like he lived everyday differently but totally based on his conditions which is amazing... Don't we all wish we could do that... He has sure inspired me to see and live my life differently from now on...thanks!!!
September 2, 2012
thank you val, for reminding me how great and wonderful everyday on earth is. R.I.P.
August 29, 2012
I didn't know this wonderful man but I would have liked to, based on this wonderful obit that he wrote. I am so sorry for your loss - to all who mourn his passing.
Margaret Loring
August 27, 2012
What a great obit. It made me laugh and then it made me tear up. Loved it.
August 26, 2012
We should all write our own obit..that was so cool..his wife should be proud.
Jane Ringo
August 24, 2012
Val's life is representative about what is so good in America. When I see a Cobra or Pinto, Ill think of Val. Thanks for sharing and Godspeed!
John Lasko
August 19, 2012
That was the most heartfelt thing I ever read... Thank you Van. From the everyone who never had the pleasure of knowing you, but grieves for you now.
Sean Buss
August 19, 2012
August 18, 2012
But if you try sometimes you just might find you get what you need-Peace and Love
Rebecca Renslear-Zollner
August 17, 2012
"Contact Me" did not "take" first go 'round, so, I'll try once more.
Sharon Lambert
August 14, 2012
Good Bye Val. If I make it to Hoover Dam I'll order a cup of joe for you. Bruce
Bruce Gledhill
August 13, 2012
Dear Val,
I'd have missed your passing had it not been for your last words that spread far & wide, reaching distant "friends" like me. It became more than just another curious internet story when I realized that it was YOU. So many feelings, SO many memories were stirred.
Like other readers, I was touched and saddened. Yet, as I read, I could hear your voice (and occasional chuckle) in the telling. Thank you for that--a gift to those who knew you, to be able to hear "your voice" one last time.
Then, when I saw your memorial video . . . wow, what a surprise! Seeing myself in photos of us taken back in 1980--July 4th--my first trip to SLC, meeting Pattersons and friends. Seeing photos Stan took of me, you & Mary Jane after you joined us in Saudi later that year . . . memories of life in Arabia's eastern province. When I saw your Cobra, I remembered driving it up Cottonwood Canyon to ski Solitude during a winter repat. Even more I was surprised to see you painting my old lime-green junker (Astre) with a brush in Saudi . . . primed it "gray" (you & Stan) . . . Half Moon Bay, Gulf beaches, surprise birthday party . . .
It's been over 30 years since I got to know you & Mary Jane through Stan. You and he were very smart--so resourceful & talented. Neither of you claimed college/ university degrees. You were clever . . . capable without academic degrees, both "quick studies," able to figure things out . . . how to do a myriad of things.
You & Mary Jane were almost-newlyweds back then. Your evident devotion to Mary Jane clearly endured, inspiring for so many--even touching readers who didn't know you personally.
It's curious how so many people have been analyzing your final "confessions." For those that didn't know you: I hear a playful Val--telling his tongue-in-cheek rendition of adventures past coming from a really bright fellow who (like brother Stan) enjoyed youthful "adventures" growing up in straight-laced suburban Utah community.
Sadly, Stan passed in 2007, also smoking-related cancer. Patterson "boys" were energetic. . . really good spirits, enjoying innocent "fun" in a time when kids "went outside."
I'd like to pay respect to Mary Jane, Ona, Donald, Jenny. . . your family, and other friends whose lives you've touched. Please receive my heartfelt condolences. Val, you've shared so much with so many more people than you could have intended. Salaam (peace). Thanks and Godspeed!
Sharon Lambert
August 11, 2012
A most inspiring name too is val....female version....!!!.his life mirrors almost exactly my own...I too grew up in an era just like that and I too think we were the best generation....a very inspirational message left behind...!!My sympathies to his family...!
val dyke
August 10, 2012
I so, so wish I had learned of Val's passing early enough to make it to the celebration of his life. Val was perhaps my greatest mentor when I was an awkward 7th grader growing up on the American compound in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. Val taught me electronics, he taught me taught me the skills I later came to call "engineering," and he taught me the joy of creating something new that had never been done before. My love of tinkering and experimenting, my decision to study engineering, and my love for the art were kindled under his guidance. His influence is reflected in every design I have sketched and everything I have built. How I wish I had taken the time to seek him out all these years later and thank him for being such a great inspiration to that scrawny, awkward kid that I was way back then. He was my hero then, and I am ashamed to admit that it took his passing to make me realize that he remains my hero today. God Bless you Val.
Garth Baulch
August 4, 2012
Wow what an incrediable man he must have been....I didn't know him but would like to offer deepest condelences.
August 3, 2012
Celebrating a beautiful life.
August 2, 2012
WOW, What an inspiration and emotional story. Val Thank you for sharing! You have touched thousands with this Obituary!
Tami Klouse
August 2, 2012
That was amazing, I wish I could have known you Val, God Bless you and your Family.
August 2, 2012
My condolences to Val's family and friends. My gratitude to Val, whom I also didn't know, for inspiring me to be bold and write my own "farewell". It is something I have thought about doing ever since I almost died in my early 30s but I have never gotten around to it. I will now, thanks to him.
Erin Callaway
August 2, 2012
What a neat person! God Bless him and all who are grieving his loss
August 1, 2012
On my way to work one morning I heard this read on the Bert Morning show though a local radio station. They meant for it to me light hearted sharing the confessions that Val could no longer hide. They continued to read on to the regrets about smoking cigarettes when he know they were bad and robbing his beloved wife of a decade or more of them growing old together and the pain he felt seeing his wife care and comfort him. “Feeling like a thief.” I recently married the love of my life on July 14th 2012. He is a non smoker. I can't imagine putting him through that kind of pain. I have called the tobacco quit line that is offered here in Indiana and have set a quit date of August 3rd 2012. I am going to use Val and Mary Jane as my inspiration. I have printed the obituary and will be carrying it with me at all times. When I have a craving I will read the message from Val and remember my reason to quit. You are my inspiration Val! I didn't know you but I will never forget you or be able to thank you enough for sharing your story and saving my life! Thank you Val!
Kristina Pollock
July 31, 2012
I remember your whole family... I was very good friends with Stan and I even went steady with your beautiful sister Gwen... "Bunny," as we all knew her. I still have the love notes she passed me in the hallway in high school. She used to touch them with a drop of her perfume... but now the scent is gone. Those WERE good times! Rest in peace, Val. You will be missed by all who knew you.
David Swingle
July 31, 2012
I didn't know Val but after reading his obituary I wish that I had known him. Godspeed.
July 30, 2012
I also didn't know Val but felt that I know exactly what he was talking about. If life was still that simple and innocent. Born in 59' and did a lot of the same things growing up.....
Joel Sketers
July 30, 2012
This was beautiful and I thank you for sharing.

I believe Bunny was my mother's best friend. Full circle of life.
July 29, 2012
I was born in February, 1953, one month before Val, and went to the school next door, the University of Colorado. Somehow Val's story of his life captured so much of the feeling of the time. You were lucky to have found one another and to have shared such a fulfilling life together. We should all be so fortunate. Val reminds us not to take ourselves too seriously and to find joy in everything and every day of our lives. My thanks to a friend I never met.
Brian Weaver
July 29, 2012
Val sounds like he was a wonderful man with a beautiful spirit. My condolences on the loss of a shining star. May you find comfort in God's loving embrace during your time of sorrow
Marilyn Barnes
July 29, 2012
I didn't know Mr. Patterson, but I throughly enjoyed his obituary and really got a sense of who he was. This is a thoughtful first and last impression.
July 28, 2012
TR Harris Jr
July 28, 2012
I didn't know you, but now I feel that I do. Your wife will miss you of that I am sure, because through your words I see a man of humor and intelligence. I hope you are finding much to smile about and enjoy where you are.
July 27, 2012
Now THAT is how an obit should be. I salute you, Val!
Anthony Parker
July 27, 2012
To all of those lucky enough to have spent even one minute of their life with Val - thoughts and prayers at this difficult time. All I can say for Val's obit, WONDERFUL! So many lives have been touched by this one man and his words. Mary Jane, you MUST feel like the luckiest woman ever! :)
Jessica Korbelik
July 27, 2012
I grew up a few doors down the street from Val. I have very fond memories of Val and the Patterson family... They were always up to something mischievous like climbing the 50 ? foot radio tower Val's dad built on the side of the house.
I went to high school with Mary Jane. She is a fantastic, salt-of-the-earth gal and its a treasure that she and Val had such a happy life together. I'm so sorry for your loss of your dear husband, brother, son, friend and lover of animals....
Margaret Cotro-Manes Gillie
July 27, 2012
Wow! This has to be the best obits I have ever seen. I think that it is wonderful that Val confessed to the very few things that he thought he did wrong in his life. Very inspirational. I have no doubt in my mind that this man is walking in heaven with our lord! My condolences to his family and his sweet Mary Jane. May your heart mend and your memories stay strong. " Those who live in the hearts of others never die."
July 26, 2012
I, too, did not know you, sir, but I sure wish I had. What an inspiration to all of us and what a testament to your marriage and dear wife. May she hold the man you were deep in her heart forever. Rest in peace, Val.
July 26, 2012
I too did not know Val. I saw his obit on FB as a matter of fact. I am very thankful that I did though. I think it might have just changed the way I will live my life from here on out. My prayers go out to all his family and friends. It is quite obvious he will be missed in a grand way. Love and Peace. Traci
July 26, 2012
Our family just celebrated 5 years of our son being cancer-free from oral cancer yesterday. I appreciated the honesty that Mr. Patterson spoke with. I would hope my life has the same effect on the world as yours appears to have. May God bless your family.
Judy Bledsoe
July 26, 2012
Remarkable and an inspiration to live life to its fullest!
Dan Lynch
July 25, 2012
It sounds like the world has lost one of the great ones. He truly enjoyed life and made this world a better place. Your family has my condolences, but know that even in death he has made many people smile. I am sorry I did not know him.
Jean Splittorff
July 25, 2012
AWESOME person! Obviously did not know you since I am in South Carolina, but a friend forwarded this to me and may I say it totally touched my heart. What an amazing way to express yourself before passing over. God bless to family Shirley AnneBramlett
July 25, 2012
I didn't know you personally, Mr. Patterson, but I was compelled to sign in on your guestbook. I am from Texas and I feel like I have known you all my life. Thank you for sharing and to you, Mrs.Mary Jane, may God bless you and keep you. Look toward the hills from which your help and love comes.
Carol Blevins
July 25, 2012
I may not have known you personally sir, but I want "you" and your family to know, I would have loved to.
Travis Sweeney
July 24, 2012
Wow. Extremely poignant, and powerful. An amazing goodbye. Peace to Val's loved ones.
Steve A
July 24, 2012
What an awesome Man Val must have been & what a Wonderful way to say farewell! Mary Jane, You walk with Val as your Guardian Angel now. He obviously loved you more than anything. Cudos to Val for being able to go on peacefully because of his bravery to " come clean" in his lifes mistakes. God bless his Family & Friends.
Jenn & Gary Bryner
July 24, 2012
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